VA Community Care - Referral Documentation Tool (REFDOC)

[music plays] >> Karen Hudgins:
Information Technology is extremely important to
ensure that Veterans have a seamless transition
between the V.A. Medical Center
and the community. >> Ricky Lugo-Felix:
RefDoc stands for "referral documentation." It's basically a web-based software where we're able
to extract clinical data and basically send it off
to our community providers so that they can
get scheduled in the community. Previously, what I used
to have to do is, I think with CPRS I would actually
have to download the documentation, download
the consultation, download the authorization, download
the demographics information, and I would actually
have to go into the notes section and
download the progress report. So, each of them would
be separate documents. Now, with the use of
RefDoc, I'm able to, really, at the simple
click of a button, I'm able to extract that data
and send it off to our clinical providers out in
the community, saving me tons of time. >> Karen Hudgins: We
actually have the ability to consolidate the
medical record and medical information required
to include the referral, and put it into a PDF package
and send it to the community providers so
they have what they need to treat the patients. This was an example of a
local innovation where it was initially deployed
in Atlanta and then modernized in Portland
Innovation Center. And we took that and
deployed that nationwide. >> Ricky Lugo-Felix:
RefDoc is improving our Veteran care because
it's increasing our productivity and
our timeliness. The accuracy of our
documentation that has been sent out — we don't
have to question that anymore, because we
always know that the right documents have been sent
out, and so therefore our patients have been able to
be scheduled faster, our medical records have been
obtained faster, which helps improve
patient quality.

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