US B-52 bombers send warning message to Iran

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  1. All contrys I had avidence my paster call my faimly to wipe my phone we now separated fight you rub a cripple man you take my monthly income every thing have your way I have no way in my oned contry

  2. England Harry and magain are stelling and fals they rubing lands wealth money they all rub me I no Israel primester u should jail for conspiring with trump and others country

  3. Every decent US -President has waged at least one war. Trump is the greatest US-President of the entire universe. He should lead at least 3 wars. Iran, Venezuela and then China💪💪💪

  4. It's amazing every time the stock market takes a dump Iranian rhetoric takes a jump I think they're the last one on the list according to General Wesley Clark LOL just more Bush Obama Clinton gobbledygook

  5. This is a centuries old conflict between two aggressive monotheistic faiths fighting for world hegemony. It won't end until true seekers of unconditional peace emerge and find solutions beyond violence. It think Jesus said something to that effect, but you wouldn't know it from the actions of either faith's fundamentalists.

  6. There should be solution for americas muscle man attitude,
    How America got insultated by tiny north korea didnt make it learn a lesson. now Modi need to wrench americas muscles attitude

  7. Iran has the technology to camandeer control of vehicles flying over its territory. The captured vehicles would then be turned against its owners. So, don't fly too low.

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