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[Applause] hey everybody welcome to time out with Kevin Gallagher of course your host and it's a pleasure to have you here we are starting a series of shows called what is and we're going to be starting those this week with the Council on Foreign Relations but before we get to that I'm your host Kevin and this show has been on the air for like 23 years and you can watch us on Comcast by going to channel 23 Friday nights at 8:30 p.m. and Monday mornings at 11 a.m. you can also go on charter communications channel CTV 192 that's Wednesdays and that's 9:00 p.m. Monday afternoons at 2:30 p.m. you can also check us out a number of ways through Google+ Twitter all the different social media just put in my name Kevin Gallagher you'll find a ton of stuff but the main way is YouTube always has been you can go to youtube put it in timeout youtube.com that'll take you to the YouTube page where you can access like 20 something year sort the shows so we're starting this series out in the Council on Foreign Relations now you can ask them you can do your own little research you can ask people hey have you ever heard of the Council on formulations most people is a good number of them they're gonna tell you no they haven't now the Council on formulations is a very important institution it was founded in 1921 want to give you some of the background about this but before we go any further it's very important that this show is about a half-hour long there is absolutely no way I can give you exhaustive information about this group or any of the ones that follow because this is just a primer it's an introduction and it is something where I can give you the information the good basic stuff to get you acquainted with what they are who they are and then if you choose to go and look in do your own research and find out more go for it but let me put the eyes on real quick the Council on Foreign Relations was founded in 1921 and they can build themselves as the United States non-profit think tank there's several functions that they that they do that the main things that they focus on our foreign policy and international affairs they have their headquarters is in New York City but before we can really get into the Council on Foreign Relations we have to look at something called the Royal Institute of International Affairs that was founded even earlier in 1919 I believe it was in London now there's several people that had to come together for this to work the Council on Foreign Relations its origins go all the way back into World War one and there was a working fellowship of about a hundred and fifty scholars that got together and they called themselves the inquiry now this was tasked by then President Woodrow Wilson now if you know anything about Woodrow Wilson he was really an academic he was the power behind him that the brains behind Woodrow Wilson was a man by the name of wonder house and he was really colonel he called himself Colonel Edward M house also known as walter Lippmann he and it was they wanted to put together a strategy for the post-world War World at that time after World War one they outlined Wilson strategies for peace after the wards war's end and they traveled to the Paris Peace Conference in 1919 now the results of those discussions that took place a small group of British and American diplomats and scholars who met on May 30th 1919 at the Hotel Majestic in Paris and they decided to create the angel of the anglo-american organization the Institute of International Affairs which has like I said their offices are in London and New York now as an aside in the United States we don't have royalty so an institute of the Royal Institute of International Affairs this isn't going to work here they're known as the Council on formulations there is an ri-ight a Royal Institute of International Affairs on just about every country in the world and they are all coordinated so due to what was at that time an isolationist policy that the United States had after World War one people did not want to hear about International Affairs they didn't want to hear about too many things 17 with international politics they didn't want to be intervened and that's that was true leading all the way up the North Ward too you have to remember that you have another commission out there called the trilateral commission that was started under a big new presidency and David Rockefeller a lot of people point to that it's the beginnings of what we call globalism that is not the case the the CFR weh-weh predates the trilateral commission report book that I would suggest everybody try to read it's a book by the late Jim Morris who I have interviewed on my program he was he died a couple years ago and Jim Morris is known for writing a lot of great books this is one of my favorites ruled by secrecy and I recommend that people try to read this go to a library whatever get the book and read it it gives you a good primer and things that have happened in history with a totally different point of view Jim Morris is known for a couple of things number one he taught a chorus I believe it's at the University of Texas on the JFK assassination he was on the leading experts on the JFK assassination and he taught that course for many years he also wrote the book crossfire about the JFK assassination I had the book it's about that thick and he was also the man that wrote the screenplay for the movie JFK that was directed by Oliver Stone but I'm gonna just go through a little bit of the stuff that I have here in this book and it talks about globalism not beginning with the trilateral commission the concept of a one world community stretches far back beyond the twentieth century became concentrated in the granddaddy of modern American secret societies the Council on Foreign Relations otherwise known as 2 CFR now the council again is an outgrowth of a series of meetings that were conducted right after World War 1 and these were held in 1917 in the work and then they gathered these these people together they came up with a great 14 points that you usually taught in school these were presented to Congress on January the 8th of 1918 now they are globalist in nature calling for the removal of all economic barriers between nations and equal equality of trade conditions and the formation of a general Association of nations which later evolved into the League of Nations now Colonel house who described himself as a Marxist socialist but whose actions are more reflected in classic Fabian socialism was the author of a 1912 book entitled a philip drew administrator this work house talked about a quote conspiracy within the United States with the goals of establishing a central bank the graduated income tax and control of both political parties now two years after publication of that book much if not all three of those literary goals have been met by late 1918 a skilled me on the Western Front and the injury the United States in the world will one took place Treaty of Versailles which forced Germany to pay heavy reparations to the Allies this ruined the German economy and led to the depression that was in Germany and this caused the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis now the CFR has a membership of about 5,000 people and a lot of the information that I'm getting today I do get from this book this would be a third party source but some of the other information that I'm getting I'm getting directly from CFR itself and you can find this information just by going to their own web pages and taking a look at what they have about that and you see the thing is that most people nowadays they don't read and people in charge they know this they know that people don't take the time to read so they publish a lot of things about what they're doing what they're about what they want to do and nobody knows about it they don't take the time to read it well when we go back to the round tables or the Institute of International Affairs the first round tables who are established in South Africa and they run to the Rothschild banking family they're named after the meeting places that King Arthur had well literally they were a collection of semi secret groups that were formed along the lines of Illuminati and Freemasonry with inner and outer circles the inner circle of initiates or the elect the outer circles were called the Association of helpers now these were created by Cecil Rhodes who was a British freemason Cecil Rhodes worked on a cotton farm in Africa and then moved to diamond prospecting Rhodes founded the diamond syndicate which was then also he was helped by the Rothschilds to found that and Cecil Rhodes died in 1902 the Roth trust to control the Round Table's expanding them throughout Britain the expansion of the round tables and the institute for advanced study or the IAS now they were funded also coming into the United States as to see afar through the Rockefeller Education Board the IAS members included robert Oppenheimer Niels Bohr Albert Einstein all of which assisted the scientists working on the atom bomb also known as a Manhattan Project now the Royal Institute of International Affairs was established as I said earlier in 1919 the they changed their name to the Royal Institute of International Affairs in 1926 the Council on formulations was created in 1921 as the brother of the iia or the riaa the CFR created a link between England's upper-class and foreign policy interests and those of the of the United States branches were created in immediately they were created in Australia Canada New Zealand Nigeria Trinidad and Tobago and India so they had a good reach somehow these groups connect to the trilateral commission they connect also into the media heavily they connect into a lot of different areas because unknown to the general public executives and top journalists of almost every major news outlet okay have long been members of the Council on Foreign Relations if you go back to you can go all the way back to its very beginnings there's right now close to 5,000 members many of these are people in media and what's known is that they have transformed the American public into a global Empire I'll be a benevolent one that's debatable but based upon official membership rosters the following illustration that I have up for you right now that you can look at you can see how there a lot of these reporters whether they're print reporters broadcast radio television etc are tied into one of the three main groups the council formulations the Bilderberg Group and the trilateral commission many of these reporters such as the now disgraced Charlie Rose was a member of the CFR and was also a member the Bilderberg Group and attended their meetings I'll just read the scene as an aside but it doesn't really have anything to do this but it's interesting the reach that these groups have so it's very interesting that you see how much of this reaches out the tentacles that are there now as you as you go into the ruling class type of journalists former Washington Post senior editor and omnibus man Richard Harwood described the council on its members approvingly as the nearest thing we have to a ruling establishment in the United States now Harwood has continued he said that membership of these journalists and the council however they may think of themselves as an acknowledgment of their active and important role in public affairs and the Ascension of the American ruling class they do not merely analyze and interpret foreign policy for the United States they help make it they are part of the establishment whether they like it or not most of its values and worldviews now media personalities will constitute oh maybe five to ten percent of the actual membership these include people like Angelina Jolie you'll have a number of other notable George Clooney there's a number of notable performers actors actresses musicians that are members of the Council on Foreign Relations I do have a clip that I'd like to play right now of Hillary Clinton speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations and I'm going to also play right after that we're going to take a look at a clip of Dick Cheney so the thing is that this is not something that's party about it's not Republican against Democrat Assad Democrat against Republican it's it's none of that once things get to a certain level these people are playing on the same playing field so you can see we need a new mindset about how America will use its power to safeguard our nation expand shared prosperity and help more people in more places live up to their god-given potential president Obama has led us to think outside the usual boundaries he has launched a new era of engagement based on common interests shared values and mutual respect it's good to be back at the Council on Foreign Relations as Pete mentioned they been a member for a long time and was actually a director for some period of time I never mentioned that when I was campaigning for reelection back home in Wyoming you can see with both of these clips that the you have people from both parties Republican Democrat they're both involved in the same program you have pictures that I've shown you of Angelina Jolie Don Cheadle is another actor that are very active working there is there is a public side and the policy side to this organization the public side you're going to see with the actors the actresses you're going to see the good works if they go out and do you're going to see this with a number of the nonprofit organization the NGOs they do a lot of good work but there's also the dark side to these organizations as well the agenda that they have now almost all national security advisors okay some national the president's vice presidents of both parties secretaries of state defense Treasury high-ranking commanders in the US military and NATO some of the most influential members of Congress are that have to do a special with foreign policy and security are all members of the CFR as a matter of fact you can go through George Bush's administration Obama's administration it's filled them hundreds and hundreds of people what I have to ask you is this think about this just for a second you have no organization has about 5,000 people in it how do they have so many people placed in high-ranking levels of government this includes Treasury positions this includes people in the executive branch of the government people in the CIA of the intelligence agencies they're all members of the CFR how does that happen how does that happen when such as I mean when you look at the fact that the United States has over 300 million people in it and a group of 5,000 is that entrenched into controlling the policy of a country you have to start wondering what's going on most all of your national security advice a directors ambassadors to the UN chairs of the Federal Reserve presence of the World Bank directors of the National Economic Council prominent people in academics you have fields and economics political science you have many of the top people in Wall Street that think takes the universities the ngos key members of both the 9/11 Commission and the Warren Commission which investigated the Kennedy assassination all members of the CFR you have to ask yourself how does that happen the Harvard economist and Kennedy supporter John K Galbraith confirmed the council's influence those of us who have worked for the Kennedy election were tolerated you go for that and for that reason and had to say but the foreign policy was still in control the council formulations Princeton University professor and former CFR members Steven F Cohen described the council as America's single most important non-government or NGO foreign policy organization its primary role is to define the accepted legitimate Orthodox parameters of discussions so they frame the discussions that everybody has according according to Cohen the CFR is really what the so Jets used to called top-level nomenclatures so no less than John McCloy longtime chairman of the council and adviser to several presidents recalled about his time in Washington whenever we needed a man what he did is thumbed through his rolodex made a call to the New York office of the CFR and he'd had this person brought to him this is how the things would work in Washington you're seeing right now on your screen there's a graphic the Council on formulations and it shows you the president's office secretary of state it's showing you the secretary of the Treasury all the different people who have served in those offices that were also members of the council on formulations and it's really incredible now we want to take a look at the Council on formulation is a logo and that is pretty interesting I have the logo up on the screen for you to see right now it shows a man with his arm up like this on a white horse and you see the letter is VBI qve it's the latin for a link and it's a latin word and you would see those on many of the Roman coins and these coins would have that put on it and that word in Latin means oblique where we get the word you bigot us and it is a word in the in the Latin that means everywhere so you'll see that this so that English word it also has a meaning of being pom depressant many people just try to describe God himself as being omnipresent but this organization describes themselves as being bad so you have the hand sign like this and I'm giving you different people throughout history there's paintings of Napoleon and also the sixth degree of the of the Masonic Order shows this hand sign with the arm going up like that and it's the sixth degree Masonic and it's the hand sign for that this is a most Mason's that our members never make it beyond the fifth degree they're called porch Masons a lot of cops are Masons because what they find is that when they become a member of the Brotherhood they can rise up you're the ranks more quickly so there's it's nothing bad on their part it's just hey if I'm in a position where I can rise up through the ranks more quickly simply because I become a Mason I can't blame them for doing that can you the group itself has been around for a very long time I'm not going to get too deep into it because that would be another show and I want to really focus on the Council on Foreign Relations but this this hand signal ties back into that area into the Masonic Brotherhood I mean what you'll find with the Masons very quickly is that if you can imagine like the old stagecoach wheel of the horse-drawn carriage and you see the wheel and then you got the different spokes leading out the Masons out like right in the center and all the spokes lead in and out so you may not have a Mason that's a member of the CFR but you may have a CFR member that is a Mason and in the way it kicks in it's kind of like the connecting suet between everything now when you look at the occult meaning you go into like the book of Revelation chapter 6 verse 2 it says behold a white horse and he who sat on him had a bow and a crown was given to him and came forth conquering and conquer so there is there's those overtones with the with that and the salute itself is a sign of admiration it's the sixth degree of the Masonic Lodge you'll see you'll see the picture there a painting of Napoleon giving the sign you have a picture there of that off Hitler doing the same thing and that that famous that comes directly out of the Masons so you have these connections going all the way through and you then have different members and I want to cover some of the members just so that you can see what I'm talking about you can see different people that are members CFR right now from their own homepage I'm reading this has over 5,000 members the Institute ranks include top government official scholars lawyers nonprofit professionals journalists educators religious leaders business leaders and by the way the name of the guy from the Grateful Dead is Bob Weir he just came back to me so you'd find him at Bilderberg meetings constantly so you look at the corporate membership of the CFR the CFR the corporate membership came about in 1953 I'm taking this again right from their own homepage you can go there and look yourself to see if ro are G and start looking around in 1953 Oh a 25 corporate members they started corporate program has since expanded to include more than a hundred and fifty global member companies from sectors ranging from financial services to health care and to manufacturing now that's quite a thing and when people don't and when people don't even know about this organization and they have that kind of power they have that kind of reach to influence major sectors of people in government in the arts in education in in large corporations yet they're called a secret society and you have to remember something about the term secrets it doesn't mean that there's secret nobody knows about them it just means that they're really that their agendas the things that they talk about behind closed doors remain that way there is no public accountability for what it is that they set out to do so folks I want to just I want to thank you for watching I want to make sure that you know you can take the time to look into some of these things like the Ford Foundation the Rockefeller Foundation you can look into some of these things and as we move forward and we take a look going forward we're going to take a look at some of these other organizations that are out there we will be looking at the Bilderberg Group we'll be looking at the trilateral commission and seeing a little primer of exactly what they are what they're about what they do so that you can go and take the time if you wish to learn more about them it's really something to understand what is going on in your world how they exist why they exist in what they do it's very important folks you can catch the shows like I said on YouTube you can go to timeout youtube.com/ time out youtube.com to check out these shows check out what's going on with them and see all the updates I can be reached you can you can contact me at the email address that you see up in front of me and I do welcome your email I want to thank you for watching my name is Kevin Gallagher please tune in again next week to see what it is we'll be talking about until then have a great night who are they well once in a while their name pops into the news but very seldom you get them all together I'm going to take a few moments this might be boring but I think for the record everyone needs to be familiar with the names some of the prominent names who are members of this outer ring of a secret society let's start with the presidents of the United States Herbert Hoover Dwight Eisenhower Richard Nixon Gerald Ford James Carter George Bush Senior and William Clinton JFK once said that he was a member of the CFR but no where can you find him on the membership rolls so I guess he was a wannabe but didn't quite make it in but he actually said that he he thought he was a member and of course the presidential candidate said John Kerry and vice president Richard Cheney are members of the CFR secretaries of state that this is a very important position for this group because it's even more important than the president the president can be controlled by the Secretary of State Secretary of Defense and all of his cabinet members who are pretty much appointed for him you know he doesn't appoint presidents don't point their cabinet members from their own private telephone directory you know they're not even in their book they're told who to appoint anyway here are the secretaries of state perhaps the most important position in the United States government as far as the CFR is concerned Dean Rusk Robert Lansing Frank Kellogg Henry Stimson Cordell Hull ER Stettinius George Marshall Dean Acheson John Foster Dulles Christian Herter Dean Rusk William Rogers Henry Kissinger Cyrus Vance Edmund muskie Alexander Haig George Shultz James Baker Lawrence Eagleburger Warren Christopher William Richardson Madeleine Albright Colin Powell and of course Condoleezza Rice did we leave anybody out I don't know now secretaries of defense also very important James Forrestal George Marshall Charles Wilson Neil McElroy Robert McNamara Melvin Laird Elliot Richardson James Schlesinger Harold Brown Caspar Weinberger Frank Carlucci Richard Cheney les aspin William Perry William Cohen and Donald Rumsfeld you

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