Tucker: Stop-and-frisk isn’t racist, it saved lives

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  1. So you're suggesting that Terry stops be liberalized in New York? The question then becomes, "Should we liberalize them everywhere?" How does the 14th Amendment apply then? You might have an effective means to fight crime here, but you're opening up a can of worms trying to make this work out legally. You're going to have to resolve some issues concerning interpretations of what constitutes reasonable suspicion in a legitimate geographical sense, else New Yorkers will be able to argue that citizens in Plano, Texas should be routinely stopped and frisked. I'm not saying it can't or shouldn't be done, but if you don't have legal training, you don't understand how complicated these things can get or how laws in one place can cause chain reactions nationwide.

  2. Imagine that every time you left your house you were "stopped and frisked" 2 – 3 times per day, or even 2 – 3 times per week. How violated would you feel? Would you invite company over? Would you think twice about heading to a movie or grabbing a cup of coffee? Now imagine while you are being harassed by the same cops who just frisked you yesterday and they tip their hat to the white couple as they walk by you and say "yall have a good day". They were targeting people based on color. It was totally racist. I get the idea, but you can't discriminate who you frisk.

  3. Take a minute and look at the “ homeless problem in my state city of Austin!!! Look at what problems that has caused. Especially with the female students of UT that live there and students in general they can’t even feel safe in their area

  4. “Stop and frisk” is a VIOLATION of the 4th Amendment rights of every citizen.
    If there’s PROBABLE CAUSE, that’s a different story… and I believe “profiling” is NOT a violation when it is used judiciously by law enforcement.
    But simply seeing a kid walking down the street, so you stop, push him up against a wall and frisk him— that’s as offensive as it gets.
    Picture the cops doing that to YOU, Tucker, and I’m not talking ONCE. How about every WEEK you get grabbed by a couple of foul-mouthed cops with bad attitudes, thrown against a wall, and have your pockets rifled through. And they don’t even apologize, but instead they badger you– “where you going? … why?… who are you meeting?…”
    Do you think you might start developing a shitty attitude towards the cops?… I can PROMISE you it wouldn’t take more than THREE such episodes before you would be picketing in front of police HQ…

  5. Illegal search. But if the police see someone they think could be trouble there is nothing wrong with talking to them and seeing how they are doing. Maybe they could use some community services, medical care, or a cup of coffee.

  6. Thank you Tucker for being the only one for telling the truth that stop-and-frisk worked. You're the only media person telling the truth.

  7. Yet he sent all the cops into the black community because too many white ppl where getting stopped and he actually said that.

  8. Even the odious Mayor Sadiq Khan has been forced to reintroduce 'stop & search' in London. It prevents crime. Never apologise for it.

  9. It may have an impact sure, but would you say it is Constitutional? I mean, I guess I would be okay with it as long as they respected those who refused asking for a search warrant. But there really is no legal precedent for being allowed to just stop and frisk someone because they "look" suspicious.

  10. 12% success rate out of stop-and-frisk policy Tucker is not a remarkable number I'm sorry 12% is not acceptable
    1:17 the man said it not me….i dont know how 12% would ever be considered remarkable. It never worked. Stop and frisk was a state policy the TSA the national service those two you can't even compare it's completely unfair

  11. He's right, conservatives need to stop adopting democrats policies 4 years later or what are they conserving? And to all those saying wait until it happens to you, stop dressing like a slob. You really think Tucker would get stopped and frisked in his bow tie?

  12. It doesn't matter. "Stop and frisk" is as unconstitutional as you can get. Right up there with "red flag laws". The Terry vs. Ohio ruling was just another classic example of the judicial branch using their authority to interpret the constitution as they see fit, and in essence, redefining our "god given rights" for the express purpose of instituting authoritarian policies and procedures.

  13. I was disappointed in seeing tucker spout BS, but the comment section revives my faith in humanity a bit. WE SHOULD NOT ALLOW A VIOLATION OF OUR RIGHTS LIKE THIS

  14. Is Tucker serious rn?
    He is literally making a case for a police state. You can make the same case for healthcare.
    You already have laws on the book to deal with these crimes.
    Why make extra laws and give unlimited power to Police Institutions?

  15. If stop and frisk is racist, then why is it allowed before you fly. Go to the airport before you board a plane you are searched to make sure you aren't carrying anything dangerous. It works, so it's not racist if it reduces crime.

  16. A lot of people here seem to think that the police would abuse the stop and frisk rule. They seem to assume the police would immediately go out and try to find innocent people to pick on. I don't know why they think like that. If the police are going to stop someone, they probably won't because of a wild hunch speculation, but because the people who become police have talents and experience most of us don't have. They can pretty much detain anyone they want, and search them too. It's going to be up to them later to justify admissibility of evidence or legitimacy of a Terry stop, and typically what will happen is that a half-decent public defender will get evidence suppressed if the cop can't prove they had reasonable suspicion. Stop and frisks are effective on people that don't know the law-petty criminals that don't know how or when they can decline a search, or aren't likely to have the means to fight an improper search in court. They also may not know that the cop has information on them that can justify a pat down. Basically, the courts sanction violations of the 4th Amendment, and that sanction is the primary means of officer discipline. Local laws such as police department rules tend to punish officers that abuse Terry rules, but there's little remedy in the courts besides sanction. A stop and frisk rule in a city like New York tends to remove the departmental disciplinary factors and leaves the bulk of the motivation to conduct legal searches to the time, money and reputation lost in creating inadmissible evidence.

  17. Tucker, as a former police officer, 20 years of it walking some very tough beats, I dont believe most officers are racist. We all have bias but most police officers overcome it much better than the average citizen or politician. Stop and frisk is illegal on its face, of that there is no doubt and it put police officers in the position of making false arrests and lying in court to achieve a political end. The politicians always had an out but their policies put a lot of good officers in harms way. Did the ends justify the means? Not when the people implementing the means are not the ones accountable for it. Our beat team was once told to do certain things to achieve a similar end. We just said "Put that order in writing, sir". That was the end of that. Any leader who wont take responsibility for what he demands of his men isnt much of a leader, nor is he much of a man.

  18. Gang bangers are often in cars. How do you do a stop and frisk without lying about your grounds for doing so. Most gangbangers, pimps and dealers have their women holding the guns and drugs. There are creative legal ways to arrest them for that but stop and frisk is neither legal nor effective.

  19. Sorry thugs weren’t allowed to carry on committing crimes, HUMAN LIVES trump your temporary 5-minute INCONVENIENCE.

  20. I guarantee you if Tucker Carlson got stopped and frisked for no reason like so many young black men in NYC, he would be raising hell yelling" I have rights!" This dude is a joke 😂

  21. Tucker just LITERALLY made the case for the left to pursue gun control and universal background checks in the name of security.
    If the 4th Amendment can be ignored so can the 2nd.

  22. Intelligence led policing is vital for all of our safety and if this intelligence says that a certain group are responsible for gun, knife, homicide crime then it is stupid for the police not to target them with Stop and Frisk, as usual facts must trump feelings

  23. I completely disagree with Tucker on this, period. It is a constitutional violation, period. The best solution would be to educate the citizens of New York City on the 2nd amendment and then offer free gun operation and safety classes. Crime would rapidly decrease after a couple criminals get taken out by their possible victims!

  24. Youre wrong Tucker
    The ends dont justify the means..
    I've voted Trump,watched this show every night..
    But stop and frisk was absolutely 100% unconstitutional and racist.

  25. Stop-And-Frisk isn't inherently racist…

    Bloomberg's specific implementation of it…*kind of was.*

    This is all going off of the clip of him discussing stop and frisk that's well known now.

    He wasn't entirely incorrect in saying that over 90% of the criminals (and their victims) in NYC belonged to minorities (see Nuance Bro for proof on this…I didn't believe the figure at first)…but if your solution is to deliberately over-police said minorities ("send all the cops to minority neighborhoods") then yeah it's racist, lol.

    If you want to police every neighborhood above a specific crime threshold or something, yeah, it can still have disproportionate effects…but that is because of the already existing disproportionate circumstances. The policy would apply to over-acting white neighborhoods where there happened to be one.

    Too bad Mike Bloomberg didn't do that.

    Oh, and stop and frisk's success is DUBIOUS at best, lol.

  26. FOX in the spin zone. The stop and frisk program wasn't implemented in the rich white/black neighborhoods. Only used in the poor communities. Like rich people are exempt from committing crime. Yeah right.

  27. Just because somthing “saves lives” doesn’t make it right. If you take people’s freedoms to say drive away it would objectively save lives. I’d rather live free than die a slave. How many trips down the street does billionaire Bloomberg take without his private army?

  28. So if Stpp and Frisk saved Black and Hispanic lives then stoppping the policy is Racist demonstrating that to Liberls Black and Brown lives don*t matter to Liberals!

  29. Stop and frisk didn’t start with bloomberg or New York, it started with slave catchers stopping and frisking slaves. Understand us then criticize us please.

  30. Stop and frisk is unconstitutional and a violation of human rights PERIOD. You cannot argue for freedom over safety and stop and frisk. Either you stand up for individual rights or you don't.

    If you don't like freedom and rights there are plenty of other countries you can choose to move to.

  31. Whenever you go to a court house or any federal and state building, you're frisked, that's what those metal detectors are.

  32. We all know why this is being called racist, except it's not racist… Stop and frisk is open to abuse by racist cops though…

  33. Stop and frisk was unconstitutional and should have been met with armed citizens fighting back.
    Also TSA can go as well
    Your RINO slip is showing sir

  34. there is a stop and search law in NSW Australia and there is a disproportionate strip searching of young females and underage females, very few men are getting strip searched

  35. It saved racist lives? So maybe they should do it more actively on everyone to make there’s no school shootings anymore… or wait maybe get rid of the 2nd amendment has more effect

  36. It is still unconstitutional Tucker i agree it saved lives from the 13/90 who are running rampant in America killing everyone.

  37. This is why we can't have nice things. This is why old white women get body cavity searched by the TSA. It's because White Americans are pathetic and dishonest.

  38. Stop and Frisk was a useful tool in law enforcement. But, it eventually became the only tool, and then got abused. One black kid was reported getting stopped 19 times in a year just walking home from school. At that point, it's harassment and blatant racial profiling.

  39. If you haven't lived through it, then you have no idea how violating it is to have your inherent rights done away with under a color of law! Are they doing stop & frisk in your neighborhood tucker???? NO!!!

  40. Tucker I've been a long time viewer of yours, always thought you were about our rights & freedoms, but I guess you're "selective " when it comes to the rights & freedoms of a certain demographic, which by the way you've made perfectly clear . True colors show through time I suppose

  41. You know, Tucker, if the courts decide cops can just go house to house searching everyone and everything, A LOT more guns and drugs would be confiscated. Would that make it right? Just do away with the 4th Amendment and we'll all be safer, right? Just remember, he who gives up freedom for security will eventually have neither. I don't know the particulars of stop-and-frisk, but it doesn't sound like a world I want to live in.

  42. 20% of the people they stopped with stop and frisk had weapons. What do you think they're going to do with those weapons? It save thousands of Lives but the Democrats and their corrupt news media will never tell people that.

  43. To those that claim that stop and frisk violates the 4th amendment, the courts established the conditions which make it reasonable within the limits of the constitution. The 4th amendment is there to back you if you find the motives behind the stop and frisk were not within the conditions the courts established.

  44. I cannot think passed the Fact that in promoting this action ,"young black men being stopped and frisked just because they are young black men, while all other young men get a pass, " that a whole future generation of young black men watching will believe they were also born to be seen as criminals, therefore become what they believe of themselves. This kind of racialism teaches nothing good to a future generation of young black men . How does the act save lives while destroying future ones? It looks like a perpetuation of evil to me.

  45. I England its stop and search, and the police should be using it but they are so terrified of being labelled racist, its pathetic
    Meanwhile knife crime murders have rocketed in London, mostly black kids dying yet they still don't want stop and search.
    Crazy world.

  46. This is why don’t trust Fox News just because they views differ from other mainstream news. In the end they’re still snobbish elites telling the rest of us how to live.

  47. I will never understand why Bloomberg is running it does not make sense unless their is a hidden agenda. He knows he will not win he is spending up to a billion dollars with the only result humiliation and making himself a proven hypocrite. Clinton I believe is behind this.

  48. Tell this to Sean Hannity. He only got the memo that he was supposed to hate it now, since bloomberg is for it. He has literally no spine

  49. Tucker- Have your mother, wife, daughter etc stopped and frisked regularly…have a taste of that…enjoy it. It's effective, but a violation of constitutional rights. The ends don't justify the means, or does it? SMH.

  50. Stop and frisk wasn't racist they were targeting areas where the most crime was where the most calls were coming from and the people in those communities appreciate what was done. I'm sure they could have went until white Suburbia and pulled over a bunch of kids on their skateboards and found some weed. But do you really want them wasting their time where there is no crime or do you want them to go where it is. People are so ridiculous. Race-baiting Rangers

  51. then Mr. Carlson wouldn't mind if the police stopped and frisked him. You can call it saving lives and whatever pretty label you wish, but it's racial profiling as was evidenced in Arizona by the radical police chief that was pardoned by the fake president.

  52. Taking guns from statistically lawful owners is good. Taking guns from statistical lawbreakers is bad. Down is up, up is down. It's the statistically crime ridden places that will suffer. The blue voting places.

  53. Stop and frisk would have violated young black men like myself despite no history of violence. We really are a separate people!!!! . Too many differences to be bothered by the similarities.

  54. It was a violation of our rights and hurt more than it saved. That is the problem with giving away your essential liberties for temporary safety. Tucker is 100% wrong here.

  55. This proves that Bloomberg is running in the wrong primary. His favourability is dropping with everyone except conservatives. The fact that he has a lot of Democrat support debunks the myth that the Democratic party is anywhere to the left of center.

  56. Outside perspective: will the 2020 election be even more ridiculous than it was in 2016, focusing on unimportant subjects instead of the real questions? Judging by the Dem primaries it seems likely.
    It's also so tiresome to see how a word such as "racist" gets to kidnap and end debates in the US, and how it's become a simple dichotomy in "racist" or "not racist" which is a dumb binary division that they've sold and implanted in people's minds to end any real debate before getting to the central point.

  57. They stopped and frisked mainly people of color which you really don't know anything about Tucker so just shut up and stop sounding stupid behind your picket fence!

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