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some other important policy news today the president announcing a border czar to oversee immigration policy named Tom Holman he once told Congress immigrants need to be worried about facing arrest that those in the country should be afraid that that was a goal of policy and his acting head of Icy helped of course launched the family separation policy the impact still felt with thousands of displaced persons around the country in new york times video today reveals this is the youngest known child taken from their parents four months old what you see there as a part of the new york times reporting is just how young these detentions are getting this policy continues although as you know the Trump administration has claimed that it backed off so-called zero tolerance now this top immigration official last year also made ways with something that continues to resonate today because we were seeing more and more detention facilities something we covered on the show last night well the Trump administration has claimed these centers are not really detention camps they're more like summer camp the best way to describe them is to be more like a summer camp these individuals have access to 24/7 food and water there's basketball courts there's exercise classes there's soccer fields that we put in there summer camp those were outrageous comments too many at the time and today you're looking at a brand new music video this is debuting today it is called as a satire quote camp America musician vic mensa using this footage and talking about how children were sleeping on the ground and forced to be in cages I'm joined now by Reverend Al Sharpton host of politics nation and someone who's worked on these civil rights issues and has covered and discussed the immigration child is under this administration with us before when you look at all this action on immigration when you look at in the culture that new video is this still in your mind the face of Trump's immigration policy as children cages no doubt about it you recall I went down to the Texas Board of an ecumenical group and they were arguing then that well we were just going to do this for a short period of time we're not dealing with breaking up families and they have done that over and over again and I think people need to look at re and I and I give you a lot of credit for showing it we're looking at a four month old baby I mean who are we as a country that we could look at a four month baby separated from their parents at the same time you go into a point a person who said that immigrants need to be afraid of being arrested in admin Jews are this is this is the same day this is the child here on the screen this what does it say that the administration has moved to be more aggressive that there was what was described as a quote purge at DHS to bring in more these people that mister home and as you mentioned the ice director I want to play there they're doubling down on this while there is understandably a lot of other news and controversy they're doubling down on this look at this this Trump official I'm talking about home and take a look sanctuary cities in my opinion they're in American that's not the America I grew up in that's protect American citizens as much as you're fighting for the only alien do not blame sorry for deaths in custody then blame the Democrats you have to put the blame on the parents you're looking at outra first of all when you say we're fighting for American people not others it is American people that want a humane immigration policy we're not talking about charity here we're talking about people that are seeking asylum for reasons of instability crime or that we as a nation has a process to see whether or not they can gain asylum here and we respect those that are here he has redefined Americans as people that don't care about anybody that will snatch 4-month babies out of people's lawns and it's saying that's the American Way our way our one kind of culture or everybody else be damned but we don't care what happens to the rest of the world is not being American I want to ask you about the politics of this too because that's a big part of this you are not only known for the work you do in the Civil Rights you are all say it if you want you are also an important figure in this Democratic primary you've been not only interviewing the candidates but I know you talked to a lot of them fair yes I do when you talk to Democratic candidates do you get the impression that immigration is something that the Democratic Party and potentially the nominee are gonna actually go after this time because as you know they're in a lot of cycles where the politics of this seem to be Democrats playing defense I think that some will and others will not I've encouraged all of them that we must go after the immigration policy because one it is something that Donald Trump has used in a very negative way and secondly you cannot do global politics without people around the world looking at that form of a form of oh baby and others saying what kind of people are we dealing with here for them to now in in many ways double down on this kind of immoral barbaric kind of policy it's something that will affect us in terms of global politics and if Democratic candidates don't stand up and call them out on it then what is the difference we need to say this is wrong this is Amaro we need an immigration policy nobody's talking about just opening up the doors but we need a process that is fair and we certainly should in no way shape or form participate in taking children from their parents I appreciate your vigor on that and I will note here as we continue to cover this 13200 unaccompanied children right now in the custody of the Trump administration because of the choices of this policy we'll stay on it I know you will as well Reverend Sharpton hey I'm already Melvin from MSNBC you can see more of our videos right here or better yet 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  1. No doubt the Trump administration is immoral, but in order to credibly point that out we need credible, moral people. Al Sharpton, who became a prominent public figure based on a terrible lie, doesn't qualify.

  2. Demencia Don has a new plan to tattoo a number on all detainees and their kids so homeland security can keep track of them😩, he read about doing this in some German book😩😩😩

  3. Taking a four month old baby from their parents is beyond sickening! Homan is another one of Trump/Hitlers servants and I pray his dark soul goes back to the Winterlands very soon

  4. Catch and release laws requires Border Patrol to release illegal immigrants to the US, whenever they claim asylum and a fear of harm if deported back to their country. Trump wishes to build a wall along the US Mexico Border, and some portions of this wall is, or will be physically set back some distance from the actual legal border. It would be a great idea to bus illegals that claim asylum, or otherwise may not be deported, to areas of where the wall is set back some distance from the legal border. Technically this would not be a deportation, because they will be dropped off inside the legal boundaries of the US. A good wall, fences, gates, checkpoints, etc.. should prevent those lacking legal status from passing thru the checkpoints along the wall and entering, or re-entering the US. It would be nice to have some water and shade available at the drop off points.

    There are many large national parks, forests and other public lands along the border with Mexico. Instead of just one wall, two or more walls may be constructed on the US side of the border, and they may allow unrestricted travel south, to exit from the US to Mexico. Northbound travel would be restricted by typical customs and immigration checkpoints. Some illegals could be transported to secure fenced and walled campground on the US side, that will prevent these illegal campers from passing thru checkpoints to the US, but allow an easy exit to Mexico. Again, these illegal asylum seekers would still be within the US, and technically this would not be a deportation. Many nice campgrounds could be built with showers, picnic tables, pavilions, bathrooms, BBQ grills, etc.. and these campgrounds would enhance the national parks and be available to US campers after the immigration crisis is over. Make US Campgrounds Great Again.

  5. Why does this sound so familiar? Is it just me or can I hear echos of Auswitch and Buchenwald in this activity by the Trump administration? Instead of the yellow star of David on the shop and home windows and mandatory yellow armbands, these people have the color of their skin and their nation of origin to identify themselves to the "authorities." The Poles, Ukrainians, and Jews from across Europe and their descendants in the USA must be cringing with each new report of these inhumanities. Armed troops at your borders. how different from "Brown Shirts" in the streets racially profiling an ethnic group? Come on America, for over seventy years, as a nation you have by and large been so much better than this. The damage this may portend threatens the very existence of your Republic. Only you can replace this would be dictator and his poisonous cronies. Time may be short.

    What Donald Trump and his crime ridden administration has done to these asylum-seeking children and their families, WILL SOON BE DONE TO TRUMP'S OWN CHILDREN.

  7. Please Look at the Real Issues as Why
    – Did Jeff Sessions recluse Himself after the topic of Adoptions was leaked Out
    – Did trump put Neo Nazi in charge of homeland security, while he makes friends with dictators
    – Why Haven’t those Kiddnaped Children shown being moved at night in New York City – Been found yet???n
    – Why did Alabama pass a law to confiscate all unwanted births
    – Why is the Religious Right so Silent about women and Child Abuse

    Why – Why – Why are We so Silent about Issues that are Destroying Us
    As We Watch Burn Baby Burn under Trump policies, with his illusions of grandiosity or
    – separation of humans from robots to keep capitalism Alive.

    No Doubt the End of Something is Here and Something New is About to Happen.
    And it will be Worldwide – We can already see rebellious humans for Humanity in other countries as we are waking up to our own problems.

    Now We can see homelessness moving upwards … into trickle down territory

  8. China, Russia and NOKO all have "Summer camps" as well although they are referred to as re-Education camps AKA work camps.

  9. Ask your own children: "What would you do or feel if you didn't know where your Mom or Dad were or if they were ever coming back to get you?" Ask any kid if you don't have kids.

  10. A part of my heart dies when I see images like these. For the children, for their parents and for all the Americans who DO NOT agree with these inhuman "" politics "".
    History judges severely … of her, nobody escapes TRUMP !!!!!!

  11. It's like summercamp… where we've decided to take back the soccer balls and English classes. You know, summer camp where you get locked up away from your parents and you spend your days staring at bare walls? Great fun, good times.

  12. How can this stupid make believe station still put Brennan on after all the lies he told the people about the fake Russian story?


  14. And this is why today you are the most hated nation in the world,,, travelling around with a maple leaf trying to appear as if you are Canadians,

  15. Trump cruelty of separating children from parents and putting children in cages is known around the world. Republicans have NO family values or moral compass. Republicans are un-American cowards!

  16. I am ashamed of my country! How is it that any person can treat their neighbor like garbage! This is blatant immorality to treat one's fellow human like this!!!

  17. Why do you keep saying "This is not our America". Yes it is. This is 2019 and this is your America today. You've allowed this to happen. Nobody else. Shame on all Americans. Shame..

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