Throughout his life, the VA-backed home loan has helped Sim finance his homes.

>>TEXT: Sim, Air
Force Veteran, Explore VA Home Loans & Housing. >>SPEAKING: I'm Sim, I'm a
27-year Veteran of the Air Force. There are any number of
benefits — VA loan on my house. And as the interest rates
lowered, I was able to refinance my VA loan. That's a benefit for
a lot of people. I didn't even think about it, and we've been
talking about it. That's a real benefit. It's a better deal than
any other loan out there that I've found. The loans are
guaranteed by the federal government. There's a lower
interest rate than other loans. Obtaining a loan other than a VA
loan when I bought my first house would have been more
difficult because the cost would have been more. The interest
payments would have been more. And I have never obtained, or
purchased, property using what we call a conventional loan, so
I don't really know how much it would have saved me. But I know
that the VA loan process is a lot more simplified. I didn't
have to have a down payment. In fact, this is the — probably
the fourth or fifth VA loan I've had, you know, previous houses.
That previous loan is satisfied, you sell the house, pay off the
loan, and move on. First house I bought was $7,500, and I bought
that with a VA loan. I'm thankful for it. I thought it
was a pretty good bargain. The second I sold that house, bought
another one. It's not difficult. Usually you have assistance from
a Realtor who's done a lot of these before. You have — you
have nothing to lose and everything to gain. >>TEXT: Don't miss out
on benefits you may have earned.

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