Trump meets with China's President Xi for high stakes trade talk

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  1. Xi has this story to tell and has stuff written down in front of him. Lol, Trump has nothing in front of him and simply just wants a fair trade deal. Period.

  2. Can you helping me to say my messages President China Xi request to him East China Sea just a little problem Fishermen entered the boundary of the Philippines sea .My government to much problem to them if your people fishing in my country Philippines sea they lost big banking…I needs your helps about my marriage arragement problem.I can used your connection inside USA i have conflict figthing to fans Hailey Baldwin i received bads comments from her fans you knows to much insulting with me Dogs son Oscar Bieber she gives that name to say what she wants with me?She received more jobs commercial indorstment fashion now she have a business now the song I don't care still in top ranking….Fox news reporter can you say it to him my messages

  3. Why fox news does not tell viewers that trump really lost the battle against China, that tariffs caused many losses of money, both in agriculture and trade

  4. This whole G20 summit was a blunder for American International Politics. I backed Trump despite all the criticism until now… How are you going to let a government that killed an American Journalist slide and how are you going to let China slide despite all the dirt we found on them and the internal situation slide, we were actually making progress on hitting them economically Wow Trump.. Just wow

  5. Thank goodness Ivanka was there, but don't the other world leaders have kids too? Why would they leave them at home and not bring them to the summit?

  6. Wow! you can really feel the tension in the Room, Trump is out of sorts! Xi is sharp, Both countries benefit in Corporation but lose in confrontation,

  7. Mr Trump USA first we could do all the things that china are producing good quality and safe stop importing fake and toxic china products / we make them rich only for nothing /manufacture everything here and its more jobs / made in USA thats what the world wants

  8. USA has been cursed by God! Because of its Hypocrisy. Let them taste the wrath from God in Heaven! Let them know Who God in Heaven, really is!📣
    In the name of JESUS!
    /BEN, Prophet in the world 🗡🛡🇸🇪

  9. American needs to get better at ping pong…ha! President Trump is pretty good at trade negotiation chess, but we cannot afford to trust Huawei…hope China and USA can agree on reasonable trade agreement. IJN

  10. Finally a real president of the United States…. no thanks to liberalism a google auto correct scam..playing politics

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