Tucker: We live in the age of ‘woke’ capital

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  1. The Left wants a global Communist state. The 2018 World Government Summit, attended by many celebrities and elitists from America and Europe, actually openly called for the envisioned world government to be based on the Chinese system. Millions of dollars pouring into Western colleges, they openly brag that our colleges are full of PLA officers; and strangely, our universities are cranking out pro-communist Americans at an alarming rate.

  2. It's not often I find myself agreeing with someone(Tucker Carlson), who blames his tiny inverted genitals on a gypsy apocalypse.

  3. When you are a communist and you suddenly like this guy.

    Never expected that to happen.
    1:01 It was fun while lasted.
    5:48 Happend again, odd XD

  4. I like you Tucker and youre one of the best persons in the US reality News. But dont say theyre Fascist when in truth theyre satanic Communists! Call them by their name! Fascism is harmless compared to Marxist Ideologies which create the most cruel and godless Societies.

  5. While leftists scream about fascism, and Russia, they suck on China's balls, and call for the mirroring of their government here…

  6. Corporations never cared about you. They catered to the right, and pc bible moms of the 80s and 90s because that was the majority. Now it's the woke left, millennials and china. That's where the money is.


    Black man protests during an NFL game: "DO YOUR JOB FOOTBALL MAN. STOP KNEELING."

    White man protests by tweeting, "STANF WITH HONG KONG. FREEDOM OF SPEECH."

    Dont get me wrong, what's happening in Hong Kong is a tragedy and I stand by thier democracy 100%, but this level of hypocrisy is absolutely disgusting.

  8. This is why i dont watch tv every 10 minutes you get bombarded with artery clogging food
    Drugs with more side effects than benefits
    these people make all sorts of claims but when it comes down to it they DONT CARE ABOUT HUMAN RIGHTS OR THE ENVIRONMENT
    All they care about is money and more money and control of your mind

  9. To anybody who actually takes this video serious. I laugh at you. The way these media puppets speak is persuasive. Think back to English class in high school. Ethos. Pathos. Logos. This is the way they speak and you people eat it up. ALL media is portrayed like this and you fools love it.

  10. china takes the best of both worlds, all property is state property (communism) but they also loan it out to private companies as long as they always have the last word in their function (fascist). They exterminate religious minorities in southern china and in norther china they put them in concentration camps. Anywhere you go in China there are reports of people that have gone missing after affiliating with religious groups or political movements and it's just a coincidence that China has a large market for organ transplants. So large in fact that many foreign insurance companies actually encourage people from EU and US and pay for plane tickets to send their patients to get transplants in china.

  11. Its strange how Alex Jones went from being the most laughed at jester to being the least outrageous prophet and people are eating their words about him.

  12. You have the right to speak, but you don't have the right to speak without being punished if you say something I don't like. BEAUTIFUL!

  13. And to think these are the same people and the same supercorporations that defended the players who followed Colin Kaepernick and his act of narcissism as some sort of new Ché Guevaras.

  14. LOL You all thought it was gonna be communism / socialism that took away your freedom of speech, but instead it turns out capitalism has turned its back on you and multinational corps will sell you out at the drop of hat.

  15. I'm not sure where I sit on any political sides. All I know is all hell is eventually gonna break loose globally and 70% of the global population will be erased from existence.

  16. I am so sick of The Chinese Communist Party. They have overstayed their welcome. Time to get step'n and go the Fu©k home.

  17. this tells me that its only a matter of time before the Attack Religion , how Dare you say theirs ONE way to Jesus…..ITS Gona Happen People. Will u stand or will u Deny ?

  18. I disagree with Tucker Carlson on almost every issue, but when it comes to economics he's pretty much 100% accurate.

  19. Hi Tucker. Thank you for your hard work. Just an idea who else's son or family members are embedded from Ukrainian and Chinese companies? Pelosi Romney etc maybe?that's why they are so desperate to impeach our great president?

  20. Stop this garbage corporations have never cared about values in america or anywhere the nba is a corporation protecting profit corporations haven’t changed america has changed americans are realizing that we have no leg to stand on as protecting human rights so before we start bashing other countries for the way they treat their citizens take a look at how we treat immigrants the poor veterans and quit pretending we have anything worthwhile to tell china or venezuela about protecting human rights

  21. China should not be vilified for being an ethno state. Ethno nationalism is admirable, natural and what works. Whites need their own ethno states again.

  22. Israel is also a racist ethnostate but I never hear anyone complain about it despite $3billion American tax dollars a year being sent to it without our consent.

  23. Leftists like Antifa will literally chant “eat the rich” and these rich morons will support their insane ideology.

  24. If you look at this situation from the perspective of corporate America being liberal, rebellious against authorities, and standing up for the marginalized, but it sells itself out to China, then the situation makes no sense. If, however, you take the perspective of American companies following the current political trend of its audience in order to make more money, censoring people if other people complain about what was said, and only supporting certain demographics when it's popular to do so, then it all makes sense why American companies are kowtowing to China.

    Something a lot of people don't realize is that if everyone is rebelling against authority and the rebels have a lot of support for this and they get rewarded for doing so, then you're not really being rebellious. This can be muted if it's something like everyone in your region supports the rebels of somewhere but everyone else in the doesn't, though then it would depend on whether you're counting this from a local perspective or an international perspective. It could be further proved if these rebel supporters support the rebels when they are in areas where the rebels are popular but are against the rebels when they are in a place where the rebels are not supported.

  25. We're going to lose this country to rich oligarchs and their communistic liberal stooges, if we dont start doing something more drastic.

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