US, Taliban reach ‘reduction in violence’ deal: Report

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  1. How 'bout we just get rid of some old arsenal over there, instead of paying them off just to resupply themselves with weapons to continue their crap.

  2. So the US once again is giving up and just like Vietnam defeated by a guerrilla force. That’s hilarious and whats even funnier is that the Trumpsters think we accomplished something over there hahaha.

  3. What the hell does that mean: reduction in violence? Sounds like Trump is trying to get our troops out of Afghanistan during a lull in violence only to have that violence resume after we leave. What a joke. Everything we've tried to accomplish in that country over the past 18 years will be lost. It's an election year PR move so Trump can say he finally got us out of that war.

  4. O, I get it, there will still be violence, just not as much. "The deal looks very promising." Violence, just not as much. What b.s.

  5. lol So you folks couldn't defeat them and after waste all the money now you decide to compromise with them! lol Such a Great Super Power, First Nation Country.

  6. This is like making a deal with a 4-year old that they can only wear the color yellow for the rest of their life.

  7. We went there to defeat them 18yrs ago, now we want them back in power?? Time to get out, we have lost it just like previous empires that failed in Afghanistan.

  8. Nixon tried the same thing(Truce)in Vietnam, and all it did was give the VC a chance to re-arm, and strengthen their forces. In Afghanistan, I'd pull out our Troops, our Allies, dispatch a Special Wire directly to the Kremlin so to get their people out within 72 hrs, and go to Plan "B". John Wayne once said "How do you get Cockroaches out of the Woodwork? You smoke them Out!!!

  9. Trump is making arrangements to cut & run, just like he did his first 2 marriages. And coincidentally enough, both culminated with him climbing into a helicopter on a roof like in the Fall of Saigon.

  10. Whatever happened to "we don't make deals with terrorists"?? There's a reason for that, and I think it's a huge mistake trying to bargan with these terrorists, AND we need to get the US based training facilities our military trains them at!!! If we can't pull all troops out of the middle East, then we need to just level Iraq!

  11. πŸ˜‚ better prepare for mass bombings people 🀣🀣🀣 they believe in deceit they won’t stop they’ll just wait for US to leave

  12. 2 terrorists making deal. what a shock imagine what america paid them for their "deal". america = creator of terrorists and worshiper.

  13. Are we really gonna believe the murderous regimes over there? Ill believe it when i see it. Peace in the middle east is a dream.

  14. A truce agreement. What is this agreement? It is a quid pro quo. All sanctions are a quid pro quo. Quid pro quos are used by the government every day. Get over it.

  15. Time for leaders to tell the truth because you play game and Destroyed Citizens Soldiers,from angry talipan ,look the leader is hiding even leaders who created and brainwashed people Destroyed the Country and Nations leaders time for peace and love God bless

  16. Their is no one in the Middle East who has not had a family member or loved one murdered by the USA military. So now we are going to see the rise in revenge for the outrageous acts of war and chemical weapons, starveing the common people in the millions, and holding back medicine and medical supplies that killed people in the millions for the last twenty years. Oh my god, what we have done god can never forgive.

  17. Need to clean that mess up. Have a Raiders game on Saturday and a NASCAR race on Sunday. There will be nothing left of that freaking place.

  18. Hate can only be contained by promises..but promises are always short lived..the hate will continue..sad but true..nice try though

  19. Great plan! Leave the country and let them re organize and we will keep a close eye on them. Then we can stop being police officers and take out the masses of them at once when they mess up

  20. The republican party once again showing the world that they do not understand what it means to be a islamic extremists,that’s what the taeban is by the way.

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