Trump goes sensible on foreign policy (Assad, Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein...)

we commit us around 20 others here is a whole different thing and you look at what's happening I view Isis is very important and I love the fact that Russia is hitting Isis and as far as I'm concerned they've got to continued as you know in Russia oh yeah Russia is hitting their head groups that we're back to your and why are we back in the group we don't even know who those people are I speak to generals the same we're giving billions of dollars of equipment to people we have not here we go again we're giving all of this money and all of this equipment to people we have no idea who they are they're probably worse than a side I mean I'm facades no baby he's not good but who the people who are back in here we go no that's Libya that's present obama's argument yeah a little bit through the web no I fall into those and we have no idea where why is he doing it I mean he's giving them a lot of weaponry you say you have have a good relationship with Putin or would have a good relationship I would have a very good relationship but but who knows so could you convince Putin to get Assad to step aside well they've been trying to do that could I I don't think it's that important to be honest with you i think frankly let's say you get rid of Assad or you knock out that government who's going to take over the people that were back in and then you can have like libya right you take Qaddafi oh we have to get rid of Gaddafi look what happened after we got rid of Gaddafi look what happened here we had gotten under bobby was a mistake it was just yeah it to me it was a total mistake I mean did you Benghazi Benghazi was the least to look look at what's going on over there it's a mess nobody knows anything about anything you look at you look at Saddam Hussein we get rid of Saddam Hussein the terrorist it's the hospital getting rid of Gaddafi and get him in a Saddam Hussein but both mistakes had we not done anything had our politicians gone to the beach and enjoy the Sun we would be in a lot better position that we are right now Saddam Hussein no good guy but Saddam Hussein killed terrorists now Iraq is the Harvard of Tara you want to become a terrorist go to Iraq they'll teach you how okay Saddam Hussein was a bad guy but you know one other thing you did he blocked around I mean once you once you knocked out that section all of us and I said it in 2003 2004's against the war I said you're going to have the Middle East is going to be a mess they used to fight forever they couldn't move they go 10 feet one way 10 feet the other now you have a total destabilization in the Middle East

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