Vegan News & Views - Live Discussion About Recent Events - Part 12 - Final Februdairy

hey everybody welcome back to conscience and war my name is pal we're doing a livestream I think we've got a couple people on let me just check real quick okay and come live let's see I think one person is watching let's see if anybody's gonna be gonna be doing something new today I figured I would do some news items for you guys that are related to veganism and some interesting things happening around the world in the recent past so I just wanted to kind of share this with you guys and do a quick live stream before heading off to bed for the day if anybody's in the chat I think there's quite a few people joining now if somebody could just say if the audio is okay and you guys can hear me okay cuz I won't have a guest on today so I just didn't have anybody to check with let's see second here cool hey generally all right so I think I'll start thanks everybody who was joined already and for anybody else I guess you can catch up or or watch chapter hey Duke cool all right Kathy it's great to have you guys on all right I just figured you know I've been actually meaning to do this for a while I get a lot of interesting articles and things that I read especially from Twitter if anybody's not on Twitter and or raised on Twitter but doesn't follow me check out my my Twitter page it's just C omnivore so like country and just I'm reward but just the letter C and then I'll know more I do share stuff there as well and then you know I just think it's an easy way to comment quickly on stories and things like that but for like weeks now I've been saving a lot of the more interesting articles that I've that I've seen and just had them on my phone kind of like for a long time and some of them aren't really topical anymore they're not as relevant as they were weeks ago but I hope to be able to do something like this maybe once a week or every other week and just go through some of the interesting articles so I save some of the kind of more you know unique ones and I just wanted to run through those with you guys and I'll share my screen and kind of take you through some of the interesting bits that I found and then kind of just give my take on on them and try not to get too depressed in the process because I know you know some of these things are pretty depressing but yeah try to save some some good stuff for the end as well so yeah I guess without any further ado let me share my screen to go and you guys should hopefully be able to see it now so first and foremost there's a pretty sad story this was kind of earlier in the summer this was from June actually so it's a bit of an old story but I just wanted to talk about it a little bit because I think I don't know if anybody follows footsoldiers channel but he's done quite a few good videos about the RS PCA in the UK as well as the I think Joey Karim did some videos about them as well and this this article for me when I first read this it really kind of struck a chord with our ridiculous you know these kind of humane and you know all these kind of like acrid a accreditations that farms get that try to you know convince people that they're doing okay and that you know you can buy the it's like the same thing with the red tractor and all this kind of other stuff like in in the u.s. you know you got like your whole foods like humane farming you know levels and all this kind of stuff that people try to get assured that what they're buying is gonna be okay and there there was this story about a farm in the UK and Bristol where they just had like hundreds and hundreds of like dead animals piled up they were literally like just in piles and and in various states of decomposing and you had the other animals who are like basically starving and trying to cannibalize the you know the corpses and all this kind of stuff in is a horrible story I'm not going to go through it because it has very graphic pictures and I think for anybody who's vegan it's like you know you see enough of this stuff like you don't want to see all the time so I'm not going to scroll down here I just want to leave the you know the the title up and then just talk about something that they talked about in the article because the you know this in and of itself wasn't the shocking part to me it's like we all know if you look at any kind of news that this is actually very commonplace and you know you you probably just see all sorts of abuses in you know most farms and I think the part that got me the most out of this story was that this farm had already been investigated by the RSPCA back in 2015 and they got like find they brought in veteran Aryans they brought in like police they did like an investigation they gave the farm like a whole list of stuff that they needed to fix there were all sorts of problems already so that was back in 2015 and then in 2016 they basically went back and they found the farm had violated even more stuff and they had done even more like wrong you know you know kind of like violations and you know then finally of course they they got shut down but you know like a whole year goes by there isn't anything like happening in between they're not like checking up on them and then they go back and just find like even more like horrific abuses it's just this kind of stuff just like kills me that like you know you have like somebody who's clearly a bad actor even you know anybody who's not even vegan would see this and think like that's upsetting like the you know these are terrifically you know like terrible conditions that like even somebody who believes or wants to believe in the humane meat myth they wouldn't want to see this and you know they get fined and they get you know kind of told to fix it and then they don't do anything for a year in fact it gets worse and then it took a whole year before they went back and like I found out that that's happening so just crazy story I didn't really want show the pictures but um you know if anybody wants to read through the article I'll have all the links that I'm gonna go through you know posted kind of at the end or whatever I'll put it in a comment so if anybody wants to read through that but I saw that was very sad and goes to show you I like how much you can trust in these organizations I certainly don't have any faith in them next one this was just a kind of a lead-in to the next article really this came out in May as well so this is kind of an old story as well but the you know the the news about processed meat causing cancer that's not new the World Health Organization has been you know kind of on record of since I think 2015 if I remember a is when they first made the recommendation but slowly but surely there's more and more organizations health organizations throughout the world that are kind of taking on the message and trying to get it across to be all that there is no amount of the processed meat that is safe whenever these kind of recommendations came out you know back in 2015 and later you saw kind of like everybody jumping through like a million hoops to try to basically explain to people like oh it's alright you know if you just have it every once in a while and moderation and and all this kind of stuff and just trying to get people to think that it's not that big a deal to be eating bacon and sausages and ham and you know like cold cuts like deli deli meats or whatever and and really you know this article just highlights that yes it is and it there is no level that is considered safe there is no amount that is good and the interesting part here is they also talked about alcohol and I'm gonna bring up another article in a little bit that talks about that as well and I just want to say a few things about this article which you know they go through that there's this World Cancer Research Fund where they are trying to post guidelines to people to basically yeah you can see it here the respective global authority has unveiled a 10-point plan to cut your risk of getting cancer about to 40% so they make a whole bunch of like recommendations for people like you know don't be overweight be physically active you know don't be drinking like sugary drinks and all this kind of stuff and they're telling you that basically like you should you know it's it's basically avoid all like processed meats so you know there is no safe level and you know they're literally saying UK experts have disagreed with the draconian advice insisting the odd bacon sandwich isn't anything work but worry about they're saying yes it is even that every once in a while is still bad for you is still contributing to your risk of getting cancer and there is no safe amount they're also saying that this applies to alcohol and they're saying that yes stomach cancer is another thing that you know is increased chance from from the consumption of these products so they're you know it's an interesting little read go through that and then the last point on this article I want to talk about was where is it here and yeah the best advice is to not eat processed meat the risk does increase with consumption so basically there there's just saying like yeah there's no safe amount and you know they they are telling you that just don't eat it and again you know for everybody processed meat is not just these you know deli meats or whatever it's also anything that's like cured smoked so your ham your you know sausages all these kinds of things are known carcinogens and they should be avoided and then the part that I last one that to point out was that Cancer Research UK said cutting out booze and processed meats altogether was not needed and they just tried to like you know minimize the impact or the you know the the statement of the this other body I'm basically saying that you know here they're trying to slide it a bacon buddy or a glass of wine every so often isn't anything to worry about is the things you do everyday that matter most so they're just trying to like you know like take this down a notch and be like oh yeah it's fine if you just you know do it all and it's like they're clearly not listening and they're not getting the message from you know this other body this other health organization that's basically saying like yeah you should not eat it it there is no safe amount so I just thought that was interesting and then there's this other article which is about alcohol specifically this was pretty recent I ever this latter week ago when this came out and they did a huge global study this was done in like a hundred ninety something countries 195 countries and what they did was they looked at alcohol consumption between 1990 and 2016 so this is a long-running study they looked at data from 15 to 95 years old people and they found that basically there is no safe limit for alcohol every you know bit that you drink does contribute to an increased risk of cancer and they looked at all sorts of you know kind of things they in the past people have said that there's a mildly protective aspect of drinking alcohol alcohol alcohol consumption would your risk of heart disease and there's different theories about that and if you watch some of dr. Gregers videos on there's some interesting stuff where he talks about the polyphenols those are the antioxidants in red wine you can basically get all the benefits of that by just drinking grape juice or eating grapes or eating things that are like the dark blue you know color that you see in grapes so things like blueberries and other things like currants and stuff like that and yeah basically they're you know again this this this study is very clear very explicit that there is yeah like there is no you know safe level they're saying one drink a day does represent a small increased risk and people are not just drinking you know one drink a day usually so they talk about different countries and you know where they ranked and yes it's really striking so and I think the the UK for women was actually quite high I don't remember if they are number one or whatever but they were very high up there let's see oh they were number eight sorry yeah so British women drink an average of three drinks a day and ranked eighth in the world of highest drinkers so you can see this is a quite kind of you know scary stuff if you look at like Ukraine for example the average for women is over for drinks a day you know Sweden is up there at three Denmark is over three as well Ireland and Dora Luxembourg these are all over three you know closer to three and a half Germany is pretty high Switzerland and the UK is up there like this at number eight and British men also ranked you know pretty high but not nearly as high as the women but not because they drank glass they actually you know also drank three drinks a day it's just that the men ranking was actually just wait worse for the other countries so they show that British men were sixty second out of the hundred ninety five countries surveyed but if you look like the Romanians were over eight drinks a day average that's just like shocking I mean I can't even believe this it's like ridiculous Hungary is very bad – I live in Hungary and for anybody who's watching and is new to the channel and yeah I can confirm there's a lot of alcoholism sadly and so yeah that's that's just very sad so I guess what are we 10th yeah and Hungary so yeah just you know very very crazy statistics and yeah just thought I would share this because I think this is something that you know is not known by a lot of people but this this study was very very comprehensive they looked at all sorts of you know kind of impacts of drinking to your health and what they said was that the small benefit you get in the reduction of you know coronary disease is far outweighed by the other negative aspects stomach cancer throat cancer all sorts of other problems and they literally just said like yeah there is no safe level of drinking when it comes to your health and then here again I wanted to point out that just like in the last article but there is a immediate kind of like you know response and and and reaction by people trying to basically you know just like negate the you know the message here so with this this guy's professor David Spiegel helter who is a professor for the public understanding of risk at the University of Cambridge sounded a note of caution about the findings given the pleasure presumably associated with moderate drinking claiming there's no safe level does not seem an argument for abstention he said there is no safe level of driving but the government does not recommend that people avoid driving come to think of it there's no safe level of living but nobody would recommend abstention so I think this guy you know he's trying to be funny and and you know just basically say like oh you don't don't be so like you know quick to stop boozing and it's like yeah I mean if you're if you care about your health you want to know what the science as the science says don't drink because it's it's clearly not good for you and this is a pretty you know large study and and yeah just you know goes through a lot of stuff so yeah just thought interesting check that out if anybody's kind of on the fence I recently made kind of a decision that I'm no longer going to be drinking anymore I haven't been a heavy drinker for quite a while so for me this is not really a big deal and this article didn't really you know push me in that direction because I had already pretty much made up my mind about it but just yeah like I say there's a lot of alcoholism around and definitely not something to be caught up in I don't think I've ever had really a problem with it but certainly it's something that's bad for your health and if it can be avoided and it can easily why not and I just I find that like as I get older I find it less and less enjoyable anyway and I just find that I feel the physical effects of it a lot easier so even if I'm not drunk but just having like two or three beers the next day like I feel my joints and stuff so like I think even if you're not really consuming a lot of alcohol you can definitely feel negative health effects from it so yeah check out that article if anybody's interested in this next one bringing it back to more of a you know animal you know situation and and talking about the plight of the the animals that we eat this article was pretty crazy I read this this was about Spain specifically and there are figures that show that they have now more pigs in the country than people so this is just like crazy when you think about it you know this is kind of like how they say if you look at like in the US for example the farm animals produce more waste than you know then like all the people in the whole country this is this is a simple case where you can just see that just the pigs alone out number the humans so you can imagine like factor and all the other animals that that get consumed there and you can you know very easily see that this is just a crazy situation and it's you know there's there's a lot of like people fearing for the environmental impact because you know obviously this this is a huge strain water usage the waste that comes from these animals all this kind of stuff and yeah then the only other interesting thing about this article that you know they're really talking about it more from like a economical and environmental view but just you know think of the like if you want to think of like the you know from the animals perspective just think of the numbers of those poor animals that are getting killed every year it's like more than the whole population of the of the entire country and they're probably getting killed in you know less than a year so it's like they're yeah it's just a crazy figure and then they go into like how much water these pigs are taking and they're all this kind of stuff and the other interesting thing that was discussed here is they have a special like like I guess famous type of pig that that gets raised there here it is it's called jamon iberico de Mayo that announced that correctly hopefully these pigs are basically prized because the the end of their lives they basically get to roam around in these oak like forests and they eat the acorns and supposedly you know the meat gets you know like the gets to be more tasty because of that and then they basically have a special curing process where they're you know takes yet it takes 36 months it says here minimum 36 months and so there's this special curing process and then you know it's like super ridiculously expensive it goes for like hundreds of heroes a kilo it says and this this article talks a lot about how what's happening is that there's a fraud cases of this you know of lots of like pig meat being sold as this jamon stuff that when it's actually not because they they have no way to actually meet the demand for it the supply is far outstripped by the demand and as more and more people like in you know other parts of Europe and the rest of the world like try to buy this stuff they just basically have to forge the stuff to make it look like they have it and then people are getting ripped off and my point about this article is really just that like you know if you look at kind of like the way people are they don't want to believe the truth like you know you you look at the article I talked about you know you have people who are paying money for these you know accurate accreditations that death farms get because they want to believe that the farms are like treating their animals reshoot mainly and honest kind stuff and even when you have these abuse cases that come to light seemingly every day or every week at least they don't want to believe it and you know you go to the the World Health Organization's announcement about cancer and these other researches that have been done about alcohol consumption people don't want to believe it and then you look at this like you know people don't want to believe that like they're getting ripped off but they are because everyone just thinks like oh well you know it's like I'm paying all this extra money it's got to be legit and it's it's totally not and they're pretty much destroying the world to make it so it's pretty crazy this is a interesting article that I found I believe this is a Indian website choose veg that I and some I believe this is an Indian website they were talking about the number of animals being slaughtered and this is actually quite surprising to a lot of people I think there's a report it says by the US Department of Agriculture which shows that India has risen to the top of the table as the world's the largest beef exporter and they basically say yeah that India displaced Brazil in 2014 so this is just a really crazy thing because everyone thinks of India as being like vegetarians and you know like you know killing of cows especially because there's a lot of religious you know belief there that that you know there are sacred animals so it's just very interesting and they basically say that in 2015 there's a report that they surpassed 13 lakh tons of beef exports I didn't know what this meant I looked it up and apparently this word lack I know if I'm pronouncing it right is the Indian unit of measures to say 100,000 so if you read this what what you're actually seeing is that that is 13 100,000 tons so what is that that's one point no yeah one point three million tons of beef exports and then in 2016 that rose to 1.8 million tons so it's just an insane figure and then they basically also talk about how to – what did they say hey yeah they said look at how many animals this equates to roughly because they said they get about 200 kilograms of meat from one animal so they're basically saying that 18 lakh tons would require the slaughter about 90 lakh ton animals so what that means is that is 90 times a hundred thousands that's 9 million so there's 9 million animals that are getting killed just in that one year in the end these are cows they're also saying that that's just for the exports and they're also saying that India is ranked seventh in domestic consumption so what what's happening is they're exporting 9 million animals or killing them and then exporting their meat but then it doesn't even account for the ones that are being eaten you know and consumed within the country so that's pretty crazy – and then yeah like they're just talking about how a lot of these are actually from water buffalo this is they call this the what kind of Kara beef so these are you know water buffalos that are being kept for milk production and then basically again you know in the dairy industry within five to six years they become spent or unproductive and are sent for slaughter and this is pretty much in line with you know all the other dairies throughout the world large scale dairies you know they basically just impregnate the cows over and over again and instead of having their natural lifespan which is you know 20 to 25 years there's been after five years and then they're they're killed so this is actually quite sad and I just want to highlight this because this was from an Indian site and um you know this was actually a little bit surprising to me that these numbers were quite so high and I have no idea that they were the largest beef exporter in the world so that's actually quite surprising I have read other articles previously talking about you know India and the myth that it's a vegetarian country there are a lot of vegetarian people there but they are there there are also a lot of people there who eat a lot of meat and in fact even beef as this circle shows so that's an interesting one yeah this was the lack of time thing okay and then this was a just a quick story that I wanted to show that this was a story about animal rights activists who were demonstrating in Santorini Santorini is kind of I guess famous for having these long you know kind of like steps that go up to the beautiful lookout places and stuff and what they have is they have donkeys does that bring up tourists on their back obviously not of their own free will and what's happening is that as people are getting more and more obese these animals are actually having more and more of a tough time bringing up these really you know have you set people and they're getting all sorts of health problems and so this was a demonstration I think it was by direct action I can't remember from the article but anyway oh yeah it was direct action yeah and they they were attacked by the people who are some of these tour guides who bring up the people and you know like rent out the donkeys so they literally attacked the peaceful demonstration basically just telling people hey you know don't ride the donkeys like walk up yourself and you know if you think about this it's like it really just shows the kind of irony like we're eating too many animal products we're getting too fat and then we can't even walk up the hill so we like abuse animals to get us up to the top of the hill it's like I don't know like it's just so crazy anyway that was a pretty pretty weird story next kind of in the same line of you know the animal agriculture industry defending itself this was an interesting article that I read this was yeah like a month ago I don't know if anybody had seen this but there was a story about the company called work they made an announcement that they basically had a new company policy and it says yeah meat is no longer permitted permitted at work related events that's kind of in line with some of the developments that have been happening like at the UN and some of the kind of like governmental agencies and countries I think there was like something similar in Germany or like I can't remember I think it was Germany where they also did like any work official you know meeting like like they had to have like meatless dishes or something like that but anyway in an effort to be more like environmentally conscious this company underwent this change in their corporate policy and employees were no longer able to expense meals containing meat and the company's founder emphasized that their you know their calculations show that with just these simple changes they're gonna be able to save sixteen point seven billion gallons of water four hundred forty five million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions and more than fifteen million animals by the Year 2023 so that's actually not very long as five years to save that amount of you know water and animals and co2 emissions and that's just from six thousand people at that company so you know they're you know there's not really a lot of people that hope that other companies follow suit and you know kind of start getting people to change this way and kind of like yeah you know you can go on a business trip and still buy that steak but but don't don't think you're gonna be able to expense it anymore so I think that's actually very reasonable and the meat industry obviously doesn't so what they did was in response to this the North American Meat Institute rolled out a new website called I choose meat calm and I kid you not if you go to that website you will see that it's full of like Pro meat propaganda and they are basically trying to teach you know people who might be upset by this like like false you know kind of like stats that show that you know the animal agriculture industry is not harmful to the environment all this kind of stuff and anyway this article debunks the claims made on that website pretty well and they show actual you know kind of stats and and you know explanations about where they're kind of and boosting people so this is a pretty fun read if anybody wants to see it they say it's a hilarious you know guide but I actually don't find this kind of stuff funny because I think it's just straight-up like malicious you know propaganda and lies but whatever and again going to the next or a year this follows suit for the whole thing that you know the meat and animal agriculture industries are very powerful they have huge influence and I don't know if anybody has seen this but the official cowspiracy Facebook page was taken down back in the end of June and since then it has still been down and as far as this this story from a couple days ago it was still down and the conspiracy pH has this official kind of post about it and talking about what they think you know is happening and the thing that what you know that their they've come to kind of like say is that you know they've appealed it the case was closed they're not getting any responses like Facebook is simply not responding to their you know enquiries and they are not getting their page undeleted and and returned and they're basically saying that they added violation but they give no specifics of what rules they may have violated and there's a lot of other websites that are sorry Facebook pages that have been shut down as well and they are basically saying that if you look at them a lot of them are about kind of like activism and you know there's probably some kind of broad brush that's being you know kind of like you know put put against all these like activist websites that you know that go against corporate interest so this is just a very interesting story and definitely something that I think seems reasonable they give a lot of you know kind of like examples of where these kinds of things have happened in the past and obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request where they have been able to show that you know big big agate says and other animal industry groups have subsequently exploited this preposterous designation to marginalize animal activist whenever possible so they're basically trying to use the FBI's classification of animal rights and environmental movements as the number one domestic terror threat in the United States so again very interesting stuff and just really goes to show you some of the links that these companies are willing to go to to basically you know discredit the vegan movement or environmental movement are really any kind of like activist movement that goes against corporate interests so yeah it's just very interesting thing I definitely recommend everybody read through this and really see you know kind of like where you know these massive media outlets are actually kind of because let's face it and Facebook really is a media outlet now where they are basically doing the the will and bidding of animal agriculture next we are on to a story on Business Insider where they talked about a report from one of the biggest banks I think it's HSBC if I remember right yeah HSBC and they were talking about the earth overshoot date which if anybody hasn't seen that it's basically a calculation that shows when we as a planet have used up the resources that can be renewed within one year and you know ideally you would want it to be less than I mean you wouldn't want to use all the renewable resources at all but at the very least you would want to you know have that be at the end of the year so you would use up your whole kind of budget at the end of the year not there you know earlier and what's happened is that since they've started measuring this I think this was from like back in the 70s or something I can't remember when the first one was they said back yeah here we go in 1970 we overshot Earth's resource budget by only two days overshoot they fell on December 29th and that date has been pushed up by five months so in August and it's just really crazy and when you look at you know kind of the the environmental impact that this is having all over the world they're talking about the wildfires in Scandinavia we actually have some friends my wife has has a really good friend of hers that she's living in Finland now and you know they were talking about you know the record heat and all this kind of stuff like it's it's it's very real like people are starting to see the the impact now and and yeah it's just undeniable that there's like kind of extreme weather happening and these events are getting more and more likely to happen and that's what this report is saying basically as well so this is just a financial institution they're talking about kind of the ability of governments and you know large companies to be able to deal with the you know their increase in temperatures and the impact to the environment so they're talking about the other temperatures by 2100 could be up to 15% higher than the highest projections from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change so you know it's just scary stuff like read through this but basically it's just saying that like yeah like you know even banks are starting now to to look at this stuff seriously and you know they're they're not doing it for any altruistic or any kind of like you know activist kind of you know reasons they're just simply looking at it from a financial impact and this is kind of unique because most of these large corporations haven't been willing to put out any kind of you know statements on this kind of stuff and so they're saying that this is kind of unique from HSBC and yes as the companies and governments are not adequately prepared for climate effects so it's just been scary stuff moving on we got another story here that is pretty interesting again showing the corporate interest with the UK looking like they're gonna go through with the you know Brett's it and leaving the European Union there is quite a bit of fear that they some of the stricter kind of like animal protection and you know animal product quality you know designations they would be getting more lakhs after the brexit happening and this article talks about how Australia is actively lobbying right now to basically be allowed to bring in products that they are right now under EU law banned from bringing it so they are talking about like technical barriers but what that really comes down to is that they want to export animals that are hormone treated beef and low quality things like go pets and other stuff like that that's considered waste product right now and that you know those are not allowed in to the UK at the moment so yeah just kind of crazy stuff and they're talking about how you know if the brexit goes through you know some of these things may be relaxed and people might be you know flooded with kind of you know these low quality animal products and things that have like growth hormone and all this kind of stuff so you know long story short is even the rules that they have now you can see like how well they're enforced by the first story I referenced and then you can only imagine how bad things might get if they're relaxed even further so I don't think that that is a very good idea and I want to end on some kind of more positive news because hopefully I I don't want everybody to think that it's all that out there a lot of these things can be you know improved by more and more people going vegan and I wanted to share this very positive little story that I read about this was actually a few weeks ago earlier this summer as well in July this lady is a 53 year old vegan runner and she has set a record for a huge endurance run it's 310 miles she completed the california muir ramble route which is 310 miles over seven days nine hours and 49 minutes and yeah she was going along with some friends who were helping pace her and she had her little dog with her and she's got an Instagram page I guess if anybody's on there and you wanna check her out her name is what is her name Katra corvette so check her out and she be you know had set a course record for this race pretty cool she's sustained herself with energy gels avocados natural vegan bars and almond butter packs and they make a note that she ran vegan trail running she was made by hokum one so that was pretty cool and not only is that pretty crazy of itself but she actually did this four days after completing another 150 mile trail race so just very impressive this lady's kind of pretty amazing I would say and you know just from looking at her obviously like it's kind of hard to tell from just one picture but like in my mind she does not look to be like a typical 53 year old person so she looks quite young and she's been vegan for a long time it says yes she went vegan 24 years ago as a way to combat her drug and alcohol addiction and Corvette has run an impressive 250 ultra marathons of varying distances so this is really cool I don't know if Logan's watching or anything but I just thought that would be kind of like another good source of inspiration like a we're not too old and be like there's quite a few people who are doing very well you know even into their 50s obviously setting records and stuff so this was very cool and especially kind of interesting it says here she says now sober she had heaters doing raw vegan diet and overwhelmingly positive attitude riding that endless runner's high so again check that out for some positive news I thought this was this was actually quite interesting and fun to read about and just kind of shows you that like yeah you know you're not gonna whittle away and waste away as a vegan sorry you know spierig and all these other guys out there saying go vegan and diet you're absolutely wrong this lady's obviously thriving in 20 four years after adapting in diet next and I think last yes this is the last one I got for you guys this was an interesting New York Times article about one of the doctors who is kind of like hailed as one of the main people behind vitamin D recommendations it is an endocrinologist what is his guy's name Michael Holick and basically this article kind of starts painting a picture of the fact that he is a person who was benefited to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars from the various testing industries and supplement industries basically pushing a message about how important vitamin D consumption is and they go through and kind of like talk about you know the their rise in this business they're basically saying that supplement sales have been pushed to nine or thirty six million dollars in 2017 so again this is almost a billion dollars in just 2017 as saying that that's a nine-fold increase over the previous decade they're talking about the lab tests doctors ordered more than 10 million for Medicare patients in 2016 up 547 percent and so you know that's five times as much since 20 2007 and at a cost of three hundred and sixty five million dollars again going out of Medicare so just kind of crazy stuff and really kind of highlights the fact that you know the bias that is out there in the world about nutrition is not just necessarily about you know me eating or vegan diets it can be about anything and including vitamin D and yeah basically I think this is a very interesting read I would recommend this everybody and then after you read this go and check out dr. John McDougall stance on vitamin D and I think he's probably gonna feel vindicated after reading this I actually got this article from his Twitter post he shared it out and I remember like you know probably maybe two years ago watching some of his stuff about vitamin D and it's one of the reasons why I chose not to supplement vitamin D personally so the only vitamin that I do supplement is vitamin b12 and I talked about that in some other videos before but yeah I don't do the I think I get enough vitamin D just from you know basically being outside and and I think this this article does a pretty good job of calling into question some of the you know science that that gets thrown around about the vitamin D recommendations I would definitely recommend people check out dr. MacDougall's you know stance on vitamin D and then make your you know make your own decision based on that so yeah that's all I got let me stop sharing wasted screen in here I'm gonna go back and hopefully see what the chat has been up to um I'm gonna scroll back hopefully the read through what everybody said – I'm reading mighty Dux comment back about the driving driving not being good for you yeah that was a good comment I thought that was like the worst part of it generally says soxhlet tonight for Spanish film empathy which mentioned the big person err she oh yeah that's that's a crazy thing hey Leon he says hi Kathy says hi I had the poor donkeys in Santorini yeah that was a crazy stuff generally says there's also a lift for the lazy people it's like you know the the walking up the steps like might actually you know do some good for your house and like help you lose some weight and get a little bit fit and instead people just you know try to cheat their way out of that it's kind of crazy mighty Duke I choose me to combat morons of the animal sacrificing cult yeah pretty much and that's what people want they they want to hear bad habit you know but good news about their bad habits and so they just they'll probably use that like I can engine you know people like Frank Tufano or somebody like that like probably using like information from there that's kind of what these guys do I think it's pretty crazy to do hey fun face if anybody's nuts up to her definitely check her out she's got a great channel then I found a guy who may want to debate promoting if I considered up yeah definitely well yes man yeah well we were like should have fun anyway yeah and and we're gonna hopefully do some kind of collaboration for anybody who doesn't know check out the the fun face she's got a great channel here on YouTube and she has sent me a article as well as vote and shout out to vote and to he sent the article just before Ellie did and there is this kind of crazy blog where the person wrote is trying to discredit like veganism and justify their meat eating habits by basically you know trying to distort the the environmental impact kind of message and talk about how you know you need basically like manure and all this kind of stuff to grow your veggies and it's just like a whole bunch of like fallacies and lies like all over so that'll take quite a bit of time I'm gonna put together quite a bit of stuff and I know I always working to kind of get you know some other people working on it too so we'll see what we can put together – that's right yeah I don't know what the appeal is with with ferret I just think like if anybody looks into it who isn't already biased they're gonna see that the guy is just completely crazy but what happens I think is that with a lot of these people they they attract people who again want to hear good news about their bad habits so it's like if you if you kind of like want to keep eating you know animal products and you find this guy who basically tells you that you know it's actually the only way you can be healthy and that you'll be quite unhealthy if you if you don't eat those things it's just this great way to make yourself feel better and like put aside any kind of like ethical qualms you may have about you know like eating animals and so the you know these same people who are pushing all the grass-fed you know meat and all this kind of stuff and you know they think like oh well I only buy my you know animals my eggs my dairy from these like you know humane farms they don't want to see the kind of stuff that I just you know shared with you guys now but these are not none of these stories that I've shown are very you know rare or unique if you just kind of like you know look through some of these things you'll see that sadly there are cases of this happening like all the time it's it's literally like every couple days you see another case of farm abuse there was just another one that I I saw like a couple days ago where there was a farmer who got videoed you know basically stamping on the head of a other calf and like forcing tube of a feeding tube down its throat and swearing at and all this kind of stuff and the industry was saying don't be too quick to you know judge the guy and it's like well you know it's just crazy there's just excuse after excuse being made and yeah it's very sad to do yeah Ellie says why are there anecdotes more valuable than opposing anecdotes and scientific consensus they're the true feels over reals crowd it's true it's true and you know I think with a lot of the people that that are kind of like more dishonest so I think like you know carnival falls into this category sadly they don't want to actually see the studies and when you actually want to show them anything they just say well you know your study is biased or you're biased or whatever I'm always open to looking at anybody studies and I think that's kind of the only way you can really like get to it is is read through and keep an open mind you'll see the truth so yeah so guys a race and I don't think anybody really likes him but yeah I don't think I'll be debating him anymore I was actually quite disappointed in one of his response videos after our last debate I think he was just being very dishonest with some of the stuff he said and and tried to kind of like make make out so I don't think I'll be debating him I like I like debating people when they're honest some of the earlier debates I had done you know even with like Logan when we debated Thomas bond and Reese that guy was like I think he was pretty honest like he was he was genuine and his answers and yeah just I didn't get that from Carnival I mean if somebody can't you know answer a simple question like do you think you know beating the dog for no reason is is okay or torturing an animal to make it taste better if you can't even just say like whether that's okay or not I think you're it's a good sign that somebody's being dishonest yeah Ellie he had he had response videos after our debate I would say go watch them but but don't let's not give the guy any more views than he already has but if you're you know if you if you feel like you're not suggest the kind of mood or whatever like I guess go go watch it humane composting yeah well my idea of humane composting is I throw my potato peels and uh and my you know like carrot shavings and and apple cores out in the back so yeah all right I think guys that's all I had for today I don't really have too much anything else right now I've got a lot of stuff lined up really enjoying not being employed at the moment so I think I'm gonna have a lot more content for you guys want to do a lot more collaborations as well and tons more stuff coming in the in the garden as well and some food prep things and I've got a recipe video hopefully coming up maybe tomorrow if like if I get enough time to put it together so yeah hopefully everybody enjoyed this I might do this more regularly try to do more pertinent stories as they're happening I kind of had saved up a bunch probably do shorter things like this and just focus on one or two stories but yeah hopefully you guys like this Steph cannon hey Steph thank you arrived when the party is ending well maybe just watch it later but and I'll put the links to the stories in a comment as well so hey Liam thanks for being on I really really appreciate you guys being on and hopefully everybody enjoyed this and yeah I'll do more live streams I think you know now that I'm gonna have hopefully more time and I got a bunch of stuff planned that hopefully everybody enjoys thanks Ellie I'll I'll look into that I am NOT from there at that revolution of thought one okay I'll look into it cool all right good night everybody or or good afternoon or good morning depending on where you are and we'll see you guys soon

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  1. Here are the links to the stories that I talked about.

  2. Great stream, Pál!! I think this is a really good idea! Keep up the good work, man!

    Yeah, the whole vitamin D thing is crazy!! I have never been supplementing – living in the cold and dark Scandinavia lol Sure some of the things I consume are fortified with D, but that’s not much. But basically, it’s a scam, a lot of people are in the lower range because well it is set up that way on purpose, like Dr. McDougall said.
    So from what I’ve heard, if you’re shadow is shorter than your body, the sun won’t provide you with the hormone. Now how animals living in the same environment are not dying off like flies during every winter – from vitamin D deficiency – I don’t know.. 😉

    Last video I saw on the topic, was from Dr. Pam Popper and she also showed how this is a scam. Crazy how easy it is for them to let us take a test, tell us “yeah, you’re in the lower range and should supplement!”, when you don’t have any symtoms, but hey don’t wanna risk anything. It’s backwards if we can’t trust them, but it’s proven time and again that we can’t!

  3. That's right about Carneval, by the way. He is not interested in finding out the truth, he's interested in winning. A fighter's mentality.

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