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and what's up guys this is this with another video and this one I'm going to do is vegan current events video so I mean I'm always like researching stuff or coming across articles to see what's going on anything new and it being interesting plant based diet vegan diets and I got some cool stuff here so I'm just gonna read what I found recently I'll try and hold this up so final article here it says 56% of British women buy vegan makeup so that is amazing so you know sometimes we try and think about I think about you know is it progressing what's happening people understand importance of what's going on here and yeah I guess British women do that's awesome so if we can make them you know it could be it's just you know the reason why it's there's me and not you can make up for those who don't know is yeah a lot of times that know people they test their makeup company test their makeup on animals to see if there's any like negative effects they'll do it on I guess like mice or rabbits and stuff and it's just I've seen images of that and it's horrific you know they're all nice it's like I'm just like not tied up they're just like what I can't even they're just like locked in place with like things around their neck and they can't even move and they gotta you know they put the makeup on them and they see what changed open its horrifying so anyway that's great vegan makeup so any women out there watching this look into that it's good it's worth and let's see we have here fast food embraces meatless burgers but there aren't enough to go around so you have seen this a few times where the impossible burger is going to different fast food places or restaurants and stuff from the getting bought really quick so you know it couldn't be you know just jumping on this I don't think there's enough vegans or plant-based people to cause this you know they really have to go and do it but that's partly a little bit part of it and and then there's people out there that maybe they're not fully vegan but they want to know though try it because it's just new or they want to just occasionally throughout the week eat a plant-based meal and because they understand what's going on with the animals the environment and it could be like hey a few times a week instead of eating this I'm gonna eat a plant-based instead so that's cool so the demand is really there really really high it looks like there's it's a lot bigger than these companies think so good that people are all met we have the company next one is that company Nestle it says it gears up to launch its own plant-based burger in the US and I've also read something about this is where this company I guess they had shares in or stock in the impossible burger and they actually like shoulder stock because they're like oh wow like we need to get on this so they sold their stock and they're gonna create their own again this is like a new market it's really big long-term I mean we can get into my what might happen long term but yeah right now like the importance of this is just out of control you know scientists at the United Nations they know if people don't switch over to a plant-based diet like the environment is just I'm just gonna say it it's and maybe some details on that in the future in a future video what's next we got KFC plans to debut vegan am eating chicken in the US so this is great it's not hard to get vegan chicken if you go to a supermarket there's several companies that do it I I think my favorite was I think it's the beyond meat chicken and they no longer sell it in certain stores I used to see it I think there's some kind of maybe like the meat industry is like trying to get them off the shelves or something because it's just you know whatever competition but besides that I see plenty of other companies there's like two called Morningstar they have like their chicken patties those are pretty good I have those every now and then or Gardein the company Gardein they make chicken plant based chicken strips also very good and have those occasionally so it's not it's not weird it's not crazy it's really just I will say that in California in different parts of the world a country they already have this so we're really I'm in New York Island and it's not as easy to find tropical smoothie actually has vegan chicken and I don't like the way they prepare it so I really go there too often but it's out there and it's just growing so it's great and I want to note that the important thing to realize is that that when we're eating meat it's not that people actually like meat itself okay and that might that say it might seem weird but we have to understand that when we enjoy the taste of some type of meat what are we really enjoying it's not like you know you have a chicken on your backyard or maybe you go somewhere and just picture a live chicken in front of you like you're not going to like grab kill the chicken and like eat it like right there like a true carnivore you know you have to cook it first let's all right let's take a step back you have to act I obviously catch it kill it chop it up into pieces okay then you have to cook it and then you will season it with spices you know and using plants to season it and then you go it goes through this all these different steps to get it to how you will actually like it I guess you don't one of those steps you're not going to eat it like if you don't season it you're not going to enjoy it if you don't cook it it's gonna be raw it's gonna be disgusting to you so those are some things you have to it's interesting to think about is that you don't really you know the average person almost everybody doesn't really like flesh of animals the the animal products go through this whole process to get it to follow you to a point where we enjoy it and so what I'm what I'm saying there is is to understand that too is that you know we changed what it really is to this other thing at the very end want to get to the plate we're like now it's good now I want to eat it I like me when like what it really was all the way back here was is not I'm not that great I think my phone's ringing oh well so when you think of vegan meats okay it meets all it is is that they find these plant components combine it into a product and they try and mimic as close as they can to the texture and taste and flavors of the chicken that you're a chicken right off they tronic if they're trying to create a plant-based chicken our plant based bert or beef or something they just instead of the using the flesh of the animal they use plants to create those textures that chewiness or whatever of the animal product and then you can season it however you want to get the final thing so it's so what I'm trying to say is it's kind of the same thing you know instead of animal eating the plants and their body creating the flesh to create that texture and that you know the chewiness and everything of the flesh then it's really it's really like you know the the science the lab can create itself too so I hope that makes sense the next one is let's see I hear IKEA meatballs will officially go vegan this fall so I don't either like here people go there I mean not that it's anything wrong with it but they actually have been free ahead of this too I mean I think they're already have done vegan hot dogs they've already done I think vegan ice cream and now I'm doing vegan meatballs so they're they understand they're way ahead you know they're doing it forever reasons and probably number one as a business sorry because it's all about it's all about making money for these big corporations we got a few more world's largest meat company called jbs debuts vegan burger in Brazil so that's cool great the world's largest meat company again Brazil around the world and I think horizontal far as I know the UK actually seems to be extremely ahead on this and they're really you know I'm not sure exactly why you know it could be the way the health system is set up because there's certain parts of the world the country I guess like Canada they pay for people's health care so clearly there's an incentive for the government in that country to have their people as healthy as possible so they could easily be doing this because they want to come back and you know improve their health in their countries slightly you know there's other other ways to do that too but that's a big part obviously in the environment and the animals right so what else do I got I got here an article sync from The Washington Post I didn't name my sources I'm putting in this Christian see I wrote about 10 minutes this will be the last one that says can a vegan hotdog compete with the real thing this company is banking on us there is a company here trying to do this they're trying to make hotdogs tastes exactly like I guess you know animal animal animal flesh hot sauces let's keep it let's keep it real here and if anybody ever wants to think of our look of what hot dogs are actually made of so it's basically like the scraps and with leftover body parts of these animals after they chopped them up for their bigger chunks of meat and like oh let's just push this all up put some seasoning wrap it in plastic sell it to people now that I know that's a very disgusting I cannot eat hotdogs animal-based not anymore if I can find quickly the company that's doing this now be awesome so looks like here it's incredibly important that first bite says Simon Ben dear mullen founder of moving mountains the company behind the dog so yeah I mean this company is really trying to create a hot dog that people will very much enjoy I mean there's other options I can hold foods and stuff that are pretty good that'd be maybe another video but hope you enjoyed these news items and question everything talk to you later peace

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