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what up yanking one of YouTube's thank you so much for your time is very valuable and I appreciate you let's get right into it this quote isn't from Tulsi Gabbard but I wanted to read it to set the tone for this video quote war is the failure of good-faith negotiations war is the failure of desperately sought for efforts war is the meat-grinder starting up and the conveyor belts moving towards the teeth of the machine with real human lives that will be processed for uncertain gains but very certain losses these people have families these people have dreams these people like the warmth of the Sun refreshing glasses of drink on beautiful summer days and sharing stories with their friends about their kids but the machines of war need fuel they need human blood they need human hatred the machines of war like blood of any kind but the blood of the old sacrificing the blood of the young is how the machine works best war is hell pure and simple end quote I had an argument with a clueless yet very gun hole Marine yesterday Czech soldier side chat number two on my channel for the full story I had an encounter with this trooper yesterday and it scared the hell out of me for what this country may do in the future some of the American people and even some of the servicemen and women around me are dreadfully confused blind and detached from what war is and could be tulsi gabbard is the strongest candidate in the field on trying to make people aware of the consequences of bad foreign policy but she's been having to fight the media about stupid distractions that only color the debate in unproductive ways she's had to deal with this silly nonsense before she could even start to make her case to the American people Americans want a leader that knows the costs and devastations of war one who will only wage war when absolutely necessary Americans also want a leader that pushes for peace on earth but also knows that the military community used tool when the time frames and goals are clear America wants a leader that won't whore out America brand to sell war machines the countries that call themselves our allies but don't share our values and cause instability in the region's messes that we always seem to have to clean up with more and more of our tax dollars we want a leader that acknowledges the greatest and most profound implications of war but also a leader that remembers that straight-up wars are expensive as hell and that our opportunity costs our citizens pay in the form of tax cuts excuse me in the form of cuts to social programs having to table or stall other programs for the public benefit that could be used to make America and the world stronger and better and psychological damage from families who worry about their child dying in a foreign ditch somewhere in the Middle East a blood sacrifice for the war machine just because they wanted to pay off their student loans so where does this leave Tulsi Gabbard I think based off of the personal experiences of hearing these servicemen and women around me talk about it the mainstream media is making people think that Iran is being aggressive towards the United States I know a lot of people don't care about foreign policy but I think if you're a true progressive you must remember that the times we spend using tons of cash administrating war it's time we don't spend on other things that need done that need to be done in this country and for our people another thing is that people don't care about foreign policy because they don't pay the direct price from it so it's like it's like this field that doesn't affect them so like they don't care about it but I mean it affects real countrymen like if we go to war with Iran it's going to be a lot worse than it was with Syria and Iraq it is it's going to be long and drawn-out and we've already been in Afghanistan for almost twenty years there are people that are gonna be fighting in Afghanistan soon that already been around when 9/11 happened not to mention the fact that see the nationality of where the people that conducted the 9/11 attacks see what nationality they were from moving on for anti for anti regime change war for Medicare for all four universal basic income for all of these to gain traction as reasonable ideas and the minds of the American people tulsi gabbard and other progressives must fight political news media consolidation I'm gonna say that in another way you know all these plans that we want to try out affordable housing and higher education getting healthcare off of the budget of small and medium sized businesses and on to the public books where they should have been since a long time ago a universal basic income for the homeless for the stay-at-home mothers and for kids on their 18th birthday to receive monthly in perpetuity if the nation is drowning in the cynicism we get from Fox News and the mainstream media none of these things are gonna happen these will remain daydreams for the positive progressives among us but they're not going to get done Tulsi Gabbard could be the leader that explains to the public how political news media dynamics influences what we focus on in politics and she has the perfect relationship with the media to be a credible voice on this subject I often say this channel that Fox News must be censored click the show notes below and see why and that we need to move political news from television where people can passively stream hate with viewers having no input for what they're listening to once they turn on the TV to YouTube where people can actively search for their news and find disseminate incremental incremental decisions and be exposed to more than just MSNBC Fox News CNN and their affiliates I often say that in my channel this would also bring awareness city unilateral D monetization taking place against independent news on YouTube fueled by corporate television media knowing that their time is up on television and knowing that that time is coming to an end these people are elbowing out independent media journalism and commentary from people like myself and others who are actually passionate about this stuff and working to maintain a similar hold on the public online that they now have on television but that hold is dying so you got these people that are making millions in the corporate news industrial complex and they just want to elbow out be like independent players and did same thing that they're doing on television that they want to do that online and no one's talking about that um in the debates but they should anyways moving on in in the 1930s Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels always talked about how the party didn't need more weapons it needed more radios I hope I'm making my point here progressive candidates like Tulsi Gabbard Andrew yang Marianne Williamson and Bernie Sanders need to realize that they are the best shot for a general election campaign fueled by true optimism hope and excitement the establishment left will blame progressives when Kamala Harris loses to Donald Trump but instead they can undertake the revolution with progressives instead of undergoing the revolution fighting against progresses with their uninspiring center-left incremental ISM that will help people fast enough that will keep voters home on Election Day and the Senate staying with the do-nothing Republicans these Republicans don't want anything they don't have plans they just want to cut taxes the establishment left will do everything they can to make sure none of these four beat Kamala Harris or Joe Biden but if one of them does the establishment left will finally have to fall in line with the progressives to help elect Democrats around the country the only thing that matters for true progressives is the Democratic primary and taking up media consolidation through political news taking up media consolidation as her second most issue most important issue would would serve Tulsi Gabbard and the progressive movement well into the future if you've liked what you heard today like subscribe and spread this video it doesn't cost you anything and you can always unsubscribe later I write rehearse produce and manage everything on this channel myself this YouTube channel my military duties staying physically a mentally tough my girl and my family take up all my time right now plus my eyes been twitching like all day so sometimes it's like not as easy as other days anyways much love YouTube peace

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  1. We must end interventionist regime change wars. Reallocate those funds back here at home for the American people. #Tulsi2020

  2. Stop yelling at me. I liked your chill introspective vibe much better. Brighter lights don’t require louder volume, that’s bar bullshit. Can’t tell if I liked the content, my ears were too battered to hear it.

  3. Great topic! Good to hear thoughts of someone with your insight. Haha my eye twitches sometimes too. Usually when I haven't taken a break from caffeine in more than a week.

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