UFC 239 Free Fight: Jon Jones vs Vitor Belfort

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Anybody notice somebody trying to give Jon Jones the advertisement empty can to hold at the end of the fight? Bones said fuck that 🀣

  2. Is this Mike Goldberg talking? Joe Rogan gets matched with the biggest retards 🀣 'although vitor is currently being choked unconscious, we can really see he knows deep down inside he can win this!'

  3. All that money Jon Jones and you can't get yo mommas teeth fixed? That gap so big she suck yo daddy's dick with her mouth closed

  4. errrrm so I'm new to the MMA game… and all I keep hearing is Gracie this Gracie that.. but why do their fighters keeping getting banged out, what am I missing here? 🀨

  5. Athleticism? No black people are superior…stop that excuse ask your ancestors why they make such an effort to blur the fact that in all areas of life just greater!!! Use any words you want its just greater is what you mean. These commentators are consistently in awe of black people.

  6. Let’s just face it, the real loss here is the money Jon Jones missed out on by not sponsoring that energy drink can.

  7. Not a big JBJ fan but regardless if you are or not to submit Belfort with a very well executed arm bar is very impressive to say the least esp with that hyper extension Jones took in the 1st rd. Belfort a Gracie BJJ blackbelt since 96 is 1 of the elite victories Bones has had.

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