VA Claim Exams: Endocrinological

what to expect during your Endocrinology coal claim exam if you're a veteran who has a disability due to your military service you may decide to submit a disability claim with VA an endocrinology chol disability is one that causes problems or irregularities in the amount of hormones that your body produces this may affect your metabolism growth and development tissue function sexual function reproduction sleep or mood if you've submitted a claim to VA for one of these types of disabilities you may be asked to come in for a claim exam also sometimes called a compensation and pension or CNP exam claim exams help VA gather or confirm medical information needed to make a decision on your claim what happens during your exam will depend on what medical evidence is already included in your claim application such as your medical records exams can be different for everyone exams may only last a few minutes or may take longer remember the length of your exam is based on what additional information VA needs the length of your exam is not a determining factor in your claim decision wear loose comfortable clothing to your exam in case you need to move around and be sure to follow any instructions you've received about your exam don't be afraid to ask the examiner what will happen during your exam for the most part the examiner may ask you a series of questions about your condition like how it affects your daily life and job current medications and any treatments or surgeries you've had the examiner is asking you specific questions for a reason they relate to what's in your file and VA s rating criteria answer the questions as best you can the examiner may also need to do a physical exam or perform a few tests if needed a separate appointment may be scheduled for some of the tests depending on the endocrine illogical condition claimed be prepared for the examiner to potentially examine the area on your neck for your thyroid gland the abdomen for your pancreas or genitalia in some situations the examiner may do a blood test many of the endocrine illogical diseases such as diabetes thyroid problems and reproductive issues can be studied through a blood sample be sure to let the examiner know if you feel uncomfortable in any way during the exam your safety comes first remember your exam could last 15 minutes or an hour or more but no matter how long or short it is the examiner is getting exactly the information they need once your exam report is complete it is sent to a VA rating specialist who will use it along with other information you've submitted in your application to rate your claim don't forget examiners do not make a decision on your claim they're one part of a larger VA team working with you to process your claim any specific questions about your claim should be directed to your local VA regional office or accredited veteran's service officer VA is committed to ensuring you know what happens during the claim process and that your va claim experience goes as smoothly as possible have more questions about the VA claim exam go to the website listed here or search VA claim exam on VA sweb site

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