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All right, I legit have zero notes for
this so I’m flying by the seat of my pants. And for the first time in a few
weeks I’m actually wearing pants and not like pajamas pants when I’m filming this
video so I’m a little discombobulated because it’s been like two weeks since
I’ve actually filmed. So, good times! Hey everyone is Therese and welcome back
to my channel! Today’s video is gonna be a currently reading. And I haven’t done a
currently reading in like a hot minute. I think the last one I did was in December?
No, not even that, I think it was like when I read You in October? November?
But today’s currently reading is gonna be on The Priory of the Orange Tree by
Samantha Shannon and as you can tell she’s chunky. I’m only like 25% of the
way through there have been a lot of mishaps along the way so let’s just kind
of get into it. Also I wanted to thank you guys for being patient I’ve been
absent for the past two weeks, it’s been a weird mix of being burnt out and then
being sick so I took some time off to myself and while that did kind of screw
up the plans that I had for February in terms of videos, I feel a lot more
refreshed and physically healthier so thank you guys for being patient and
waiting for me to catch up. I’ll probably be adjusting my posting schedule every
now and again just so I do have like a week or something where I just don’t
post or have one video just to keep me from getting burnt out and then getting
sick because I’m burnt out so I really do appreciate the patience and then the
support from all you guys telling me to feel better and coming to my videos when I was done, or my vlog when I uploaded that so thank you very much. If
you guys are new to my channel my currently reading series is not
something that I write reviews on it is not like you guys will literally not
get a rating from me, it’s just kind of me explaining my thoughts as I am quite
literally in the middle of reading the book. I will have more in depth thoughts on
this book come my wrap-up and my review but this is just something I like to do
to kind of document my thoughts as I’m reading and sometimes people like to
know like what people are thinking in the middle of the book and not so much
toward the end. I do typically try to keep these pretty
spoiler free unless I’m talking about a middle of the series in which case it’s
not. Since Priory of the Orange Tree is a standalone it’ll be fairly spoiler
free so let’s get into the video. But for those of us who don’t know Priory Orange
Tree is a high fantasy adult novel. It basically is about dragons and
there’s a multiple POV situation, I believe, it involves basically every part
of this world which is the east, north south, and west. As of right now I’ve only
seen East and West and one side is the west side which kind of abhors dragons
they are not a fan of them and they have this big baddie named the “Nameless One”
who they kind of have to keep at bay with their queen/saint. Now, on the
other side the east is a bit more as you can tell eastern inspired the names are
definitely a bit more of Asian in representation and here they ride
dragons and they kind of have a respect for them but I’m where I’m at at the
book there’s still a bit of that fear for them as I can tell so far I believe
so. That’s basically this enough as I can give you without going too much into
detail; like I said in the beginning I’m only 25% of the way through this
book so there’s really not a lot for me to say. I’ve met most of the main players
as is. Let’s just get into things I’m gonna start off things with things that
I’m really digging so far. I think the biggest surprise to me, since this is a
high fantasy adult… it’s an adult high fantasy, I was expecting very like
flowery, very like poetic prose, very over-the-top as tends to happen when you
read a high fantasy adult novel. This reads a little bit… not YA, but
definitely a bit more on the New Adult side. It’s a very accessible kind of book
I find myself really getting invested really fast, the chapters are a fair… like
they’re nice like short to middle kind of length so it’s very easy to get
through and the characters while there’s a lot — which I will get into later — once
you get a feel for the characters you start to distinguish between who is who
and what is what and it’s very easy to work my way around once I get
used to everything. Like I said it’s really accessible like the words aren’t
that big at all… I mean the words aren’t that small at all actually. It’s very
it’s like I says an accessible high fantasy adult novel which I was very
surprised with I was thinking that by the size alone that it would
be something like Queens of Innis Lear where like the words are kind of tiny,
the passages are long, flowery, sometimes a little too overly descriptive but I
really like how this reads I think if I had to categorize it
it doesn’t read adult, it definitely reads a bit more New Adult with a lot of adult
twists which as a writer who’s trying to be an adult writer and not so much more
Ya this definitely gives me hope. Because I like this kind of concept of
making adult fantasies a little bit more accessible. Moving on, I like that there’s
a lot of intrigue I am on chapter 22 and about 200 pages in and there’s still a
lot of mystery and a lot of like kind of questions that we have about what’s
going on. So far it’s a lot of world-building right now, we’re seeing
the world really piece itself together and figure out what is happening and
like what the stakes are essentially and sometimes it feels like the stakes
aren’t that big and then you start to meet the antagonist which is like the
big “Nameless One” dragon and you see that there’s a lot more at stake and
a lot more of things they have to really kind of get down and dirty and work on.
So I really enjoyed that. I actually am digging the large cast of
characters, I think that we have a large cast there’s a lot of side characters
but we have the main cast of characters that we have currently are also very
interesting they are literally at different points of the world but you
can see how they all kind of start to connect and interweave and see the point
of everything that’s going on. So I’m really digging that. Because everyone had
characterized this as like basically dragons and gay; it’s a queer book I’m
seeing a lot of like the LGBT rep already we have a character that has
been stated that like overtly on the page that he has a male lover so I’m
really digging that we got to see that. And it’s like one of those things
where it’s like… I don’t say subtly queer because I feel like that’s still
kind of.. It’s not overt. It’s a tender queer I guess is the best way to say it.
Which is like I said it’s something that I really want to read more over
characters for just gay and we get to see that and we get to see more of the
world without having to navigate through like coming out and all of that stuff so
I’m enjoying it and we’re already seeing bits of… Sherman? Sherman! Hi, can you not
play with that, sweetie? Thank you! We’re already seeing bits of the lesbian long
game as I like to say which like if you guys are part of the meme culture you
know that like in the lesbian culture you don’t really go up to a girl and
flirt you just kind of stare at her from afar and hope that like you guys get
married through your longing stares; so there’s already been bits of that and I
really enjoyed it. I really like the characters I think that they all stand
on their own pretty well they have pretty definitive personality traits,
separate kind of goals. Once you get in the groove of the book, learning who is
who in terms of the main cast is pretty easy. Now, moving on to things I’m not a
fan of at the current moment: I am 200 pages in this book and I still don’t
understand why certain people don’t like dragons and why people do like dragons
and kind of what the point of the Nameless One is. We know that he’s a
really bad dragon and that he caused a lot of damage and the West has a kind of
a fear and hatred for Dragons which is why their queen/saint saying has to bear
a child to kind of keep The Nameless One at bay, which isn’t much
of a spoiler because you do learn about that pretty quickly in the book so I’m
not so afraid about telling you guys that.
But then the east, we have Dragon Riders and I really I just don’t understand
what the difference is as well as the different breeds of dragons because when
I was going into this, I thought there was only gonna be the two which is
like the four legged dragons with wings that we all know about and then the
wyverns which is the ones who are kind of snake-like with like just forearms
but there are apparently a lot more dragons and I don’t understand the point
of introducing all these different breeds of dragons if they’re not going
to play a big role or what their role is or why certain dragons are abhorred and
feared and who the minions are it’s just a lot of weird things that I’m like
trying to piece the but I’m still really confused about. I’m
also not a fan of the amount of places in this book. It is an epic high fantasy
book it’s definitely a lot of places and there’s a lot of like there’s a big
amount for… I think there’s two maps actually… There are two maps! But it’s
like there’s just a lot of names thrown around and sometimes we don’t really
understand the names we don’t know where they’re coming from so it’s just like as
much as I would love to keep referring to the glossary and the map I would just
like to read the book tbh. Like, I love me a good map and I love being able to refer
to maps but sometimes especially in a book like this I just want to be able to
read through and kind of put the world together on my own but since it’s such a
large world, we have so many different places and sometimes they don’t play a
big role or they won’t be coming in until way later so I’m just sitting here
like “You literally dropped this one place that I cannot pronounce, very well —
at all — several times but we don’t know where it
is.” I also feel like the pronunciations are kind of difficult to say the least.
There’s like a glossary, and a timeline, and something else, I think like a family
tree but no pronunciation guide and I’m sitting here like this is a high fantasy
Samantha I feel like it kind of just squished some words together and called
it done which is fine but I can barely pronounce my own name on a good day so
being able to pronounce like Trudye zee [unintelligible] is not gonna happen and I also
don’t like the fact that sometimes we repeat last names over and over again.
Like you know I only need to hear at once I don’t need to hear it every time
this character is introduced. So it’s just a little frustrating on that end.
And kind of going along with the names we have a lot of minor characters which
isn’t bad I love having a full cast, I loved seeing all this but there’s a bit
in the book where we hear about a king that we haven’t really heard about yet
and his name is really really really similar to the… one of the main
characters’ of lover’s names and it’s just it’s a large cast of characters lots of
names are being thrown around every like chapter I really don’t need names that
are similar sounding or spelled similarly to the others it’s just a lot of confusion. And if my skills as a writer are
correct, this is the Chekhov’s gun situation and we will see these
characters pop up more or else there’d be no point in mentioning them so it’s
just like why are you gonna confuse me in such a manner by having them sound so
similar. I don’t I don’t need it! I… I confuse myself on a daily basis I don’t
need books to do it for me. And especially, I like the glossary and I
think it’s fun and it’s great, I kind of don’t check it very often. Not because I
think it’s useless but it’s like when you’re in the groove of the book and you
see new names I don’t have the patience to go back and double-check glossary to
see who belongs to who I know that it’s helpful and it assists people, and I’m sure
some people are able to do it but sometimes when there’s a lot of
information I would like to be able to just to piece everything together and
then maybe go back and double-check. But sometimes it’s like I don’t know where
you belong, I can’t pronounce your name and I just you have been mentioned so
many times I know you’re important but I just I don’t know you are. But yeah
that’s basically all my thoughts for this book and I’m only like 237 pages in.
This is a read-along for me with my friend Sarah from stringbean books and
we have had the same issues so I’m not alone in this. But aside from the issues
that I have had, I am really enjoying this book so far. I like the writing I
like that it’s really accessible sometimes I feel like adult high fantasy
books can be really niche and if you don’t like a certain writing style you
probably won’t get into the genre very well. Especially since they’re really
thick and like if the writing style doesn’t fit with you then there’s no point in
your reading a thick ass book and then not enjoying it. So I really like this is
accessible and I want more adult high fantasy to start doing this kind of stuff
just because I feel like when you think of adult high fantasy you think of like
old white men who like to nerd out and play D&D and like all the stuff which
isn’t a bad thing but it really limits the amount of the
audience that you have and thus we’re losing a lot of potential books that
could have been really big bestsellers or really like the next Netflix series
or the next movie series because the writing is so
niche. So I really like this this is really accessible and really easy to get
through. It’s just there are a lot of names and like I know that there’s a
glossary and it’ll give it everything but it’s one of those things where I’m
like I’m just not gonna flip back every time I see a brand new name and like
spend maybe five ten minutes trying to figure out where you’re from and who you
who you’re loyal to only to have to go back to where I was and then trying to
get back in the groove of reading and then go back to glossary. But other than that, I
really am enjoying it I can’t wait to finish this book out. We’ll
probably finish this book in March. We’re 25% of the way through and it’s the end of February and we started in February. Actually, going by that logic probably
like April. But yeah I’m really enjoying it. But that is it for my current
thoughts on Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon. I just have a lot of
complaints because I’m like 25% of the way through and I can barely pronounce
like Patroclus at some points so you’re gonna give me names
that are spelled like Trudye, which I’ll show up here, and then like expand
her name so it’s [unintelligible babble] and I’m like I don’t… I just hear
gibberish in my head so but yeah. Have you guys read this book? Do you guys… do names get a little less confusing as we go along?
Cuz that’d be great. so just let me know that in the comments below and I will
update you guys with my thoughts. If you guys want to know more as I’m reading
this literally follow me on social media because I post about it, Goodreads is
also a good place and then my wrap-up will be coming up… when that happens I
don’t know but in the coming months it’ll be there. So until next time hit
like, subscribe, comment and I will talk to you guys literally everywhere else I
hope you guys are having a great week and yeah… Bye!

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  1. I really feel you on all the names, it really was sooooo confusing haha! Priory was a solid read though, but didn't blow me away

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