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  1. Hello there, my friends. Okay, I wanna cut to the chase and say something important, what's been going on lately with me.
    Nothing wrong with me, you know, just something bad happened to my computer, specifically – video card. It's not working anymore. And when I bought this video card back in a days, it was pretty expensive, so shame that it has to die. Now I'm struggling with integrated graphics processor, If you don't know what this is, you can look it up in google. Basically, it's just a "temporary" video card that is not good enough for even to watch something. That goes with Sony Vegas. I rarely had moments when my Sony Vegas couldn't work normal, with no bumps, crushings, but now it's so often and I'm never going to give up even with these sort of things. I love what I'm doing and if it's trying to stop me by "crushing" all the time, then shall it be. But it's getting really uncomfortable.
    Hope someone will understand what I mean. Of course I'm trying to save up some money, looking for a job (for months now) and it's not nearly enough to buy a proper video card. If you could help me in any way possible, I would be so much appreciative and grateful. Love.


  3. Im not suprised anymore i cant remember when you did just a decent job. this one was fantastic as always. sorry to hear about your computer. i know how exspensiv it can be

  4. Спасибо, вдохновил.
    Ты даже с поломанамым компьютером, смог сделать шедевр. Я думаю ты бы смог и на каминтоше сделать видео. God Bless you my friend.

    0:28 – шедевр.

  5. You… You included one of the web episodes? I loved The Oath but I always felt like I'm the only one who watched them. Wow. Thank you for that.

    And also great video as always. I love how you choose scenes from all the seasons and connect them somehow. That's just great! 😀

  6. I stopped everything that I was doing to watch this video and yet again, I wasn't disappointed! You are truly talented! How jealous I am! XD

  7. So beautiful… great music selection… brought tears to my eyes. Just perfect! All the best to you in getting your equipment situated. Keep the faith… your struggle will end soon and you will find work again. I have been there many times and know how trying it can be. You are an AMAZING talent!

  8. And Again aKolkaa coming with new video!! This was purely amazing, I've loved the ending when it just throwbacks to beggining of TWD when Rick is talking about his coma and ''waking up'' at the top of the car/van ! Amazing job, great voiceovers and music choice!

  9. Look how far this show has come, it's been such a long journey and I don't think we're anywhere near the end just yet. Beautiful as always! 🙂

  10. Man I probably comment all your vids, trust me what you're doing there, it's DOPE, tell me, where have you learned all this?

  11. this was good video but what I am saying thatwe have been thought a lot like maggie sad but we have surrvied we have lost some that we miss sorry if you died.but we surrvive

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