The Ugly Truth of Islam – Shabbat Night Live – 5/11/18

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International today. – Our guest tonight is somewhat different than you would expect
for a Bible-based show. Since a child, our guest was
taught that his highest calling was to be martyred as
a terrorist for Islam. As a young boy, he was
smuggling weapons into Israel. As a young man, he pursued
the case of jihad in Europe and the Middle East. He was then sent to the
USA to convert recruits to radical Islam. Until his heart was changed toward the unconditional love of Yehovah. Tonight is indeed a special
night with a very special guest because it’s the end of the
sixth day, the Sun is set and this is Shabbat Night Live. (audience applauding) (upbeat bluesy-rock music) Well, Shabbat shalom, Torah fans. Welcome to Shabbat Night
Live with Michael Rood. Now, tonight you are gonna
witness a very important teaching from a man who used to be a
high-level intelligence agent for Islamic terrorists. That’s right, his name is Kamal Saleem. The information you are
about to see tonight is extremely important for you to know. So take notes, gather your friends and get ready for some very
enlightening information. Put it this way, when Kamal
originally taped this teaching you’re about to see tonight, we had to have security in
this studio armed with AR-15s. No kidding. You will see them on, you won’t see them on camera
that is but they were in here guarding the safety of our
guest and the studio audience. So before we get to my
co-host this evening, let’s take a look at the astronomically and agriculturally corrected
biblical Hebrew calendar. Tonight as of sunset,
we are into the fourth and final Shabbat of the month of Iyar. We are also on the 35th day
of the counting of the Omer. That means 15 days ago before Shavuot better known as Pentecost. So let’s talk about that with my co-host, the director of ministry development for a Rood Awakening!
International, Anny Reed. – Shabbat shalom. – Shabbat shalom, Anny. So Shavuot. – Yes, 15 days away. – You know, they just flew right by. It seemed like just well, a minute ago, we were talking about it’s 50 days away but now, we’re just 15
days away from Shavuot. – That’s right and if you are not familiar with what Shavuot is, it’s
actually the day of Pentecost which a lot of Christian
churches do not celebrate or keep essentially as Scripture tells us. But Shavuot’s a big deal. That’s when the law was given,
first and foremost to Moses. And then later, that’s
when the Holy Spirit was given to the body. – Right, and a lot of people don’t realize it was the same day. And I mean when I was
in the Christian church, I didn’t realize that either. But it makes a lot of sense because it’s the way Yehovah does things. When Yeshua was born, he was born on the Feast of Tabernacles because that’s when we
celebrate God dwelling with us. Well, that’s the perfect time for God to come down as Yeshua, as
a baby and dwell among us. And so Shavuot is interesting
because it’s the same day where the law was given or
the commandments were given and the spirit was given. So it’s God’s trying to say hey, you guys, it’s the same thing. – Well, the laws written
in our hearts, is it not? – Right. – So I agree with you. It’s incredible when you
start reading the Scriptures that understanding historical references and cultural references just how much more you’ll get out of these feast days but normal Scripture verses themselves. – Right, and even just
reading the Scripture, you can see in black and white that well, how are the commandments given. Fire came down from heaven and
burnt the top of Mount Sinai. We can see that through Jim
and Penny Caldwell’s pictures of the literal Mount
Sinai, is burnt on top. – Which they’ll be with
us, not this Shabbat but next Shabbat. – Oh, that’s right. Yeah, that’s coming up
so stay tuned for that. I mean when they went on
the top of the mountain and they turn the rocks over people say, “Oh, it’s just black stone up there.” They said, no, no, you
turn the stone over. The top is black, the bottom
is regular color stone. So it was a burnt mountain top. And then on Shavuot, when
the spirit was given, well, we hear about the tongues of fire and the wind came through. It’s just like the same thing. Fire came down from heaven and remember, everybody when the law was given, everybody heard in their own language because there’s more
than just Hebrews there. Remember, a lot of the
Egyptians said Pharaoh’s crazy, we’re out of here. And so they would have had
to hear Yehovah’s voice in their language as well. So the same thing happened on both days. Yehovah came down, everybody
heard in their own language and they heard the voice of Yehovah. – Incredible. So we just had our Shavuot sermon today. – I’m sorry, went on a
little bit more, Anny. – I know, it’s wonderful, and that’s what’s exciting
about these feast days. That’s why we’re supposed to keep them, set them apart is for situations like this where we get to learn and
really explore the Scriptures in a very emotional and personal way. – Yeah, and speaking of becoming personal, that’s how Kamal Saleem, our guest tonight turned from his ways and
went the way of Yehovah. And Anny, I know that when he
originally first came here, you had found him, I’m
very intrigued by his past. Tell us a little bit
more about Kamal Saleem. – Well, he used to be intelligence
for a big terrorist group that we’re all very familiar with that we won’t share here on
air, but had a unique experience where essentially, God saved him. And so he was here to share his testimony but also to keep us a
brisk as to what’s going on in the world today and
what are the tactics within these Islamic groups
convert people over to Islam. And not just Islam but extreme Islam. So it’s extremely educational and he talks about not
just the normal people that were converting
into these terrorists, but high-powered people
and government officials and just wealthy individuals
that had a lot of power that are also converting. And what their tactics are
which are extremely unique, you would have never thought. So I don’t wanna spoil it for him because he goes into a lot of depth as to what’s really going
on behind closed doors. – Yeah, it sounds like a movie
when you first hear about it. And you’re thinking
no, that can’t be real. But you check your facts
and sure enough, he’s right. So a very interesting fellow, Kamal Saleem and he’s coming on the on the air tonight. Also, another very interesting
fellow was Stephen. In the Bible simply for sharing
his faith or so we think, he was stoned but he was not
stoned for sharing his faith. It wasn’t about the fact that
he was a disciple of Yeshua. The Pharisees stoned him for a
different reason which again, as we talked about being right there in black and white in
the Bible, it’s there and if you read it, you’ll see it. But you might just breeze right by it and that’s why Michael has done this month’s love gift teaching called The Wisdom of Stephen. And he takes you back into
what Stephen was talking about and why he was stoned and
it was very interesting. And basically, it brings about the fact that if you are searching
out your Hebrew roots which if you are watching this program, I have no doubt you are, that you need to be very careful and employ The Wisdom of Stephen
in how you go about things. Stephen was giving a warning. Don’t get dragged into things
that you think are good because it’s the opposite
way from where you came but you can also go too far. – Yes. – And that’s what Stephen’s getting at. And that same advice
Stephen gave 2,000 years ago applies today because we see
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place where you can get these. – Now, you were mentioning
something about Stephen that I definitely wanna
bring up and that’s the fact that often times, we take things too far. And a couple weeks ago,
we had Nehemia Gordon here giving us a few newly
discovered manuscript copies that we found at the Vatican
or that he found at the Vatican and it stirred a lot of
controversy on the name. For a lot of people, it
was extremely powerful and encouraging that we
actually found these documents that now have proven that the name of God was used even as accidentally
in these manuscripts. But it’s caused a lot of division. And we just wanna discuss
that a little bit here because we are not
encouraging any kind of divide within this ministry. We were having this conversation earlier, almost all of us were saved
under the name of Jesus. – Yeah, I was. – And that’s why I make a very big point when I’m here on stage, on this program that I use the name Jesus and
God and Lord as often as I can because for a lot of us, that’s
still the name that we use, that’s still the name that
we know especially for those that are watching us here on television. We, again, don’t want this
name to be a dividing factor within this organization or the body of believers in general. But it’s still a super exciting
that we found manuscripts that have the name. If anything that we found manuscripts that actually prove
that the Bible was real. I mean any manuscript that we find, it’s just adding to the
belief that we have a god. – That’s right and you know
what with the whole name thing, I mean, you see Nehemia’s enthusiasm if you watch the program. He gets giddy about
this stuff and no wonder because it’s very personal to him. First of all, there was
some misunderstanding that these were original
Hebrew manuscripts. Nobody ever said these were
original Hebrew manuscripts. They’re just Hebrew which is exciting because maybe there’s
something we can learn there, things are always lost in
translation going from Greek to English in section. It was just exciting to
find Hebrew manuscripts. That was the extent of the excitement. No one ever said they were original. Second of all, it’s very
important to Nehemia because if you listen to earlier programs, I think even mention it in this series that his grandfather,
11 grandfathers back, was instrumental in the Jewish faith to saying that we cannot
say the name of Yehovah because we don’t know it. – So it was answered prayer for him. – Right and he feels it
is his personal mandate to reverse that damage. He sees that as a wrong,
that was a wrong thing to do and he feels that God has called
him to reverse that damage and that’s why he’s bringing this out and that’s why he’s so
passionate and excited when we find manuscript after manuscript with the name of Yehovah in it. It’s not that he’s or us for that matter commanding that everybody
must say Yehovah. That’s not it. It’s just exciting to find that something that was always told for
centuries and centuries that is a taboo is not really a taboo. And it’s sort of an awakening that wow, we’re in a new season with Yehovah. The Jewish people, the Christian people, maybe we can get together
on something here. That’s what the excitement’s about. – Exactly and we’re one step
closer to fulfilling prophecy. We’re one step closer to getting
further along in our faith by knowing his name. and a lot of people don’t
know this but actually, Nehemia is not the only one that is finding these manuscripts,
he actually has a team. And so it’s not him that’s
looking through the manuscripts to find these names, there are other end of
it that are doing this. And so it’s not one person’s
eyes that are catching these. It’s various eyes that are
looking out for the name and in the valid points in themselves. So it’s going through a lot of filters. – Right and some of them
have been there for 18 years. He just couldn’t say anything yet because they weren’t made public. See, Nehemia has the advantage
of being in the background with a lot of these things because he’s been entrusted with things regarding the Dead Sea Scrolls and things. He’s very highly regarded
for his knowledge. And so there are some certain things that he was not allowed
to say and to his credit, he kept him quiet for 18 years. But now, he’s able to bring them out because these manuscripts are
making it to the internet. That’s what’s exciting so
that everybody can see them and now he can say, this is
what I found 18 years ago. Let me tell you about it. So that’s just a little bit
of clarification on that. Now, coming up in just a few
minutes regarding this week. Kamal Saleem, a former intelligence
agent for radical Islam blows the lid off the agenda
threatening the Western world. And also, don’t forget,
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little-known background to Stephen’s final words. A history lesson of Israel’s sins and his rebuke of the
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Stephen exposes the real reason why Stephen was stoned,
and why so many Christians who seek out the roots
of their faith today are being ensnared the very
same falsehood of the Pharisees that Stephen warned about 2,000 years ago. – So was Stephen speaking against Moses? No, he was speaking
against their nonsense, their oral Torah. That’s what he’s talking about and that is what they
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collection only in May. Call or visit our website to make your love gift donation now. – Last time in our
question and answer period, we began on a question
concerning the Lunar Sabbath. And we have with us Nehemia Gordon. And I have to say that the
year after I met Nehemia and the year after I published
the astronomically corrected Biblical Hebrew calendar in the attempt to restore the ancient calendar, then I came out with the agriculturally and astronomically corrected because of Nehemia’s work with the Aviv. We have done a four-hour
plus video together in the land of Israel concerning
the biblical calendar. And what we’re doing, actually,
members of the Sanhedrin in Israel get my calendar. And so this is something if
the restoration of the calendar is a big deal but yet,
we see people coming up with new calendars all the
time out of the thin blue sky and one of them is dealing
with a Lunar Sabbath. And so Nehemia is here
to give some insight into the Lunar Sabbath. – Wow, so Michael, let me start
out with the Lunar Sabbath as an example of shoddy
scholarship run wild. It comes from the in Jewish encyclopedia from around 1901 to 1904. And the problem with
the Jewish encyclopedia is that it’s was put out by people who actually don’t believe
what the Bible says. This Jewish encyclopedia. Now, to be fair to them, they
present this lunar theory, what they say is that the
Sabbath originally was, this isn’t the Jewish encyclopedia,
you can find it online, the Sabbath originally
was and the month still is based on the moon. Now where did they get the idea that the month was originally
and is based on the moon? Well, I mean you find that
all over Jewish sources. I can show you Jewish documents which talks about Tobias, the physician saw the new moon in Jerusalem
in the Second Temple period in the first century and
he came and he testified before the rabbis and then he went to
testified before the priests. So we know that they
were beginning the months based on the moon. We know that in approximately 359 AD, they were no longer able
to do new moon sightings and so Hillel II
established this alternative calculated calendars. The best they could do in exile. Now, let’s look at all the
sources for the Lunar Sabbath. The only source we have
for the Lunar Sabbath is this statement by
the Jewish encyclopedia. But if you read their statement carefully, what they say is this is
what they call a quote, critical approach. So what is a critical approach? By critical approach,
they mean we don’t believe what the Bible says so
we’re gonna employ the tools of Bible criticism. Bible criticism is this
method that was developed, really among Gentiles initially, although you could actually
blame Baruch Spinoza, the philosopher, for the
being the first Bible critic. So maybe Jews are to blame as well. But Bible criticism says
we don’t believe Moses wrote the Torah. We don’t really believe in God and so where did all of this come from? We have to have some explanation. Now, if you ask me from
a Torah perspective, from a Bible perspective, where
does the Shabbat come from? I know where it comes from. God created the world of the six days and rested on the seventh. and he could show me all
the carbon-14 in the world, it doesn’t matter. I still believe God created
the world in six days and rested on the seventh. And then he appeared at Mount Sinai, he gave the Ten Commandments
and the Ten Commandments, he told the Israelites, work for six days and then rest on the seventh day. And so he saw this idea
of the Lunar Sabbath is we don’t believe any of that. So it has to come from
something in nature. And what in nature has a seven-day cycle? Well, of course we have the month, if you divide it by four,
it comes out to seven days. Not really. – [Michael] No. – If you take 29 days divided by seven, you get four remainder one. If you take a 30-day
month, divided by four, you get four remainder two. So what do you do with
those extra one or two days? And then the Lunar Sabbatarians, ’cause here, the Jewish encyclopedia doesn’t tell you how to
actually observe the Shabbat based on the moon, it just– – [Michael] Because it
has never been done. – It’s never been done in the
history of the Jewish people or the Twelve Tribes of Israel. If first place it appears
is in these Bible critics in the 19th century and from there, it shows up into the Jewish encyclopedia. But it’s never actually been
implemented until the 1990s when people in the Hebrew
roots movement saw this online. And why was it online? Because it was out of copyright
so someone put it online. And they pull– – So an extinct version
of the Jewish encyclopedia is the source. – Are you kidding me? If I quoted the Jewish
encyclopedia at Hebrew University in a paper, I’d be
laughed out of the room. I would quote an updated version, the Encyclopedia Judaica from 1971, the more recent one from the 2000s. I never quote the outdated
Jewish encyclopedia. It’s ridiculous. I mean think about this. The Jewish encyclopedia was published before the discovery of
the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Jewish encyclopedia was
discovered before the recovery of the Aleppo Codex. I mean it’s completely outdated. It’s before the Cairo
Genizah was fully studied. I mean it’s completely outdated. It’s a useless source. I mean maybe there’s
some information there that has some value but you have to vet it versus all of the discoveries
over the 120 years or so since it was compiled. And so what in the 90s is some
Hebrew roots people in the US opened up their website and they saw oh, the month was originally
based on the moon. Okay, you can see the sources for that. Oh, and the Shabbat was
originally based on the moon. And how do we know? Jewish encyclopedia, 1901 to 1904. What’s the sources in
the Jewish literature? We don’t know Hebrew, we
just assume it’s right because in the Jewish encyclopedia. The very same Jewish encyclopedia that says Moses didn’t write the Torah. Well, they don’t know that. They didn’t bother reading that. There is no Jewish source that I looked. No Jewish source in the
history of the Jewish people that has any concept
of a weekly, excuse me, of a Lunar Shabbat. The only Shabbat we have is the weekly perpetual seven-day cycle which has nothing to do with the moon. And here’s the really important thing. Go to the Jews of China
and I did, I visited them. Go to the Jews of India
who have been there since the time of King Solomon. Go to the Jews of Ethiopia who were there since the time of the Queen of Sheba. Go to the Jews of Yemen, go to every Jewish community in the world and they have the same
perpetual seven-day cycle. And some people said well,
the pope changed the calendar. The Jews of Yemen don’t know
about that and don’t care. The jews of India don’t know
about that and don’t care. I mean they’ve got nothing
to do with the pope. They’ve been observing– – [Michael] Or Ethiopian Jews. – Right, they’ve been observing the same seven-day perpetual cycle
since the time of Moses and possibly, since the time of Abraham. But definitely, since the time of Moses. So there’s no question whatsoever that this is a perpetual seven-day cycle. Now, why is this so
attractive to so many people in the Hebrew roots movement? So there’s a lot of people– – I’ve got my idea but I wanna hear yours. – Well so, a lot of people found out that Sunday was the day
that Constantine established because it was a day of the victory of the Sun god, Sol Invictus. And then they said, well, if
Sunday is the day of the Sun, then Saturday is the day of Saturn. Okay maybe in Latin– – In English. – Well, and what’s it called in Spanish? In Spanish, it’s called Sabado. – Right, most of the
languages of the world. It’s still called the Sabbath. – Right, and it has
nothing to do with Saturn. And in fact, there is a literature of body of Jewish superstition. I’m gonna call it that, that
assigns a celestial body to a certain body to
every day of the week. And Saturn is not the day of Shabbat. Saturn is the celestial
body assigned to Wednesday. So if you really wanna, in other words you can’t say that Shabbat of the perpetual weekly
cycle is the day of Saturn. It’s not, it’s got
nothing to do with Saturn. Saturn is in Jewish
superstition, the day of the star that planet that rules over Wednesday. I mean Shabbat is a
perpetual unbroken cycle that goes back to creation. And you can go to every
Jewish community in the world and you’ll find the same seven-day cycle. It’s not something that was preserved by one little group
here or one group there, and the pope couldn’t
change it if he wanted too, because the Jews in these
distant parts of the world, they could care less what the pope said. They were interested in
observing the tradition of the commandment of their ancestors and there were Jews who were martyred for not giving up the Shabbat. There were Jews who
were burned at the stake because they refused to give
up observing the Shabbat. There was as a story of
Hannah and her seven sons in 3 Maccabees where her seven
sons were roasted to death by the Greeks because they
wouldn’t give up the Shabbat, and it had nothing to do with the moon. Now, there’s this one scholar out there from Ben-Gurion University, Rachel Elior. She has this fantastical story and you could read it on
YouTube and see about it and she makes the claim
that it was the Greeks who invented the lunar calendar. That’s utter nonsense. There’s no evidence for that whatsoever. This is just some, really, a
wild theory that she made up. And as far as I know,
nobody accepts this theory except for her. But from the Jewish
sources it’s quite clear, you can trace it back at least to 200 BC that the calendar was a
lunar cycle citing the month, citing the moon every month. And had nothing to do with the week. The week was all was a
perpetual seven-day cycle that had nothing to do with the moon. – Thanks, Nehemia. We got more questions on the calendar but we’re gonna have to come
back next week to handle those. So join us then. (light mellow music) – [Announcer] Stephen is often regarded as the first Christian martyr. But was he really stoned for
his belief in the Messiah? In The Wisdom of Stephen, Michael Rood exposes the real
reason why Stephen was killed and why so many Christians
who seek out the roots of their faith today are being ensnared by the very same
falsehood of the Pharisees that Stephen warned about 2,000 years ago. – So was Stephen speaking against Moses? No, he was speaking
against their nonsense, their oral Torah. That’s what he’s talking about. – [Announcer] Receive
The Wisdom of Stephen for a love gift donation of just $50. Or with a gift of $100 or more, you’ll receive The Wisdom of Stephen plus a hardcover anniversary book detailing Israel’s 70 years of miracles. Make your donation now. $50, $100 or more to
receive these special gifts. Get The Wisdom of Stephen
collection only in May. – The last night that Yeshua
was with his disciples, the Last Supper before the
Passover was sacrificed, he took bread and he took wine. he said before that Abraham
saw his day and rejoice but what does that mean,
he saw his day and rejoice? Well, it was the Melech Tzadik,
the king of righteousness that brought forth bread
and wine to Abraham. He blessed the most high with the blessing that Abraham talked Yitzchak,
Yitzchak taught Yaakov and is still spoken today
whenever bread and wine is served at a Jewish table,
whenever it is Sabbath especially around the world,
the bread and the wine are brought forth with this blessing. (speaking in foreign language) Blessed are you, Yehovah, our
Elohim, king of the universe, the creator of the fruit of the vine. And Yeshua then said, blessed
are you, Yehovah, our Elohim, king of the universe who brings
forth bread from the Earth. He said this represents my body which will be broken for you. This represents my shed blood
that pays the sin penalty because of the broken covenant. As often as we do this,
as often as we do this, we do this in remembrance of him. So break the bread, share the wine and we do this in remembrance
of him until he comes. (dramatic music) (attendees applauding) – Good afternoon, it’s
good to be with you today. I wanna share something with
you, something about my journey and what’s happening in our nation. But before we go any further, I heard a joke one time by Ben Carson. He said there’s this man that who has a, he loves to give lavish gifts. So he bought for his
mother a couple of birds for her birthday. Each bird cost $5,000. These birds can dance, they can jump, they can sing and they can talk. And when he gave them to his mother, he called his mother two days later. He said, “How you like them birds?” She said, “Oh, honey they were delicious.” And he said to her, “You did
not eat those bird, mom.” She said, “Why?” He said, “Because they cost $5,000. “They can dance, they
can sing, they can jump “and they can talk.” And she said, “Well, they
did not say anything.” The value of this is when I listen to this is if we don’t talk, this
nation will be the standard for the other people to feast on. Today, our future generation
depends on you and me, what do we do and how we take this message all over United States of America. There is two men, they
walked in the desert in the wilderness seeking their own gods. One, his name is Jesus Christ. One, his name is Muhammad. When Jesus Christ walk in
the wilderness, three times, Satan came to him and he said,
“Do this, do this, do this.” At the end, he said, “Bow to me “and I will give you the
kingdoms of the world.” And this is where Jesus
looked at Satan he said, “It is written.” But before anything else,
this is when Jesus said, hit the road, Jack and
don’t come back no more. And the Word of God
says and he disappeared until next time to come in. So but when Muhammad was seeking, Muhammad now was born in the
desert in the Arabian Desert. He came out of the tribe of Ishmael. He came from Midian tribe. The Midian tribe is very
unique and this is his tribe, they called the Quraysh tribes. The Quraysh tribes were unique people and these people guarded
what so called Kaaba. Kaaba today still in place. It’s a black cubical things. The Muslim grows seven
times around it praying to their god today versus the 360 gods that they worship at that time. But when Muhammad was seeking
god and seeking those gods, he drew into a cave. Into the cave, it was outside
of Mecca called Horaire which is the flame. There, a spirit of light appeared
to him and he said to him, Muhammad, (speaking in foreign language). Muhammad read. And he said, (speaking
in foreign language). What do I read? The second time he said, Muhammad (speaking in foreign language). He said, (speaking in foreign language). The third time, he said to him, Muhammad, (speaking in foreign language). And when Muhammad didn’t know what to say, this the spirit seized
him and spoke through him. And that was the first word of
the Quran given to Muhammad. And this is how the
beginning of Islam started. Now, when that spirit asked
Muhammad to bow to him, he did and he gave him the kingdom. But there’s a rules of
engagement, is when we serve God, he brings the kingdom to us. But when we serve the world, we have to conquer the
kingdom by the sword and this is what’s happening
and this is the journey. Earlier, we were listening to Brother Bill and he was talking about Israel and what happened with Israel. Here’s the unique things and that’s what America
need to understand, that Israel lived in a land called Goshen. And they thought that
the land is very unique because over, there all
the curses, all the hexes, all the vexes all the things
that happened to Egypt, it did not happen to Israel because they tasted the goodness of God. And they wanted to come
to that place Goshen, but when they left Goshen, what happened? God was taken into a place
called milk and honey, 11 days journey. And this is where God wants us to go because every place we go on obedient and he said, go in my name. That is a commissioning
place is to engage. God did not call us to sit
on a wayside but to engage. The glory of God will go with
us every place he lead us. They never lost their
clothing or their shoes under that cloud of glory. So we look at this and
say how did it happen? Where did it happen? Before we talk about anything tonight, we need to understand that
it is where God send you, the glory of God we’ll
take it to that place. Moses was cast into the desert
and now, he is a shepherd, and behold, he saw the
fire in the mountain. And what he saw the fire in the mountain, he was so curious how come this fire is not taking the mountain? So when he climbed up in a
way, in his way to his destiny, God met him over there
and here’s what happened. Number one, the first thing
he saw, a bush on fire. And he thought how come this bush is not burning the entire area? The second thing when he
saw that bush on fire, the Word of God says and he turned. When we take that turn,
we gaze upon God glory. And then when he turned, God spoke to him. This is the place where
God is asking us come near and seek my face and when he
turn to me, I will turn to you. This is a place you could
not take on your own, why? Because this is where God said to Moses, take your shoes off. And when he took his shoes off, he told him it’s a holy ground. The things that we did not understand as Brother Michael was
talking about is sometime, it’s not the story, it’s
the story in the story, what happened when Moses
took his shoes off, God stepped in his shoes. So now, wherever he goes, God is with him. That is the place of obedient. Obedience is better than sacrifice. And it is the place where
God desire us to obey him so he can step into our shoes. Now, we’re coming to the place, when you fight, he said the
ground that you stand on, I will give it to you. So the Word of God says, if
you are in me and I’m in you, ask anything in my name
and I will give it to you. What make us supernatural is when we allow the super comes into our nature and we allow our nature
to move in a super. So we become supernatural. We are coming to the place that the church will move in a supernatural
but we must understand our character, our
design and our ideology. All of it and when we
understand the mind of Christ and the heart of Christ,
then we are moving, in him, we live and more
than have our being. This is a mighty army of God rising. The army of God rising
are not here by mistake, you are not here to really to say, I’m gonna hear something good. You are here to take this
and take it somewhere else because God is gonna go with
you and accomplish this. You are now filled in. And being part of this
ministry, God is gonna equip you with more knowledge than this. We’re saying all this to say, today, we’re coming to the place where everything is shifting
and if we don’t shift with God, we’re gonna lose our world. America and Israel was
created in the glory of God, for the purpose God in the last days. And if America does not support Israel, America will wither and die. America is born to be God’s book. Jesus said, he said, the two men one. He came to make the two men one. And this is the Jews and the Gentile. And now, God is calling
us to come to our brother and the Jews and bring them, provoke them into the love of God just like what God provoked
us to in the beginning. So you are sitting here for
purpose and time like this. In any time, in any kind
of war we must understand that there’s four things. First, we need to recognize the enemy. we need to define the enemy. And if we don’t define the enemy and say, this is what it is then
we’re gonna lose this war. Who is our enemy? Our enemy is Islam. The Muslim and Islam are
two different things. Islam is the slave master,
Muslims are slave to Islam. The Muslim, they are made an image of God for the purpose of God
for such time as this because our job is to bring
them to the glory of God in the last days and this is your job and when you learn what
God has done to the Muslim, you will come to learn how
to bring the Muslim in. We need to understand his
nature weapon and strength. Rumsfeld said we are
not gonna win this war unless we identify the enemy. And if we could not
say Islam is the enemy, then we could not defeat Islam. The second part. So now, we come into the
place is we need to understand what Islam fundamental understanding and what is the teaching
that they spoken about? This is my story. In my lifetime, I was born
to be a child soldier. At seven years old, I was
trained to be a killer. My life story took me from
place to place the place to come here to teach on Christ. Why? Because God takes your story, your past and when you allow him
and he will take your jar and he will fill it with his glory. The Word of God says through Paul, he said, we are jars of clay,
lest the surpassing power of the Living God dwells in us. What dwells in you? The Lord spoke about the 10 versions. Five was filled with
oil of the Holy Spirit and five was filled with
the oil of the world. These five, they celebrated
the kingdom of God and they looked for God
every day what he’s saying. The other one, they
socialized with the world and they have not understood God. They take on the purpose
of God but in their way, they use God for their glory. Today, 97% of the church do
not reach one person to Christ in their entire life. That’s latest statistic. So therefore, only 3% are
working for the kingdom of God and they’re bringing people. Today, we need to bring
the people out there because this table is not for us. We are the servant at
table, to usher the people, to feed on the master table. We are the one God’s sending out there. My story started in Beirut, Lebanon. Muslim family, 14 brothers
and sisters and there, I learned my life story what’s gonna be right on my mother table. I used to dream at
nighttime and at nighttime, one time, I had a dream, yes, the bad guys have visions as well. the enemy have spirit to
flight, they have visions, they have everything. It’s the opposite pole of one another. Why? Because my people are deceived by what’s they seen in their dreams. And so therefore, I saw myself
dressed in white shorts, set on a white horse,
double-edged sword in each hand and before me, the enemy of Allah stood and these were the Jews
and the Christians. That day, I advanced at them
and I took their head off with my sword and I was
taking their head off one after the other. And that day, I was killed. And I rose before the face of Allah and Allah was laughing hilariously. Only my servant Kamal can do such a thing. To put the smile on his
face, I must kill his enemy. That is my journey. From there, I was going somewhere. At seven years old, my
dad took me out of school and now, I’m learning in the school, took me out of school
and now I’m going to work and as I’m going to work one time and I’m going to the mosque,
I was recruited in a mosque right there by the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood came in 1928 after the fall of the
Ottoman Empire in 1924. So what happened there is my life now, I belong to these people and these people were fashioning me and defining me and my job was to invade and
infiltrate Western civilization and what did we do over there? We destroy them. We convert, we take their image and we change it to the image of Islam. That is our battle. So therefore, my kind
that I was brought to, it is the intelligent work. Not the sword, like machine
gun or what so have you. At seven years old, I shot
my first AK-47 in a camp. It’s an assault camp
in Beirut called Sabra. This is one I really knew
that my gun can speak for me, that I don’t have to
speak for myself anymore. Now, I have the power of the
gun and that power of the Quran which is the Muslim book. And now, I know I can change the world. And so therefore, my life took
me from mission to mission. My first mission to Israel,
I was seven years old. I carried weapon caches and I
went through the Golan Heights to rendezvous with the shepherds and they did the shepherds put them on the belly of the
sheep, took them inside Israel on to give it to her martyrs and the martyrs killed
theirself by killing the Jews. And so therefore, that’s my first mission. I thought I was James Bond. Why? Because I did something great for Islam. The second mission was
not anything like this because I was reminded I
was a boy, I was a child. And when they hit us with
everything, I was eight years old and we went to do the same mission, I was crying mama that day. I realized I was a little boy. I was soldier. And I didn’t know what’s the difference. You see, they give us the keys of heaven. They said “You, go ahead and open heaven.” And when the children die, the
adult cross over our bodies to fight where are used for their machine. This is my life. My life took me through
civil war in Lebanon. I was young lad when we… My people killed hundreds
of thousands of Christians trying to establish an Islamic state. This is what I came to know that I was fulfilling Allah
purpose is to kill the Christian and establish an Islamic civilization. But what I discovered, the
corruption through Islam and how the Muslim killed more Muslim that we killed Christians. We killed each other fighting
who is gonna lead the other. It was a war of deception. From there, my life took
me from place to place until I was sent by the Saudi
royal family who owned me. These princes that they
sent me over there, they financed my mission to come to the United States of America because they wanted to bring
the war to American street. But the word that I brought in here, it was not a war of
machine gun or explosive, it was a war of stealth jihad,
which is civilization jihad. And this is how my story started. And for those, the last
night they were here, what happened is when I
was fulfilling my purpose, this is when I got in a car wreck and cracked my neck in two
places and my life was changed. And I was put before Christians
and now I came to know that my life has changed. I thought that there were enemy but when I encountered the Christian, I came to know that the god of this world has a blinded the unbelievers. Lest, the gospel of good
news of Jesus Christ open the eyes and the
ears of the understanding and now there, I were awakened. Now, I came to know the difference between your god and my god
were two different things. This god so loved the world,
this god so hated the world. And here, there’s not one word than the Quran says Allah loves. One of his name says Allah loves. There’s no love in here. This one, the whole thing he
created the world for his love. This one gave his son, this
one gave an orphan man. This one brought spirit
adoption of Jesus Christ, this one brought orphan spirit. This one gave his life,
this one took life. This one saved humanity,
this one took humanity, nearly 300 million. This one healed the blind,
this one said to the blind, you are not good enough for me. This one freed the prostitute, this one commended her stoning. When I saw this, I came to
know that I am the enemy and there, when I came to call on my god, my god didn’t answer. And when I came to put a gun
in my mouth to finish my story, behold, your god spoke to me. At the end of me, your god spoke a new beginning into my life. And he called me by his name. And he called me and he knew my name and he called me as his son. And I came to see somebody who loves me. Not somebody who’s not talking to me. My god did not speak, your god spoke. My god did not do anything, your god gave me a new beginning. And when I looked at God
and I called upon him and the God of father,
Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, not the god of Ishmael. Well, behold, the room was
filled with glory of Jesus Christ and his name was Yahweh, the Lord is one. If he see me, you’ve seen him. If he had know me, you know him. I and the father are one. And so now, I came to know
that Jesus Christ is Lord and he’s dressed like a
Jew, he looked like a Jew, he has holes in his hand his
feet and he declare who he is. I came to see the glory of
the living God is in him. He is the glory, he’s
the lifter of our head, he is the center of all things. He’s the essence of life,
he’s the light of the world. In him, all created,
light came through him and he walked among us. And now, I came to give my life to him. He said, Kamal, arrives
and when I rose up, every broken bone was fixed
and now, he healed my heart, he healed my mind, my
emotion and he set me free when I said to him, I will
live and die for you, my Lord. He said do not die for me, I
died for you that you may live. And when I said to him, give me purpose that I may go and grab these
people and make them Christian. He said the harvest is
plentiful, the workers are few. Be an investigative mind. I came to understand
that because of America is birthed by the Word of
God, on the Word of God, for the glory of God,
America could not operate if it’s out of the will of God. Because our economy, our
DNA, everything we have, it’s all in God, we trust. If we step out of that motor,
then we’re not gonna function. And so what happen is we could not be, we could not do anything until
we activate our citizenship. In Islam, when you’re
born to a Muslim family, you are Muslim immediately. In Christianity, if you are Christian, you could not be a Christian if you’re born to Christian family unless you are born again. And so what happened is
activating our citizenship is to engage because this
citizenship is go in my name, that’s what it is set on. I wanna take you somewhere
else in the Quran. The Quran said that the
believers, the Muslim, not take infidels,
non-muslims, Jews and Christian for friends or allies
instead of the believers. Who are the believers? The Muslim. Whoever does this shall
have no relationship left with Allah. Allah is the god of Islam. Unless but guard yourself against them taking safeguard in Jihad. That’s Quran 3:28. Then this is what we are facing today. In the Quran 22:39 through
40, this is what it talks. Allah gave permission to
fight is granted to those, the war is given to. What is war? Anytime that you’re
moving out of your house and you’re going somewhere
else to fight for Islam, this is called hejira,
this is called refugees. As when you go from one place to another, Allah has given you the
plan to tackle the enemy and he’s given you the
victory on your enemy and God, now, the Muslim saw this as
a verse declaration by Allah of war against the adulterers. This is important to
understand why we face in Islam and what is Islam is doing here. The word of Islam, it says in the Quran, fight them till there
is no more affliction. What does the affliction means? There’s no other god but Allah. There’s no Jesus Christ,
there’s no Jehovah God Almighty. So the affliction is
Allah commanding a Muslim is destroy these people until
there’s no other God but me. Then in the tradition of
Islam, it says testify, there’s no one has right
to worship except Allah or else, I will chop off your neck. Word of military leader of Muhammad said, I will do this by destroying
all the people over there and he started to take him and Yemen used to be a Jewish state and that’s what his first
war was against that state. What is the great commission of Islam? This is very important. The great commission of
Islam is little different than the great commission of Christianity. Muhammad, the Prophet, and he said, (speaking
in foreign language). I have been commanded by Allah to war against the people of the world until everyone says
there’s no god but Allah, Muhammad his prophet and
if did not concede to you, then you have the right to
their women, to the children, to their home, to the
land, to the finances, it is your inheritance. Today, the Muslim are coming
to the United States of America are looking for the inheritance. This is what they doing in Europe. But when Muslim began,
it began as peaceful. Anytime, they’re 2% and
under, they are peaceful. When they increase the
5% and what so have you, they start creating conversion and they start going to the jail system, to the school system to
the poor neighborhood and now this is what’s
happening in America, it’s advancing. When they go to the mark
10% and more, what happen? They become lawless and violent. They start tackling the nation. This is what’s happened in France, this is what happened
in England, Netherland, entire Europe has seen all this. And when it goes to 50%, they
will take over the nation. This is what Islam will do. This is the formula that we have known. Learn from this. There are two administration in Islam. One is called Dar es Salaam
and one called Dhimmitude, which is Dar es Salaam is when a nation is conquered for Allah. So if this nation now is
under the law of Islam and when it is not conquer,
it’s under the house of war which is Dhimmitude. America is under the house of war. America is at war. Not with their self, Islam
is at war with America. And today, the invasion
is coming to our street even to the highest places in our nation because they realize
to shift our mountains, they could not shift
the mountain from below, they have to shift it from the top. And if they have to sit
anywhere to shift this nation, you got to be able to
sit in the White House. You got to be secretary of state, you got to be all those places in order to shift our culture. In Islam, there are five pillars. And everybody knows
about the five pillars. What makes the five pillars so unique, last night we talked about President Obama wearing a signet ring on his finger says, (speaking in foreign language). There is no god but Allah. That is the first pillar,
it’s called Shahada. So therefore, what
happened is the rest are… There is a sixth pillar,
it’s called jihad. Jihad is the invisible holy
war against all non-believers, but specifically, the Christian and Jews. So therefore, what
happened is since the fall of the Ottoman Empire,
they took that pillar out and that is the pillar where Mohammed commanded his people to go in jihad. Jihad is the great commission
of Islam to go in his name and conquer the world for his glory versus the great
commission of Jesus Christ, go pray for them, love them,
set them free, heal them, feed them, take care of my people. Anytime we have crises in any nation, we see what happened exactly. The Christian come to heal and the other one come to terrorize. So therefore the word of
Allah said in the Quran says fight in the way of jihad is
prescribed to you, Muslim, and you dislike it but it’s possible that you dislike something
that is good for you. Allah knoweth and you have no clue. The cornerstone in Islam, it is jihad. The jihad could not advance, Islam could not advance without jihad. And we’ll go deeper into
this a little bit more but I wanna set few other things that we need to see what they are before we will show you
what is jihad altogether. Islam, is it peaceful or is it violent? Islam has a duality. Duality of Islam, when Muhammad
was Mecca, he was peaceful. When he was Medina, he was radical. So when he was here in Mecca, what happened he for 14 years,
he spoke very peaceful word but what what happened in here and during the month of
Ramadan, is called Hijra and this is called the refugees. Hijra, the refugees. When he went from Mecca to Medina, he went from peaceful to radical. He became a warlord. And here, Allah abrogated
everything Muhammad said before. He said everything I’ve given you here is no longer apply when
I’m giving you here will replace everything
I’ve given you over there. So the last two books and the
current replaced everything that is holy war. The Book of Sword. And God, Allah declare
war on all non-believers. So what happened is that’s a duality. When a Muslim are weak, they speak from the peaceful perspective. When they are strong, they speak from the radical perspective. So jihad. Jihad is the cornerstone of Islam and it is prescribed to the Muslims. And throughout Islam, all
the surah of the Quran, you’ll find out in here all these together what happened. It’s prescribed to a Muslim
to go in a way of war. And for the sixth time,
I’m gonna press for those and move on forward. Sharia. Sharia is, it is. Islam without Sharia are disabled. They could not do anything. That’s why they wanna establish Sharia. When Sharia is established
now, they can work jihad into their Sharia into the nation. And so what happened in
here, the Sharia law, the Sharia is the law of Islam. So Sharia, you’re saying law
and that is what constitute everything to the Muslim. It tells them how to eat, how to live, how to go to the bathroom, how to married, how to cut their nails,
how to blow their nose, how to treat their women,
how to raise their children, why to kill dogs, and all
the element that they do, it’s prescribed in Sharia. The reason we know that Islam is slavery is because when they take upon Sharia, it means they have no way of their own. Now, they have to live by
code that’s given to them, that it is not their code but it’s given from a spirit of flight
that Mohammed encountered. And he didn’t know who it was. He came to throw himself
off the cliff three times. Where do we see that in the Bible? It’s in the book of John 5. This is where Jesus Christ appeared. This is when he went
on a boat and the water was rising up and down and
now, the apostles were scared or as y’all say, they were
scared and, were sleeping. And therefore, Jesus spoke
to the water and now, they appeared on on the lake shore and this is when he stepped they’re, the Word of God says a
man out of the cave came and he was demonically possessed and he fell at the feet of Jesus Christ and he said what have you come
to do with the Son of God? And he said, hush, who are you? He said legion. That’s a legion, that’s a demonic gate that comes out of hell, it opened, it brings spirits of
darkness into this world. Any time you operate in
that outfit, what happen? Something use you. Just like in the beginning
when he could not read, something read through
him and spoke through. With today and what happened is that man, when they threw the demons into, you know, Jesus threw the demons into the pigs, the pigs threw himself of the cliff. Muhammad came to throw himself
three times off the cliff. This is what we’re dealing with today. I hope you are taking notes. For those ate too much meat today, I pray that you wake up a little bit more. (light mellow music) Violent jihad. This is the way of, you know,
there are two kind of people. We have peaceful jihad,
the one I came with and we have violent jihad. The one we know about their violent, their like from Al-Qaida, Boko Haram, Al Shabab, ISIS, Hamas, all
these people, and Hezbollah. But then, we have a group, they are called the Muslim Brotherhood. These people are dressed in
suit and their war is in suit. These people are not
fighting like the other ones. This is what I trained with
but my training was for this. So these people are here today, they are shifting the nation. These are the envoy that
President Obama uses. These are the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood
sitting in the White House shifting our nation, Ramadan
today, the month of Ramadan which is where Islam went
from from peaceful to radical is celebrated in the White House, replacing National Day of Prayer. And so what happened is
this agenda is radical and the Word of God says,
you know them by their fruit. When somebody said I’m Christian and he’s advancing
Islamization of America, he is not a Christian, he’s a Muslim and he’s doing purposely. These are the people. Some of these people are
the best Quran readers, they know it by heart. This one, her name is Huma Abedin. she’s right hand of Hillary Rodham Clinton and she is part of the Muslim Brotherhood working right here. She’s assigned to her in Arkansas
from the beginning of time for such time as this. All of it is coming together. This is who the Muslim Brotherhood is. When you look on the outside, all of them are interconnect
and interconnected. 99.9% of the Muslim radical movement birth for the Muslim Brotherhood. Saudi Arabia, finances, the
World Assembly of Youth. Islamic Society of North America. This is deadly and radical. CAIR, Council American Islamic Relations. This is a deadly organization. Islamic Affair Relief Agency,
they are deadly group. All of them work together
and they finance each other and empower each other. Now, when we have… The way they are, tonight
I will be speaking on how they are vetting our refugees and who is vetting the refugees. So with this, this is the network that it’s working in the
United States of America. What is Islam and what is it made of? Islam made from a trilogy. This is like the trilogy of Christianity but this is an Islamic trilogy. The Quran, the Hadith and Sira. Islam, these are three components
make what so-called Islam. 14% given to Allah, by Allah to Muhammad but Muhammad raises
himself from being Bedouin, from being nobody equal to
Allah and he bring 59% of Islam. The majority of Islam, it
doesn’t come from here, it comes from here, from the traditions. So what happen is that’s
where political Islam is, that’s what Islamic terrorism
is and this is what happen. But this is very important part in here. This is the biography of Muhammad. All these books are
there for your knowledge. So therefore, what is the biography? Is how he lived his life. So when a Muslim are
weighing, what Islam says, they see what Allah given
and what Muhammad said and now, they wait, did Muhammad do it? If Muhammad did it, then it’s
acceptable for me to do it. So when ISIS are doing what they doing, they did exactly what Muhammad
the Prophet of Islam did. ISIS the true Muslims, Al
Qaeda are the true Muslim, Boko Haram are the true Muslims. Who are the moderate Muslim? The one, they are only
praying five times a day or they have nothing to do with Islam. These are the moderate Muslim. And by status, they must be
killed or convert to Islam. Jihad. Jihad is jihad as jihad is jihad. Meaning many people say,
well, the Saudis are friend but Isis is not our friend. Well what’s the difference? Both of them used the same jihad. Both of them have the same flag. It says there’s no god but
Allah and Muhammad, his prophet and it says it’s right there. Both of them killed because the Sharia law told them what to do. And so therefore, what happen, these kill in the name of Allah under Sharia law for the same purpose this
skill and this one is the same. What’s the difference
between two Sharia is Sharia. There is no moderate
Sharia and radical Sharia. If you see Isis is practicing Sharia and they said they are not Muslim, well they’re practicing
true Muslim Sharia. If the Saudi are doing it,
we are living under this. Saudi has taking hands all over it. I saw six men were beheaded in after Salah which is prayers on Friday. These men, they were accused that they had a homosexual relationship so they put them right there
and they chop their head off after prayers. And this is how they cure homosexuality. And so therefore, I saw what’s happening and we were celebrating at that time. I was saying Allahu Akbar, shouting. 40% of the Muslims
today support Sharia law and statistic shows in the
United States of America, over 62% of American
Muslims support Sharia law. Fact, 164% of the Quran prescribed jihad. It command jihad as a matter of fact. 1/3 of Sharia law is all of
it based on Sharia and jihad. 1/3 of Islam command holy war. Jihad is allowed to enslave
the people, the non-muslims, allow them to inherit
their enemy’s possessions, wife, children, home, finances,
country and government. Jihad is invisible pillar. Jihad is the cornerstone of Islam. Without jihad and Sharia
law is the head of jihad, without that, Islam could not exist. Islam will fall. This is why they want Sharia law in the United States of America. Islamic doctrine Alwallaa Wal Baraah. This is the balance, I’m
speaking in tongue here. Alwallaa Wal Baraah. So what happened? It teach the Muslim, and it says, this is how you know if
you are a true Muslim. And if he loved what Allah
loved and what Allah hated and his Mohammed, his prophet, then you doing the right thing. If you not do this, then
you are not true Muslim. Does that make sense? I wanna see hands. Okay, good. That’s good, we’re going somewhere. Jihad is, jihad is in a way of
Allah at 3% of all jihad, I’m gonna show you what is jihad. This is where I want you to pay attention. So how do we know when the
Muslim are active in jihad? The first jihad is in a way of Allah. So 3% of this, to be a better Muslim. That’s the first jihad and that’s what they all use over there. But the second one is
called the stealth jihad which is the one you don’t see. The one they doing in our nation while the American nation slept. Then political jihad. Political jihad is to invade
the places of high places and then when they come to your
church and they ask you to, they provoked you to invite them to speak. Anytime you bring them to speak, you bring them to the level of
authority that God given you and now, they exercise their
hexes and vexes and curses because wherever they step in, now that’s in Islamic dominion. You see, the people perish
for lack of knowledge not because they don’t
have no understanding but because they refuse knowledge just like as we heard Brother
Bill and Brother Michael, they said many pastor today,
what caused America destruction is the deficit in pastors because they are politically correct. And so what happened when
they are politically correct, the church become dumb,
blind and deaf and paralyzed. If our pastors wake up,
we can change the nation. Jihad of the womb. What is jihad of the womb? It is when they move
into nation and birth. One of my DVD that I would like to show but not for this time, it is
how they are shifting the world used Western civilization by birth. In France, for example. The French birthrate is 1.8%,
the Muslim rate is 8.1%. The French are birthing two children while the Muslim are birthing
nine, 8.1, nine children. So therefore, they are changing
everything by birth alone. When you look at that trait, all of it is they are changing our world and today, they want the refugees to come here, to populate by birth. Marriage jihad. We are commanded to marry a woman. It is right for the Muslim man
to marry a non-muslim woman so he can use her for the platform because the Quran says that,
(speaking in foreign language). Meaning women are owned by men and they are in charge of the woman. So therefore, it is his stepping-stone to give him the authority to
marry and get your citizenship and use that constitution, American Constitution against your nation. Financial jihad is called
Sharia law banking. Sharia law, jihad which is, it is how the invading,
bringing Sharia into our courts. And how they infiltrating our courts. Immigration, that’s called a Hijra. I talked about it earlier. Education, banking, judicial, religious. Now, I’m gonna give you three doctrines. These are very important that
you pay attention in here and to make sure that
you are paying attention, everybody go like this, I am. Good, all right. The first one’s called Al Taqqyah. Al Taqqyah is a doctrine by Islam. It is lying by omission. All Muslim are, Muhammad the Prophet, Islam said, he said, Al Taqqyah is to be practiced
until the day of judgment. (speaking in foreign language) Until the end of days. And the second one is called,
it’s called Al Muruna. What is Al Muruna? Al Muruna is when you’re,
before your enemy, what happened is to exercise
exactly to conjure any story, make it up to sell it to the enemy. This is where Muhammad
said befriend your enemy until they become your slaves. In another place, he
said laugh in their face but curse them in your heart. Never give up to them. So therefore, this is Al Muruna. Al Kitman which is the third doctrine, this is when they talk
between peaceful, Mecca or radical Medina. This is they speak from
those so they give you the peaceful part, the partial part but then ever give you this. They said when a man
kill, when a man kill, if anyone killed woman,
it’s like he destroyed, kill the world. Well, have you read the rest of it? Except the Jews and the Christians. This is only for the Muslims. So when they’re saying this, they are specifically
to deceive the culture. But the Jews deceived and Allah deceived. The Christian deceived but Allah is the grace of this deceiver. That is his name, the great deceiver. Unveiling Islamic extremism in America. Today, they are no longer
outside of our wall. They’re inside our state. Mountain of government. Let me take you to the government. In 2007, there was a trial in Texas called the Holy Land Foundation trial. If you don’t know what it
is, put your hand up in air. Okay, we’re in trouble. So this is one day found an Imam, his name is Ibrahim Obrosi. Ibrahim Obrosi, him and his wife, they were on on a bridge, Maryland bridge between Virginia and Maryland
and it was not West Virginia and so what happened is
they were going, driving, him his wife step out of the car and they were taking film of
the bridge infrastructure. So two policemen, off-duty
called their plates and they found out that they
are wanted in terrorism. They arrested them. And when they went to their
house to check their house, they found a sub-basement
in their basement, in a sub-basement was
dug by hand they found the Islamic manifesto, how are they gonna destroy
the American civilization. And the teaching of that manifesto, it says we’re gonna destroy this nation by the American people,
by the American people and the help of the Muslims. So therefore they’re gonna
let us destroy our own nation. That’s how deceiving they are. So therefore, upon Obama
taken the his presidency, they moved, Obama allowed CAIR, Council American Islamic Relations, ISNA, Islamic Society of North
America to move into FBI national security homeland and CIA and to remove over a thousand curriculum which is how judge Islam and
how they captured terrorism. Today, they have changed
all the philosophy and now, instead of American
training these people, guess who are training these people? The Muslim Brotherhood. Mountain of Education. Today, mountain of media, I’m sorry. Today, our mountain of
media is bought by price. Who is sitting on a top of mountain? A prince, his name Talal Ben Abdul Aziz and Abu Sufian Bin Al Saud. His part owner of ABC,
NBC, CBS, CNN, PBS, MSNBC, Twitter, Forbes and many others. Four Season, Mover Plex, Euro
Disney, News Corp, News Corp, Apple, Twitter, HP and many others. Why is he controlling this? Because if he control the media,
he can control the nation. This is the second part. This is the mountain of Education. So they came to understand that the only way that can destroy America is to go instead of heading
America with airplanes, they go to the education system. So what happened is they understood, the best place that destroy education is to go to universities. So now, they go into the universities and they’re offering big
sums of money instead of, every university when they are Ivy League, they have to apply for
what so called Chapter 11 so they can get a few million dollars so they can write public book schools. But the prince, the same. I will give you this finances and he’s offering from $12
million to $25 million a year. But here’s the secret. You have to open an Islamic
center and that Islamic center will write the curriculum
so all you have to do, we’ll give it to you and
you’ll publish it for us. So you don’t have to
do anything about this. So what is the Islamic center? It’s Sharia law court
in our American schools. They have established Sharia
law court in our nation. But then what they realize
that the American students are converting to Islam and now, they take in socialism,
Marxism, Islamism, fascism, they’re going like why wait? Let’s go after the student,
the young children. So they went after the
big houses, media houses and they went after what so
called Penguin Random House. Penguin Random House,
this is what they created. It came from two-part. One of them called Pearson and
the second one is right here, it’s called Random House. They join those together
and they established Penguin Random House and this
is how much money they have. And why they established is
specifically to establish the American common core
and put Islamization in the common core. This is the first big house to write. The second one is called McGraw-Hill and the last one is Houghton Mifflin. And all of them today, they
are writing Islamic books and infiltrating our civilization and who is sitting on this common core? We’ll talk about it further. I’m trying to raise myself, sorry. Mountain of education. So let’s skip this because
I talked about this some, but this is what they are
teaching our children. Christian and Muslim worship the same God. (imitates buzzer) It’s not true. Islam teaches equality. (imitates buzzer) It’s does not. Islam emphasized fairness
and justice the human affair to all believers. Yes, by the sword. Islam is tolerant and embrace Jews and Christian belief and practices. That is not true. Mohammed and Jesus were,
both of them prophet. They never have any
interaction with with God so therefore, if Jesus said
he is son of God, it’s a lie. So they are converting our children to what the new god is
all about, universalism. And Allah is the only god to worship. That’s what they’re teach in our children. Sharia law is good for women
and gives them equal right. Yes. Over 50,000 women lost their head in that fairness last year. Islam is peaceful religion. It is not peaceful religion. Mohammed was a good man and
brought people together, protected the women and the children. Yes, after they killed their husband, he took their wives as concubine and sold the rest as slaves. We got to talk about the truth. Why we need to talk about the truth? Because we owe it to this
nation, we owe it to the sons. That’s what my citizenship and that’s how I activated my citizenship, by telling the truth and what I came to do and this is what I’m doing today. I wash your feet with the truth and now, we got to give it to everybody else. Matter of education. (attendees applauding) Gulen. Gulen, his name is Fethullah Gulen. What is Gulen mean? It means the beast. He is coming to America and
his opening Islamic schools and he opened over charter school, specifically, they are
charter school to teach everything that America
is failing for for free. Give me your children, I will
change your children for you. And what is it? They bring in all Turkish
professors and what so have you and they are increasing all over, they’re all over United States of America including your states right here. And these, you pay $150 million each state to equip charter school. Common core. What is common core? Common core is an education
for the New World Order. It’s to universalize the whole world. And when we see who is sitting on this, it’s the Bush’s the Romneys,
the the Microsoft people, the Gates and also, the
Clintons are sitting on it. the sons of Qaddafi are sitting on it. All of them in unholy alliances together. The Kuwaiti, the Saudis,
and the Bahrainis. All of them working together
to change the American course little by little that our
children wake up someday and America will never be the same again because the church evacuated the place and now, hell is loose
on Earth, in America. I’m not gonna talk a lot about this. This is mountain of military. Today our military is
sequestered and brought down to 1/3 and they are taking this money and the investment in Islamisizing Europe and the United States of America. And the same money that
they taken from here. They’re opening mosque, Islamic
school in Islamic centers all over the Western civilization. They are financed by your tax dollars. That’s what you’re paying for. They are removed 45% of Christian
presence in the military specifically leadership. And now, they brought it down to 1/3 that our country is not
able to fight the good war. Our machines are falling apart and we are investing in
Islamic civilization. Sharia. Sharia. In America, the Word of God says render unto Caesar what are Caesar’s and render to God what is, why is that? Because this nation
was built by the people for the people of the people so therefore, we are the Caesar of the nation. And when the Caesars give
their nation away, what happen? The nation is given. US Court. Today, we have over 80 cases in our court. All of them are Sharia cases. 50%, I mean 50 cases,
they are Sharia cases and they are infiltrating our court to establish what’s
called Roe versus Wade. All of it and now, they
have established 50 cases. And this election is the
most important election in the history of the United
States of America, and why? Because it changes, our
culture will be changed. Last but not least, the health care. The health care is
Obama, penalized America now, an exempted Islam. The Muslim are exempted from using this because it is called the dhimmi status. It’s on page 107 in Obamacare
which is called the dhimmitude which is subjugating America to Islam and he put it over there. And a lot of people do not know what it is but when I read it, I’m going
I know what’s dhimmitude is when you make the nation
sons and daughter as slave. And this is what’s happening. When we use Dawa, when the
Muslim use Dawa, it is powerful. Oh, welcome, Muslim. But when we ask about Islam,
it’s hate crime, it’s racism, Islamophobia and bigotry. This is what’s declared in Islam. This is what the Quran said. And if this is mentioned in our teaching, they will put Christianity
on ice forever and ever. The Quran said the Jews and the Christians are beasts, apes, pigs, asses, animals, losers. That’s exactly what Hillary
said to the American Christians. They’re irredeemable. They are bad people, they are not worthy, they are not American. They are painting all these
people exactly what Islam said and if you read all this and I want you to leave it right there and we’re gonna end right here
but this is what’s happening. If we allow this, this is
what will be subjugated to. Why? Because once we allow
Sharia, then what happen? We have to abide by Sharia. And when Sharia is allowed, it will be part of our
American Constitution and will be dynamite that set in our constitution to destroy it. Sharia law, it is the modern day cancer to destroy our world from the inside and it has been permitted
by our current government and by our President Barack Hussein Obama and by Hillary Clinton under him. Today, if we don’t vote, we will vote. If we don’t talk, we will talk. If we don’t get up out of our
seat and make the difference, we have made the difference and
God will hold us accountable to everything that we disallowed. We don’t make decision to the world but we allow the world to
make decision for itself when we tell them the truth. So speak the truth and
make it plain and now, the world will be judged and
when the judgment come about, it will not come over you
but it come over the world. We have to speak and it
choose a man from among you and let him stand on the wall and when he sees the enemy
come about and he warned them, then if they wake up, then they are safe, but if they don’t, then
their blood is on their head. But if he doesn’t warn them, then their blood is on his head. Thank you so much for having me. (attendees applauding) (light mellow music)

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