Under Secretary of State nominee Keith Krach–Senate Foreign Relations Committee confirmation hearing

Senator Portman from the great state of Ohio senator Portman Thank You mr. chairman the great state of Ohio happens to have two nominees before you today mr. desh was also a native of Ohio but I'm here to take the opportunity to introduce Keith crock to be the Undersecretary of State for economic growth energy in the environment Keith is a native Ohio and as I said born in Lakewood Ohio raised in Rocky River that's near Cleveland his parents Elda and John Kroc he says were the most important mentors in his life says his dad's the best leader that he ever knew and for those who know Keith and I've had that prepare to meet him prior to his stepping up to this post he takes after his parents and I think that's the ultimate compliment you'll see from his biography he's highly qualified for this position he's a natural leader he's got a long list of business accomplishments and successes I think he'll be the first to tell you that he would not have been able to do any of it without support of his wife Mehta who's with him today but he's also got a few kids Stephen Carter seven-year-old twins JD Emma and I see the seven-year-old twins were with you today is that correct go go JD and Emma I know you're all very proud of your dad and again we're proud of him for stepping up to take on this public service responsibility the job he's been nominated for is really vital not just to the State Department the to our country right now is Undersecretary of State for economic growth energy and environment he's going to have a really important responsibility senior economic official at the State Department he'll be secretary Pompey's principal adviser on a lot of issues international economic development energy agriculture science technology chairman rich talked about some of the responsibilities that post earlier and he couldn't be taking the post at a more important time for our country we're strong in our economy right now we're blessed by that but frankly it's a it's a dangerous and volatile world out there and specifically we face a lot of challenges China continues to use unfair trade practices to undermine our economy particularly in the area of intellectual property but beyond that and I know you'd be involved in some of those issues Russia's trying to leverage the transit of natural gas through Europe with Nord Stream 2 which has enormous potential foreign policy implications Europe is wrestling with brexit and the possibilities there we saw some news this morning about another change in Parliament taking over that issue and this has got ripple effects all over the EU and Beyond and also how do we capitalize on the opportunities of emerging markets throughout the world that won't need us leadership I think that's something that we sometimes forget is there's so many developing countries that are looking to us to provide that leadership and perhaps a model of how free markets can work so there's no doubt in my mind that keeps up to this task he has the academic background with degrees from both Purdue and Harvard to go along with an impressive business resume starting out at ten years with General Motors his current job as CEO and chairman of the board of DocuSign I'm proud to introduce my fellow Ohioan today and I know he'll serve the secretary and his nation with distinction I urge my fellow senators to vote in favor of his nomination here in the committee and on the floor Thank You mr. chairman Thank You senator Portman senator young well thank you mr. chairman ranking member Menendez and members of the committee it's an honor for me to join senator Portman in introducing Keith crock today you've heard him his impressive bio from Senator Portman but I want to use my time to talk a bit about the immense value he's added to my state of Indiana and the difference he's made in the lives of countless individuals his connection to Indiana's through Purdue University he graduated from Purdue in 1979 and served on the board of trustees from 2007 to 2013 I asked Purdue president mitch Daniels to describe mr. crocks relationship to the University and one word stood out beloved he continued he is beloved for his commitment to students and for helping advance the university's mission and learning discovery and engagement and we will be proud to see his influence on an even larger scale it sounds really heartfelt and having spent some time with you Keith I echo those sentiments mister crocks professional achievements are impressive and they're well documented you've heard about some of them he's a visionary with global experience that makes him eminently qualified to serve the president his Undersecretary of State for economic growth energy and the environment what he's chosen to do with his success demonstrates his character and devotion to call that will leave this planet better for future generations as saman calm noted mr. Crocker's and powder empowered people to accomplish more than they had ever imagined resulting in a profound impact on GDP per capita international trade and the sustainability of our planet take DocuSign as an example not only has it been a successful company it was named one of glassdoor's best places to work in dhaka science disruptive technology has saved more than 20 billion pieces of paper in 608 thousand barrels of oil additionally DocuSign impact foundation which mr. Cracknell chairs is a force multiplier for the charitable causes selected by DocuSign employees beyond DocuSign mr. crocker is an advisor for city year founder of children's autistic network and board member for opportunity International which issues micro loans worldwide so clearly he has a heart for service and if that weren't enough he and as for him his family foundation supports education science the arts health care and people in need so there's nothing more humbling than reading through this lifts of achievements for me and I'm grateful that mr. Kroc has accepted this call to service country is going to be a true asset to the State Department to this president and to our nation I look forward to supporting his nomination before the committee and on the Senate floor thanks so much mr. crack Thank You chairman rish and chairman Rekha member Minh Menendez and members of the committee it's a true privilege to appear before you today I'm especially grateful to Senator Portman and young for their overly generous introduction I'm also honored and humbled that President Trump at the recommendation of secretary Pompeo has nominated me to serve as undersecretary for economic growth energy and the environment affectionately referred to as the E I would like to thank all seven of the former EES the incredible State Department team who spent their valuable time with me sharing their insight on this important role as a global businessman I can tell you it is a strategic asset to have the finest diplomatic corps in the world in your corner whether it's here or abroad I also want to thank my family for being here today my dear wife Mehta who's a Georgetown lawyer and serves on their board and our five children Monica a marine biologists Steve a spacecraft design engineer at NASA Carter a Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur and our seven-year-old twins JD and Emma whose courage kindness and sense of justice inspires me every day my story starts like that of many Americans I grew up in small town Ohio where my father ran a machine shop and my mother was a teacher my dad's customers were suppliers the big three car companies in Detroit and his fortunes were tied to theirs at age 12 I became a welder in his shop and soon learned how to work all the machines in good times he employed as many as five workers whom he treated his family in bad times I was his only employee and saw him go through the agonizing process of having to layoff his trusted team his pain was not lost on me my father dreamed that I would get some college knowledge and return as an engineer to help him grow the machine shop into a big company of 10 employees well I did become an engineer I never went back to work with my dad but I believe he was proud that I joined the biggest company in the world General Motors which he had taken to calling generous motors after they gave me a full ride to Purdue and a Harvard Business School ten years at GM gave me the chance of a lifetime to work at the Cadillac plant Tech Center in New York treasurer's office and pioneer the emerging field of robotics by starting a joint venture that is the largest industrial robotics manufacturer in the world today that taste of high-tech innovation inspired me to risk it all and move out west to become an entrepreneur in my eye Silicon Valley is the West Point of capitalism a corporate United Nations a total meritocracy and a place where failure is recognized as the best teacher my Silicon Valley journey began at resna where we invented mechanical design synthesis that enables engineers around the world like my rocket scientist son to optimize designs in real time I then went on to start another company called Arriba taking it public is the world's first business-to-business ecommerce company my ultimate aim was to create a values-based driven company that was built to last now 1.7 trillion dollars in transactions go through the calm of the Arriba network each year more than Amazon eBay and Alibaba combined my mother taught me that a truly meaningful career is about giving back and paying it forward so after some initial success I worked with the biggest global issue of micro loans and I would take my family along on journeys to some of the most poverty stricken places in the world to hand out micro loans I will never forget being in the slums of Mumbai after 12 year-old Carter handed an 18 year old single mother of a crippled child a $50 loan to purchase a sewing machine and he said I get it now dad we're not giving them fish we're teaching them out of fish my children saw firsthand that economic empowerment and entrepreneurship can truly have a transformative impact on families and communities that same concept is what makes the e mission so meaningful to me I also had a chance to give back to my alma mater Purdue or I had the honor of serving as chairman of the board of trustees and recruiting Governor mitch Daniels to be our president I'm particularly proud that mitch is now recognized by the Wall Street Journal as America's most innovative University president but even more so that we have frozen tuition for the last seven years working to address the 1.5 trillion dollar student debt crisis I eventually went back to building another company called docu sy and after recently completing 10 years it's now a public company with more than 400 million users in 188 Conn Treece and his senator young pointed out along the way we save 20 billion pieces of paper this Ohio boy who began his journey welding parts and later had the good fortune of welding together billion-dollar companies has had the blessing of a true All American dream but even this dreamer could have never imagined that one day he might be presented with an opportunity to give back to this great nation which has given him so much if confirmed it would be the privilege of my life to serve the country and pay it for this next generation of Americans I fully appreciate the enormity and gravity of this role especially in a time where the reality we face as a nation is of ever-increasing cyberwarfare and seemingly ceaseless variations of intense perhaps even weaponized economic competition as you know our rivals are playing the long game and they're playing for keeps a 4-dimensional game of economic military diplomatic and cultural chess with little respect for human rights intellectual property international law transparency the environment or sovereignty of nations in order to prevail we must play the game better and take economic statecraft to the next level there is no substitute for American diplomacy I believe the team with the best people wins and that diversity of thought is the catalyst for genius with that aim in mind if confirmed I will work side by side at all levels with our preeminent diplomatic corps and with each of you in a meaningful way benefiting from your experience your insights and your wisdom if confirmed I will work tirelessly and strategically here and around the world to optimize economic growth energy security and the health of our planet for the sake of advancing the interests of our citizens and maximizing our national security thank you so very much for your attention Thank You mr. crock mr. crotch I must tell you I've listened to many statements before our committee and yours was one of the most impressive I've heard about your history certainly on entrepreneurship you bring incredible talent to disposition it just shows that learning welding skills can do you well in life so I might go back and try to figure out how to become a welder

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