USA @ Doorstep of a Civil WAR Conservative Patriots vs Liberal domestic terrorists July 2019 News

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  2. "They" twist everything our President says. There's nothing wrong with anything he's said. It's how "they" twist & distort. They also need to look up the definition of "racist". Does anyone use a dictionary anymore or do they just follow along believing whatever the media says something means? These "4" women were definitely told to come together. They didn't do this on their own. So, whose behind this? I pray a big spotlight shines on the evil cockroaches that want to hurt this country & are using anyone they can to do it. Deep down "they" want us divided. United we stand is not what they want. Jesus came to divide but this is different. This is a satanic inspired division to hurt this country.

  3. Where are the tears for babies being allowed to abort up till the day it is born?? ( Which they were sooo happy a few states allow this now.. The big liberal victory!!! ) These woman make me SICK!

  4. Most people talk a ton but when it comes to combat ain't nobody going to do NOTHING !! Bunch of lazy , spoiled , out of shape snowflakes !! Look at Colorado , they let them tear our flag down and nobody did nothing , wow .. get used to this , it's going to get worse and you know why , NOBODY CARES !

  5. All leftist who support the America haters should go just like these four women!

    When is this government also going to step in to stop Antifa. If they aren’t a domestic terror group what is. President Trump has been so patient. Time to fight to preserve law and order!! If these thugs come after you with tire iron or any other weapon, kill-’em! That’s how you deal with mad dogs. I’m so fed up with mayors backing these kinds of groups with absolutely no repercussions!! Northwest cities are becoming cesspools of violence!!

  6. Those four women do not belong in politics and they will be the death of America if they stay they're dangerous there Waging War against our president and against our country our country is under attack by this leftist socialist Islamic agenda paid for by the globalist


  8. It is just so stupid to call President Trump a racist and it makes the so called squad look like literal MORONS.

    Its is not the color of these 4 Congresswomen that President Trump is complaining about BUT their EVIL, ANTI-AMERICAN, PRO TERRORIST COMMENTS made by these 4 Dimwits!!

    And the American people are WITH President Trump

  9. A Civil War? The outcome depends on which side the military and police will side on. And that does depend on which political group is in charge. The majority of the military and police will side with whomever is in charge. Remember I said majority. Look at places like Seattle and other. Cities where the police do nothing about antifa. They are following orders. Most will follow orders. If there's a Leftist in charge you can bet that the conservatives will have a long and bloody battle.

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