Trump speaks with Putin at G20 summit in Osaka, Japan

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  1. Putin seems to be laughing all the time. It is obvious hat he does not take all that American media theatre seriously. He even helps his opponent against the paparazzi that are at Trump's throat. Funny !

  2. Why are the chairs so close to the ground? Even for putin. They look uncomfortable. Another thing I hate in this meeting, is Jared Kushner.

  3. Look how Putin looks at Trump like your father looking at the sun so proud of him I'm not joking are playing around really watch the video again with no sound shocking

  4. قال تعالي

    (والله خير الماكرين)

    (ولاتحسبن الله غافلا عما يعمل الظالمون)

    (كلا إ نا خلقناهم مما يعلمون فلا أقسم برب المشارق والمغارب إن لقادرون)

    ( وإن يوما عند ربك كا أ لف سنة مما تعدون)
    (إن ربكم الله اللذي خلق السموات والأرض في ستة أ يام ثم استوي علي العرش يغشي الليل النهار يطلبه حثيتا والشمس والقمر والنجوم مسخرات با أمره أ لا له الخلق
    والأمر تبارك الله رب العالمين)

    (إن بطش ربك لشديد)

    (هل أتاك حديث الجنود فرعون وثمود)

    (ومانرسل بالآيات إلا تخويفا)

    (وإذا قلنا لك إن ربك أحاط بالناس )

    (وذرني ومن يكذب بهذا الحديث سنستدرجهم من حيث لا يعلمون
    أ ملي لهم إ ن كيدي متين)

    (إ ن اللذين يلحدون في آياتنا لا يخفون علينا)

    (اللذين يتبعون النبي الأمي اللذين يجدونه مكتوبا عندهم في الثوراة والإنجيل )

    (اللهم صلي وسلم وبارك علي نبينا محمد وعلي أله وصحبه)

  5. 你看看你看看 耶穌基督的大能 脾氣最強大的 超級強國 美 俄都放下身段了世界和平 絕對會到 天上的神 眼睛 火焰 觀察全地😎😇😆👍AcPH

  6. Not gonna lie, I don’t like they guy but if he improves relations with Russia and China and trade has improved by the time of the election, he might have my vote. I just really wish he would focus some energy to increasing the infrastructure budget

  7. Would you tell Putin not to meddle with the election?

    Mr Trump smiles, don't meddle with the election, don't meddle with the election.

  8. Mainstream media dont like trump,and putin work cooperatively beacause they both are nationalist leaders who loves their people.

  9. at 1:48 you see how Putin looks at Alpha Trump and he gives him the wink like "it's your turn buddy"…classic

  10. Why did he say don't meddle it was awkward that's what the media wants. He should ignore stupid questions. He has only told him a million times..don't meddle and now its embarrassing.

  11. 🤣😂😂😂😂 Donald 😂😂😂
    Good move(and a cool Putin who showed a lot of character in the two years of 💩) , even no one believes that Medaling 💩 anymore 🤣🤣
    Whas that a Journalist from MSNBC 😂😂😂

  12. Airing these press conferences is a waste of time cuz can't hear a thing!! All the annoying cameras clicking obliterates the talking. Those kind of cameras should be banned in press conferences.

  13. Watch Trump the sellout and part of the DEEP STATE hold his little hands in a TRIANGLE while talking to Putin. Triangle of course means he is a 33 degree MASON. And he's showing to his masters and anybody who understands where his allegiance is. It it the Devil their god.

  14. Sounds like machine guns going off. So lovely to see the two most powerful leaders sharing a joke at the expense of the vulturous media

  15. You could tell Trump is scared of Putin can even look at him in the eye and tell him not to meddle in the election.

  16. We need to stop having wars and learn how to talk things out like human beings. If conversations like these continue to happen we can be more successful in the future.

  17. How come this video doesn't show Trump joking with Putin about fake news and reporters? People want to elect Trump again. I guess they want to have a dictatorship in America! I'm sure he wouldn't mind staying in the White House forever….🙄

  18. I really like Trump he seems like a good and wise man also he has strong charisma. Greeteings from Russia, we should be friends not enemies

  19. Gentlemen, dynamic duo, left right combos knock out punch. Can you pull the triggers? Release the cracken. This is fun to watch.

  20. This is a raw clip and this network cares so little about our time that they can't tell us that its raw. And they care so little about our time that they can't figure out how to post a regular report/summary of the event.

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