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UK leaders battle it out after bid for early election fails

UK leaders battle it out after bid for early election fails

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Boris has said he would rather "die in a ditch" than get an extension. He also said he would lay in front of the bulldozers to stop a third runway at Heathrow, then had an urgent meeting in Turkey when the vote was taken to agree to the runway, but said he had to accept the decision of Parliament as this was democracy. Boris is only for democracy when it suits him

  2. Parliament broke the social contract and has lost all legitimatecy. Parliament is trying to stop Brexit and are now preventing a general election. Boris is on the side of the British people and we will leave the EU!

  3. The Age of Stupid arrives when the universal franchise is gifted to the masses and education spending is about a third of what it should be.

  4. They don’t realize it but no deal is the only way they will ever get out. The EU isn’t going to agree to a deal that helps Britain, that would be catastrophic to the EU. Imagine how many more would leave.

  5. Funny. It’s like a brother and sister trying to use the toilet at the same time – screaming whose SHAT needs to come out first ….. there is a solution…. one of them squats on the floor and get it done

  6. Why doese CNN release some of its video's late at night Moscow time while most og America is either fast asleep or about to wake up out of its stupor?

  7. The truth of the matter is; remoaner MP's are going against the democratic people's will, which is treason in the UK as the people are sovereign. We have our own MP's colluding with the EUSSR in order to stop brexit and hand over control of our military power.

  8. The prorogueation of parliament is only four days longer than the average and Boris has executive powers to do this under the constitution. FAKE NEWS, ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.


    oop!! fake news again!!

  10. The people voted to leave the European Union and now lefty and some righty politicians are ignoring the vote. Cheers from Toronto

  11. Why all conservators are dumb people? Trump, Bolsonaro and this idiot PM. They are so incompetent stupid and idiot supported by even more stupid people.

  12. Us Europeans are so sick and tired of arrogant Brits thinking they can do so much better without the Union. Therefore, I'd say: Cleave them from the herd with no deal. They voted for this and it has taken over the European agenda for years now. Let them bear the economic collapse, let us focus on 5G, Climate, Russia and AI development.

  13. I see that liberals are the same in England as here
    Loud mouthed cry babies that can’t except , they don’t get their way

  14. I think that PM johnson should resign immediately and force upon parliment an election it doesn't want. parliment wants to delay the Uk people vote.

    I believe in the strength of the people of the UK more than their leaders seem to. The world saw the people of UK renuild from literal ruin/rubble after ww2…that's strength!

    The UK people's government is making the people of the UK look cowardly and weak. The People of the UK are neither. The people of the UK should quit letting their government make them look like squirming cowards.

    It's so odd for me to see the news report "markets seem to be warming to corbin." It's funny because They say he's a socialist…. big (capitalist) money warming to a socialist. 🤭 Of course the business interest (the market) prefer the status quo or no Brexit. Their greed would enslave their country.

    I remember years ago when the Obama administration said that the UK would be at the back of the que on a trading deal. I was appalled at the remarks. I remember shortly after Johnson saying the US would be at the front of fhe que. I liked that.

    I want the UK to be stong, independent and I want to give them GOOD, special deals.

    ….I'd be blown away if PM Johnson resigned to force an election… he could frame it as the politicians are hindering him carrying out the will of the uk people and he's putting the Power right back in the hands of the UK people by resigning to get an election and not be held hostage by a parliament that refuses to enact the vote of the UK People.

    I think it would be brilliant move. To get results, sometimes bold action is necessary. Dont play the game they are expecting. Shake the board up and keep them on their toes. Better to be on the offensive than the defensive.

    The EU wants to make an example of UK so no other countries get the bright idea of leaving. The People of UK WILL NOT get a good deal. Stiff upper lip lads and pull the band aid off!

  15. British Trump isn't doing very well. Well, he tries his best to undermine democracy. Luckily there is more backbone in England than in the US.

  16. you scumbags at cnn are puppets of globalists and so you look to BREXIT not to happen. Forget it! You commie bastards lost this fight.

  17. Every Country around Europe and the World must have at least one leader to stand up to these brain dead Liberals. Boris is only trying to do what the people voted to do. Liberals are the enemies of the people, much like the fake news.

  18. Can the insanity level in Britain be so high that a new vote would favor Brexit? One would think, that by now they would be hyper aware of the catastrophic consequences of the ill advised Brexit nonsense.

  19. Why are morons being elected? Because they’re tired of having politicians whores but these two queefs aren’t our saviors either.

  20. It looks to me neither party now wants to be in power come oct 17th when they have to go cowering to the EU, what an embarrassing mess

  21. British Parliament is entertaining! First, the orator says the honorable gentleman / gentlewoman then they going ripping each other.

  22. CNN. Report this for what is is, and all out assault on democracy. Why is it that the side who would lose has the power to stop a GE.

  23. Johnson will simply try to ignore the new law.
    The question is if any court will be willing to do a fast rule on this to either stop him or get him removed from office fast enough so that someone else can ask in time for another Brexit delay.

  24. Donald and Boris should be sent to St. Alba. For some reason they want to destroy America's and Europe's predominance since 1945. Why? Are both in Putin's pocket?

  25. There's no comparison between paedophile trump and Boris,
    Boris in proroguing  parliament stays
    within the law of the UK parliament and with the blessing of the queen, Boris
    is well read on policy, Boris is intelligent, can construct an intelligent
    argument, Boris is positively decisive, nothing ruthless about Boris unless
    done in the most intelligent way,  Boris
    is most eloquent. None of these attribute you can say that paedophile trump
    has. MAGA arrest paedophile trump aka individual one and vote out paedophile
    trump 2020. If paedophile trump was anything like Boris I would be telling you
    so, because I have no liking for Boris but I have to admit strength when I see
    strength of personality and character. I only see weaknesses in paedophile
    trump is why is call it out.

  26. It is better for the UK to be out the EU than be in the EU, the EU permanent leaders just 3
    off them gave the EU parliament countries just one choice to replace one of
    their principle leaders, not 2 or 3 or 4, just one to vote on. that must give
    you an idea of what a corrupt organisation the EU is, and the choice always
    come from the Germans or the French. Stay strong Boris keep fighting to take
    the UK out of the EU corrupt organisation. I ask politicians and intellects so
    so many times why do you want to stay in the EU, I always get the same reply to
    stop the French and Germans from starting world war 3, how pathetic.

    Whoever compare Boris to paedophile trump should look at Boris at the dispatch box, can
    you imagine paedophile trump being so eloquent and articulate and witty saying
    that "the only chlorinated chicken in the UK is Jeremy Corbin" MAGA
    arrest paedophile trump aka individual one and vote out paedophile trump 2020.

  27. UK will break apart if they leave EU!. England (since UK no longer exist after a Brexit) will go bankrupt withing 8 to 10 years !

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