UFC 6 Free Fight: Ken Shamrock vs Dan Severn (1995)

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  1. I feel like overall technique, skill, and fighting strategy back then would be no match for today's UFC, especially because UFC is now a bigger brand so they are able to recruit some of the best fighters in the world unlike when it was still new. Watching these two guys fight, they wouldn't stand a chance against today's heavyweight UFC fighters. They would be too slow and get countered like crazy

  2. that was a great fight and remember folks ..dan servern was extremely dangerous ..he really messed up some guys. prior to this

  3. Shit man, these dudes fought with barehands back then. I was 5 years old and my pops had the chip to get all free ppv. Mom never let me watch this cause it was to brutal lol. First time watching this was just now, shit these fights were brutal! Man I would love to see a stand up rumble from one of those early to mid 90s cards. Anyone got anything for me?

  4. They need to bring steroids back to the sport, these guys don't have very long careers as it is with only a few fights a year. If they were all juiced to the gills this shit would be way more entertaining!

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