These Puppies Are the Perfect Present for the Holidays!

Here’s something
I want you to see. My dog, Wallis– Mrs. Wallis
Browning is what we named her. We call her Wally. There she is right there. She is getting so big. We got her when she
was just 12 weeks old. We rescued her from a great
place here in Studio City. It’s called Wagmor Pets. And when Furbo saw
that I adopted her, they wanted to get involved. So Furbo is committed to
keeping all dogs safe. I’m partnering with them
to help dogs all over the country find a loving home. Wagmor has a lot more pets
that need to be adopted. I’m going to show you some. It’s a segment– it’s
Furbo-sponsored today. It’s called Get These
Pets Right Meow. [MUSIC PLAYING] Here’s the first adoptable dog. This is Jeremy right here. He’s a two-year-old terrier mix. He’s nine pounds. Someone please go get him. Here’s another dog that
needs a loving home. This is Maggie. [AWWING] Two-year-old white terrier mix. She’s very shy. She doesn’t talk. [LAUGHTER] Here’s another dog that you
should get your paws on. Her name’s Jasmine. Come on. She’s a two-year-old black
long-haired chihuahua mix. Jasmine. Look at that. All right. And if you’re
looking for a pair, this is Gigi and
Toby right here. Gigi and Toby. Gigi is a
five-year-old Maltipoo. Toby’s a five-year-old
Yorkie mix. And they’ve been
rescued and they’ve kind of bonded with each other. So if anybody could
take them together. And they’re just friends. [LAUGHTER] I don’t know what that means. I don’t even know
what that means. All right. [APPLAUSE] If you can give any of
these dogs a good home, please go get them
from Wagmor Pets. Go to Ellentube to learn
more about adoptable dogs in your area. And we’ll be right back.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. I think adopting dogs is great but to advertise this at the time of year when most dogs are adopted, and to advertise them as β€œgifts” really upsets me. So many dogs are bought for Christmas as gifts and sent away to shelters because people don’t realise what a responsibility it is to keep them. I wish Ellen would’ve thought more responsibly at this rather than endorsing the whole β€œgive a living being as a gift” shtick

  2. Please change the title of this! Dogs are no Chrismas Gifts unless it’s thouroughly discussed beforehand. It’s a life-long commitment. I despice living beings being advertised as holiday gifts tbh.

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  4. I agree with everyone else, animals are not gifts, they're for LIFE. Too many animals are adopted this time of year, only to be rehomed or sent back to the shelter because people don't realize the responsibility that comes with adopting a pet.
    Yes advocating for adoption is great, but also let people know not to get a pet if they dont plan on keeping them their ENTIRE lives.

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