Top 10 Reasons We Should Be SCARED of RUSSIA

Top 10 Reasons We Should Be Scared of Russia 10. They Shut Down Estonia’s Internet Infrastructure
For Almost a Month Estonia is an Eastern European country near
the Russian border, and they are actually quite unique when it comes to any country
in the world, because they rely on the internet for almost everything. They use the internet for paying parking fines,
voting, paying utility bills and taxes, and almost anything else you could imagine. Children in Estonia are taught to use the
internet properly in school at a young age, and it is considered one of the most tech
savvy countries in the world. That’s why, in 2007, Estonians understandably
freaked out when their internet infrastructure was hit by a cyber-attack that managed to
keep the entire system down for three whole weeks. Estonians are understandably worried that
it was a test for a possible Russian invasion down the road. Estonia was once part of the Soviet Union,
is seeded with ethnic Russians so Putin could attempt to pull something similar to Crimea,
and with their infrastructure down, it would be hard for them to resist the chaos Putin
could create. With the recent aggressive moves by Russia
both in terms of cyber-crime and their continuing ventures in Ukraine, Estonia fears they may
be next and is preparing for war. 9. The Russian Mock Invasion That Would Take
Key Islands From Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden Some may think that Russia would never dare
go that far into Eastern Europe, or really keep pushing at all much beyond Ukraine. However, people back during WWII said that
Hitler would stop after he took the Rhineland, and they were very, very wrong. The truth is that Putin has no reason to stop
unless someone makes him, and he has already taken Crimea and roughly half of Ukraine. While some may be skeptical, back in March
of 2015, Russia conducted a mock set of invasions that were set on the rather insane and clearly
made up idea that the West was trying to physically overthrow Putin and pull off some kind of
coup. In response to this fake threat, the test
invasion conducted would have them take away key islands from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and
Finland, making it almost impossible for the NATO allies to come to the rescue. While the Russians tried to give a flimsy
pretext that it was in response to a Western based attack, that doesn’t really hold water,
because the real strategic value of those islands is that it would cut off the Baltic
States from NATO. This means that Russia would be able to easily
take Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia and force them back into the Soviet Union, and it would
be almost impossible for NATO to provide any kind of proper support or help. The fact that Russia put so much time and
effort into practicing such an attack is troubling, to say the least. 8. With the EU Increasingly Weakening, Russia
is in a Stronger Position to Invade Eastern Europe When the Brexit vote occurred, Putin tried
to remain indifferent on the surface, but many experts believe he was very excited. The main thing that stops Putin from taking
back the former Soviet States is a strong European Union and a strong NATO, which kind
of coincide in a lot of ways right now. Unfortunately, both NATO and the European
Union are in historically weak positions, and it seems like that problem is only going
to increase as time goes on. With the United Kingdom out of the EU, it
is possible more people could leave, and it may be much harder for the Western Europeans
to mount any kind of proper defensive support if Putin rolls into Eastern Europe. This also hurts the sanctions put on him by
the United States and the European Union, as the sanctions are only as strong as the
united front the countries performing them keep up against the Russians. If the European Union continues to dissolve,
Russia will have more negotiating power with individual states, and will find it easy to
bully small European countries with their comparatively large economy. In the end, both in terms of potential invasions
and in terms of negotiating power, the Russians win big whenever Europe becomes weaker. To make matters worse for the Eastern Europeans,
we have a US president who knows little about NATO and campaigned, in part, on it being
obsolete (though he’s finally coming around on its importance), and cares about our agreements
to protect small countries even less. 7. Russia Today is Kremlin Controlled and Russian
Fake News Propaganda is a Global Machine President Putin tries to dance around the
issue, so it isn’t quite as obvious to everyone, but the truth is that Russia Today might as
well be Putin’s personal blog. It is funded, owned and operated by the Kremlin
– in other words the Russian government. The government claims that it is not totally
government controlled, but Putin also admits that it should kind of be expected that they
will say things that are positive about the government and its agenda. While not saying it outright, it is clear
the purpose of Russia Today is simply to spread the Kremlin’s propaganda all over the world. It is perhaps one of the most unreliable sources
on the planet, but many people who see Russia Today in other countries do not realize just
how unreliable it is. To make matters worse, a lot of fake news
regarding the US election was traced right back to Russians, and there is reason to believe
many of them were even paid trolls. Despite America’s best efforts to handle
its own elections, it is scary to think how easily the Russians have managed to manipulate
emotions and decisions simply by posting fake stories. If that wasn’t enough, there is reason to
believe that a lot of similar propaganda is being spread in Europe as well, in order to
weaken support for the EU and bolster the image of Vladimir Putin around the world. 6. We May Call Putin a Tyrant, but He’s Extremely
Popular in Russia Putin may be a man who is very interested
in conquest, and he has some very grand plans. For this reason, many people like to put him
in the realm of comic book villain, and look at him as a truly evil individual. While he does support a lot of draconian laws,
especially against gay people, the truth is that Russia has always had very fascistic
laws and very little freedom. The Russian people are fairly used to hardship,
rationing, and not having a particularly strong say in government. When it comes to being a fascist, if anything
Putin is lenient compared to some of the leaders of the past. What this means is that while he is dangerous
to us, when we act is if he is horrible to the Russian people and posit the possibility
of them one day rising up against them, it shows a fundamental lack of understanding
of our Russian rivals. We assume that they have the same priorities
we do, but they simply don’t. Americans are more concerned with individual
freedoms and don’t particularly care about refighting old battles. However, when Putin took back Crimea, it came
with a great surge of popularity back home, because he was bringing back a certain amount
of Russian pride as well. The Russian people felt stronger, and better
to know that Putin was bringing back the old Soviet Union. Many of them now see him not as another politician,
but as a transformational figure that has helped bring Russia back to what it once was. Russians still complain about politics and
the country in general, but Putin still keeps his approvals in the low 80s, and even watchdogs
from other countries believe the polls are at least mostly accurate. We aren’t saying Putin is a nice guy, but
it is important to understand the people you are up against. We may not like Putin, but the fact that he
is popular at home is not just Russian propaganda. 5. Putin Has Consolidated Power and May Very
Well be President for Life One of the things that makes it harder for
a country like Europe or the United States to deal with threats from dictators is that
the dictator has the advantage of remaining in power forever, consolidating his holdings,
making him capable of carrying out truly long term plans. On the other hand, countries like the USA
have regular elections that change our governmental leaders, which means we constantly have to
refresh our policies to deal with the latest threats. Every president will have a different idea
on how to deal with our foreign enemies or rivals, and that means an entirely new road
map. In the meantime, someone like Putin can remain
in office for nearly two decades, ensuring he can slowly work on his goals. Putin was first term limited, then made a
new position for himself that was above the president to get that problem out of the way. Then, he managed to become president again
after taking care of the pesky term limit issue. And, while he hasn’t said he will run yet,
many expect him to run again next year, and with his popularity, it would be hard for
him to lose unless something catastrophic happened to Russia to completely tank his
poll numbers. And with calls from some within the Russian
government for Vladimir Putin to remain president for life, it seems clear that has been the
plan for quite some time now. 4. There’s a Possibility They Have Blackmail
Material on the US President While we know that Donald Trump has business
dealings in Russia, which have been the subject of much suspicion and rumor, and that many
in his campaign were said to have contacted Russia during the campaign, which has led
some to believe that there is far more to the story. According to a dossier of information, much
of which is hard to verify, Trump visited Russia as part of a beauty pageant, and while
staying in a hotel room, he got up to some antics that were quite risqué and embarrassing. He allegedly had prostitutes pee on a hotel
bed that had once been used by Barack and Michelle Obama. And according to the dossier, the Russians
had been monitoring this room, and now have incredible dirt on Trump. Due to his many business dealings with them,
and this blackmail they had, they decided to push him toward politics, and did their
best to help him succeed, because they believed that they could use their blackmail to get
sanctions lifted or other pro-Russia policies put in place. Of course, there is no proof that this blackmail
exists, or that the event occurred as alleged, but the thought that they have blackmail on
our president is very troubling. And even if they do not have that kind of
blackmail, the fact he once admitted to having a large amount of business dealings with Russia,
and would not disclose his taxes, still makes things suspicious for other reasons. 3. The Gay Concentration Camps Currently Operating
in Chechnya (Part Of Russia) Right now in Chechnya, a region which is now
part of the Russian Federation, gay people are being rounded up like dangerous animals
and either tortured for days on end or killed. These men are being held in what are essentially
being described as concentration camps for gay people. Bounties are being paid for gangs of mercenaries
to round up gay men wherever they can find them. This includes their homes, secret gay hangout
spots, and they will even perform sting operations to find gay people. There are reports that they are receiving
beatings and electric shocks, and are sometimes even being released simply so they can be
re-caught for sport, and so that the hunter can double dip on the bounty for the captured
gay person. Some are blackmailed and threatened with much
worse torture or death if they don’t pay large sums of money – because being gay
is illegal in Chechnya, these men are all too eager to agree to avoid even worse punishment. Unfortunately, the only group that really
has the power to stop this is the Russian government, and they are denying that there
is any purge going on. Considering their knowledge of what happens
in their territories, it boggles the mind that they do not know. And when you look at their own reputation
when it comes to gay people, the sad truth is that the Kremlin likely understands what
is happening and approves of it – gay people are not welcome in Russia. 2. Russia Currently Has the Largest Active Nuclear
Stockpile in the World When most people think of the most powerful
nuclear country, they tend to immediately think of the United States. But the truth is that Russia actually has
a slightly larger stockpile of nuclear weapons than the US does – this includes both stockpiled
warheads and those that are fully operational and ready to go. The United States has close to 7,000 nuclear
warheads, but Russia has over 7,000, beating the US by a small margin. They also have about forty more active nuclear
warheads than America does, with both countries having close to 2,000 that they are ready
to launch. Some may think China is close, but they actually
don’t have any operational warheads at the moment. The next closest countries are actually France,
with a few hundred, and the United Kingdom, with a little over 100 in terms of operational
nuclear weapons. For this reason alone, Russia has to be respected. With one of the largest economies, areas of
sheer territory, and that many nuclear weapons, they are a very strong force to be reckoned
with. A ground invasion of Russia has already been
proven to be all but impossible, and a serious air battle would lead to them threatening
nukes against the US. In the meantime, it is hard to prevent Russia
from taking back countries in Eastern Europe without starting some kind of full blown war,
or threatening the use of nuclear weapons – an empty threat because we know Russia
could respond in kind. Due to being such a strong nuclear power,
apart from fighting proxy wars over the ground Russia is trying to occupy, there isn’t
a lot we can do to slow them down. 1. Military Service is Compulsory for Young Men,
so Nearly All Russian Males Have Military Experience The Russians are also dangerous because nearly
every male of any decent health has at least a few years of military service under his
belt. The Russians have made it compulsory for young
men between the ages of 18 and 27 to serve in the military so that every capable citizen
will be ready if necessary, and also to keep the military strong, full, and well-disciplined
at all times. Now, draft dodging is fairly common for this
reason, as not everyone wants to join the military, but it can actually be quite hard
to do. Without a legitimate medical reason, you often
need to pay thousands of dollars for fake documents to forge your way out of it. And you may still be caught and forced into
service anyways, especially if you try tricks like staying at a different address than the
one you put down officially. And despite the draft dodgers, this means
Russia still has a very, very large portion of its healthy young men learning the ways
of the military lifestyle, and how to fight and die for their country if needed. With a percentage of men with military training
much higher than that of other countries, they have a very large pool of capable people
to pull from if they end up in any extended wars or conflicts spread throughout the world. Some countries near Russia, such as Sweden,
have recently added compulsory military service in order to prepare for the potential threat
they see coming down the road. The world has to be very watchful of Russia,
and those who live in Eastern Europe have the most to fear.

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