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  1. I have yet to talk with any Democrat and/or 'leftie' who can actually define what exactly Socialism is. They really do not know any more than they can actually define Capitalism or free markets. They think Socialism is Bernie Sanders' BS "democratic socialism" which is a made-up term as there is no such animal historically or in political science definitions. Free college or healthcare, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, SNAP, Section 8 housing, none of this means a country is Socialist. These are welfare programs paid for by Capitalist market-based economies. It would be more aptly be called "Welfarism." Denmark and the other Sanders-touted Scandinavian countries are more 'Capitalist' than the US. Their middle-class taxes are extremely high to pay for their welfarism. But, all of their corporate taxes are far far below ours. We have had for decades the highest in the world by far at 35% not counting the state corporate taxes until Trump lowered them to 21% in 2018 and still not counting state taxes that run between 2% to 9% depending on the state. The state average is 4.7% so the real corporate tax rate is still 25.7%. Denmark's is 20% and that's it. The low business taxes there are funneled back into businesses that make more jobs and gives them the money to pay their middle-class citizens much higher paychecks than in the US and the high taxes are easier to bear as they still have more disposable income at the end of the year, and…their healthcare, education, etc. are now paid for. But…this is still NOT Socialism. It is not "…the government having ownership and control over the means of production" which when extrapolated from this description means ownership of EVERYTHING, and control over everything even citizens' rights of any kind. Again, the vast majority of these far-left Democrats especially Millennials, have no idea at all what they are thinking or talking about concerning Socialism or any other socio/economic/political system but especially Socialism. The fact is, even if they got their way they would not know what their futures will look like as this brutal authoritarian system turns around and bites them hard on their collective asses and comes down on them just as badly as on their supposed freedom-loving enemies who they are seeking to defeat…us. If they succeed, they are in for a very rude dark awakening far beyond their absurd wokeness.

  2. Trump Jr talks waaaaaaay to much!!! Dave has tried 5 times to ask, “so why hasn’t your dad done anything about Silicon Valley censoring conservatives?”

  3. The best part of this conversation comes half way in. This is why we voted Trump in. He told NATO countries to pay up.. he told Boeing to sell us Air Force One for less.. no one does these things EXCEPT Trump!!

  4. They have already banned ton's of us off of r/news, r/politics, r/worldnews that are conservative voiced. Reddit is spinning up hardcore to try and subvert this upcoming election.

  5. Just checked Instagram out of curiosity. After only typing Donal, the first three accounts to show up were Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr, and Donald Glover……

  6. Really Impressed with Don Jr in This interview. He really opens up in a way I've never seen before. I find myself thinking that he's the type of guy I could have a couple beers and talk all night about this shit and much more. I was surprised to find that I agree with a lot of His points of view… I've said much of this myself before.

  7. How do they coordinate it? They're of the same mindset. No conspiracy of getting together in a room. Well, except for the newsroom.

  8. I'm confused, Saturday Night Live led me to believe that Don, Jr. is a corrupt idiot….. huh, weird that the storylines that the leftist media keeps touting keep proving to be objectively false.

  9. I’m glad I listened to this! I LIKE Donald Trump Jr! He seems like a real good man, up front, not delving out BS like so many professional “do nothing” politicians. I’ll read his book.

  10. a. don jr can't speak at all, he trips over himself constantly and fails to make coherent points at all
    b. may as well just call this the strawman report because thats all they do

  11. Hey there Dave, I love listening to you , but you started all these problems. You fought for gay marriage. You dont make kids and that is what marriage is all about. Legally protecting children. You started this slippery hill that we are falling down. So I don't take you seriously when you complain about the results of your misguided fight

  12. Blackface is only blackface when a little boy wears it to school as part of a costume honoring Martin Luther King, not when a liberal woman wears it to look like some random black woman.

  13. As if Don Jr even wrote the book. He is barely literate like Don Sr. I'm sure there was a ghostwriter involved. He just needs to stay in his own lane and shut up. He has nothing important to say and hasn't achieved anything on his own other than work for his father.

  14. When he talked about all the crucial stuff sitting on Pelosi's desk for months that would make 100s of thousands of people's lives better, but she won't bring them to vote because it would be another win for Trump…
    I legit wanted to cry. Honestly. The Dems' TDS has them so infected, that our nation is suffering more than normal. That IS NOT OK

  15. Why would you give this guy a platform? You're no longer in the middle, Dave. The comments section speaks for itself (and you). And no, I'm definitely not left-wing and I also find SJWs and woke culture disgusting. DTJ is a criminal and complete puppet of his father.

  16. Donald Trump Sr. 2016-2024 presidency.
    Donald Trump Jr. 2024-2032 presidency.
    Barron Trump 2032-2040 presidency.

    Let's make it so.

  17. I believe that Adam Schiff is an actual clinical psychotic. He shows all of the signs of being a psychopath. Does he have bodies buried in his basement? I'm not sure but, he is not right in the head. Schiff is probably a dangerous psychopath who needs to be watched closely by law enforcement. This freak is one fucked up person.

  18. You paid to promote your book, YOU PAID TO BE THERE. Moron. And they owned him over all his LIES. His girlfriend bodyguard has bigger balls. 🙄

  19. Brilliant interview 👍🇬🇧 Every Democrat voter should be made to watch this. Need more conservatives like this who are willing to fight back.

  20. Yes that pin tweet of President Trump view over last 30 yrs is absolutely priceless. Loving this interview Dave! As a legal migrant from Africa to UK who fled dictatorships and hunger of Idi Amin. I get the Czech communist reality too. The West is had it good and the socialist pandering is Cloud coo coo Land!!!

  21. Why is it that some people seem to think that if a criminal is running for office, that they should be protected from any kind of investigation, or even of people talking to others about possible investigations, as if a president is not supposed to be about the business of law and order and going against corruption? I didn't know that running for public office was supposed to be a cloak that protects people so they can not be found out about their high crimes and misdemeanors. I don't think it's supposed to work that way. That would be another open door to criminals, right? I think we have enough of them in Washington already.

  22. I am german and i was ashamed to find out we were not doing our part. I was with trump on that one 100%. "German outrage" was a fabrication. Noone of my friends in conversation was mentioning this even.

  23. Yeah it really sucks how the media treats these guys and the way the view went after him the other day. Sucks that people can't sit down and talk like this anymore.

  24. Last century and more the Republican party was the progressive party: Abolishing slavery, Right to vote for all adult Americans, Civil Rights, etc. Once the big R's were taken care of the Republicans stepped back to preserving those gains and the Democrats stepped forward to claim the progressive agenda. But now they have run into the wall of progressivism. What is happening is that the Left-most Democrats are bouncing off that wall. The bouncing is regression. Regression in the form of identity politics, in the form of blatant political lies, in the form of anti American activities, corruption, abuse and violence. Once the far Left hit the wall at the limit of actual progress the only direction for them to go in their urge to do battle is regressionism.

  25. Jr. is such a darned likeable guy. Props to him, such an articulate and down to earth man. Dave Rubin is the real deal too.

  26. I appreciate President Trump
    His courage to come to America's rescue is legendary

  27. Dave, you are AWESOME!!! Keep staying in the fray baby!! Bless you and your husband. I pray for your whole family 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

  28. Although I'm not a huge fan of Trump, his children honestly have always impressed me. Trump does seem like a great dad who raised good kids. That is commendable.

  29. Thanks Dave for another great interview. I tried watching this live and couldn’t stomach it. I so appreciate your show and interview style, in that it allows me to watch what otherwise would be unwatchable.

  30. Excellent interview, Dave! 💙👍👏
    Keep going despite the haters. You're on the right side of history. All the best! 💙🇺🇸✌

  31. as a trump supporter yeah bring your pitchforks etc id really like someone to ask trump jr what is with the memes gifs etc where kids ignore him and accepts candy from his wife maybe your mom idk never thought about it till now but there are times she refused to accept his hand and maybe sometimes she thinks he is an asshole

    yes could be she is mad etc which ive witnessed in a marriage etc and probably insignificant but im just curious what his response is to that

    bc its so insignificant no one addresses it and i have no arguments for it other than its taken out of context or parents etc brainwashed them


  33. i love how the left and the right are so extreme to the point its like two warring cults. extremists with an agenda are definitely one of our biggest if not the biggest problem in america right now and the government is farming them. my message to you; ya'll are going way too deep… right off the edges off our flat earth….

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