This Five Senses Meditation Will Bring You Back To Yourself

– Hey everyone. Melissa Carter here again, Associate
Director of Global Spiritual Life and Head of Mindfulness Education
and Programming, and here’s your one-minute mindful NYU meditation. This one is not gonna be for following along. I invite you to either take notes, listen
to the instructions, put your phone down and then do it. “Five four three two one” uses our senses.
It helps us bring us back into focus and presence. So here we go. Five.
Can you look around and identify five things with your sight? Four. Can you touch four things around you,
on your body, on the floor, on the wall? Three. Can you identify three sounds
that you hear going on around you? Two. Can you smell two different
smells around you? And the last one, can you taste one thing? This is a great tool to help bring you
back to the present moment, to bring you out of a state of overwhelm
to calm down using the senses of the body. As always, your practice is always available to you. Please use it whenever you need. Stay mindful everyone, and I’ll see
you next time. Bye!

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