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UFC 238 Free Fight: Jessica Eye vs Jessica-Rose Clark

UFC 238 Free Fight: Jessica Eye vs Jessica-Rose Clark

Similar across the board the ERC mainstay from the us high is a year old road 31 she is also an inch taller than Australia's Clark and the Ohio native will benefit from a one and a half inch reach advances with the official Introductions is Bruce Buffer Ladies and gentlemen, the spiders three rounds in the UFC flyweight division Introducing first fighting out of the blue corner a mixed martial artist holding professional record 12 wins six losses One no contest. She stands by feet six inches tall weighing in at 126 pounds fighting out of Cleveland, Ohio USA presenting the number 10 right flyweight contender in the world Jessica evil And now introducing her opponent fighting out of the red corner a mixed martial artist fully professional record Nine wins four losses one no contest. She stands by feet five inches tall weighing in at 126 pounds fighting Innisfail, Australia presenting the number nine rate flyweight contender in the world Jessica rose That where the archer begins our referee a charge see first of all Steve Percival shares the Octagon with the fighters. Thank you very much Christy. We are set for round number one Scheduled for three fives in the women's flyweight division Jessica Rose Park versus Jessica, I Clark is in the gray I is in the blue Clark light on her toes showing lots of head movement Slipping from one side to the other making her a typical a difficult target to catch She clan's has a right hand off the chin of ver Jessica right there I'm not going to be surprised if Jessica eye closes distance and utilizes some of her strong wrestling in this fight She's throat showed a lot of takedowns and a lot of different clinch work at the open workouts now Maybe that was a bluff but I really feel like that's where she she benefits in this fight Although she lands a clean punch there Well, yeah, she was in amateur boxer titles but in her last fights against Faria He actually was going for a lot of Hill hooks So we know that she can exchange on the ground and on the feet But Jessica rose Clark has an underrated ground going down. She's very very strong very powerful I've been told and actually brought over a fellow Australian Jiu-jitsu blackbelt to help her out. She struggled to find people that could really match her aggression on the mats in Vegas So she's brought someone out for this campus Was a good right hand over the top from Clark, but you can see how much it fired Jessica eye up Jessica eye is missing Marcos Marinelli in her corner for the first time in her She got quite emotional about that but realize that steep omiyo church had a huge fight ahead. Oh That was a stinging right hand And again She's catching Jessica Rose carcass. She slipped into her back to her side She's slipping inside the right hand that it's it's exposing her cheekbone. Nice lead head kick as well I said she's been very focused on Clark not looking past her Believe that Clark was getting the spotlight Leading into this but one of us ought to remember who she has fought over the years and as she said Dan you reeled it Off as she was walking in Kauffman Davis tights Pena McCann Co heya massive names in women's mixed martial arts Good work with the jab from Jessica eye as well Nice jab from Clark trying to find her distance Her coach, John wood told me that she is top 3 kicker in the gym men included. So look out for those as well Syndicate are managing three of the UFC's top fly weights in their gym at the moment den. It's an interesting juggling act We've spoken about the light heavyweights at the all-stars gym in Sweden. It's a similar case. I'm sorry Vegas I mean it's good to have training partners that are around a similar weight But it must it must cause I've been a competition in the in the gym Maybe a little bit of friction as well now not that that's a bad thing It can be very motivating for fighters to have you know competition in their weight class Around them all the time because they're they're trying to better themselves every day. That was a nice step through high kick from Jess Clark They take a bit of time and then feel each other out and then they exchange with power punches There's been a lot a lot of animosity between these two ladies building up to this fight. Oh nice moving forward left hook from Clark I think Clark was kind of taking it in her stride And she told us with different language that she doesn't really care too much But I did seem very spirited when we had a conversation with her Spirited is a very good word to use John that she was incredibly fired up She was almost aggressive in the interview that we had because I mean she really feels like not only is this our opportunity to prove Herself, but she's proving herself against someone that's perhaps got opportunities over her namely the Paige Van Zandt fight Which is a fight that a fight that Jessica Clark has been that Jessica. I've been calling for a while By with a nice tight boxing guard Peeping through those gloves and countering as Clark comes in following up with kicks now Increasing the hates at the end of the round is Jessica I Right Okay New heads get a little high on these changes and the ex thinks you're left and I want that right next Okay, so your heads coming off its foot you have everything if you do off that split side is there The overhead which is popping up the overhand keep it on the bag the overhand is there Nice work here stinging the jab They both exchange very good jabs and kicks as well difficult to separate them in this first round Some of the exchanges got a little wild but power punches were landed on both parts It was the interesting feeling out process and I feel like that as long as this fight goes it's gonna get better minute by minute Round one in the books. We're all set to kick off round number two in a women's flyweight division the Battle of the jessica's Clark in the whites eye in the blue. I was seen sporting a t-shirt I believe She was having the fans shouted out at her at the the open workouts as well really getting the fans engaged and throwing shirts out and She believes the experience down is a massive factor coming into this Does she she said she never really got comfortable in the Octagon until her third fight Which was in Mexico and that would put Clark at that point I mean if you look at the lineup that she's gone through as well John just it gives a confidence that she's able to take many of those fighters those tough fighters to a decision even though she lost You know it gave her a lot of confidence, especially now she should step down into this weight class Which she feels is far more natural for her in this weight class She feels like she's not not gonna be at a deficit for strength. Oh, that was a nice overhand from Clark She registered that she's gonna look for that a second time Jessica Rose Clark fought with a lot of emotion going into her last fights Her house got broken into a no cat was attacked and she still steps into the Octagon and took the biggest win of her career On the back of that Dan things have really kind of eased for Clark as well she's finally earning some money out of mixed martial arts and She's able to settle down a bit more but she's slipped here and I is taking advantage. I was good work from Jessica eyes She read the body kick was coming and caught the heel Now she's got that front headlock position good work Bye-bye Clark to get back up to her feet. She's still not out of danger here though. Nice knee to the body. I Was just hanging hard on that position But Clark got back with relative ease back to the center of the Octagon Yes, she finally got Enough money together to buy a card and which meant that she didn't have to get up at 3 a.m To cycle everywhere these things make a huge difference. They do a Good training environment, you know? It's the majority of a fighters performance because it sets their mindset up to approach This it from vena from the right place and stay calm and stay positive and be adaptable And I get the feeling she's had it hard all through her years as well So now seeing the fruits of her labor and the hardest of flavor, really Must be very fulfilling for her And getting two big wins coming into the Octagon as well you got to imagine what that did for her popularity You know that the respect and the love that she's getting from the fans now He's you know starting to justify some of the hard work that she's put in Let's take a look at some statistics then and we see the total strikes Yeah slightly higher work rate from Jessica Roberts slightly less success Difficult to separate these two that was a nice head kick there Caught with the right hand follow it with a head kick Jessica Rose Clark stands her ground and throws back. Well statistically Clark actually throws more strikes and more takedowns, but we have to consider that that's only over two fights in the Octagon Whereas Jessica I is two five one, no contest Against some of the best in the world. Does that be that those that have gone on to compete for the title? Threatening with the front kick nice long jab from Jessica eye Jessica rose clock though. He's controlling the the center right now possibly looking to all the top left took to follow I Wonder if Jessica Jessica, I can feel a difference in the power between the weight classes, you know, she's been taking punches from Bantam weight You know big strong powerful bantamweight Slyke like leslie smith as well and not being knocked out then exactly any time She's ever stuck with by submission Otherwise, she's gone to decision Oh A nice jab to the body as well She may be setting up a right hand to the face there it is trying to draw the guard down of her opponent Nice left hook over the top from Clark What changes she can't be making here, Dan? Well, it's a very punch centric attack at the moment I would like to see her use more of those low kicks, you know as John Wood says she's got powerful legs She's got you know powerful kicks. So perhaps some work a bit more into that lead leg And slow Jessica eye down Perhaps take some of this footwork away. Well, that's a nice counter though. She got inside the kicks of Jessica. I Last few seconds in the round and she presses forward this time. She closes out the round round number two Another very close round, but here we can see Jessica rose Clark throwing a big right hand over the top Catches the chin of Jessica I who was not discouraged and continued to push forward a glancing head kick just off the chin There's the right hand again The number 9 ranked Jessica Rose Clark against the number 10 ranked Jessica. I in a division that really is wide open And it shows how accurate the rankings are by how close they match these two are It could really all be a play for in this in this third and final round oh Nice body kick there that's better combinations now from Clark Answered back by the boxing of I as she ripped to the body. Yeah Nice right hook to the body followed by a lead body. Kick Some redness on the lead leg of Jessica rose Clark Shows the jab Nice inside low kick crashes forward behind the barrage of punches or things occur. Either back She's backing off got kind of caught in no man's land backpedaling Another good right hand from Jessica. Rye. That's a really educated jab tonight from eyes it is I did not want to look past Clark coming into this. She did believe that she was getting more attention Looks like the right hand landed again in that exchange for Jessica. I Looking for the left hook again. Oh There's a nice elbow on there right in the mix listening well to her corner Jessica oh I seem to be doing a bit better distance a bit bit better job of managing the distance in this third round She's not being caught cold with it with some of these overhand rights quite as much Just so difficult to separate them though, really really difficult to score this one You think the eyes may be landing with a bit more body of them Yeah possibly possibly but then you know you watch an exchange and it's almost like The person that lands the first power shot eats the power shot on the way out of the exchange, you know It's it's difficult to see how you know how they're how their score in these I mean the jab is an excellent weapon to set up the finishing shot or the power shot. I Took a look at the clock a moment ago Either a strategic thing or she might be feeling the pace of this as Clark starts to advance now, I would be realizing the urgency Whichever way you dress it up. It is a close fights Doing a much better job with that jab in this round is Jessica I nice right hook to the body again a lot more body a good takedown now, that could be big in a fight like this That's the experience then and the wrestling pedigree as well and going back to the point of moving down weight classes again, you know She's not dealing with Bantam weights here. Ten pounds is massive in these weight classes This is a good top position for her to work. She's a strong wrestler. She's got a good base She's also denying the underhook of Jessica Rose Clark, which makes it very difficult to work and escape Keeps her shoulders flat to the floor. I Was always looking to make real a Real thing of this this bout take advantage of it She had to fall through I believe in her against Aspen Ladd a year ago and then in October against Paige Vanzant Finally got to compete at 125 against Faria in this January and one which put her back on track right at the ship Smothering work from the top position good work of Jessica. I as well to get back to all that's nice She worked to pin the arm there She's doing a good job of denying all here. All the routes of escape for Jessica Rose Clark. She's denying underhooks She's keeping those shoulders flat to the mat. She's possibly looking to set up a key lock at American Heart Americana here Good shoulder pressure Jessica rose clock tries to escape but now she gives up site control Jessica eye circling now around to the other side Keeping positioned very well. I Now she's good finished strong The strong style fighting banging the apron they are celebrating hard at the moment Those women smile at the end of that contest It was a really good fight and it was good to see them show their respect to each other as well They know it was a close fight and in those kind of fights That's where you gave respect for your opponent when it is so closely matched It was very even in the early rounds. You could see Jessica Rose clot landing a few good left hooks She lambda could elbow as well. But then the management of range from Jessica. I perhaps the experience comes into play Really really good work and she came over to the matchmaker. She stated her claim on this division She wants a bigger name next she wants to start climbing up these rankings. She wants gold around her waist Beautiful takedown there. That could have been really big on the scorecards for her Yeah, she certainly feels confident that she has taken this one on the scorecards Very emotional fighters Jessica. I and I like to see it as well I like to see fighters fired up like this now I did ask her early on whether we see the best out of a when she's fired up and Motivated and she actually said something very interesting when she gets the belt around the waist. It's not about her anymore It's about the sport. It's about representing the sport and that to me is the kind of champion that we want If we interested to see where the judges score this because I felt like Jessica rose Clark did good work early and Jessica Island finished Strong well, we don't have to wait very much longer because the scorecards have been connected. Let's get it inside the Octagon to Bruce Buffer ladies and gentlemen after three rounds We go to the judges scorecards for decision The judges score the contest 30 27 29 28 and 29 28 for the winner by unanimous decision Jessica evil

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  1. unless Jessica Eye has made leaps and bounds in skill and dynamic movement …save for a very very and I mean very lucky shot …she has no chance against Valentina S.

  2. Eye has had some bad breaks.. I have always liked Jessica. She's a queen.. Our sport has the baddest fuckin women on the planet.
    Ufc 238 against Valentina is gonna be a tough fight..

  3. Jessica fights like a girl, Valentina fights like an assassin! "Bulls-Eye"…their gonna call her Bulls-Eye after the target practice she becomes in this next fight…I don't envy her at all. If she wins it will be the BIGGEST upset imaginable!

  4. Wtf her cat got attacked was it not cat zinagaio by any chance did anyone elese hear the commentator say her cat was attacked wierd

  5. What a JOKE the Tall skinny guy behind Jessica Eye when they announce she wins what a loser grow up up didn't even fight and your such a clown FAX

  6. I'd rather watch the male undercard fights than a female championship bought. I'm glad they are following their dream I just don't enjoy the shitty fight quality.

  7. I don't think Eye deserves this title shot, before the 125 division I was wondering if she was even top 15.

  8. Jessica-Rose Clark looks like a Gang member with those tear drops in her eye;
    bad ass look tho!

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