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Thousand Pages Readathon TBR + Currently Reading [CC]

Thousand Pages Readathon TBR + Currently Reading [CC]

Hello everybody, my name is Cara, and
today I’m here with a Thousand Pages Readathon TBR plus kind of a currently
reading update. So the Thousand Pages Readathon I believe starts on January
20th and I think runs through February 1st or 2nd [it’s the 2nd], I will link all of the
information down below. And I just love the whole concept of this readathon.
When Victoria did her announcement video she talked about how she loves
participating in readathons and she loves seeing people participate, but
what she doesn’t like seeing is after the readathon is over if people didn’t
finish every single book they talked about, they say like ‘oh I failed the
readathon, you know, like I only read one book or I didn’t finish any of the books
I had, I just started them,’ and she was saying how like that’s not true, you know,
that doesn’t mean that you failed the readathon because you read something! And
I just think that is so cool and especially as somebody who frequently
pushes books from readathons like further on into the month and just
continues reading them even after the readathon is technically over, I basically
always do that now *laughs* so this just whole concept really really appealed to me, the
challenges are very loose, you don’t really have to participate in them, I
think I just really picked a couple of them that I’m going to do, and really I’m
just using this as an excuse to give myself some extra motivation to finish
the books I’m currently in the middle of, and also I guess kind of on the opposite
end of the spectrum, to give myself permission to start some books that I am
really really excited about. And I hope to get to a thousand pages during the
readathon, but if I don’t, I still won the readathon because that’s the whole
point! So let’s start out with the currently reading update and I’ll end
with the books that I hope to start. The first one I want to mention is Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett. I currently have this book out from my
library and my hold is due in a few days I think, so I hope to finish this soon. I
think I’m about 60% through and I’m really enjoying it so far; I think the
reason it’s taking me so long is his writing style, while very good, it’s
something that I can’t read very quickly for whatever reason, but I’ve heard that
especially the last half of the book really really picks up and it just gets
very like gripping and you can’t put it down so I’m anticipating really enjoying
that one. I am also currently reading Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen; also
these beautiful color-coded tabs you see are courtesy of my fabulous friend
Yvette from BookCave, she gave them to me as part of a really lovely Christmas
present which you hopefully will be seeing soon as part of my winter and
Christmas book haul, but I am really enjoying this. This is for our Austen
Anonymous Readalong, I will link all the information for that down below as well.
Our live show I believe is tentatively going to be on February 2nd, I’m pretty
sure, we don’t have the exact time yet but it
should be February 2nd. So Taylor and I will be discussing this book with our
two guest co-hosts: Olivia from Olivia’s Catastrophe and Rhonda
from cubicle blog [YT: R. Alexandria], so definitely join in if you guys want to read and talk about
this book with us, but I am really enjoying this one, I feel like this is
one of the Jane Austen novels that it has taken me multiple rereads to really…
really appreciate it or to really enjoy certain aspects of it, so very much
enjoying that. I also just barely started Night Spinner by Addie Thorley, this is a
historical fantasy retelling of [The] Hunchback of Notre Dame – I don’t know why those
words took me so long to put together – I actually won this ARC from a giveaway on
Goodreads which is very exciting, and like I said I’m at the very very
beginning, I don’t know if you can even see my bookmark *shows* it’s like one or two
chapters in. But I’m really excited to continue this and I do want to finish
this before the official release date of the book [Feb 11] because, you know, I think that’s
nice to do when you win a giveaway, so yeah! I’m going to finish that one. And
the other book I am currently reading is Over Sea, Under Stone which is the first
book in the Dark is Rising Sequence by Susan Cooper, and I’m actually currently
buddy reading this with my friend Todd from Todd the Librarian and I’m really
enjoying it so far. This is like a massive bind up but each book is
only about 200 pages I think [200-250 maybe], and I am really liking it so far. This is one
where I’ve heard pretty mixed things about the series, like I know a couple of
people who have recently tried to get into it again as adults and who haven’t
been enjoying it so I’m a little nervous that I won’t continue to enjoy it, but so
far, I’m having a good time. And finally I’m going to end with a couple of new releases
that I recently bought and I’m very very excited about and I’m gonna use this
readathon as an excuse to read them, because hey,
they’re on my TBR, right? I have to read them to complete the challenge! And the
first one is The Will and the Wilds by Charlie N. Holmberg. I think this one is
about a main character who makes a deal with a mysting – they seem like they’re a
little bit like Fae and a little bit like magicians, maybe? I don’t know – anyway,
she makes a deal with him where she has to give him a kiss [in exchange for protection in the woods] but they get bound together by this and he slowly starts becoming more human and I guess she sort
of starts losing her humanity, or maybe she gets sick or something, I don’t know,
there are consequences for that deal that they made. And I just feel like this
is gonna be really lovely and atmospheric, I’m intrigued by the idea of this
relationship between our two main characters, it reminds me a little bit of
Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia which I absolutely adored last
year, although this is quite a bit shorter so I’m
kind of nervous that they won’t be able to pull it off, but I’m hopeful. And then
the other one I’d really like to get to is The Mystwick School of Musicraft
by Jessica Khoury, and shout out to my friend Jocelyn from yogi with a book
because I remember last year, um, pretty early last year she just like sent me
the blurb and the pic–the cover for this and she was like ‘this seems like a
Cara book’ and ever since it has been on my anticipated releases list and now I
finally own it and I’m very very excited to read it. This is about a magic school
and two girls who I think become friends there. And I think the magic system is
actually based on music which is something that I’m very picky about but
when it’s done well I absolutely love it; The Enchanted Sonata by Heather Dixon
Wallwork is one that I think does it fabulously. So I’m really looking forward
to this, also I think this is just like the cutest cover. Okay everybody, so
those are my kind of books I’m currently reading and what I hope to continue or
finish or start for the Thousand Pages Readathon! Let me know if you guys are
participating in that readathon, um, or just something that you’re reading right
now and that you’re enjoying. Thank you guys so much for watching, I will see you
soon with another video, and I hope you love the next book you read. Bye!

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  1. Audible has an awesome audio book for Mystwick. I'm a flute player and music teacher so I was a little hesitant about the book, but my daughter and I listened to it on our school commutes for a week and absolutely enjoyed the fool out of it. Hope you do too!

  2. I loooove the idea for this readathon!
    The Will and the Wilds sounds great. Excited to hear what you think. – Rebecca

  3. Yes I'm so glad someone finally said that! Just because you didn't finish a book or complete all the challenges of a readathon doesn't mean you failed.
    I've heard mixed things about Foundryside so I'm glad you're enjoying it.
    Yay Northanger Abbey! I can't wait to watch the live (though I might have to watch it on playback at a later time).
    Loved that Enchanted Sonata shout-out!
    Best of luck with this!

  4. Ahh this sounds like such a lovely readathon concept!
    Oooh yay I'm so excited for the first AA liveshow! And yes I totally agree – I've really struggled with Northanger Abbey in the past, but this time round I really appreciated it both in itself and for it's place in helping Austen develop her style.
    I haven't heard much about any of your other picks, but they all sound lovely and I hope you end up loving them all!

  5. Thatโ€™s a great idea for a readathon! I try not to take the prompts and time frames of readathons too seriously. They are supposed to be fun!

  6. I have heard amazing things about Foundryside.

    Oh I just discovered Night Spinner and I'm excited to hear your thoughts

    Good luck! We love lax readathon

  7. That is a nice idea for a readathon! Also because I know how tempting it can be to pick up shorter books to hit as many challenges as possible.
    Yay for the musicraft book! Weโ€™ve got some on order for the store. I canโ€™t wait to hear what you think of it

  8. Yes! People can be so hard on themselves if they don't complete a TBR. I just like challenging myself to see how many books I can read and generally feel good about myself whether or not I "finish." I have been interested in reading Foundryside for months! Hopefully I get to it this year. Ooooo I am so excited for Night Spinner. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on that one! Have fun with the readathon ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  9. What a cool contempt for a readathon ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ northanger Abby yesss!! Canโ€™t wait for that liveshow!! We love goodreads giveaways!! ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ the will of the winds has an amazing cover!! โ€œThis seems like a Cara bookโ€ awe cute!!

  10. I am all for every excuse to read exactly what you want! I think I'll be low-key aiming for the 1000 pages this week, just because ๐Ÿ™ƒ Good luck!!
    eta: OMG magic based on music can go so wrong if done poorly! Here's hoping it's done well in The Mystwick School.

  11. I am actually quite excited for Foundryside so I hope you will love it. And yay for enjoying Northanger Abbey so far. Ooh, Night Spinner sounds like an intriguing premise and I'll look forward to your thoughts! I'll be joining the readathon casually and hoping to end with 750 pages. I don't think I'll quite make it to 1000 with my time span but as you and Victoria said, I'm still a winner ๐Ÿ˜Š Hope it goes well for you too!

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