UFO Alien Storming Area 51 Highly Classified Military base in Nevada controversy July 2019 News

a lot of folks are taking the internet fuelled idea of storming area 51 where conspiracy theorists think the government has aliens on ice as just clickbait but it appears the US Air Force is taking these threats seriously national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin shows us tonight from the Pentagon it was a joke but one the Air Force is taking seriously a Facebook post an avowed fake designed to get likes announced a plan to raid the Air Force Base in Nevada known as area 51 which has been at the center of UFO and alien conspiracy theories for decades more than 1 million people have signed up for the storm area 51 they can't stop all of us event slated for late September in which the post declares we can move faster than their bullets let's see them aliens it's been enough to spook the Air Force which doesn't use the term area 51 to describe the 2.9 million acre live-fire training range the largest in the United States located at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada one of the many reasons Air Force officials don't want people to trespass on the base they are worried some might be killed quote any attempt to illegally access military installations or military training areas is dangerous there has been renewed interest in UFO sightings since it was revealed earlier this year the military has spent 22 million dollars to research UFOs and announced new classified guidelines for how its pilots should report them last month the Navy briefed several senators on Capitol Hill about UFO encounters like this one from a navy f-18 training mission four years ago off the east coast of the United States an unidentified aerial phenomena you have objects that are doing things maneuvering in weight without any obvious sign of propulsion it's not clear the 1.1 million Facebook followers who said they are going to storm area 51 are real and not Russian bots breath Jennifer Griffin at the Pentagon Jennifer thank you

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