VA Home Loan Update

as mortgage rates continue at historic lows VA home loan program is being used in record numbers by veterans service members reservists National Guard members and some surviving spouses eligible borrowers have an opportunity to qualify for no down payment home loans in addition to regular and interest rate reduction refinance home loans whether use for purchasing a home or refinancing an existing mortgage va guaranteed home loans are made by banks and mortgage lenders with VA promising to pay part of the loan amount if the borrower fails to repay the balance and a unique aspect of this VA program is a commitment to help borrowers keep their homes if they encounter financial difficulties in fact according to the Mortgage Bankers Association VA s– foreclosure and serious delinquency rates for more than a year have been the lowest in the housing industry even when compared to prime loans VA loan specialists can intervene on a veteran's behalf with the loan servicer to explore Home retention options including repayment plans loan modifications and forbearance more information about VA home loan program can be found online by going to wwm loans VA gov or by calling toll-free at one eighty seventy seven eight two seven three 702 you

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