Tucker: LeBron sides with China, not free speech

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  1. Le Bron,  go to China and stay there. See for yourself how the Communist Party screws up the people.
    When Mao was marching through China in the 30's and 40's, the slogan of his Communist cabal was "Serve the People". No. not slogan, call it propaganda. And there is a corollary doctrine they practiced to the hilt: "Power comes from the barrel of the gun."

    The present day Communist cabal still practice this doctrine and it guides them when when crush dissent in their country, in Hongkong and elsewhere. They use it to steal territories from weaker and poor countries. 

    Do you want to be labeled a COLLABORATOR James?
    Its not too late to make things right , James.

  2. So many people profit from America yet they betrays her liberty.

    Go live in China and criticize the Chinese government. You will see what happens to the people who criticize their government.

  3. If Lebron said "free hongkong", will he treated differently by all of you? What a shame for the "freedom of speech". Love Lebron from Hongkong!

  4. What if Abe Lincoln waited for the state of the Gettysburg address????
    Just think about it
    There’s people in Hong Kong
    Just like there’s money in China

  5. LeBron sides with people, real people, fans, friends, instead of dirty politicians trying to gain some political advantage, when have no idea about what's really going on in HK! This is not about free speech. This is about not being a jerk. China has all the freedom just like you do to boycott you when they feel hurt by your doing. I guess FOX or tRump will terminate you in a heart beat if you say negative things about FOX. Why pay you to devalue them? Is it a common sense???

  6. If Trump wanted to pay LeBron enough I guess he can get him to wear a MAGA Hat pregame and post game and during interviews. We see you LeBron

  7. Labron knows what he's talking about. He's a awesome basketball player that graduated from a great college…… sorry ,wrong guy.

  8. I am from Hong Kong, and hearing someone, so privileged, so rich say things like this, supporting China for seemingly no other reason other than money and personal interests – it makes me despair. Hong Kong people are out there fighting for whatever is left of our freedoms – people are getting tear gassed, beaten up, shot every single weekend as we try to fight a battle we know we can't win. Hearing this hurts, it makes me angry. It seems that to LeBron, our lives, our freedom doesn't matter at all.

  9. wow you have a base …so just starting telling the truth…you could really be an econ…..love what your doing but hate the negative

  10. Lebron is right, people need to stop thinking about themselves and being so selfish by supporting a true democratic freedom movement, instead of bowing to Xinnie the Pooh. Don't people even care about Lebron's billion-dollar endorsement deals with Chinese corporations? Have they no heart? How's he supposed to buy another twelve mansions? It's not like kids in Hong Kong are laying down their lives for the freedom of their… oh wait… erm… uhhh… go Lakers!

  11. All he had to say in that position was “I don’t really have an opinion on the matter”. That way you can’t face criticism from any side.

  12. It seems like all these statements against LeBron or anyone else for that matter, I'm just thinking in my head, mentally just listening to Howie's being criticized and thought to myself if that was me how would I feel???
    I feel like, it seems like if you're not on the same page ,on the same course ,on the same thought process as y'all are then something wrong with the other person now really what is dictatorship really like

  13. LeBron seems to think words are more harmful than the real violence the Chinese Communist Party has inflicted against millions of people over the years. For example, the UN recently conducted an investigation into the massacre of Falun Gong practitioners by the CCP, and in its conclusion, stopped just short of calling it "genocide."

    In short, LeBron is a moron.

  14. Why did we share our technology with the world. Could you imagine if we never shared the idea of a cell phone or computer with other countries. We would be decades ahead.

  15. Oh please Tucker. You suck up to Fox News all the time just because Fox News signs your check. How is that any different from Lebron who checks are signed by China? Tucker is a hypocrite just like all the mainsteam media.

  16. Hong Kong man murdered a pregnant girlfriend strangled her Carrie Lam want to extradite him back to Taiwan. That never on the western biased news.

  17. Falun Gong Tibetan Self-Immolation ,Hunger Strikes Uyghur car bombing ,stabbing, Hong Kong used laser on police and people assaulted police and assaulted seniors women cab drivers and drivers stabbed police vandalized assaulting police, people beat so bloody by thugs protesters violence and vandalism rioting every weekends.

  18. Lol Republicans love counting pockets. The same thing that’s happening in China is happening all over the Middle East… Why is everyone acting like they care now?

  19. Labron James: Don't talk about subjects you don't know about.

    Tucker Carlson: Labron James said, "you better not talk about China."

  20. It’s not just Lebron it effects. I don’t agree Tuck. Mostly I do, but you just twistingwords. He is a business man. And so is the NBA.

  21. I'll never understand why athletes are paid on such a large scale while people like soldiers, doctors, firemen, etc., are paid such a measly amount by comparison. LeBron wouldn't have such an inflated view of himself if his salary reflected his education level or the fatality index of his profession. Its crazy how society today idolizes these people in the entertainment industry over people who actually save lives on a daily basis.

  22. We all side with China. Let’s not for the 1.3 trillion dollar debt, the huge amount of imports we get from them and how much real estate China owns here. Free speech works in America. When it comes to international politics, one should tread lightly.

  23. So what is the Republican stance on these matters? Should athletes be speaking in favor of social justice or not? Should we be keeping sports out of politics or not? Make up your minds.

  24. So, yeah I'll say it.

    Michael Jordan would never have sold himself and the league to Communists for a quick buck.

    MJ GOAT.

    LeBron James, morally dubious.

  25. It is not the United States place to promote subversion and instigate protest against another country's government. No government in the world is going to allow that to happen. Imagine, 300 million Chinese NBA fans are being encouraged by LeBron James and the NBA to rise up against the political system in China? If you believe that United States foreign policies embrace democracy and American values in other countries than you are an idiot.

    The United States has been guilty of going around the world propping up tyrants and dictators that have killed and oppressed millions of people because they wanted democracy. The United States have over 800 military bases and installations in 146 countries in every corner of the world. And trust me, it is not always about good intentions. There is nothing dovish about America's intervention in the internal affairs of foreign countries. Libya is a prime example of a country that was destabilized and allowed to fall into chaos to suit the United States interest. The U.S. government said Gaddafi was a badman and had to be overthrown. Well, look at Libya now. Today, they are openly selling people as slaves in Libya. Where is the democracy in Libya?

  26. LeBron and China can try to take our freedom, and i know every american will stand with me guns blazing if China ever wants my freedom of speech

  27. Do u support freedom of speech? If u do I don’t see u saying the n word on TV. U want to say that so much don’t u.

  28. So where is LeBron's freedom of speech, the man literally said freedom of speech has its limits and everyone just proved him right? Anyone sees the irony in all this?

  29. Apple's Tim Cook made the point: American companies oblige many government's requests for censorship. In Saudi Arabia and many other countries, our companies configure their hardware and software for local consumers. It is hypocritical to support China censorship while allowing Saudi censorship. My issue is when the NFL allows China to throw people out of games in the USA for protesting what is going on in Hong Kong. That is total BS!!!!

  30. As Americans we all need to stop buying Chinese goods and be willing to pay a little more for American brands. That also goes for American companies that bows down to China or any communist regime. We have built China and even our tech companies are willing to sell us out for profit to this country. We are told all the time Russia is our biggest threat because they have the second largest nuclear weapons program but china is our biggest threat and we work with them more than anyone. I'm to blame and I know it but big corporations have made it impossible to only buy American or from our allies. If we would start working together no matter who is president we would be one strong country but seems like as conservatives or libertarians we have to shut up when the left is in power and even when the right is we have to walk on eggshells because feelings over facts. Where did we go so wrong, I personally say it happened right around the 1960s and never stopped.

  31. Perhaps NYC should decide to ask for it’s independence let’s see how well the United States would react.
    King James is right on that topic.

  32. Ohh so we're gonna blame poor leadership in LeBron James? Who was drafted into the league in '03, and didn't really have the level of influence he does now untill recent years? Hold the people who have really been our "leaders" accountable.

  33. LeBron is right. Morey wasn't educated on the truth. Most Americans aren't. I live in China. It's a very free country. In my city, they have mosques, churches, and temples. Homosexuals can walk the streets hand in hand. Beautiful women are everywhere walking around wearing whatever they want. In fact, I enjoy more freedom here than I did in the Western world. Nobody in China is holding me in the airport for 3 hours because I forgot to pay my dog registration fee. I've never been to court in China for jay walking. Nobody in China is serving me with a citation and fining me because I had a clothes line in my back yard. I've never been arrested in China for drinking in public. But most importantly, in China I am free from the tyranny that drugs have brought to the streets of America. I feel safe to walk anywhere, at any time of night…that my friends is a true freedom you will never know.

  34. What LeBron said was stupid and just a money grab but now we're going to Fox news for free speech instructions gimme a break

  35. Perfect time for Americans to have a show of disagreement and stop supporting sports teams and athletes who want to hate the country that made them rich!

  36. Fuk. Kobe and Shaq got me to be a Lakers fan since i was teen. Now Lebron making me hope Kawhi shows who the real Alpha dog in LA is.

  37. Stop acting like these corporations didn’t sell out to China…Even major cities are owned by China/Japan, Chicago is one🤔…the Jobs did go to China, wake up humans.

  38. he is doing his freedom of speech,so what,everybody has right express their own opinion,you all double stander and idiots,i support every state in USA should be free and independent that is how Americans wish to the Hong kong and China. You all are jealousy because China get so powerful and people get rich. That is my right of freedom of speech!stupid people

  39. How could people in an authoritative country lead a good life? No Internet access, no freedom of expression, no privacy are what happen in China. Speed train in China is just a hoax. It doesn't really move. People in China are greatly oppressed and they work like slaves. That's why a large part of China remains poor and backward. If you talk to the people there, they are living in fear as they have no idea when their organs would be harvested when they are still alive. Chinese people deserve democracy and be free from dictatorship. America has to save the Chinese and give them a better life.

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