Tucker: 2020 Democrats all agree on immigration

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  1. Omg…, now I love democrats! They make me lough, like a lot and they are helping a lot for TRUMP 2020! I love these idiots more and more, everyday! Keep on the great job!

  2. Trump is in violation of the 1951 Refugee Treaty set forth clear obligations on nations where refugees flee to seek safe haven.
    The treaty defines refugees as people with a well-founded fear of persecution and requires nations to refrain from returning refugees to lands where their lives or freedom are threatened.
    Recognizing that refugees often must flee their homelands on short notice without obtaining travel documents, the Refugee Treaty forbids countries from imposing penalties on refugees on account of illegal entry so long as they present themselves promptly to authorities and show good cause for their unauthorized entry. 
    More than 145 nations have also ratified the treaty, making it one of the most important human rights treaties in effect. With the shameful memory still alive of U.S. officials refusing to allow German refugees to disembark from the St. Louis because they lacked immigration visas, the United States also ratified the international refugee treaty and agreed to its provisions.
    Therefore, it is absolutely clear that international law protects people who enter the U.S. without papers, if they promptly go to Border Patrol officers and ask for asylum. Prosecuting individuals at the southern border for illegal entry violates the international laws that the United States expressly adopted and agree to uphold.
    These criminal prosecutions violate U.S. law also. Title 8 of the U.S. Code states that all non-citizens who arrive in the U.S. (whether or not at a designated port of arrival, including people stopped in international waters before getting to the U.S.) have a right to apply for asylum, irrespective of the non-citizen’s status. 
    This means that whether they have a visa or not, whether they entered at a regular border crossing or not, whether they entered surreptitiously or not, they have a right to apply for asylum.
    A related statute, 8 U.S.C. 1231(b)(3), states that the U.S. cannot remove non-citizens to a country where their lives or freedom would be threatened. If U.S. officials prosecute individuals or turn people away who want to apply for asylum — without giving them a hearing to see if they qualify for asylum —  they are violating two U. S. statutes: the right to an asylum hearing and the obligation not to return people to countries where their lives or freedom would be threatened. Simultaneously, they are violating international refugee law.

    Nations have the right to control their borders and to impose immigration measures. But both U.S. law and international law recognize that refugee situations involve great peril and require nations to allow human beings — however they crossed the border — to demonstrate that they have a well-founded fear of persecution and that their lives or freedom would be threatened if deported.

  3. "I do not believe you are a racist" jesus christ it's kinda scary to think that these people already have roles in our government

  4. 1:20 – 1:39 maybe if you watched the debate and actually kept up with their policies, you would know that they support decriminalizing people who are only, and i cannot stress this enough, ONLY seeking refuge. specifically separating those desperate families from the actual criminals you just described. stop trying to convince your boomer audience that all the people who come here are just bringing trafficking and drugs- life on the other side of the border exists. reasons to want to venture here for the sake of one's family and quality of living exist.

  5. The left is official trying to start war with us. These are NOT American values in the slightest. Anyone who truly feels that these views are best for the world desperately needs to be lobotomized- been a long time coming and we should've done it years ago.

  6. That's right Tucker, they all agree that the Administration is abusing human rights. Taking kids away from their families, horrible living conditions, no asylum claims allowed, children die on a weekly basis. FIX THIS IMMEDIATELY or the Democrats will win a majority and then the fun will start.

  7. This is insane, they worry more about illegal aliens than the average or poor blue collar workers. This democratic party has gone insane. A country has to give priority to its citizens first than working on the priorities of illegal people. Whats up with talking in Spanish, If they let all the illegal central Americans to come to the US with open border policy, yes USA will be Spanish speaking country. Are democrats preparing for this ?

  8. We are broke trying to pay for health care because big pharma chooses to charge the USA more for prescription pills. Drive to Mexico for your medicine. It is way cheaper for the same brands.

  9. Tucker, you're a disgusting imbecile pig possessed by demons, and so are all the Trump supporters.

  10. Tucker,
    you and all your Trump comrades are puppets possessed by demons. Enjoy your
    pieces of silver. God will be the judge of you. “- Thou
    shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.” Mathew 22:39. Your concentration camps, your bigotry, all your societal evil will not be forgotten. Anyone who supports any of you is just as guilty.

  11. It’s as simple as this…if the countries that these immigrants come from would take care of their own people, they wouldn’t want to come here. They have their own country to blame for their hardships. The problem is that if they raise their voices in their country, they would be punished. In America you are apparently allowed to voice your opinion without consequence. Aside from the obvious the true reason this is all happening is because we have lost the truth. The powers that be have brainwashed the masses and convinced us that what is true is not true which is our father in heaven. As we have seen recently the media and the rich have convinced people that god is not real and we now seem to believe that the power of our fate is in our hands. This is the agenda of the “beast system” which is the weak minded non believers. People will pray to god in a crisis and curse him at the same time. So deep down people turn to him when they feel convenient. This is the “devil” as we call its, plan. He wants us to believe all the rubbish that we are currently seeing as true but I have some real news for you, it’s not! In the Bible it says clearly that we do not battle against flesh and blood but against sorcerers and principalities that rule this world. In other words for the dumb, we do not battle each other for it is the rulers of the world that we should be battling against. In more elaborate words……(look up elaborate), a long long time ago a royal bloodline was created. After generations had past they grew to power and spread across the continents. Now in 2019 every country black, white, yellow and red have this bloodline in their veins with only one purpose….to control you, your way of life and thoughts. Basically we are all on a checkered board and the powers that be are playing with us while laughing all the way to the bank…..check mate!

  12. So Antifa and their Democrat leaders say "No Border No Walls no USA at all" well folks you want
    a Democrat for President? Get off your butts and register to vote and VOTE! Help grandparents to register and vote!

  13. A vote for any of those demorats is a vote for communism. Good bye guns, good bye free speech and good bye to a free way of life.

  14. And you call immigration policy that treats children like vermin, forces people to drink out of toilets, and where the guards think and treat these people less than human acceptable? The Republican party has become the party of torture, and suffering.

  15. Funny how other immigrants(legal or not) are treated in these immigrants country of origin. Ask any country to spend their own tax money so that these immigrants will be taken proper care. see how that goes. I so wonder….

  16. I can't believe this is the reality… These so-called potential future leaders of the US is this ignorant… Where are the facts and logic supporting such idiotic statements and plans? I was always mutual when it comes to the policitcal side, but for now, I'll stick with the current leader.

  17. 🔴 Texas has 38 electoral votes. 🔵 New York has 29.

    A state gets 1 electoral vote in the Electoral College for every representative in the House. According to Wikipedia (using 2016 statistics), there is 1 representative in the House for every 720,000 people. So, in other words, a state gets about 1.5 electoral votes in the Electoral College for every million people.

    The current estimated number of illegal immigrants in Texas is 1.6 million.

    However, MIT and Yale agree that there are at least 2-3 times as many illegal immigrants nationwide (i.e., 22-33 million) as the current estimate nationwide (11 million). Let's assume that MIT's and Yale's models are evenly distributed by state. So, according to MIT & Yale, there are actually about 3.2-4.8 million illegal immigrants in Texas.

    First, let's look at the lower end of the MIT/Yale estimate. We'll use 3.33 million to make the math easy:

    3.33 million people = 5 electoral votes in the Electoral College

    If 3.33 million illegal immigrants move from Texas to New York, the electoral votes would change like so:

    🔴 Texas: 33 electoral votes (i.e., 38-5)

    🔵 New York: 34 electoral votes (i.e., 29+5)

    By simply enticing illegal immigrants to move from Texas to NY, New York can subordinate Texas in the Electoral College.

    Now let's look at the higher end of the MIT/Yale estimate:

    4.66 million people = 7 electoral votes in the Electoral College

    If 4.66 million illegal immigrants move from Texas to New York, the electoral votes would change like so:

    🔴 Texas: 31 electoral votes (i.e., 38-7)

    🔵 New York: 36 electoral votes (i.e., 29+7)

    New York and California are trying to siphon the electoral votes of red states by enticing their illegal immigrants to move to NY & CA.

  18. A strong Nation must have a strong borders! If there's no border that country is not a nation!
    It's the nation of refugees!
    USA must have a strong border!
    We support you USA
    Deport all the illegal immigrants!
    It's high time to save American, keep American safe!

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