Toddler suffers horrific burns after drinking sulfuric acid

A three-year-old boy in China is suffering
from horrific burns after accidentally swallowing sulphuric acid. The toddler who is currently being treated
in hospital was playing outside when he drank from a bottle he found on the floor. His mother said that a few minutes after she
let him, he came running home crying and foaming at the mouth. She immediately took him to hospital where
doctors identified that he drank concentrated sulphuric acid. He can’t chew or swallow anything. The milk
and medicine are fed via a tube in his stomach and his mouth was totally burnt. The three-year-old’s mouth and neck have been
severely burned and doctors are working to find out the extent of the damage.

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  1. It's terrible, but why would he do that? No 3 year old I've known would be alone on a street and pick up a bottle of acid and drink it. China seems to have a habit of being in the news for the most ridiculous things. It's a nation lacking common sense. 

    Shame about the boy, hope it heals well. 

  2. Poor kid, now usually it's the kids fault for eating/drinking bad things, but now it's really the person who left the bottle on the floor's fault 🙁

  3. it's just so good to see him alive right now the thing that I don't like about this is some body left a boldle of acid laying around and her son picked it up and put it in his mouth just bless that kid .

  4. Who the hell left a 3-year-old child unattended and who the hell left a bottle of concentrated sulfuric acid lying around, and who left them alone together?  Was it actually in a child's baby bottle?  (or some other type of bottle?)  Poor kid, I hope he recovers soon.

  5. Heart goes out to the kid…..his insides will be a mess….if he survives this his life will be forever impaired…..poor kid 🙁
    Why would anybody leave any dangerous chemical in reach of any child, it is beyond my imagination.

  6. I had a relative who drank sulfuric acid, also a child, but it was during Soviet Union and doctors had no cure for this so they accidentally kept windows open in mid winter, to let her to die of pneumonia.

  7. Sulfuric acid is highly corrosive but won't burn as instantly, im sure it being in his mouth stung very badly though.

  8. This shame case happen in India also one of our jewelry making work drink sulfuric acid and now he is in very critical condition dockters says now it's is very hard to save his life he admitted in the hospital from 3 days

  9. I didn’t like or dislike but this kinda seems fake because sulphuric acid is toxic and swallowing it means death if you watch the video
    about sugar vs sulphuric acid it is the same with the throat

  10. Atleast he isnt just dumb hes just a baby. Atleast he isnt Dumb McMelvin in 9th grade drinking Sulfuric Acid in the Chemistry Class Infront Of SirGive0Fucks

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