The "this is fine" bias in cable news

it's hard to overstate how bonkers the news cycle is right now Republicans are trying to ran through a trainwreck health care bill without any hearings this process is an embarrassment this is nuclear grade bonkers the White House is threatening the Attorney General to derail the Russia investigation so not only does he call Jeff Sessions beleaguered he says he is not doing his job and Trump is actively asking if he's allowed to pardon himself if it turns out he committed a crime any one of those stories represents a fundamental breakdown in political norms but if you turn on CNN or your local news channel right now things will probably look kind of normal let's discuss all this in our CNN political commentators when Jeff Sessions wakes up what is he thinking when he hears this this is not your typical president even boring Liston is trying for a Hail Mary on this health care bill what is the latest we expect a vote in an hour do we know what they have the vote and that's because our news media isn't great at conveying when politicians have truly gone off the rails if you look at some of the most well respected journalists on TV Anderson Cooper let's revolt Wolf Blitzer they all kind of talk the same way they're unemotional even-keeled and unfazed by the stories they're covering you can watch Wolf Blitzer on mute and notnot be talking about the Kardashians or a nuclear missile launch the norm in American media is that journalists shooting get flustered or outraged or even emotional about the political disputes they're covering they should present the facts let panelists argue about it and then move on all right I want to thank everybody coming up and in normal political disagreements that's fine but in the Trump era it's made political journalism feel totally inadequate take the recent Senate health care vote Republicans voted to consider a bill without knowing what was in it they tried to pass it in the dead of night with no committee hearing and the bill was so bad they made Paul Ryan promise not to pass it hoping they'd come up with something better before it was too late that's a growth hijacking of the legislative process it's gambling with the lives of millions of people even conservative commentators called it disgraceful but on CNN business as usual what is the strategy on health care what's amazing we still don't know if there are 50 Republican votes can the Republicans come up with something that gets 50 votes can they go freaking out if the bill is as bad as Senate Republicans say then they don't have to worry about House Republicans deciding to pass it Don Lemon just doing a thing when you say the skinny repeal makes it smell like a diet plan that was enabling yeah no same thing happened after Trump started looking to get rid of Jeff Sessions and Robert Mueller which would effectively trigger a full-scale constitutional crisis news outlets treated it like just personal drama from the Trump White House the escalating drama between President Trump and the Justice Department another juicy scandal like commentators argue over friends like these who needs enemies no house club is a bit of a bully here's who is that Popeye defense I am what I am I am what I am I'm a blunt spoke in New Yorker it is Trump and Trump this is what normalization actually looks like journalists feel compelled to treat every news story like the ones that came before it not official until until the gavel pounded minute until this gavel comes down it's not official they just can't admit that something abnormal is happening think of those people who ignore hurricane evacuation warning what do you mean you're not leaving well I'm hoping it's not going to be as serious as they're saying and it's important to recognize this as a form of bias call it normalcy bias and that normalcy bias ends up making for misleading news coverage a huge part of the way that we process news is by nonverbal cue how a story is framed and delivered and compares to every other news story so when Anderson Cooper is laughing during a segment about Trump the railing Mueller's investigation audiences perceive that it's not a big deal that this is normal when a segment about Trump hardening itself looks and sounds like every other segment it's easy to assume that everything is fine when TV anchors are just casually updating you on the status of the health care vote they're not conveying how dangerous what happened is certainly from La Jolla as this thing comes down to the wire it's not like everyone's pretending everything is fine you know we get tired of saying it's shocking it's unusual it's not normal but it's shocking it's unusual but this shouldn't be the job of commentators or guests dropped into otherwise normal-looking segments one of the central responsibilities of journalism is to tell us when something really abnormal is happening it's why Shep Smith goes viral anytime he gets frustrated why is it lie after lie after lie if you please come on please why Anderson Cooper's best moment was when he got emotional covering Katrina there people want answers and the people who want someone to stand up and say you know what we should have done more some stories are too important too dangerous to be treated like everyday political dispute but until news networks adapt their behavior for this administration it's worth remembering that our politics are a lot scarier than what they look like on TV

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  1. I think it was Nancy palosi said the same thing about Obama care. "We don't know what's in. We need to pass it so we can find out".

  2. hahahaha Vox telling news how to act now thats funny didn't you guys just layoff a bunch of journalist. maybe you should stick to what you know paid propaganda

  3. Vox must be more far left than I thought if they essentially think that CNN isn't left enough.

  4. “You couldn’t tell whether he was talking about the Kardashians or a nuclear missle launch.”

    What’s the difference? They’re both disasters.

  5. Liberal media are so triggered. Can’t wait to see the snowflakes on election night 2020. Just look at Anderson pooper and Rachel Madcow. Boy, they are the perfect example of snowflakes.

  6. What Trump does is not what our normal puppet candidates do because he is not a politician. What CNN and their ilk do to people like Trump is the typical norm liberal progressives push any time there's a person elected who opposes their socialist-globalist agendas.

  7. Vox talking about fair political journalism BAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA omg… this one is real funny

  8. If a Democrat was president rn, this video wouldn't exist. That's not a compliment. Liberals just don't care about their own bias or when they're people do things wrong

  9. The only "LIBERAL is that noise & labeling the GOP does…along with "LEFT" & "SOCIALISM". The Dems act like housewives, WIMPY…taking responses instead of advances. The Loud Mouth GOP are swindling the country's average hard working Americans. Put a stop to Bush Voting Machines(switchable) Double voting in 2 states. Gerrymandering. Time for Popular
    Voting, Holidays to do it. Poles that are OPEN No More Electoral voting, Dumping Ballots…all generated by GOP who are thieving
    everyone…not paying their share of taxes, the list is so long…it's embarrasing.
    In many countries they have no trouble with Health Care, here the GOP oppose it because the Drug & Medical community pay them to run for Government. We have been bought & sold. These Greedy Senators are just helping themselves. Greedy Old Politicians=GOP Time for a Better Goverment! Remind yourself that this Crook of a President was SELECTED by the GOP to Run for their Party….Trump represents the GOP>

  10. So hold on, the left leaning networks aren't outraged enough? Maybe if they did t paint everyone as racist, sexist homophobes then maybe the real stuff would be easier to highlight.

  11. Some things are too dangerous to be treated like everyday political disputes

    This is the only point of the video

    Stop yelling about the “liberal media”.

  12. On the other side of things, Fox gets triggered over any mention of adopting a European policy in the States…

  13. Showing to much emotion is not exactly showing leadership, especially politicians and media at that magnitude

  14. Its pretty much well established now that CNN is left and Fox is right.
    If you are liberal, for example, youre probably not going to watch Tucker Carlson and if you are a Trump-voter youre likely going to watch Fox as they give him an easier ride.
    Problem is, there is no news channel where you get hard-facts sans partisan commentary 🙁

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