Tucker slams ‘chest-beaters’ cheering US strike on Soleimani

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Even ISIS have released a statement saying that Trump's killing of Solemani was an act of "Divine Intervention" … 🤔🤔🤔

  2. Oh what a sad world we find ourselves in, where tucker Carlson is the voice of reason. Never thought I’d be siding with him on ANY issues 🤷🏽‍♂️

  3. When bin laden was killed they were fighting for credit……lmao They invaded a country and assaulted a compound….no problem, right Tucker?

  4. The problem with economic sanctions on a dictatorship is that it only hurts the people of the country, not the dictators. They have more money and resources than they will every really use…..and any limit on those will flow down to the people that they are already suppressing.

  5. Tucker didn't listen to what Trump said. Tucker defaulted to his biased notions concerning "all" American military action. Give it time, it was a brilliant strategic move.

  6. The astounding amount of replies from pseudonyms here is kinda palpable, though too bad Fox News has to resort to marketing sock accounts and proxying replies to stay in business in the digital era.

    Time to retire and get a job you people are better fit for, like, washing dishes, or sweeping floors, something your intelligence can relate to you know, instead of trying to read paragraphs in E-Prime, and selling corporate bylaws to your obviously fluffed 4.1 million subscribers.

    Get with the 'program' . Lol

  7. The only thing that I might disagree with is the statement that Soleimani was a "bad guy". Was he really? Why? because he was responsible for the deaths of a lot of soldiers? As a general, if he wasn't responsible for the deaths of a good number of soldiers, he may want to find a job he could handle, cause this isn't it. Killing soldiers en mass is the only thing any general is ever expected to do. They're not good for much else.

  8. The people that claim "they're evil people who deserve to die" forget they accept campaign donations from private equity firms and pharmaceutical giants who push opioids.

  9. Tucker is on point. Read between the lines: Trump is surrounded by Washington wanting war with Iran for decades. He made AGA, but now he must deal with the inevitable neocons. They cannot be ignored and no POTUS will ever get rid if them. Trump is the 2nd after Kennedy to stand up to them as much as possible. The firing of Bolton was a good example. I am confident Trump is minimizing any disastrous outcome.

  10. What do you mean by "chest beaters"?
    Have you seen "painting day celebration" at New York Square in New
    York .Go and see your culture.

  11. We need to start publicly humiliating neocons whereever possible. Berate them, do anything to them short of violence(no hurting people) make them afraid to advocate sending our children to die fighting against our nations best interests.

  12. Suleimani was a brilliant military strategist, thats something both foe and friends agree on, those who know about military strategies agree, that strategists like suleimani come around once in a lifetime. Anyone who studies military strategies will know what im talking about.

  13. I’m a Bernie Sanders style leftist and I use this video and send it to my right-wing friends who may need someone they feel is unbiased to explain why escalation with Iran is a bad thing and engagement in the Middle East is harmful to our country

  14. We need to send this guy on vacation for a few weeks so we can "pop this off" real fast. Us J3ws are gonna get even richer either way, while you die for our own interests.

  15. Appears Tucker has made enough money from his years at FOX. He's probably financially secure enough to now speak the truth.

  16. You can’t compare Solemani who’s directly responsible for killing Americans to Mexico killing Americans because an American willingly decided to do some crack, appreciate honest reporting tho

  17. This is the first time I didn't call Tucker a complete moron, see what happens when you wipe the poop from your nose??? Lol

  18. Fox news is corralling all the GOP anti-war voices to Tucker .. so your anti-war sentiment does not spread to other Fox news viewers.

  19. Benefits? Maybe rich arms manufacturers. Maybe some of whom donate lots of money to politically charged organisations. Maybe American administrations want to rule the world.
    Why don't attack the cartels like this if the purpose is to protect Americans. A wall for cartels, and a drone for some bad guy? Suspicious at best.

  20. RT made a very interesting report about this. According to their investigative reports it seems that it is all about the Petrodollar…. about keeping the petrodollar system and all that its tied with it. Look it up and at least it is good to see different sides of the story and make your own conclusions.

  21. President Trump is a great leader and intelligent politian in history of the USA 🌹
    Trump started a revolution of reformation and launched a campaign against corruption and international terrorism 🌹
    Trump took a perfect wise decision against Iranian international terrorists whose killed and displaced millions from Iraq Syria Lebanon and Yemen also Sulaimani was involved in killing of Americans 👳

  22. trump you moron israel had you do it…tucker is absolutely right it was an act of war, trump israel is milking your america like you would a cow…

  23. Tucker Carlson, has lost his value in any of my following his beliefs in Supporting the USA or the BEST PRESIDENT IN my life time!! Good bye Tucker Carlson!!! 🧐😧

  24. Seems like Tucker was panicking… he clearly didn't view this problem from the views of the reasonable. What the heck does dumb American civilians have to do with Military Strategy, if the common people were to decide on things, the nation would look worse than San Francisco does today.

  25. Not news Fox News, it's an opinion piece by Tucker Carlson… And if you ask me, the nuke hasn't been used nearly as often as it should have. There are a few targets of radical people that should've had the bombed dropped on them back in 1940s. List in order of importance.


    Those 4 targets would have turned the whole world into a peaceful utopia by now if they had been bombed. But no we cannot be utilitarian and sacrifice innocent lives for the sake of saving infinitely more. It's this shitty rhetoric that you idiots without any foresight, planning etc, use, because you're all lunatics. Wake up sheople, because you're all being herded off the cliff face and you're sure bringing the rest of us down alongside you. And it's not only the Democrats that are wackier than wack, it's a lot of Republicans as well. No I'm going back to eating popcorn now, I'm gonna enjoy the day humanity perishes for letting ignorance spread like the plague it is.

  26. Tucker is a really intelligent and courageous guy. I appreciate hearing him expressing really independant and bold thoughts lately. Keep graduating.

  27. What of the millions of lives Soliemani saved by helping defeat ISIS and the thousands of middle eastern Christians and religious minorities but they won't tell you that will they . Assassination is illegal

  28. We killed one of the bad guys that was ordering the attacks vs just killing one of the flunkies. Don't think to hard on it Tucker. It's not that complicated.

  29. Tucker what the hell are you doing? Stop making sense, stop being level headed, stop being the adult in the room. Keep up the good work sir.

  30. The action against Soleimani was Trumps opportunity to announce a strategic doctrine that if you target Americans then the US will take out the leadership responsible for directing those killings. History shows that works. Its as simple as that…

  31. Washington's war propaganda machine ramping up – the same warmongers who told us we'd be showered with roses and celebrated by the grateful "liberated" of Baghdad Streets in 2003 are now telling us Iranians are saying 'thank you President Trump'. Today it's different when our own eyes witness the biggest funeral crowds ever in Tehran and Iraq…while lobbyists for Ratheon at al are busy with the same old pre-invasion propaganda. Keep listening to neocon warmongers Trump & 2020 is lost for you…the people do learn..& remember

  32. Shut up tucker. I love you. But american troops dont go unavenged. Leave strategy to the strategists please. Youre amazing at what you do, but come on man. This is elementary strategy. Read the prince by machiavelli. Then you might get it tucker. There really wasnt another option. They were getting bolder. Not just against us, but the UK had to endure some iranian trolling last year. Or did you forget about that?

  33. I like Tucker but he is wrong on this issue. Does he think it would be better to do nothing and let Iran get a nuclear weapon? Weak people do nothing and Germans rose to power and almost controlled the world. They killed millions while the US did nothing until Japan attacked us.

  34. I lost so much respect for you Tucker. Go over there and see how long you last. You are so misinformed. And you have embarrassed yourself and this network. Grow some balls and actually use the president name instead of hiding behind your words. How about doing some real work and find out the facts. Sad. A sad day for you!

  35. Was thinking about buying your book. Now I definitely will not! Stop misrepresenting things you obviously have no clue about. Shame on you Tucker!!

  36. Don't worry Tucker, the way things are going in mexico we'll be in there in a couple of years. And (of course) a HUGE amount of people will die…(on top of the hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, that have already died in the last 25 years) Cry Havoc.

  37. As problematic as Iran's government may be, the Middle East is honestly NOT our business, the Founders never meant for our government to be a glorified world police…

  38. 3:24 "Is Iran really the greatest threat we've faced?"
    I understand that SOME people want to go to war with them because of the globalist agenda and military industrial complex, but COME ON! REALLY!?

  39. Pompeo = a lying, cheating, thief Christian zionists as per his own confession.
    Solaimani linked to killing Americans is a huge lie to justify his assassination. Please do you own independent research.

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