Up To Speed, March 20

Verizon is there for our customers in the Midwest after historic floods. We’re offering unlimited calls, text and data to customers in select areas of Iowa and Nebraska, in addition to a $10,000 donation to the American Red Cross. And check this out – retail director Mike Holiday and his team recently delivered more than 60 cases of water, dry goods and toiletries to those in need in the greater Omaha area. Again, the V Team and our network are there when customers need it most. And we’ve talked a lot about our network lately including the four major awards we recently won. If you head into one of our stores today, you may notice a little bit of a different look. We’re showing customers that with Verizon, they’re getting the best devices on the very best network. If the customer’s ever on the fence just know that we have the best network to back it up. It’s a win win win win. And, do you know what would go nicely with that award-winning network? A new 7.9-inch iPad mini or a 10.5-inch iPad Air. Details about those are on the web. In our latest podcast, Verizon leader Krista Bourne had a conversation with entrepreneur Jessica O. Matthews. As a teenage Jessica was inspired when she attended a wedding in Nigeria to co-invent an energy-generating soccer ball. Jessica is the CEO of Uncharted Power, a power infrastructure technology company whose mission is to provide communities with clean energy at a low cost – while being a champion for diversity and inclusion. Can you imagine the anxiety & the psychological distress that you might have if when you wake up your phone is on 10% battery & that’s what you just have chill with all day. It’s a day where you think about bare minimums, it’s a day where you’re not really trying to dream or you’re not pushing for something that’s impossible for your life. You kind of are just trying to coast through & that’s what I saw. You can listen to the full podcast at uptospeedpodcast.com or your favorite podcast app. And all throughout March, we’re celebrating Women’s History Month, and today, we want to introduce you to V Teamer and Navy Veteran Linda Maloney. This Program Manager was one of the first female pilots to eject from an aircraft during a training mission back in 1991. She was also at the forefront of getting laws changed that prevented female pilots from even participating in combat flights. Today, she’s still an advocate for female veterans. Learn how, and more about Linda on the web. Well, that’ll do it for us today, happy first day of spring everyone, and until next time, you’re up to speed.

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