Trey Gowdy blasts calls for Barr to resign as ‘the dumbest damn thing’

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    Paul Manafort
    Trump's campaign chairman committed financial fraud, was convicted and sentenced to seven and a half years

    Rick Gates
    Trump's campaign manager pleaded guilty to lying to investigators

    Michael Cohen
    Trumps personal lawyer before Giuliani
    Sentenced to prison for campaign finance violations and tax and bank fraud and lying to Congress

    George Papadopoulos
    One of Trump's advisors on the campaign.
    Found guilty and had to spend 12 days in jail for lying to investigators.

    Michael Flynn
    Trump's former national security advisor.
    Pleaded guilty to lying to investigators.

    Rodger Stone
    One of Trump's campaign staff.
    Found guilty on 7 counts of witness tampering and lying to Congress.

    These are people from Trump's circle and they are lifelong Republicans (not "Never Trumpers").
    They keep saying "witch hunt".
    If it was a witch hunt, there sure are a lot of witches!

  2. Watch Out America !
    With the Looney Left .. It is Now …
    {} Impeach
    {} Resign
    {} Censure
    {} Boycott
    {} Disgrace
    {} Forbid
    Soon ( If Allowed ) It will be OFF with Their Heads !

  3. That's like a murderer saying he wants a new prosecutor because he knows that the current prosecutor has the goods on him. I really hate liberals. I used to feel contempt for them based on their wacky dysfunction but now I feel disgust and loathing.They're just the worst kind of human beings. Give them what they deserve I say. Give them all public execution and make America Great Again.

  4. How do you compare Trump who is in office and not related to Stone, with Bill Clinton, who was out of office, for over 12 years, who was trying to protect he and Hillary from prosecution? It's not the same, unless you are a democrat. Go back to Kavanough , some random woman points her finger with no evidence, and boom his is guilty and life turned yo side down Clarence Thomas too, but Bill Clinton or other democrat in Congress/ Senate have facts presented against them, and it brushed under the rug.
    It's the d mic rats always pointing their fingers at inequality, yet their fingers are always caught in the cookie jar..

  5. AG Barr is competent leader of the DOJ and do not need to resign . AG Barr is an asset to America in terms of Administering Justice . Great interview with Trey Gowdy who always make good points.

  6. Why do the Dems continue to demand, while the Republicans dont. Dems continue to use their corruption without consequences

  7. He might as well because is not going to be the savior, no one will pay for their crimes, the democrats will continue on with their corruption for years to come, they all have each other's backs.

  8. If you work for the Government then you won't be held accountable. Above the Law. These people are and have been fixing all our problems for over FORTY YEARS. I believe everything they have to say. In Washington State they voted on car tabs. Then when the Democrats didn't get the result they wanted they in turn SUED their Citizens now that's GOVERNMENT.

  9. By the end of his second and final term on January 20, 2017, United States President Barack Obama had exercised his constitutional power to grant the executive clemency to 1,927 individuals convicted of federal crimes. Obama holds the record for the largest single-day use of the clemency power, granting 330 commutations on January 19, 2017, his last full day in office. He also issued more commutations than the past 13 presidents combined.

  10. the 'Russia' case is 100% a fake/coup operation to take down President, accusing president for serious crime, THAT ALONE IS A VERY SERIOUS CRIME dems and their friends have committed., so any investigations during that period and done by the 'criminals'' have to be thrown out. because they were set out to hurt people INTENTIONALLY. NONE OF THE LAWYERS AND INVESTIGATORS WERE HONEST, SO Roger stone need a retrial, and he can start sueing too.
    ***republican need to stop being soft and gentle, Dems wouldnt need to think twice to lock u up even if u were innocent. Dems criminals number only growing because they never be punished so they have no worried. why dems can out right lies in hearing, why MSM lies too are the result of 'bad dems' walk free. best example: Hillary. their idol, where do u think the dems and MSM learn to lie and all kinda tactic? reason too why so many bad people sign vote for dems, SANCTUARY party. ***people need to stop supporting this party!!!

  11. I swear US citizens should have to take a test to be able to vote. How are you going to vote on which person would be best suited to do the job as a president and uphold our constitution when you have no idea what a president is allowed to do or what the Constitution says. Centuries ago we fled Europe to get away from a monarchy and here we are present day, acting like you want to have a monarchy again. 🤦‍♂️

  12. How do you commit a "process crime" on a phony hoax prosecution ? Stone will be pardoned . . . but probably after November election . . . we have a nation to save.

  13. Trey, Roger Stone did not get a fair trial. He got caught up in the fake Russian investigation and was targeted by the crooked FBI.

  14. 2 years is about right huh? For what now, lying to an illegitimate investigation full of malice against you and using a process crime? How about you sit in a jail cell for two years? Yeah, I thought so

  15. How can any sane person listen to this goof and expect a reasonable response in regards to justice? The malice is directed from the Oval office not the prosecution or the judge. Give your head a shake folks, this is just more fuel for 45's continued lunacy.

  16. Nine years jail time for Roger Stone is only Kangaroo Court!! Bunch of garbage deep state trying to control United States!! Roger Stone guilty being Trump's friend!! Democ🐀Rats they abuse power!! Who send these FBI comes to Roger Stone at night with 29 agent holding gun to surround him at home, this is harassing Roger Stone!! Well, President he got the right to get mad Democ🐀Rats waist 3 years Our Nation for witch hunt, impeachment hoax waisted our time and money!! Now President Trump understand how to use the full powers of the Presidency.

  17. When a dealer gets 20 years and a paedophile only 5 it tells me that bunch of ppl place a higher value in their drugs than their children!

  18. Barr should stay there for as long he is working for US people and does not align with SOROS.  Trump can talk anytime he wants, he is the only one WHO delivers for US people.  Barr is very behind still with his Job results, we'll be watching him.

  19. He needs to retire & I dont know WHY Trump ever chose this ds rat. Bc secretly Trump does NOT want these criminals to face justice…not truly.

  20. Trey, what do they have on you? Why did you give your career up and become some media guy? Nobody listens to you now… Trey who? What the heck? Your opinion matters about as much as mine does now…

  21. Its all a joke on the people get your guns ready cuz these are the slimest people alive and need to be wiped off the face of the earth so every1 be ready take this serious they want u taking everything lightly No More!

  22. I rarely agree with Mr. Gowdy. He's right on the money with this broadcast. The POTUS doesn't have the intellect to know when silence is to his advantage…Keep tweeting Don.. You can always fire the Attorney General.. though he may actually be your LAST supportive friend.

  23. Martha, for goodness sake , go back over Obarma's comments on any thing , the president has rights given to him by the
    constitution. Your problem is you have bias entering your thought process. Get rid of it , or go to CNN.

  24. I have a hard time listening to Trey Gowdys rhetoric..but even more, I have a hard time looking at his stupid haircut! Get some modern eyeglasses for gods sake…all his money, and no designer to help him.

  25. I think there are several omissions in the opening of the Stone case then and now. Even a sentence of 2 to 3 years seems an overreaction since this whole case came out of the suspect, corrupt, treasonous, DNC, and the Mueller Special Counsel apparatus whose mission, as ordered by the Congress, was to oust the President from office. The Congress already knew that Russian Collusion, regarding that of Trump or his campaign team, did not exist. Stone lied to the always lying Congress as he felt he should protect the President at all costs; and now he should go to jail? I don't think so.

  26. I remember Ruby Ridge, BARR IS SWAMP through and through! Stone will go to jail, the real criminals will all walk at BARRs leisure. The Republic is fallen, Lady Justice took off the blind fold, and sided with the criminals. What comes next will be hard.

  27. I hope someone threaten Gowdy on his life and visit him and put the living fear into him on a daily basis. They should of course go free and not be prosecuted for this.

  28. Trey Gowdy, you are Two faced and you call that for what it is period. I hope he do Pardoned him because that would reopen back up his IMPEACHMENT AND HE WOULD GET REMOVED AS HE SHOULD AT THIS VERY MOMENT. Keep it consistant.

  29. He should tell us americans exactly what he feels and thinka publicly is totally healthy… Its healthy the way trump is doing it public and open for all .. Obama and they did it in secret hidden

  30. As a South Carolina politician he was trash. As a member of the house oversight committee he was a bigger piece of trash…… why does FNN want this idiot on their payroll?

  31. Listen to Trey Gowdy he knows his stuff ! Congress have pushing their liers waight arround .For so long That they don't think No pertains to them ! Treydont play their games.Thats why polosieis afraidof Trey Gowdy .He be canpull her be hurt low. And then she will buckel.

  32. Once again, President Trump is his own worst enemy because he apparently cannot shut up!! If he loses re-election, this behavior will be the reason…it’s hard to argue with his results for the country, but he continues to do this to himself time and time again. Please, Mr. President, just stop!!

  33. Democratic Party is not Democratic Party any more. What is going on? The socialist couldn’t get there agendas going so they just take over the Democratic Party and who’s to blame Nancy P. !

  34. I feel for the torment that must be happening inside you brain Trey. You fight for justice but play on a team breaking every rule in the book.

  35. When will the deep state operatives be brought to justice for their attempted over turn the election of the president. I wish Trump would pardon Stone!

  36. Please President, take Trey Cowdy to become Attorney General . 🙏😇💢
    He will kick all the DemocRats‘ asses like no one ever did it before‼️ 👍💪💪

  37. Fox again calls on another irrelevant talking head to guide their reporting. Trey Gowdy is just another propaganda mouthpiece for the most corrupt Presidency in history.

  38. Barr is not resigning nor will he be impeached. Trump's not going anywhere, either. Whatever the final outcome is, Trump will probably pardon him and make the left nuts.

  39. A new trial for a man arrested for crimes that were committed as a result of an illegal investigation? How about a complete exoneration?

  40. There is now a petition asking for Trumps personal attorney Barr to step down for not serving the american public by 1100 former federal prosecutors in a bipartisan move. ELEVEN HUNDRED!!!!!!
    But guess what. I cant find any link to Fox propaganda fake news State TV reporting it.
    And people wonder why his base, who only look to this one bias corrupt source for all their information and truth, but never find it.
    Wake up…you've been had.

  41. I could not figure why any such heavy response so I did not load it;
    Comments here so I can grasp what this is about when I log on next;
    I guess they are imitating heavy handed response of CCP

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