it doesn’t even work it doesn’t even work c’mon it went in my face hello everybody it’s Kayla and Tyler from We Are The Davises we’re going to be doing the worst present ever challenge so basically how this challenge works is that we each have presents for each other and who ever gives the worst present wins so let’s get started okay I’m going to go first there you go starting with the big it doesn’t smell bad so that’s good you know how your dog always rip up your toys I still love him I decided to do it for you so his name get’s to be Billy Billy the headless teddy I’m going to give you the pretty one first just because I have prettier rapping paper what’s this I know how much you love candy but bit it’s just so good I couldn’t hold myself is this actually like a candy did you actually eat it yes why the heck would you do this to me says it was good and I said I was sorry need to let go want candy I let go to rip my teddy bears head off thank for the thoughtful gift but I’m going to return it in one piece I don’t think you’ll return it whatever you want why would you eat them whatever open this you’ll like this I know you love the baby food challnge so much so gave you some more baby food I didn’t even see a baby food in there she’s a baby I can’t oh I did yea I’m not eating that just kidding just kidding okay put this in a safe place your welcome pull back I had to try it before I give it to you I had to make sure that it was good quality donut and it’s good so you can have it now okay dang it I was going to do that that’s probably the best present I got I think mine was the worst because you know I got a donut here is your present okay I got oh yea and by the way I took all the good one’s out so have fun no more blue ones oh there’s two I ate all the green ones okay so keep your bag okay next smallest actually these bags okay there you go happy birthday dude thank you okay so I know how much you love bacon so now you can start off every morning with it yea bacon toothpaste I wonder if it’s red oh no it’s white it smells like bacon no I don’t want to smell it I’m good no seriously it smells like real bacon I know but I don’t like the smell of bacon what I win no I think I won that bean bussle c’mon I ate all the good ones but bacon toothpaste stinks rock paper scissors I win hey okay I’ll find you one win by default okay oh wait you get to give presents I’m still wearing my bib where’s the oh they’re like all there now let’s open up it’s heavy so I really hate oh my gosh it’s unicorn poopery and that’s like a spray for you nasty but and I don’t want to smell you anymore in the bathroom so I got that for you it doesn’t work I see what no they can’t be sealed it doesn’t even work it doesn’t even work c’mon that in my face wow there’s your unicorn poopery smells like citrus it’s good I mean not good because I mean it’s good okay anyways let’s do this one don’t be mad I’m sorry legos wait it’s your old set I know how much you like legos so so to save money I broke one of your old sets and now you can rebuild it I don’t have the instructions this is my monster truck that she destroyed sorry I didn’t think about the instructions part you can come up with your own creations now no like a giant bicycle I win Kayla won that I’m aweful at this game okay give me a present that’s not where the presents are you won’t like this one is it Harley hair oh yea you know how I shave Harley’s butt yea it’s Harley’s butt hair yea there you go you’re holding Harley’s butt I’m holding a ribbon bootie hair it’s not that bad so those of you that don’t know who harley is Harley is my puppy one of them and that’s his booty part of it okay your turn okay I know what to do or is it it’s like meat oh sorry I couldn’t find Swedish fish I know how much you love Swedish fish but I couldn’t find it so I got you a real fish I my gosh he’s touching it I didn’t think he’d open it is it as good oh my gosh don’t yea I win what was my don’t put it with teddy I’m sorry I think you won that right because I don’t want a rotting fish I forgot what you got me I gave you Harley butt oh yea I don’t really care I live with him and touch is butt all the time his butt prepare yourself let’s do this why is it smell I know that you like making you know slime but I gave it a secret ingredient so give it a little twist it smells bad yea you want to know what it is yes it’s garlic and onion it’s not that bad I wondering where this slime went I was looking for it so I could bring it to school I’m not touching that anymore oh no I fell out of the paper now I have to hold it yea Tyler hold it my old slime put a bullet put it back get let me put you have one more present no no I know how much you loved those gum balls on the spicy versus sweet challenge so I got you some more don’t okay he did it milk milk eat some baby food oh my gosh eww did it help it it doesn’t look like it’s helping these are the death balls and I think I won that round yea I definitely won that round how come you bought all the bad ones okay so that’s all the presents that we got each other I think that I gave the worst presents my favorite present that I got was the unicorn poop spray my favorite present was the donut so I still think I gave the worst presents yea you did I stunk but that was the end of the video we hope you guys enjoyed it like subscribe share this with your friends and family until next time bye

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