USA deploys troops to Saudi Arabia amid escalating military tensions with Iran July 2019 News

the US deploying more military to Saudi Arabia in a show of force amid escalating tensions in the Middle East Iran seizing a British oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz just one day after the u.s. took down an Iranian drone the president warning Iran against any more provocative action alluding to the sanctions already crippling the country Iran is in big trouble right now the economy is crashing it's coming to a crash they're trying to bring soldiers back home because they can't pay them a lot of bad things are happening to them and it's very easy to straighten out or it's very easy for us to make it a lot worse Lucas Tomlinson is live from the Pentagon with the very latest on this developing story hi Lucas hi Laura it's the first time in 16 years the US military has deployed forces to Saudi Arabia as tensions with Iran continue to escalate the Pentagon made the announcement last night in a statement quote this movement of forces provides an additional deterrent and ensures our ability to defend our forces and interests in the region from emergent credible threats US Central Command continually assesses force posture in the region and is working with Kingdom Saudi Arabia authorities to base US assets at the appropriate locations the statement did not mention Iran by name earlier today Iranian state TV aired this video showing Islamic Revolutionary Guard forces wearing black ski masks fast-roping down a helicopter on the deck of the British oil tanker seized Friday night in the Strait of Hormuz Iranian forces briefly detained another British tanker but let the vessel proceed to the Persian Gulf last week a Royal Navy warship blocked three Iranian gunboats from seizing another British tanker Iran says its actions are retaliation for British commandos seizing their super tanker off Gibraltar two weeks ago authorities said it was carrying oil to Syria in violation of EU sanctions there are currently 70,000 US troops deployed to the Middle East the hundreds going to Saudi Arabia are part of the reinforcements the Pentagon ordered to the region in May and will include a Patriot missile battery and more fighter jets one day before Iran seized the British tanker the USS boxer seen here transit the Strait of Hormuz in a show of force and destroyed an Iranian drone using this new Marine Corps anti-drone jamming device strapped to the without firing a shot a new addition to the u.s. arsenal iran denies the American warship down its drone based on the latest information I received from Tehran we have so far absolutely no information about losing a drone it went down and the fact that foreign minister Zarif either didn't know or lied about it I can't account for it it happened this latest provocation from Iran comes nearly a month to the day when Iranian forces shot down a US drone over the Strait of Hormuz Laura all right Lucas Tomlinson Forest at the Pentagon thank you so much for that

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  2. the party who escalated the tension is Iran. They have never shown a sign of peace. They keep attacking oil tankers, supporting Houthis. Saudi Arabia cannot stay silent.

  3. Bring all US troops home and put them on the border. If Iran attacks then the us can attack them back. Otherwise get the fuck out of their backyard you trespassing invading foreign occupiers.

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