Trump Blames The Media and Democrats For Coronavirus Stock Slide | Deadline | MSNBC

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  1. Lol. What’s amazing is not that he says these stupid statements that’s not a surprise. What’s amazing is that a large number of people actually believe now the Democrats and the media are to blame for real.

  2. Why have they not censored him? Lying on something as important as this…..not THAT is really low….I for one have no faith at all in the people who bought their way into the very important jobs held ,they are not qualified nor would ever have gotten the job in any normal admin….gutting depts just because he knows President Obama is dignified,smart and well spoken,things he is not…please step down…

  3. 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥 He's the real blame. The only thing he's concerned about is the money. Not you, not me and definitely not the American people

  4. Can we get someone with the virus to give Trump and Pence a big wet kiss? President Pelosi would know how to handle this.

  5. Sad once again that Trump cares all about himself and money.. Americans will die. And Trump will blame the Democratic party. And he will do nothing because he knows better than doctors. Serious. All of us in the medical field will tell you now. Don't listen to him. Take care of you and your family. This virus is deadly. With all of the drug addicts and homeless in America and we are talking millions. This virus will spread. These are not people that will wear mask or see a doctor.

  6. The whole world is laughing at America! How could you still put up with this chronic liar and scum bag Trump after all the evil things he has done at the White House? Really ? Get rid of him by any means possible, guns, rat poison, mafia etc., asap!!!

  7. God lets pray this doesn't end badly. We must stay together democrats and take him out in record numbers…NINE MONTHS TO GO ————————–WIPE THIS LIAR OUT…WE KNOW HE IS UNFIT , UNEDUCATED ………JUST A VILE MAN.

  8. Trumps crazy…everybody knows that the albino midget mongeese brought this virus with them when a third dimensional rift opened up in Pooterville!!!!!!!

  9. This comment section is why I don’t usually click on MSNBC videos. I’m surprised they even allowed people to comment on a video.

  10. All Trump cares about is having the proper stats in place for his reelection campaign. That includes a healthy stock market. Most Americans don't even own stock unless it's part of their retirement plan bundle. It's all about appearances for Trump. Doesn't matter if there is a real threat out there. As long as his brand is plump.

  11. trump has "diminished" the power of the Intelligence agencies (firing some replacing them with trump loyalist) the FBI, The CIA the DNI, and trump and "his people" have diminished the EPA< fired good people hired "liars for trump".. now the "Science and health Officials" and if you make trump look bad or do not say what he wants you to say and "do" then you are out.

    Pretty soon trump will have NO Experienced "experts" with knowledge of anything. Instead he will only have loyalist that tell him what he wants to hear and "do"..and that is when trump will not be an "official president" anymore (as if he ever was I mean look at his behavior) and he will have NO ONE to turn to take care of ANYTHING responsibly. It is already getting to this point very quickly…and many will suffer and then very soon there will be a 'breakdown" of our country…because of trump, his administration of lies and deceit….and the Republican party has NOW in my humble opinion just DIED! Let's hold a "memorial service" for the GOP and mourn their death and demise…as we watch this "trump Mafia party" of liars try to worm their way out of all this…it is WAY TOO LATE for are all done!

  12. If you think the economy is strong under Trump, you are being fooled into staying complacent. Our economy could be much more than that if the 99% have more spending power, where the money of 99% of our population is cycling back into our economy. Instead of having 99% of the population squeeze out whatever they can to afford things. #Bernie2020

  13. the stock market has been in a moderate bubble for a while and the virus did it in. if and when a vaccine is developed it will bounce back somewhat. of course trump makes self-serving statements, as always, that are neither here nor there.


  15. Always blaming the Democrats for the disease that started in Asia!

    What a fraudulent charge of party politics. Using hateful rhetoric to keep his division alive!

    More of the mindset of a dictator appeasing his bases belief of us vs them that they eat up like a pig eats slop… constantly and aggressively. Even when the truth is in their face. Blindly they follow his words as loyal,obedient and mindless subjects!

  16. I think the stock market has basically been "fake" for over a year now..trump has probably been pressuring them to do what he wants them to do.."or else"…now this is something trump has no control over (the corona virus) as it is not a "person" he can tell off, whine about, or blame or lie about…it is not a "political party" that he keeps lying about and blaming and trying to destroy that he can blame for. Hearing trump "blame the Democrats" for what's happening with the corona virus issues really was something else, in this press conference this early evening. What's next? Will trump finally own that he has been LYING about everything since day one of his presidency, but he will for some bizarre reason "Blame the Democrats" for all of his lying…we have reached that kind of bizzarreness at this point!

  17. o_0/* Only a complete pathetic narcissistic moron would think the pandemic was ALL ABOUT THEM and some kind of kooky conspiracy to ruin their reelection campaign! The leader of Iran is a great example of this. He thinks America make the COVID-19 just to keep Iranians away from the voting booths! Gee, I sure am glad we don't have anyone THAT DUMB here in America!

  18. I think America can stop complaining about China's transparency now. You guys have a government that does the same 'nothing to see here' BS they do…

  19. Nearly all of the actors on MSNBC are either present or former Republicans… pretending to be liberals. BERNIE 2020

  20. Im old enough to remember 3 weeks ago when hundreds were dying in China and the virus was spreading to other countries…. The democrats (Nancy and Chuckie) thought the most important thing to Americans was to hear John Bolton testify…

    The PanDEMic party

  21. “Who knew that health care was complicated “ the American Buffon in the White House. The catastrophe is here and the stable genius is dumping it in lapdog Pence

  22. Hi everyone, please petition for the two Chinese heroes at whitehouse website: Thanks!

  23. Thank God we have Trump as president that closed the borders to protect us from infected people coming in its a big step till they can figure out solutions. The incompetent democrats cant even set up vote counts in iowa. They do nothing and complain like they know everything.

  24. I’m so afraid for MrPence as he is in charge of building a border wall between China and the US. I’m not sure if Donnnie knows we don’t share a border with them unless he considers the Pacific Ocean as our common border. Listening to chants to lock it up and build that wall sounds strange when talking about a virus.

  25. What President Trump and the voters need to know is Thee big drop in the stock market IS NOT PRESIDENT TRUMPS FAULT IT WAS OUT OF HIS CONTROL DUE TO THE CORONAVIRUS!!!
    President Trump has done so much good for our country and people need to remember how his decions had increased rise in stock market sence he has been our president and judge him for what he has done for our country. I believe in President Trump and trust he will put the safty and health of the american people first when push comes to shove.

  26. Common, this virus will die off and disappear by April when the weather warms up. There no need to hoard food on stores. Trust me on this.

  27. Trump has failed in the public health issues and with so many people without insurance and such as this virus was said to spread fast here as the CDC doctors are urging us to prepare , many will fear the bills while this virus hits therefore spreading faster and faster with people not seeking treatment will hurt Trump tremendously when Democrat runners are aiming to change this during the crisis. It does not seem like it's going to be a hard choice after Americans sees deaths on American soil from this while thousands are confirmed with it and the economy continues to drop in many areas. The choice won't be hard in November my opinion. Unlike the majority of Americans who wanted him out during the hearings but had no say, now it will be a lot worse for Trump and his hand selected dream team of Attorneys, GOP Senators and his Supporters (who left) will not have any say as it's in the general publics ball park in November now.

  28. Judging by the comments on this thread, most of you have a bad case of getting brainwashed by the media also their so called leadership of Biden , Pelosi & Democrats. God bless you all … Trump 2020

  29. These Are The Same Idiots That Called Trump Racist For Banning Flights From China…Do Not Believe A Word They Say…He Did Not Blame The Democrats He Said They Should Be Working With Him And Not Against Him With This Virus…Which Is The Truth…These Idiots Are Making This Political.

  30. The probleme here is the money is put before our health. The first concern of Donald Trump is the stock market. But if ever the virus spreads in the general population that will be a big probleme. At the moment there is no information or data about how the virus is transmited. There are rumors that you don't have to have symptomes and it could be transmited. This outbreak is to take seriously our health must be put before the economy, the later can be fixed but our lives cannot if any lost. All mesures should have been put in place as soon as it started in China.

  31. I was looking this morning and Basil Smikle HAD an INK SMUDGE. In his forehead. Hair and makeup didn't catch it technicians didn't hide it. Why? And everyone knows Trump doesn't care if Americans die as long as he's protected.

  32. This is what a trump does. Trump is going to blame the Media and Democrats for anything and everything. He keeps telling lies because he thinks these lies will keep his “base” under his control. And he has been right so far. Maybe when schools and businesses start shutting down, family and neighbors start going into the hospital, and some even die, they will wake up to the fact that Trump is unfit and a danger to the survival of this nation, if not the world.

  33. Ok what can president Trump do? He is asking for 2.5 billion for research. There is NO know cure for this coronavirus. CDC is researching for a cure. Antivirals will not help per CDC. There has only be today 60 people in the US test positive. You people are just a bunch of pea brains.

  34. Come on california boot out all the red republican welfare states! You know they will just drag you down. You dont need them (they need you) I'm sure many other blue states would follow you! They can make trump president for life if they want!

  35. Trump is more concerned about the stock market than human beings getting this terrible virus. Pitiful. Will he blame the Media and the Democrats when the stock market rebounds and goes back up???

  36. I don’t trust ANYTHING this admin says!! All trump cares about is the stock market and his re-election! He is so sick!! He is blaming Dems for this LOL! Seriously?

  37. Looking for leadership from this President on a potential health crisis is laughable. Did anyone really think he would step up and treat this seriously? All he cares about is the stock market tanking because his hopes for re-election rest solely on the economy.

  38. Our head of Health and Humane Services Alex Azaris is a Republican attorney, politician, pharmaceutical lobbyist, and former drug company executive who serves Trump. He's another blood sucking attorney covering for his overlords! THIS IS A CULLING. I don't believe anything the government wants me to believe. Trump and his buddies will hide in bunkers if this gets bad, and leave the rest to their fate.Trump has a bunker at Marilargo "That’s nuclear bomb proof!" He also revealed that in the event of a nuclear apocalypse, he would be heading on down to the Mar–a–Lago shelter, built by the US government in the 1940s to store bombs.

  39. Oh sure if no one knew people were catching a deadly disease no one would upset over it. This is Trump's solution to everything, ignorance.

  40. I've been predicting the crash for the past year. Finally, it's here. Let's watch all those greedy Wall Street suits lose their shirts.I want to see America hit a recession! Everyone has been avoiding the signs. The Fed has been pumping money through repos and everyone has been avoiding it. Now we can't. Time to pay the bank!

  41. Project Veritas journalists caught ABC News political correspondent David Wright admitting that they don't give President Trump credit for the good things he does.
    "I Feel Terrible About it, I Feel That the Truth Suffers, the Voters Are Poorly Informed…Our Bosses Don’t See an Upside in Doing the Job We’re Supposed to do; Which is to Speak Truth to Power and Hold People to Account.” haahahahahahahaha CNN exposed, the other lefty main stream media are the same.

  42. On Wednesday, a federal appeals court ruled that the Trump administration is allowed to withhold millions of dollars in federal aid from states that allow Sanctuary Cities.

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