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Graphic: VA Logo Narrator: VA is bringing healthcare to Veterans wherever they are! VA Video Connect – or VVC – is an online
or smart phone app technology that connects Veterans with their health care team from
anywhere. It’s easy to set up and use, and completely
secure and private. VA is providing this to make health care more
convenient to Veterans. >> Berthienna Ogden
Some of the benefits of using VA Virtual Care are the ease of scheduling number one. I can get into my appointment without worrying
about what time I'm scheduled for, or what time the provider will be able to get me into
the office, it's all based on my schedule. >>Raymond Wiefling
We might not be able to travel to see the doctor, so virtual care is you could take
a smartphone and where you could see your doctor, and he can see you, and he can ask
questions, so if he can't be in the locale, or I can't be in the locale, we can still
communicate, and see the doctor that knows us the best. >> Narrator
Veterans everywhere are able to reduce or eliminate travel time to VA health care facilities
by connecting for their scheduled or on-demand medical visits in a virtual medical room. When it’s time for the VVC visit, an email
is sent to both the provider and Veteran containing a web link. By clicking on the link, the Veteran and provider
enter the virtual medical room and are able to see and hear each other. VA Video Connect includes a picture in picture
feature that allows both the Veteran and provider to see themselves and anyone else invited
to the appointment. Veterans can also flip the camera on mobile
devices to easily show wounds or other ailments. When the session is complete, simply hang-up. VA Video connect provides benefits for Veterans
and providers alike. >> Sara Ziccone-Hatton
I think one of the best benefits or, the many benefits there are to a provider in the VA
to use virtual care is that the patient is ready for you on the other end. Anytime it's good for them to meet, we can
make that happen, and that has improved their compliance, it's improved their outcomes,
it actually gets them excited about taking care of themselves because they feel like
they can connect with their healthcare provider at any time. >> Berthienna Ogden
What I would say to my fellow Veterans who are wondering about using VA Virtual Care
is that it's a no-brainer. It's something so easy for you to take advantage
of. >> Raymond Wiefling
I didn't think I could do it…easily, but I was wrong. It's easy once you've done it, and it's very
effective. Try it! I think you'll like it. >> Narrator
For more information about how to get started with VA Video Connect, visit the link on screen. Graphic: VA Video Connect App Logo Graphic: VA App Store Logo Graphic: VA Logo

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