Thoughts On Current Events and Vlogmas Day 2

bubble happy vlogmas day tool so I'm gonna be real honest with you guys right now I like to follow the news fair amount and today there was a mass shooting in San Bernardino California which is like 60 miles outside of Los Angeles but we drive through that to get to Big Bear and Julian's mom was actually driving through San Bernardino earlier today when it was happening and I don't know what country you're watching from but here in the United States guns and shootings have become like a really regular occurrence and it happened early this morning and today's Wednesday today is my video day for those of you that don't know I usually shoot edit and upload my videos all on Wednesday unless I've deemed it like a bigger project and then I spent some more time on it today I had several different ideas of videos that I wanted to post and usually on Wednesday morning I wake up and I flesh out which one of those I think would be the best to do that week and if I have enough material if it's a complete thought if I'd like to execute that a lot of different factors but mostly you know I spend the day on Wednesday really hashing out everything that I want to say and any shots if necessary shot lists you know whatever setting it up putting on makeup shooting it and then at night I'm usually editing and uploading but because the shooting happened around 11:00 11:30 in the morning a lot of my attention was getting delegated to that because it was really sad and I almost uploaded a very off-the-cuff rant just about all of my thoughts about everything that's going on in the world right now this is a very depressing place I am not usually like that on my main channel I try not to be because although my audience has skewed older in the past few years there's less teenagers and there's more people in their 20s which makes me very happy and feel very comfortable because it's essentially you know my peers or people similar in age to me where I don't have to be so guilt-ridden with the social responsibilities of never you know influencing so I never want someone to think a certain way about politics or something just because I said it so I tread very lightly on political topics unless it's just purely for the sake of making jokes which is why when I meet the Hillary Clinton video I made sure that none of it was really taking jabs with her personally you could substitute in any other politician into that video and it would still get the point across which the joke I thought was you know politicians are outrageously out of touch sometimes when trying to gain younger demographics votes which was what I thought was funny so that's why I made that video but I don't really like to disclose a lot of my political views because I don't think that it's my place and I'm happy that I did not post a video like that although I wasn't gonna disclose anything because I think that something like that is better suited on a channel like this or on the podcast and we've already shot a podcast for next week we talked about Sam pepper a little bit and some hypothetical situations within YouTube and that sort of thing for those of you that requested that oh it was we were gonna do it anyways so if you're into that stuff it's a more serious podcast we don't always do funny stuff sometimes it's serious stuff but that will be up on Monday and as I was sort of sitting with the news and watching the live stream you know it's in the back of my mind like hey Jenna you might want to sit down through a little notebook over there and start going through your ideas and flesh out which topics you think might work today and I just couldn't I could not and I think with Paris and with all the recent shootings in the United States is becoming all like really heavy for everybody and you know regardless of what side you're on about anything or any given topic I think the conclusion that most of us can come to is that we're exhausted of this we're tired of violence and people murdering each other and I think the only way that we can stop something like this is by hearing each other and talking to each other and having educated conversations where we can meet in the middle because I don't think that you know either extreme of any situation is a good thing I think we always need each other to balance each other out and that there's checks and balances within our government for that purpose to make sure that any solution that we're coming up with doesn't you know maybe strip people of their liberties but also is a good compromise for everyone to move forward progressively because nobody wants this everybody wants the same thing everybody wants to live happily without the fear of their school or work or church being shot up nobody wants that and it's difficult right now and I'm so sorry because this is literally like day to vlog minutes like I'm so excited about blog one day and my day was me watching the news and reading Twitter instead of writing what I had planned to be a funny video for today on my main channel and there's just times that I think when I can't bring myself to go make some jokes it's not worth it to me and I don't want to knock hosts a video but I don't want to post a video out of some knee-jerk reaction to how I feel about the situation I don't think that's good either so what I've decided to do for a main channel and you know I will record on bit because will try and be in light spirits the best that we can because you know in the face of all of this tragedy and things all you can do is hug your loved ones and move on with life and not let fear and anger dictate the moves that you make in the future so what I have decided and for those of you maybe that don't know I'm going to Minnesota tomorrow like 7:00 in the morning I'll be speaking at the University of Minnesota st. Paul and I really like having discussions at colleges and universities because particularly within schools it's an interesting time to have you know a lot of people of the same age that are a little bit older that have much different questions than younger kids – they want to know everything from being a creator on the internet or how they can start working on the Internet – politics – my thoughts on the YouTube community – my thoughts on my dogs and it's really interesting to hang out with young people and have a thought-provoking conversation for an hour however long I haven't packed I don't know what I'm wearing and also last night I did a mask on my face I was reading somewhere that olive oil and turmeric made a really nice face mask and I you know just took it upon myself to but on a fucking tumeric in there and turn my whole face orange and my nails so I do not recommend that unless you want to laugh pretty hard because I had to scrub my face to get that shit off and some of it's probably still in my hair up yeah that and I like I penciled in or like shadowed in my eyebrows because they looked orange fucking too in anyways though what I have decided for my video today and what I was trying to say before I went on the tangent was that for those of you that aren't at those College appearances one of the questions I get asked a lot is how do you come up with what you're gonna do on a particular week and I was like dude straight up if there's a week when I can't physically make a video where human beings as people that make youtube videos and sometimes you're sad or like they're sad things going on in the world family anything that's going on in your life travel all of these things that make your job to just make cool creative things come out of your brain really difficult I was like anytime that I'm gonna bind like a real bind I will upload a questions video or a challenge because challenges are fun I don't have to really strain my thoughts or my brain in order to make them and I will also do a challenge at a time maybe when I need a good laugh too because if you're sitting here making some stupid jokes about what a girl's hair means I'm not necessarily laughing at myself I would hope that it'd make you laugh but for like a challenge or something like that those videos sometimes double serve as picking my spirits up as well and it keeps things interesting for me it keeps me intrigued and making videos every single week by getting to do different things so for those of you that watch those videos and enjoy them for what they are I appreciate that because it's it also serves a purpose for me as well to keep my sanity together and today is one of those days I just it didn't feel right to be making any sort of video that was just not it's just not right and when Paris happened I had a difficult day that day as well as I think people around the world did and Tim delageteau came over that night and we had to shoot fuck marry kill and we were you know texting back and forth like you know should we shoot this I don't know are you okay like are we able to do this he was in the car for like an hour in traffic and we ultimately decided that you know since we had had a wrap-up of the evening everything had sort of wound out we had some answers we had some like understanding that this is what we're gonna have to sit with and we had sat with it for a little while we were able to get together and you know put on a brave face and make a happy video and at first I was like this feels wrong but after we did it and spending time with a friend and talking and laughing it's much better than sitting and ruminating in all of the negative things that are happening in the world so part of me today is like you know what fuck it I've uploaded every single day for five years I know there's gonna be a day when it is just too much for me to say I'm not uploading today sorry this is it like not uploading today just not doing it I don't quite feel at that point but it is you know something to think about as these things go on in the world is it insensitive to post a video is it you know I I just can't sit there and pretend like it's not bothering me like a you know business as usual it's not it's fucked up shit and I I think I'm going to acknowledge it in the beginning of my video that I am sitting with it and that I do feel it but the best thing that we can do together that I can do that you can do is just keep on going with your life try and work on a way to make the world better than when you came in it and we just can't sit and ruminate it we have to move forward we have to keep going but in a way that's not offensive I think if I saw someone's channel that was just like they didn't give a fuck I mean it kind of hurts you know us as people I says Young voting aged individuals like why don't you care you should care I want you to care why don't you care so I do care I care a lot and that's sort of what I was sitting with today and I will make a video and I will do my best to have some fun and accomplish my goal that I set out to do every week which is just like let's just let's just laugh let's just make some people laugh maybe hopefully brighten your day for a few minutes so that you can have an escape sometimes not a distraction I don't want that don't be distracted know what's going on in the world but maybe have an escape for five minutes or so from the heavy things going on in the world and I would like to fulfill that role today for those of you that do laugh at things like that and I would also like to you know not feel guilty about making something that doesn't seem right and that's what I want to do I think it serves multiple purposes throughout the day I've just come to the conclusion that this is what I can handle this is what I think people can handle it's just the best way that I can handle my video day on a tragic event like this and to hope that you're having an OK day and that all of your family members and loved ones are safe and happy and healthy and every day that they are you should be thankful and grateful because days like today just fucking suck and they suck I'll show you what we're gonna do in a little bit Cuba your hair looks so beautiful today you look like you're in like a very strange LL Bean catalog right now whoever was doing your hair for this photo shoot was fucking snatched and everybody else was like basic yeah you need some shoes to sell them wrong what's that called when you do that and you cuff them it's got like a pin tongue pin let me look I put it on my phone pin pin pants pin real cocky pin roll these are khaki pants with 10 draw focus on me oh my god are you having a good day oh I don't know she likes that peach did you like that I'm not sure but I like this Oh you look like you're smiling sometimes when you lay down well there's a pretty thing such a pretty girl I just kidding I love you I am in my closet I think this might be one of the only places I have never shot a video maybe someday I'll give you a closet or if you're interested in this is by far the biggest closet I've ever had and when we rented this place we always look for a house with as little carpet as possible because the dogs cannot be trusted and this is literally the only room in the house with carpet in it aside from Julian's we went to this place for like Wow's – oh my god we are doing the dress-up challenge which I think will be fun and exciting and happy and loosen up the spirits of today we need to pick out three outfits for each other so that's what I'm going to do right now I'm gonna pick up some shit for Julia there's no shoes in here they're actually in a cupboard out in the hall so I will go there after but it includes shoes even a thong I'm kidding I won't make it so I think I'm gonna do like one daytime outfit one like nighttime outfit maybe and then one like evening outfit so I think for daytime I found something I think those are lip balm on Julian and that they're gonna be very very tight this is it there's no et opt and Kermie Wow you guys can't come in no there's the one place you can't be my get my good man nice game all right I'm gonna show you what I'm working with right now I have like a day outfit casual dressy outfit and a dressy outfit this is kind of a struggle bus because I know whatever he puts on is gonna get ruined and stretched out but also like he might not even be able to get his body into so it's a little bit more difficult than I thought to pick out an outfit for him I'm gonna make him do so many is it bad that fucked up it's kind of fucked up isn't it I'm gonna make him win this this is day time was assuring that tank top and those leggings these are his to evening options I need to pick three but I think if he tries you know something I doesn't fit I need a backup so I'm picking like more than three but like in the same vein you ready for the third one so kawaii I caught peach earlier today chewing on this I haven't even worn it yeah and I'm really upset about a shirt he chewed one I'm gonna bring one more back up because I'm fucked up I'm going to Brennan she was like my favorite designer she's actually the one that was like doing that tumeric in olive oil mask and I was like I love that I didn't turn down my extremities orange but I love her she's a designer she actually made I'll show you her name is Alina Rama she actually made my dress for ya you can't even see that pale inside a pale bag she made that dress that peach one the pink one for the young Hollywood Awards I really like her I've also bought lots of other stuff from her so I want to bring him something else that I bought from her that I think might be able to fit this gigantic command body it's like Oh fella it's like pants and a turtleneck because I think you would look banging hot and like a onesie like really sexy fitted sweater deal I think I'm enjoying this too much alright I'm gonna go pick out some chairs all right boom done first pair of shoes for the daytime outfit and use these what Julian likes to call feet sweaters ah naughty come on so in this cabinet in the hallway is where I keep my shoes this is where all the pretty fun ones are if you couldn't tell my style is like pretty tacky like platform my cookery yeah anything that falls into that general motif this is gonna be tricky because his feet are much bigger than mine I want to pick shoes that he might be able to get his feet into without like ruining them or like hurting his feet because I want to watch him walk in them or try to alright my shoe choices have been made and for logistical purposes I've brought one extra pair just in case he can't physically get his feet in them and we'll have a backup pair ready it was be prepared for Julian's feet my feet sweaters with the day outfit hopefully since these are open in the front he'll be able to get his big giant feet in there for his one of his evening outfits I don't know about this is probably just feet sweaters because he's taller than me although I would usually wear that with heels and for his super kawaii outfit I really want him to try and wear these because look how fucking ridiculous those are I've only won these like a couple of times because it's very hard to make it outfit to go with all of this that company chic they make such like my style of shoes and they're cheap and funds they just look like you're going to the moon like the hooker moon if those don't work hopefully you can fit they have feet into these blue pumps I love these shoes too these are super cute I got you on the sales and now you is like seven years old money Wow BAM you too Julian have gone downstairs to set up a shot I am going to do my makeup really fast it's probably changed my clothes nice look like this eyelash won't let glass and I've decided that I'm just gonna cut my losses cuz I got all fucking day to fix yeah shit like poking me like my contacts already hurting my eyes like oh I know I've totally said this in the past but with whenever I go like this on my eyes I mean people can really see my eyeballs feel early oh my god if you're either like your pupils are huge I promise you that have been like that since I was a child when I went and got my ears pierced like in high school I went with my mom and the guy was like okay you're on any drugs or alcohol oh no and then he took me in a back room you go no really are you on any drugs alcohol like your pupils are enormous they just get mad big cuz they're trying to take in all the beauty in the world wait where are you going oh you came back we are sitting down to shoot my video right now and I'm excited for all the outfits I picked out for you Julie yeah we're having some technical difficulties pair us your own sometimes the are be along Yang's still not like Jojo got variant but yeah it should be fun it's gonna be a good time my hair line it's really green and my nails are still yellow don't use tumeric that's how you say right you are turmeric this is what happens you're like the only one that ever wants to come join me when I do stuff the boys difficult sit in their little spots there's fall asleep they don't want to hang on my little baby boy always done PTA fog me happy blogs PT I should I was taking a picture last night with it on my face yes yeah you saw it right it was just it looks like you know when people get like those acid peels or whatever on their face it looked like that except it's just olive oil and turmeric that's gonna work to me if I had an acid peel I'd have like boils all over my skin that shit I watched church of pay tosses vlog when she had her sign and she it was like peeling for like days that moment when you're just watching Trisha page houses vlogs because she keeps it so real and no one could ever possibly fucking hate on her that's how I feel all right you raise shit oh you don't mean to do that to you sorry that's one of my fucking friends love you asshole we just finished shooting and we had such a good time oh that was so much fun to watch Julianne wear heels out a couple tests who's really gonna fall I think I'm going to call it a night for this vlogmas sorry about the sad beginning hope that we ended the night on a happier note I'll see you guys tomorrow for day 3 of vlogmas and we will be traveling all day so it's gonna be super duper exciting so yes my happy vlogmas by never forget

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  1. so i live in San bernardino and i was not at school that day all the schools in my area were on lock down

  2. A day after my birthday there was a shooting in a school here in São Paulo. The school is not close to my house. I believe there were 10 people murdered by two guys of 17 and 25 years old. I'm am scared of how violent the world is getting, and even more scared of how our current president believes that even more guns will help. Is very distressing to see so many families lost in despair…
    I'm sorry if there is any error. I'm from Brazil.

  3. I don't like this one,. She said no political views or whatever and then she gives a Massive speech like?? This is an old one anyway, i doubt. Nvm

  4. YouTube is the only place where a girl was very mediocre looks can get so many compliments and grow such a big ego good for you girl it really made you show and shine like a princess I'm not a hater I'm very happy and impressed

  5. Your not going to see this now but think about it as your job. Bankers and accountants and grocery store clerks went to work. This is your job and you should “go to work” just like everyone else

  6. this is from almost three years ago too and gun violence is still a huge problem in the U.S even recently someone started shooting in a Waffle House I believe? its sad to even think about how much worse gun violence has gotten and the government are barely doing a thing to stop it completely, or to just set new laws for guns. And I know theres acts of gun violence all around the world but the rates for gun violence here is insane. We're not even halfway through 2018 and so many shootings even threats have happened its crazy.

  7. I turned around after I heard big bang and as I saw Julien I fcking wheezed thats a whole mood.

  8. I seriously wonder if people actually watch AND listen to you in your videos considering how many comments there are about your pupils yet you EXPLAINED IT IN THE VIDEO. Sorry. Lol it’s just annoying

  9. So like, I'm confused. Your pupils never look this big in your recent videos. If it was a condition, we would've seen it regularly. If you've supposedly never done drugs, that's cool and all, but the only time my pupils ever get this big is when I'm high as a kite on amphetamines. Your behaviour here is also indicative of some type of substance. Girl I don't give a fuck if you dabbled in some shit, but don't lie to us.

  10. If you guys want to hear an EXTREMELY beautiful song dedicated to this tragedy look up: SBC Honor Band "Moments of Silence"

  11. I know this was three years ago, but I find this video so uplifting because I LIVE in San Bernadino. The school shooting in Florida has, for some reason, really hit me hard and it's so frustrating that we're STILL dealing with this in 2018.

  12. jenna i need u to know that when i first started watching you when i was in middle school you my escape from what would be diagnosed as ocd. i kept obsessing on the word suicide and it made me think i wanted to but at the same time i knew i didnt want that but when i watched you  instead of tears from crying i had tears rolling down my face from laughter
    thats why you are my forever queen and I'm forever grateful to you

  13. For anyone suffering, putting rosewater on a cotton ball and rubbing it on your face like a toner gets rid of turmeric

  14. I caught someone breaking into my house (a life threatening situation). And you are correct, the only thing you can logically do is try to move on from those thoughts/fears even tho it's kinda hard to forget about. Can't let that bullshit dictate your life

  15. I get so tired of people talking about her pupils. There are SO MANY reasons that pupils can be dilated. MOST of those reasons have NOTHING to do with drugs. Hell even if she does do drugs it's her life. I highly doubt she does.

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