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  1. Insurance for Canadians traveling? Cool. Now, what would you like to say to 100 Mil egyptions that have no clue that Covid-19 has settled in their country? XD

  2. Americans believe everything that Trump says instead of looking at hard facts. He only wants to stay in power. Wake up before it's too late

  3. If u already have a trip paid for see if the airline will let u reschedule the date or allow u to change your Destination. If u haven't booked a flight yet wait until things get better and stay home. Don't risk it if u don't have to.

  4. This is the best time to go on vacation, empty planes, hotels and tourist spots, cheaper prices and possibly a free 2 week staycation

  5. The last thing u want is to get stuck in another country during an epidemic. Or get infected with this virus. So reduce public interaction and traveling right now.

  6. I think it is boarding airplanes, even if you are traveling within your country, how do you know who else has been on that plane coming from Asia, Italy, Iran? Or, anyone, who might have this virus and may not know it. But they they have spread their germs all over that plane?
    I say, find another way of transportation. Are these planes disinfected after every use inside?
    I doubt it.

  7. If Egypt has it, it will explode. That dictatorial authoritarian government has full and total control of the media and lies constantly to protect the image of the brutal police state / military junta. Egypt does and will lie to protect 40% of its GDP which is its tourism industry. And Egypt has one of the worst health care systems in the world and is a dense overpopulated 3rd world (in most cases) unhygenic filthy hole. Egypt currently claims 1 case which like India is currently outright lying.

  8. I heard liberals are immune to the virus AOC said she found the cure to the weaker strain of the virus in her local pharmacy. She said just buy Corona Lite

  9. just dont order on ebay or Amazon from metro cities like SAN FRANCISCO, LOS ANGELES, HOUSTON, or NYC.. YOU KNOW WHY right? because thats where they live those people. yuck BOYCOTT the ebola just in case and wait to see how it turns out


  11. Please give details of what self isolation means. Does this mean asking family members to leave? How is the person monitored if alone? Etc.

  12. Look how chill Canada am and their panel of ‘experts’ are. Lol Wash those hand good kiddies. Total foolishness if you’re watching response measures being implemented at outbreaks hotdpots and other media outlets like those in Asia. But I guess the WHO knows what’s best for Canadians eh? Only presenting in 50 countries – nothing to see here yet. Lol

  13. * Internal community should know this *
    S. Korea(Moon administration) may be the only country at this time that welcomes Chineses at every airport. Chinese students in S,K, estimated 70,000, are being offered priority services – free masks, best food, best dorms, and enjoy more freedom in S.K than in their own country, resulting in explosive outbreak in S.K. This local explosion in S.K will inevitably affect other countries sooner or later, so international community should speak up against this and take action.

  14. In 1981, an American fiction writer Dean Koontz wrote a crime thriller book called "The Eyes of Darkness." The story is about a Chinese scientist who deserts to the US from China. He carries with him the diskette record, which has the details of China's most dangerous biological weapon.

    Ironically it was called in the book as Wuhan400

    There are many striking resemblances and difference between Wuhan400 and Covid19

  15. Maybe the wisest move is just not going anywhere at all if you don’t have to?! To avoid getting stuck somewhere or possibly bring back virus to the country !

  16. I tend to think of travel as if YOU are a big wad of bubblegum (stuck to a shoe) the more you fly, walk and travel around.. the more "gunk" you collect to your "sole"…. you gather and then spread your "environment" to others & likewise, they do the same as they move about.

    Stop sharing your past interactions with others. Stay put.

  17. All this business of self quarantine not gonna help contain this virus, we all see what happen in China where people who were quarantined at home were up n all about places n some were even seen spitting on elevator buttons so that other people will catch that infection so self isolation is out of the thought process if we really want to contain this virus

  18. Precautions for South America? Zika virus and mosquitoes, leishmaniasis and crime as well as all kinds of diseases that already exist in SA along with gut infections.

  19. On behalf of the Canadian people I would like to relay a great THANK YOU CHINESE people for this great and wonderful gift you have given the world. It's great, now I will bring a level 4 hazmat suit when I get on the TTC.

  20. Go ahead a travel abroad. Just know you may not be let back into your home country. Better have a good credit line.

  21. North Dakota probably naturally pre-empts the risk of exposure due to scarcity of population. Just sayin'.

  22. If people are asymptomatic for weeks before onset of symptoms that means the virus can live for months not hours or days.. Look at the evidence..
    We are so.ill prepared for this virus we need to learn the nature of the virus to contain it.

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