Vegan News & Views - Live Discussion About Recent Events - Part 12 - Final Februdairy

okay I think we might be alive let me head over and take a look at the window here we should be starting in a second dad no I am live cool alright don't know if anybody's gonna be on right now it's kind of a weird time I haven't done one later on in the evening like this for me in a while so uh we'll see if anybody pops in anyway I'm gonna be doing another vegan news livestream I talk about a lot of great stories for you guys today some really happy some not so happy and I also want to do a special talk today about February which is the animal Agriculture's industry propaganda equivalent to began uary when they try to basically convince people to drink more dairy consume more dairy products and yeah I'm gonna talk about that quite a bit so we will see how this goes along hopefully some people start joining in if you do let me know if you can hear me okay I think I'm okay as far as I can see on the mic level and stuff like that but if you have any problems just let me know in the chat I'll keep an eye on it and just in the spirit of keeping everything moving I am going to jump right in hopefully people join as we go and if not anybody who joins late can just you know always rewind it and watch it later got one person watching so far cool so welcome and let make a start so yeah let's switch over to the browser view here so basically what first a little bit of news that I got for you guys here is related to the Super Bowl and football I didn't watch the game I don't watch football I actually have to check kind of afterward to see who even won and so apparently the Patriots won and they have I guess won this a bunch of times already so it's kind of like a big deal and the thing is also that I guess you know a lot of the guys on the team are kind of like not so young anymore compared to like several of the other guys football teams out there I'm not a sports person as you can probably tell so um anyway I found this interesting article that talked about the largely plant-based vegan diet of the quarterback Tom Brady as well as several of the other teammates and basically I think I've talked about this before in a previous stream Tom Brady I guess is involved even with some vegan meal plan kind of you know options and stuff like this and he's convinced a lot of his teammates to adopt a plant-based diet I don't think most of them are really vegan or anything and I'm not even sure that he's fully vegan it's just that he's like mostly vegan or like largely plant-based and a lot of these guys were now starting to see the health benefits so you have this player the tight end Rob Gronkowski he's gonna go down in history books of the best to ever play the game he's 29 years old which I guess in football terms is pretty old and I talked about this as well before that their bodies really take a beating from this game it's like really crazy but he attributes his you know longevity to following a predominantly plant-based diet and yeah it's just pretty cool so um you know he's just talking about how the team is kind of split on it like a lot of people aren't convinced but you know he says that it's really helping him out so he says I'm not super super crazy but I'm pretty crazy about his diet Gronkowski said I'd like to go with the mostly plant-based diet I'd say about 75% and then the other 25% just keeping it clean by eating whatever I'm making sure I get my fruits and veggies in every day so you know it's like he's obviously not really vegan certainly not from an ethical standpoint but you know it's just good to see more and more people realizing the power of plants the whole food plant-based diet is definitely the way to go for longevity recovery you know sports people are just coming in droves to realize this so I just think this is a bit of good news and the fact that they one probably doesn't you know hurt either to get more people on board with that message so I think that's pretty cool next also related to the Super Bowl there was a bit of controversy in that Hyundai the automaker ran an ad that kind of had some vegans upset because it was basically you know talking about how there was this vegan dinner party and it was it was in a commercial that was talking about all sorts of experiences that are bad and this was like listed among one of them so it was you know things like getting a prostate check at your doctor and going for a root canal with the dentist and all these kinds of like really unpleasant things and going to the vegan dinner party was like one of these things and so this poor lady comes out with this beet loaf and then people are just kind of like there's a guy who like dry heaves when he sees it so you know obviously some people got upset the only reason I want to mention this is that because some people were supportive of it even from the vegan side some people who said like look you know it's bringing veganism too you know a more large stream more mainstream audience large audience is seeing this and you know any publicity is good publicity kind of thing I think it was definitely kind of like um you know mocking the you know vegan diet I don't think it's very funny but I'm certainly not like upset by it I think it really just kind of falls into the category of thing that I've talked about in my recent video about censorship where when you have a majority opinion you can basically make fun of and be very sarcastic and joking around about people in the minority opinion so in this case the vegan group is obviously the you know minority group and it's okay and it's considered kind of funny to poke fun at them and and it's it's it's really kind of the equivalent of you know the things I talked about in the censorship video that you know in the old days like you could make racial jokes like this or you can make set sexist jokes like this or you could make you know whatever it is about the majority view held and and then basically as it becomes less and less popular then it will become less and less popular to make a joke about that because people are more aware of you know so many more people having those sensibilities and they don't want to be you know kind of seen as somebody who's offending people so that's my take on it but if you want to see it I'll have the link for it here you can see the the full ad am I gonna play it but you know you guys can see that it looks like it has a largely you know positive you know like to dislike ratio here on on YouTube so um and you read through the comments you know it kind of just reiterates what I just said a lot of people are saying like oh those stupid vegans getting offended you know what the heck's wrong with him and then some vegan people are like well I think it's pretty funny and whatever so yeah anyway just the high chair that um a little bit of news here also positive from Hawaii they look to be like the first state that will ban cigarette sales altogether they have a plan in place to basically do like a phase-out so here is under his bill the minimum smoking age would increase to 30 in 2024 TM 2015 21 50 and 2022 it's heard they're basically adding a decade in each year up until 2024 when you would need to be 100 years old to buy cigarettes legally in Hawaii so this is a bill that representative Richard Creegan has proposed so you know we'll see what happens it doesn't apply to e-cigarettes cigars or chewing tobacco I do find this part a little bit strange this the cigars in the chewing tobacco are not included if the e-cigarettes are not included I would say that that's kind of you know to be expected because you want to give people an option to wean themselves off and a lot of people do go to the e-cigarettes the electric cigarettes you know to do that so I just think it's funny that the other two are not gonna be in there but as a first step hey it's great you know I personally don't smoke I have nothing against smokers in you know in in the way that as long as they're doing it responsibly and only smoking themselves and not in front of other people especially children I kind of view it as like you know alcohol drinking or something where it's like it's definitely harmful to your health but if you do it responsibly quote-unquote and you're only harming your own health I kind of view it as like a civil liberty and I don't really you know I don't really have an issue with it but with all that said I do not think that the you know cigarette companies are ethical companies I think that they have for decades you know lied to people and gotten their ads to target children and a whole host of other things that you can go on and on about so I feel no sympathy for them either and you know somebody really wants to keep smoking I'm sure they'll find a way to do it you know maybe they'll grow their own or or switch to number one or something but I'm not really sure that it's you know better or worse but but I do think you know I hate the little cigarette filters that get left when people throw their butts on the ground those take like forever to break down I don't know if everybody knows that or not but the the little filter is made from some kind of like you know plastic foam or whatever and this stuff takes forever it's like that I don't know the exact thing so don't quote me but if you just like look it up it's like it's like probably a couple decades or something before it will actually like break down and yeah it's just super annoying in other countries that I've visited in you know people will tend to be you know either more or less respectful when it comes to their smoking like in Japan people are like really really meticulous after they smoke they have like a little case or something that they put the cigarette butt in and then they like you know throw that out after nobody will throw their cigarette butt you know wait and I like here in Europe it's like I mean the places I've been anyway like most places like people are just flicking them wherever you know on the street and stop here and hungry it's really bad and I find that to be super annoying so um yeah I guess that's that's just kind of like if they get this through I would say good for them don't I don't like seen the butts on the ground after we'll see if it if it goes through I talked about this story from Australia I think he remembers the last one or the one before but basically there was a huge fish kill that happened and the local governments have said that it's basically from the drought and from the extreme heat but many environmentalist groups and you know just concerned citizens have said that it is actually from the mismanagement of the water there are large industry interests ranging from animal agriculture industry to cotton growers and and other things like that where they have basically plundered the water and taken so much of it and that basically caused this huge you know problem and in a huge Fishkill has resulted twice now one was the one that I told you guys about and now it's a second one this happened when the temperature plunged from 46 degrees to 28 degrees Celsius which is a huge difference and obviously and that's really hot too and still pretty hot but like not as hot and they said that this this has resulted in just a massive massive kill hundreds of thousands of fish I've shown you guys the you know pictures before of some of these fish that were as old as a hundred years old I've gotten killed and you know basically this is just an insane thing that's happening and a lot of people are saying it's the the mismanagement of the water for these industry interests so really sad to see it and you know they're basically in in a bad shape there's a hell G bloom now because of the lower water and the low oxygen and the temperature change the drastic temperature change didn't help so it's just they're basically saying like yeah it's it's really really terrible here and there is a quote here at the end I was pretty pretty good here to the University of New South Wales a professor of environmental science Richard Kingsford an expert on the men indeed lakes said the report was a good report as far as it goes to start what the report was prepared by the town it's a good scientific assessment of the proximate causes he said but he said the reference to other fish kills during the millennium drought in the report underplayed the seriousness of these incidents the Millennium incidents have been nowhere near the scale of the present incidents they had involved thousands of deaths not hundreds of thousands to set so this is just like orders of magnitude larger yeah who's saying it it's all about what was the condition of the river not just in the short term but longer term there is an absence of good data on water quality it doesn't identify the status of blue-green algae before after the fish kill so yeah it's probably you know if I had to guess it's probably because the industry interest didn't want the report to be you know thorough enough to really tell people and let people know what's going on so yeah sad sad day there this one is just kind of in the could be filed in the another week another meat you know safety scandal this one is basically undercover investigations showed Polish slaughterhouses basically slaughtering and you know processing very sick cattle that couldn't stand they were you know dragged all the kind of regulations that are supposed to be there to protect you know people from sick animals going into the food chain were basically you know curtailed here and yeah it's just another sad sad story one thing that I did want to mention in this story as well as the one that I talked about before when I talked about the abuses that were documented in the Netherlands and how the Netherlands is a very important exporter to the UK so for the people watching in the UK and if you're still consuming meat you definitely want to consider this too because like I just showed you guys in the other stream about the you know ethical kind of like implications of it the abuse that goes on in those farms this one is obviously you know similar in that the cows were basically you know beaten and dragged to their death they weren't even able to they weren't even healthy enough to be able to walk to their debts and here it says Polish beef exports to the UK are roughly the same as those from the Netherlands so it's it's pretty bad you can see here UK revenue and customs data show that in 2017 the UK imported 64 million pounds worth of Polish beef about 16 and a half million kilograms so people are definitely eating it and you have you know pretty good reason to suspect that you might be getting sick if you're eating sick animals so yeah just a sad story here's another pretty you know timely article coming out the scientists in this article mentioned how they are studying land that has been covered in ice for forty thousand years that's now exposed because of the ice melting and this is up in Canada and which Island it was shooter can't remember trying to find it real quick before you guys but OBE a fan island yeah so this was up in Baffin Island and what they said was that this region based on the stuff that they were looking at for the various planets that are growing there and have been dating like the quartz crystals and the rocks and all this kind of stuff they're saying that this is the modern temperatures represent the warmest century in 115 thousand years for this area so pretty crazy stuff yeah just very wild so yeah pretty crazy check that out next one climate change will melt vast parts of the Himalayas study says this is a study that was talking about all the people that live in that area and depend on that area for water and food and the crazy part that jumped out for me it's kind of near the end if I remember right let me try to find it for you guys sorry guys I was here this is it so freshwater from the region's glaciers flows into ten major river basins contributing to the drinking water irrigation and energy needs of approximately one point nine billion people or about a quarter of the world's population so that part just jumps out at me that is just such a huge huge number and if you think like things are bad now with you know forced immigration from wars and environmental damage imagine like I keep saying when you have coastal land being eroded when you have you know clean water not being available when you don't have places that are suitable to live in anymore because of the heat or just extreme dryness and then you add to that you know taking away say clean water and you know energy production and irrigation from one point nine billion people what do you think will happen so I mean this is just scary scary stuff and this is not just some one person this was a very you know complicated assessment done by a lot of scientists some of the you know best people looking at this and this is what they're saying is that you know these these glaciers are mounting and it's a huge problem and yeah here is climate change will reduce how much farmers will be able to produce in this part of the world about 70% of the population of this region are farmers and there's already great food insecurity there so it's it's not getting any better and this is very scary stuff I perpetually annoyed thanks for joining let me know if this sounds ok I didn't have anybody kind of at the beginning checking so I'm not sure if you guys can hear me ok but just let me know ok next we've got a pretty interesting opinion piece here in The Guardian I found this article to be pretty you know pretty spot-on he's basically just saying like look you know we have all this freezing happening on in the US the Midwest right now is you know in thanks a lot for checking Thanks you know they're in this polar vortex all this kind of stuff and basically the opinion piece is calling into question all the people who are using the you know these cold snaps as an excuse to basically deny you know I would say global warming or climate change but I hate calling you cold warming because it is really more just climate change some people obviously just don't understand it if you call a global warming because then they just point to this but that's the point of this article I would definitely encourage everybody to read this there's some really great stuff in here and you know I think this one is his great he started out Trump tweeting a thing out that says what the hell is going on global warming please come back fast we need you and then he's I'll of here oh yeah and there's a spelling mistake it's its global walk way mning instead of warming neglect for the moment that global whamming isn't a thing and that as we have come to expect almost none of the claims and Trump's tweets are true the coldest wind chill temperatures recorded for the Midwest are close to minus 70 which is minus 57 Celsius and for the u.s. overall below minus 100 but might he have a point for example if we are seeing more frequent cold extremes with this contradicted theory of human-caused global warming no scientists increasingly think that climate change may cause a more frequent break under the polar vortex of the northern hemisphere the type and of winds in the upper atmosphere that typically can find the cold North Pole air masses to the Arctic loosely associated with the Jetstream so he says the amplified warming the Arctic caused by the melting of sea ice reduces the temperature contrast between the equator and the pole it is that contrast that maintains the polar vortex and Jetstream as the vortex breaks down the Jetstream slows and exhibits broader north-south Wiggles just as a river crossing almost level territory exhibits broad meanders as it makes its way to the coastline so then the part that you know made really awesome sense here is he saying well so why are people saying this you know if if there is good science to support this so I love this part e says let us return to Trump's tweet for it does not stand in isolation it is part of a seven several years old pattern of denying the basic scientific evidence for human-caused climate change trump is plainly not the genius he has claimed to be but he knows that climate change is real get this next part this is great we know this because he cited it as a reason to be granted a special dispensation to build a wall a wall to protect his Golf Course in Ireland from the damaging effects of horizon sea level I love it I love when somebody finds the monetary incentive that these people have to protect their own interests there he he acknowledges and and basically says like yeah you know climate change blah blah blah the sea sea level rise but when it comes to the country and you know what is good for like millions of people he's just gonna tow the the business line and basically crack a joke about the climate change I mean this is just absolutely infuriating it's it's incredibly sad but I think this is a good article definitely read through there's some other good examples here and talking about like you know what science says versus what idiotic people kind of tend to you know say in yeah and start contrast to that so definitely check this out I think it's pretty cool next up global warming new supersonic airplanes would be terrible for the environment study warns if anybody isn't old enough to remember there used to be a supersonic jet that you could fly was the Concorde airplanes and Air France randos and apparently British Airways to I guess it says down here pretty shares an Air France ran the Concorde supersonic service from 76 until 2003 there was a horrific accident that blew up one of those jets and killed everybody out if they blew up they crashed and then blew up whatever but yeah like it says here 113 people died and then since then they haven't flown those planes now if you think about like climate change and the burning of fossil fuels and stuff flying is already one of those things where a lot of people will say it's totally like unethical to fly you know you shouldn't be wasting so much fuel and bye-bye especially for just like going for you know it kicks somewhere going on vacation or whatever and the thing that you realize though is that flying these you know supersonic jets is an even worse thing for the environment because they basically have to get that much faster and there's also usually worse fuel economy even above and beyond that because they they count it per person which is kind of natural like you want to know how many people are able to transport for a given amount of fuel and the the fact is these planes will carry less people so here is the International Council of clean Transportation estimates the new supersonic jets will consume as much as five to seven times as much fuel per passenger as subsonic aircraft on the same routes that's partly because they're going faster requires more fuel and partly because the supersonic jets are expected to transport significantly fewer passengers per plane and despite this there are several companies now that want to start flying these you know flights with the you know with the expressed person have just expressed purpose of getting people to their destination faster it's basically a bunch of rich people that just can't be bothered to fly you know for the eight hours or whatever it is on you know cross Atlantic flight for example just like all the regular people so here it is adding these planes which would be five to seven times as carbon-intensive as comparable subsonic jets on top of that just to save a few hours flying over the Atlantic seems problematic to me so this was from a you know an advocate basically saying that like look you know they should be doing this and yeah so I know it's crazy I hope they don't really do it unless they're able to show some kind of way to like reduce the amount of fuel required so that if it's the same per person like maybe I would be okay with it but honestly I kind of don't think you can just defy the laws of physics to be able to go faster without needing more energy for it so yeah anyway it just this kind of goes into the category my mind of like the wealthy will just do whatever the heck they want and be everybody else cuz like I got money so I don't care crazy stuff along those lines of crazy stuff this article talks about how meat-eating humans and the push for certain body parts of certain animals in the use of medicinal you know kind of traditional things like for the Chinese and other people across the globe is causing the biggest animals to be hunted into extinction so they're talking about elephants and these really giant salamanders that are found in like Asian regions and a whole bunch of other kinds of things so I guess these things are like as big as people these salamanders human size amphibians they're eaten as a delicacy in parts of Asia the elephants as you know we will hunt them for their ivory people hunt them for various body parts it's really really crazy very said and you know they're talking about other animals that have already been hunted into extinction recently so yeah it's just basically like more craziness people killing whales and just driving these animals into extinction so here's the main kind of takeaway up to 60% of all large animals could be wiped out entirely or brought to the brink of extinction in coming years according to the team at the Oregon State University we publish their findings into Journal conservation Letters and yeah they're basically making the case that like you know these animals are really really close to being extinct and I love this quote here at the end minimizing the direct killing of these vertebrate animals is an important conservation tactic that might save many of these iconic species as well as all of the contributions they make to their ecosystems you know forget all these trophy hunt through people what they say like ok I'm gonna pay this money and then I'll get to shoot this elephant but because of all the money I spent then they can save more and it's like no I'm sorry alright this one was an interesting article so a survey found that a hundred and fourteen what was it 114 million Americans will be trying to eat more vegan food in order to achieve their health goals so that's you know basically 40% of the participants felt motivated to make a diet or lifestyle change 34% roughly one-third considered eating more plant-based foods to achieve this change and so that's I guess how they're arriving at this figure I mean this is great in one sense and in one sense that I'm gonna talk about I kind of worry knowing how and quarterly most American people eat like we already see so much obesity and illness and sickness I sometimes worry when I see messages like this like I mean eat more vegan food it's not gonna come at the cost of eating less animal-based food I think it's just sometimes I worry people will just eat vegan food in addition to animal foods which is probably you know not going to solve their health problems and if anything it might contribute to their obesity and then I worry that they might start blaming the vegan foods so it's definitely a little bit of a concern I have and the reason why I say this is gonna be this next story here this BBC article had some interesting facts about which countries eat the most meat and what they show is you know that meat production is actually going up it's actually increasing it's not going down so despite what you hear about a lot of like people saying like oh I'm eating less meat or I barely eat any meat or whatever in a lot of these developed areas of the world and and in fact the problem is that the developing areas of the world people are really starting to increase their meat production and meat consumption and it's really crazy here so it says rising incomes what we do know is that global meat consumption has increased rapidly over the past 50 years meat production today is nearly 5 times higher than in the early 1960s from 70 million tons to more than 330 million tons in 2017 so it's absolutely crazy and I do worry that you know people you know like I say in the previous article they might eat more vegan food but it should be you know coming along with eating less and Whole Foods and right now I don't see that trend so I do worry about that it's um it's really pretty crazy and you know they give some figures here for like um in like Asia and China and a few other places let's see and 2013 the most recent year available the US and Australia talked the tables for annual meat consumption alongside New Zealand and Argentina Argentina sorry both countries talked to more than 100 kilograms per person that's over just like what 220 pounds per person a year the equivalent to about 50 chickens or half a cow each that is just insane and yeah basically you know you can see it across the West here's a map the deep red is showing you know the the amount I guess this is per kilogram so you can see that basically the rich areas of the world are just going crazy needing tons and tons of meat the average Ethiopian consumes just seven kilograms Rwandans eight kilograms and my dreams 9 kilograms this is ten times less than the average European for those in low income countries meat is still very much a luxury and then they talk about yeah China and Brazil because they've seen significant economic growth in recent decades a large rise in meat consumption as a company then and you can see their charts are just going you know straight up like it's it's horrible China Brazil they're just going straight up Canada kind of had like a little bit of a peak in there I know it seems like pretty good you know study ID level the US is definitely you know a little bit of a Down trend right now just the past you know a couple years leading to 2013 but overall though it's still very high and you know still higher than it was back in the 60s and here it says by contrast average person in 1960s China consumed less than five kilograms a year by the late 1980s this had risen to 20 kilograms and the last few decades this has risen to over 60 kilograms so they're not that far after you about two-thirds as much as the people in the you know in the highest groups and yeah I don't really see why they would stop because very much in a lot of these developing countries it is a status symbol so once you have enough money you start eating meat every day and yeah here it is same thing happened in Brazil where meat consumption has almost doubled since 1990 that's only like you know every 30 years crazy stuff they talk about India being an exception even though incomes have tripled meat consumption hasn't followed they do mention that it's a misconception that the majority of India's vegetarian actually two-thirds of Indians do eat some meat but they don't tend to eat all types of meat so many people because of religious reasons don't eat you know certain kinds of meat whether that be cow or pork you know pig and so it says at less than four kilograms per person is the lowest in the world so they are eating meat but it's very little meat so yeah that's that's pretty interesting and you know they're raising the question is meat consumption falling in the West and not really according to the statistics and they're showing that basically people are just switching to poultry so they're eating slightly less red meat in the form of you know beef and pork so they're eating less cows and pigs with very more chickens more birds turkeys etc and I talked about this in the last stream where chicken has become the most common you know meat and it's the most common bird all across all the whole world so yeah I do worry about this you know I think a lot of times when you talk to people especially when they find out you're vegan they immediately kind of tried to know if it's like endear themselves to you or they just want to appease their own kind of you know conscience or whatever but they immediately tell you like why but I don't even really eat that much meat I barely eat any meat or but the you know the the figures really speak for themselves and it doesn't seem to be the case so Natalie looked through this it's pretty interesting stuff and I do worry like I said about people getting the message that like oh just eat more vegan stuff especially if they're eating vegan junk food I do worry that if they don't see health improvements or if their weight doesn't go down and there are obese they're gonna just say like well it's you know it's just like not good but yeah anyway here's a bit of good news this wonderful opportunity has come up with a very very awesome spokesperson so if anybody hasn't heard of Genesis Butler she is 12 years old and she is a vegan activist trying to get the whole world to go vegan and she has you know already said at this young age that she would love to become the president at some point and she is actually calling on the Pope to go vegan for the time of Lent so there is a effort with the what is the animal group shoot I can't remember oh yeah here it is part of the million dollar vegan campaign and there's a lot of you know obviously big-name supporters of this but she has called on the Pope to go and ditch all animal products for the period of Lent if anybody's not aware during Lent Catholic people while Christians the world over really not just Catholics but they usually will do a period of fasting where at least on some of the days they don't eat meat the varies between religions some people still eat fish but people do still eat other animal products like dairy and eggs and all this other kind of stuff so it is certainly an interesting idea to get the pope to go fully vegan for that forty days of the fasting period that would be awesome I've done videos before about fasting during Lent and fasting in general so check that out if you want to see it have it on my channel and kudos to this girl she's pretty amazing she's been an activist since she was six years old she's got a TED talk she basically made the ethical connection when she was eating chicken McNuggets and she's asked her mom like hey where do these come from and her mom explained that it's like yeah we killed chickens and then we make them into these little nuggets and she's like whoa I never want to eat that again and then later on I love this quote here since a few late years later when my mom was nursing my little sister I asked her where my milk came from and found out is from a cow I don't want to drink a different species milk so I went vegan at age six so it's pretty awesome her parents are obviously pretty cool people they were very supportive of her and she's done tons and tons of you know activism of various different kinds hats off to her kudos to her and yeah check it out and then of course to counter this we have somebody like Piers Morgan who basically immediately said like look you know I'll pay a million dollars instead to have vegans shut the heck up and and stop carrying on they've had their month began URIs over and it's time for them to be quiet and leave the Pope alone I think a couple things about this one is that it's pretty funny that the guy has a million dollars to just basically you know joke around with I think that probably tells you a lot about kind of you know what kind of economic scale he's he's used to dealing in and even if he doesn't I just think it's funny that he's joking around about it and then the co-host I think had a pretty good little um you know thing where she said look if all the vegans chip in a dollar we could easily pay you to shut up about anti veganism for like million dollars and he's like no my price is a hundred million so I think if anybody you know kind of takes this seriously like I wonder if you know can he be bought at a hundred million it's like 1 million for the Pope but a hundred million for four peers so I don't know I guess he has a price at least like he's he's open about that I think that's pretty funny there's a piece of work though all right so this is the kinda more serious article talking about this offer the offer is really that they will pay million dollars to a charity of the Pope's choice if he follows through and goes vegan for Lent so I think that's pretty cool I wonder if he'll take it I don't know the Pope has actually Pope Francis has actually had many different speeches and kind of like official like Church you know kind of like writings about being good stewards of the earth and treating animals right and I've done a video about this as well so I think you know he's he's at the very least I would say receptive to hearing this kind of message and I think it was delivered in a very nice way and also the kind of incentive of like wow I can get a million dollars that I could you know donate to charity of my choice that would actually be pretty nice so I wonder if he'll actually think about it and that would be great professionally that says don't even get me started on piers I can't even yeah that guy's he's he's really a piece of work I just I don't know how anybody can take him seriously excuse me and yeah so so basically the you know the thing that got me about this article is like it's a pretty good article they're talking about how it could have a really good impact you know there's 1.2 billion Roman Catholics in the world and the Pope is their you know head in in the religious community and that would be a great message so I wonder if people would follow his his lead so yeah you know here it is Matthew Glover CEO of million dollar vegan and co-found who co-founded the vegan air campaign said the Pope had been selected for his environmental leadership and influence particularly in South America where great forests continue to be cut down blah blah blah so this was like a really good article and then the point the part that I wanted to show you guys is like and then what do they have right in the middle of it is a little you know mini intro to an article that the Guardian has also done which is raising the question that have vegan protests gone too far and I just I find this so frustrating that you have like an article that's like almost pretty kind of like good and I would say like pretty decent at painting veganism in a good light and talking about the environmental and ethical kind of things and you know talking about how they're gonna put all this money up and get it to a charity and then you kind of ruin it with this like you know vegan graffiti and you know butchered barbecue dogs have vegan protests gone too far there's a big stink about somebody I guess like it did kind of like a fake barbecued dog as part of one of their outreach attempts in public and I guess it upset obviously like children who saw it and stuff I don't think it was a real dog by the way but it was made to look like a real dog and he was being barbecued and then you know people got upset by that as as they should but if it was a pig they would be like oh let me get some so it's kind of like you know obviously there's a reason why they did it it's trying to break the cognitive dissonance and get people to think but I'm just saying like in this article it was like really out of place to just have that in there and I just think it was weird and I don't think these kinds of things usually happen by mistake next up I'm gonna get to kind of the centerpiece of today's stream we are in February February and I want to talk about February so if anybody doesn't know about February I did a whole series of videos about February last year and it was an attempt by the dairy industry to get people to consume more milk more dairy products eat more cheese yogurt set cetera and it was kind of supposed to be styled on the social media campaigns like V January where you know they wanted to use social media and get the dairy farmers involved and get people on Twitter who loved eating cheese and drinking milk Allan's kind of stuff to be supportive of the farmers and it was gonna be this great thing and lo and behold the vegans of social media basically hijacked the hashtag February and started to use it instead to get the message out there about the cruelty that's inherently you know I guess like a part of the dairy production system and I did quite a few videos on this a bunch of people that I'm you know friends with and I'm sure a lot of you guys follow did videos on this and we were very active on Twitter and other forms of social media and really got it out there and I think it was an epic fail all the top trending February waiting on posts were from vegans sharing the story about how evil and unhealthy and environmentally destructive dairy production is instead of like the cute like oh the farmers lying like here's this cute cow dairies good for you a kind of story that they wanted to get out so that was last year and this year there is a person I follow on Twitter she runs under the name the paw report her name is Rachel she has this blog the paw report org I definite recommend people check this out really really good stuff on here and she came up with this idea to get a new hashtag trending on Twitter because it's um it's actually very difficult to get an old existing hashtag trending I didn't know about this but it's pretty good kind of like um you know way to hype the message by getting a new tank so they came up with this idea I don't know if it was heard directly but she was the one who kind of told me about it and she's got this blog post why I ditched dari that is the hashtag and there was a hey Sarah yeah yeah pot report is awesome so if anybody and conscientious Sarah is awesome as well you can follow her on Twitter too and yeah like awesome posts really great stuff and Rachel went out of her way and like just talked to a bunch of people and I talk to as many people as I could that I follow and I talk with regularly on Twitter and everybody started going crazy on Wednesday this week using this hashtag why I ditched Derry and yeah like just you know really cool like I definitely think a got it got it to a trend and there were like a lot of great posts and of course a lot of upset you know dairy farmers and people supporting you know animal exploitation basically we're like you know what's up with these you know silly vegans and what-have-you but anyway I'll put a link to all of this stuff so you can see it I've also collected kind of my previous videos from last year about February so you can see the ones that I did here if you yeah if you go to this link and I've also pinned it to my top thing on Twitter so if anybody who goes to my profiles like the first tweet that you'll see and I've got one video about the environmental damage caused by dairy production and I've got another video about the health consequences of dairy consumption and I've got another video that talks about strictly just the ethics there is nothing you know graphic in any of these videos so even in the ethical one I talked about the cruelty involved in dairy production but I don't show any kind of you know graphic imagery I definitely think it's good for people if you want to use this as a resource if you have anybody that you want to send it to that you know maybe might not be able to handle watching like a PETA style video or you know something like that was like very graphic and you know the baby calves are being torn away and beaten and whatever like I talked about it but I don't show anything so if anybody you know wants to use that feel free to you know forward this and then the last video I have in there is basically talking about well okay so what do what do dairy farmers do if we you know all stop consuming their products like are they all gonna go hungry and you know not be able to make money anymore and I basically made a video talking about how they can switch to veganic farming I give really great examples and talk about you know kind of dairy production places that have already done that and switched to nut milks instead and how its profitable and it's a booming industry etc so definitely check that out that video in particular is also really good for any activists out there trying to push a good vegan message and if you come across people like in the grass-fed I only eat sustainable meat probably you know category of people I give really good examples in there for answers on yeah but I live in upstate New York you know where am I gonna get fruits and veggies in the winter I have really good answers in that video you can definitely feel free to use that and the last part that I wanted to mention just very briefly for just comedy relief here I got a wonderful little reply on my thread from a person called Barbara and basically linked a story about Nepali migrant workers dying in Malaysia they're picking fruit and veg and what-have-you and they're being exploited horrific ly and being underpaid and all this good stuff and she asks who cares about the guy who picks the veg I kind of went through the profile and found that yeah this person is just very clearly like just pushing a pro dairy message and I just replied us at vegans care for all sentient beings humans to try it sometime and be amazed that you're capable of caring about more than just one issue and check my videos I advocate for people to grow food in their backyard animal agriculture exploits poor people to benefit the rich then she replies back so you only eat food you grow yourself no plant juice no tempeh no condiments nothing you have to purchase what are you doing about those exploited poor people and I said I grow as much of my own food as I can and I encourage others to do the same you can see my harvest videos here I also donate time effort and money regularly to people in need what do you do for Exploited people are animals consuming milk doesn't help either those groups and of course no reply and she's blocked me since so it's actually very funny this is exactly kind of the kind of response that you have seen throughout much of this campaign Sara I'm sure you can probably chime in because I've seen some of the people who are applying but it's it's just the typical like defense mechanism in play I think for some of these people some of them are obviously trolls and I don't know if this person falls into that category or not but I think for some people it's like this this defense mechanism they're literally kind of like okay I can't deal with this because I would have to admit that I'm doing something that's like kind of immoral and unethical or isn't you know good for the environment or whatever so I'll just point out something that this other person probably you know falls into the you know kind of like you know I buy cashews or something so the poor exploited workers who are making the cashews and then you know never mind the fact that she probably eats cashews – hey Leanne thanks Ernie and you know so never mind that kind of thing but just you know this is the this is the kind of mental gymnastics people have to jump through to kind of justify like you know they're not gonna do anything about the people who are being exploited to grow cashews around cows or whatever it is but they're Dinks are not gonna give up their dairy consumption either so it's like they'll just do neither and just try to point a finger at you and say well you're being a hypocrite because you can't fix everything so it's like okay this is I just thought this point so anyway next this was a pretty cool business development so in I don't think they have these in the US or maybe they do I don't know if you guys have these like Magnum ice cream bars I think I've only seen them here in your but they're really popular and like you can find them in like just about any like grocery store like out and like if you go to like a you know like like Lake Balaton or some resort area they'll have them in like the little you know frozen you know kind of section for just like grabbing you know when you're sitting on the beach and stuff and the Magnum Company or whatever brand is now set to use a pea protein dairy replacement and they're gonna have a vegan Magnum launch and there's gonna be a bunch of different flavors I don't even know what they are but basically the dairy farmers are up in arms and basically you know trying to get it banned even though they have not even labeled it as an ice cream they've even said that it's a velvety plant-based product that gives a creamy enjoy without the desire for dairy so apparently it's a Unilever company I think what you will about it but I think it's good that there are more vegan options and I think it's also you know just really showing you kind of the desperate nature of the dairy industry where they are you know really kind of like struggling it's like they have no good answer to any of these kinds of things about the environmental impact about the ethics about the health so what do they do they try to get things banned and you can't sell you know oat milk as as milk because it's like it didn't come from the mammary secretions of a cow and all this kind of stuff is like ridiculous this face you might find familiar a while back Joey carb strong was on the I forget what mmm I don't know the name of that show anyway there was like some like you know morning talk show kind of thing and this guy his wife Iran as the you know farmers who have been abused by the vegans and all this kind of stuff so this is that guy yeah Bungay dairy farmer Johnnie Creek Moore whose family suffered vicious online abuse from vegan groups in 2018 this was you know just I just I was like man I gotta look so familiar but that's the guy anyway there is a website called Project CAF they have made an interactive map that you can go and it shows you the location of more than nine thousand dairy farms and it uses only public data published by the government by the way so it's just literally taking publicly available data but just consolidating into a map of you and people can click around on it and obviously the organizers have said that it's a lawful and peaceful animal rights campaign whose goal is to direct action exposing the atrocities of dairy industry through citizen journalism peaceful protesting and outreach they're encouraging basically people to go to these dairies and document abuses if they see them they are saying to do with you know you know the confines of the law so like not to do anything illegal they're not saying to break in they're just saying like if you just walk by or you're on a path and you can see the cows being you know whatever mistreated to documented with video and you know get it out to the public and you know it's just obviously the dairy farmers are upset about this and here's a quote as a dairy farmer it makes me feel quite angry and guilty even though I don't want anything to be guilty about our cows are really happy and healthy and 99.99% of dairy farmers really care about their handles so it is very hurtful to say they are cruel they are saying they are doing everything like the law and by the rules but they know very well the people who read this won't stay – the rules you cannot get good footage of a dairy from a footpath unless the path runs right through a farm some people are going to trespass obviously I don't support trespassing per se but I think you know there's enough abuse sometimes that you can see from literally a mile away from these places the calves being taken away the cows maybe crying out for the calves there's a whole bunch of stuff that you could probably see and I know these guys don't want to have any of the you know system be shown and to to be you know really out there for the public you know if you have a business and your business is is the exploitation of you know animals like there's no nice way to sugarcoat that and I think that's what they know inherently that this is not going to come off you know well for them even if they are breaking any laws and even if they aren't doing anything so they're they're just trying to protect their industry but yeah I think this is a I think it's like I support the effort I think getting information out there especially if it's only sharing information that's already publicly available I don't see anything wrong with it but obviously the dairy industry is gonna be finding that and then you know counter to what that guy says here is a brutal example of abuse happening you know out-and-out abuse this guy had previously gotten in trouble because he had posted some pictures about a cow that he had painted terrible message on and as you can see here and then after the paint wore off from this particular account he painted the cow again and the other people who had worked with this person on the dairy farm had basically put in complaints about him being abusive to the animals so he would regularly hit them with pipes and sticks and all sorts of you know really kind of like bad stuff that he was doing to the animals and what had happened is they got tired that no reprimand reprimand had happened to the person and one of the people was a whistleblower and they got sick of seeing the abuse so they helped oh I don't know if they did it directly but they they worked with an animal rights group and they got hidden cameras that the rights group of I should say did this I don't know if the whistleblower did it they got cameras hidden on this guy's farm that then you can actually see the clips in this report which is quite quite shocking and very very sad to see I wouldn't really recommend it to somebody who doesn't have a pretty strong Constitution for that kind of thing but really good report by the Weber put this together my hat's off to this journalist I think this is I think this has heard the lady in the video Melanie Reid she goes on with a hidden like body cam to the farm and finds the guy and starts talking to him and at first she just asks him about the you know the social media picture that spread around about this cow and he's pretty like he seems pretty jovial and kind of happy about the whole thing and you can see he's kind of like almost proud of it and and it's kind of light-hearted in the sense that like this isn't you know the worst of what he's done and as she kind of starts directing the conversation – well what about you know beating the cows and this then the other you can just see his whole demeanor shift I mean I actually feared for her safety like I would think this guy is very dangerous and would definitely be you know like a loose cannon around people as well and really great reporting good journalism definitely you know share this if you have people that deny the abuses that go on in the industry and the reason I say this is because a lot of times what you'll see in your interactions with people who are in the dairy industry specifically they will always say no we love our cows and you know that's just a crazy person this guy's just a bad apple and the the problem is if you if you actually check this out is that despite all the complaints and the video evidence this farm still employs this guy he has not been arrested he has not been fired from his job and he still works there and he still beats the cows so it's like okay he's a bad apple that you continue to pay and you don't prosecute and so what does that say about your industry like I mean I'm sorry even when I was on nippers even when I was drinking a ton of dairy if I found out something like this happened at a dairy that I was consuming milk rum like I would I'd be like absolutely offended I would be like I'm never buying milk from your place again like this is beyond ridiculous this isn't even just the systemic abuse that happens in this industry this is like out-and-out the guy's beating the cows with sticks and metal pipes they're literally limping along like you can see them in the video so just absolutely shocking and of course you know the dairy industry doesn't want you to see this this is why they had the ag-gag laws this is why they fight the you know people who are trying to get the AG gag laws you know lifted I mean it's just really really crazy stuff so check that out if you get a chance um this one was an interesting article this next one here about dairy there is a dairy farmer who is basically trying a new method of keeping his Derrick calves with the moms so he's not separating them and there's a very telling part here in the interview so it's a little couple minute video you know thing the interviewer asks about kind of you know well how did you can look at this or why and he literally like admits that like he got really emotionally worked up over seeing the cows bawling out for their babies sometimes for days and days and days and this is another thing that I really quickly point out a lot of dairy farmers will tell you hi Meat Is Murder thanks trying a lot of dairy farmers will point out to you that like oh you know the cows don't even care when you take their babies and it's true as far as I've seen from several pretty reliable sources and even some video you know evidence some cows when you take away their babies they don't react at all seemingly they just go off and go into the food shed and they start eating and they just don't even like basically notice that their calves got taken and what I have read and what I have understood from you know talking to people who really know cows and and their behavior and it makes sense just being a parent what happens is these cows have been impregnated and you know basically had their babies taken away so many times that sometimes by the third fourth etc time that this is happening fifth time this is happening they're literally so you know traumatized by the whole thing that they can't even like you know feel that kind of like motherly bond anymore and I mean imagine if this was you know happening to people like at some point you know like there would be a mechanism you know self-preservation where you just kind of tune the whole thing out almost and I'm sure I'm certain that that is what's happening my name–a this guy even admits that you know most of the cows but that is not the case in the ball for days so that's a direct quote some mothers will fall for days so so yeah basically you know in a nutshell like this guy starts leaving the calves with the mother and he's getting less milk production because obviously the the cows are you know suckling and getting some of the milk they're still you know more than the milk is left over but what's happening is he's going to be allowing the calves to suckle with the mother for I forget how long it is in the video I think it might be 12 months or something and then he's basically going to send those cows off their calves off for slaughter in the veal industry um and basically he's expecting that those profits will recuperate the amount of money he's losing in the lower milk production so make no mistake about it this guy is still every much as you know abusive towards an exploitive of his animals but he just personally couldn't handle the you know additional kind of insult to the injury which is that when you take away you know a mother's baby she'll cry for days after the baby and so he's like found another way that he can exploit the animals instead which gives him the same amount of profit but without having to take away the babies and then they can still be together for a little bit longer is it better I don't know but you know definitely an interesting thing where he's very clearly understanding that what he's doing is wrong and he's just looking for another way to kind of go about his business it's very strange absolutely because we're it's like okay it might be better for those few months because you know they didn't get killed right away and they also got to be together with their mom but it's certainly it's still just as exploitive in just as cruel this was a fantastic article this was again in The Guardian they talked about how industry has pushed for successfully now through the US Department of Agriculture Secretary sonny perdue a basically a reversal of what was a ban on none skim milk or whatever is basically like the the more full fat milk flavored milks into school programs so okay cool hey star chill welcome memer Meat Is Murder is there they are trying to justify themselves and come across as Karen yeah I mean I'm sure the guy did care about hearing the the you know the cows bawling if you watch the video I think you'll see he's he's genuinely worked up about it even in recounting the story but he's not worked up about it enough to stop exploiting animals and so it's it's very clearly like I think it's a legit like he's he's actually sorry for them but not sorry enough to like stop killing him and start shield another time because you have some map data to show you cool send it over definitely take it take a look sorry still getting over a little bit of the flu stuff so um so yeah so this this is just really crazy where I guess you know he had gone to a Board of Directors meeting from a bunch of dairy lobbyists and the US Department of Agriculture Secretary sonny perdue raised their glass of chocolate milk literally raise the glass of chocolate milk so these guys are so bought and paid for by industry that there is literally like this is the quote here he grabbed a glass of chocolate milk and made a chocolate milk toast to our CEO and our board Kari fry the senior vice president of regulatory affairs and at the International Dairy Foods Association told the Guardian so they're not even denying it and this is the part that kills me about this it's like these these people are so embed with industry that they literally go to they're like you know Trade Board of Directors whatever you know organizations and they will literally be like here's the business you know and they reversed this thing and they're basically gonna be able to allow fattier chocolate milk in strawberry flavored milks to be sold to roughly 31 million kids in school cafeterias so that's that's the joke I mean it's like unbelievable and you can see some of the numbers here that that really go into this so you can see it says a handful of heavyweight lobbyists were spending millions in support of the interests of milk cheese and yogurt Prout producers in the US the IDF a that's the group that you know was saying that the the Secretary was doing the chocolate milk toast work spent 1.3 million dollars lobbying on a variety of issues including school milk according to Senate lobbying disclosures it gave another two hundred sixty thousand dollars to candidates two-thirds of whom were Republican through its political action committee according to the Center for Responsive Politics the Dairy Farmers of America spent almost a million so it's nine hundred twenty four thousand dollars including on school milk according to CRP so you add this all up it's you know what is that a little over two and a half million yeah like a little over two and a half million dollars let's say and that same year the Trump administration bought fifty million dollars worth of milk in August to give to food banks in schools now in September it also announced one hundred twenty seven million dollars in direct payments to dairy farmers somebody who's good good at math help me out here think of the industry that you could be in where you can take you know two and a half million dollars and turn it into one hundred and seventy seven million dollars that's that's a pretty dang good return like I love that like these articles exist I I just can't understand like how people can see this and not put two and two together that it's it's literally like you have these companies who are you know taking two and a half million dollars and turning it into one hundred and seventy seven I mean this is like when the banks got bailed out after their horrific lis you know abusive loans came crashing down and all this kind of stuff and you know some of them got hit with these fines afterward you know for doing all these kind of trading violations and exploiting people and all this kind stuff and you know some of them got hit with pretty big fines even to the tune of like you know millions of dollars in tens of millions of dollars but as I pointed out to people at that time think about being able to run a business where you can over the course of save you know let's say a few years four or five years in the good times bank four five six billion dollars some of these banks and then at the end of it you get slapped with like a hundred fifty million dollar fine and they're like okay hey it's like okay yeah like sure if I could make like six billion dollars and have to pay back 150 million dollars like that's damn good businessman all I gotta do is paid these politicians to point you know five million dollars ition I get one hundred seventy seven back like it's it's like how can people not see this and this isn't a conspiracy theory this is like right in you know it's like openly talked about there's like probably pictures of the the press conference where they held it together it's like and you know it's like this guy tweeted out nutritious school meals don't do any one any good if the kids just throw them into the trash so we're empowering local schools by providing more options to serve healthy and appetizing food now I'm sorry but chocolate milk can be neither of those things it is not healthy and it is not appetizing especially when you know what goes into dairy production but yeah they're basically gonna be giving kids even more unhealthy options for basically making a bunch of people more rich including the filthy politicians who are just so beyond corrupt it's not even funny so uh yeah I mean look through this article or read through this I mean there's just more and more stuff in here turns your stomach this is a great article I just can't believe like more people don't see this hi angry vegan happy for every dairy to YouTube yeah so now fabric dairy going back to the term it was actually thought up by a person in the dairy industry called boba diva on Twitter her name is Jude capper doctor Jude capper and she is a real piece of work I've done kind of some videos where I actually cited research done by Jude capper which is pretty cool because it further kind of proves that the idyllic farms from yesteryear were actually more environmentally destructive than the ones we have now the large scale no factory farming of dairy is actually less environmentally damaging than what they had in the 40s and her own dairy industry research proves it so it's really crazy and I did a video about that too so check that out but um yeah anyway like she had a conference that they held and where was this yeah Glasgow's dairy conference and she was one of the people on the panel and yeah their base here she is clapper said their collective ethical image or very loud voices this is talk about the vegans is making an impact there is a need in the dairy sector for more myth-busting Capra said if consumers don't buy our products milk cream butter cheese we will not have a dairy industry in five to ten years let's hope so let's hope dr. cappers right I hope maybe even sooner but interesting article so definitely happy to see you know oh this was from last year I'm sorry I'm giving you guys old news I thought this was a new story ok so this was probably what was right before February of last year I apologize hopefully nobody unsubscribe because of this little error on my part sorry about that guys it's old news those from last year but hopefully it's still true and if it was five years then then maybe it's only four years now all right next show Bonnie if anybody was a heavy consumer of dairy like I was back in the day perpetually annoyed is gone that's it unsung yeah guys don't I always get worried when people joke no don't take my joke serious alright so if anybody remembers back when they were eating a lot of dairy well I was I actually loved the Chobani Greek yogurts and and they're making some vegan options now they're basically saying they're gonna have nine new flavours and they've been working on coming up with like some super ridiculous like better than all other yogurt you know vegan yogurts out there kind of type marketing here so they're basically saying that they're gonna be the bee's knees and look for these flavours blueberry peach slightly sweet plain strawberry and vanilla single serve cups and mango slightly plain strawberry and vanilla chai probiotic drinks so yeah they're saying like it's gonna be awesome and absolutely delicious and blah blah blah nutritious and it's gonna be all playing bass and you know similar in texture to the to the Greek yogurt that they have it says the base is made from coconut cream which yields a texture similar to non Greek yogurt sorry so that's pretty interesting um let's see Leon says I had Al Pro coconut yogurt it was really bad oh I actually like the out Pro stuff um my kids like the various flavored ones too so I think we have like the blueberry and there's um there's like a cranberry one and I like those there's there's a joy of type that I actually like it's a plain like soy yogurt you can actually kind of have a little bit of the taste of the soy but it's not too bad and I really like it it reminds me kind of a lot of like like a real plane you know regular kind of like yogurt and I don't know if you if you take just like jam or something and throw it in there and mix it up it's pretty much just like the like the fruit based ones I was really fat the coconut one yeah I mean the coconut one some people like that because it's um because it's more fatty and more kind of like the full fat dairy but I don't know I think yeah just everybody's taste is different um Mesmer stays away from the coconut milk yogurt cheese's I had high cholesterol yeah you definitely that's it that's a good move Meat Is Murder because they do have lots of saturated fat in their coconut oil the coconut milk all of those things really do have high saturated fat so if somebody does have high cholesterol is definitely good to stay away from that it is still a very highly processed food I mean I kind of view the plant-based yogurts and you know dairy products as really just like occasional treats like if somebody doesn't make it a regular like kind of like go overboard kind of you know part of their their diet I don't think it's really that harmful because at least it still doesn't have cholesterol in it but uh but it's certainly I wouldn't call it health food by any means I think it's just more like a treat that you can have occasionally hi Bev um don't worry about being late it's fine let's see anger vegan says I like the kite hill almond yogurt drinks cool I haven't seen those here and hungry booked I think the title company did the survey that I talked about earlier in the stream start shall meet what is your LDL in American I always have to go and do the conversions – you need to catch hundred 70 milligrams per deciliter all right so that was all I had on February but yeah you can just really see kind of like a lot more stuff on my Twitter if anybody doesn't follow me on Twitter I went crazy on Wednesday I mean I tweeted so much about February and why I ditched dairy and all this kind of stuff that it was probably like my biggest tweet day ever you got a bunch of new people following on there so that was pretty cool and yeah again just shoutout to everybody who did their part and continued keep doing it I mean if every dairy is still here for the rest of the month you know share stuff on you know your various social media platforms and get the message out there like I said if anybody came late I have a bunch of my you know videos about February and about dairy production linked all in my top tweet so I'm gonna check that out and get the message out there all right jumping into something that is happening in the UK there was a scare of equine flu and it's shut down horse racing now for the next few days so it says here all race meetings in Britain have been canceled until next Wednesday due to an outbreak that they fear anyway because I guess some horses that were inoculated against the equine flu were tested positive so they're thinking maybe there's a new strain and they're worried that it might spread so they don't want it spreading in the in the races where the horses have it you know interaction with each other and they also don't want it to spread to other areas and this article talks about how it's actually kind of like rampant all over the place but I guess a lot of the race horses aren't inoculated and it's just really crazy I guess it takes like three days for the symptom symptoms to show and they don't want the you know thing to get out there and and you know spread even worse and the reason I know about this article is actually because of somebody on Twitter who is a hunts app and they shared this and basically said like look you know even with this going on do you think it's gonna mean that the hunts planned for the weekend they're gonna be canceled and of course not they're gonna keep going so it's like you know people just don't care about their horses horse racing is a really terrible thing if anybody is watching and is in the way horse racing is just like incredibly cruel the horses are shot usually after when they're no longer you know racing some of them are sent out to pasture if they're like a really really good racehorse and then they can like sire more horses sometimes they will you know get to live a little bit longer but there's really high rates of injury a lot of times the horses are shot right on the race course which is horrific I can't even you know I can't even believe how somebody can imagine that that is a sport where somebody falls down and imagine if like if you're in the Olympics and you drop the weights or something you tore your rotator cuff and then they you know somebody comes over and just shoots you behind the curtain it's like well he'll never be the same again you know like this awful it's just absolutely awful like maybe I'll do a separate whole video about horse racing and horse riding but yeah it's just terrible stuff and just really goes to show you how little regard people have for the well-being of these animals I think I've missed out a bunch of comments let me just scroll up here Meat Is Murder man let's see Leon I eat soy yogurt almost every day it's more easy to eat my fruit that way hey you know it's like I don't I don't blame you Lia and I think you know if like I said you know it already doesn't have the cholesterol so even if you are eating like a coconut one it might have you know a lot of saturated fat but but it's still better than the than the dairy one and the soy one obviously has much lower saturated fat so it's probably it's probably fine I think that you know you would really have any kind of ill effects from that let's see start shall meet hi allium consumption was found last year to reduce CVD by 64% what is a lien is that a mineral I have to check that out thanks a lot Kathy I really appreciate that tweeting out there every dairy treats I was going crazy on Wednesday I was like just doing so much pretty much like told the family I'm like I'm gonna be on the computer all day and tweeting I never really done that before it's kind of crazy but thank you it's very much appreciated and and welcome and let's see what other oh yeah Meat Is Murder that is high number 9.7 the UK number I don't know if it's the same as what we use here in Hungary but that's that's pretty high I think even the kind of standard dines supposed to be like for something like way to go man like kudos to you for getting that under control and you know doing the whole food plant-based diet that's gonna really like fix you up anger vegan greetings yep yep dicta – did I miss anything else oh man that's really cool pouring the yogurt over the fruit sound that's great and I actually took the regular like the one I told you guys about the the Joya clean soy based yogurt and I made basically like a like almost like a dressing like a you know like a ranch dressing kind of thing or like a Thousand Island or whatever just like throw a bunch of seasoning in there and pour that over a regular salad it's like it's so good it's like 10 times cheaper than anything else you can buy super easy to do I'll do a video about that I will do a horse video professionally and I think that's that's good thanks I will do it especially you guys want to see it oh is it your birthday Cathy happy birthday I liam is the onion family vegetables cool thanks starch you thought I was a healthier I try to be out there but I don't know sometimes I learned stuff thanks I appreciate you guys being teaching me stuff so yeah yeah so it's the onion family ok so that's good okay so it's not Cathy's actual birthday but anyway that's fine and angry vegans gonna have his birthday in five days cool man happy birthday in advance that's really good alright back to the hunters and all the horrible stuff they do this one was just a crazy thing that got shared by one of the Hunts abs I follow on Twitter and they had video proof and photographic proof this is just like a still from the from video that you had some of these like hunt people going around there were four people sitting on this quad bike and they were riding on a actual road so they were not on a trail there's no way that this thing is legal for for people to sit on this stupid thing and they filed a complaint as the police were very much visible right there they didn't stop them they didn't ask them why they were sitting so many people on there and they didn't do anything and they actually filed a complaint from you know about this lack of action and the police chief wrote back a wonderful you know thing and they said you know it you know we'll what about the the you know offense is committed on the on the quiet quad bike and he wrote back it may be that there are too many people sat on the bike but without being there I cannot ascertain if that is the case or not certainly the picture is not clear enough so he's basically saying there's no violations and he's even saying like yeah you can see that it has a registration plate although I admit it does appear to need a clean however it does not sufficiently dirty to prevent PCP or see that I guess that's the name of the police officer from completing a check on the vehicle through the National pewter I am absolutely a hundred percent sure that they did not check anything of this sort and they just ignored the fact there's four people sitting on this you can very clearly see the four people it is just beyond ridiculous I mean you can see the blow-up of the the image here there's like one person here another person here another person here it come one person there absolutely beyond ridiculous the police are so so like in with in bed with all these hunt people they just refuse to do any kind of action and just absolutely beyond like crazy he's murder eats lots of onions now rare Brian cooked leeks just need to love garlic more cool hunt related news I wanted to share an article this one is actually in Hungarian so I apologize anybody who doesn't speak in again but I'm sure you can find this in English as well and they have a video linked on Vimeo which is subtitled in English and the people speaking are in Spanish but this article my wife got me hip to this here in Hungary they did this article talking about the hunting dogs of Spain so these these dogs we have these dogs here in Hungary too and Hungarian they're the oh god oh god oh god is the name of these types of dogs I don't know what they're called in English and I think just like grey here this is grey hound yeah and so the the fact is that these are erased as well in Spain but they also use them for hunting and they are treated horrific ly badly and somebody has finally started to put like social media pressure on the Spanish people to try and do something about this because apparently every year they kill between fifty and a hundred thousand of these dogs in Spain it is just absolutely incredible to me they're beautiful wonderful dogs but basically they if they you know don't run fast enough they don't do enough you know do well enough in a race if they are no longer you know viable for use as hunting dogs or if they get injured in the hunt or whatever I mean people just literally kill them and they leave them out to be starved they hang them they torture them apparently there is a kind of like belief I mean I I can't believe this it's like in today's any of you read about these kinds of things and like people believe this kind of stuff that the more they suffer the better the growing season will be apparently so these dogs are just subject to horrific abuse and you know there's there's like they say two and half million dogs in use in Spain there's only about 46 million people that live in that country so that's a huge number of dogs and yeah it's just crazy so definitely check this out if you're interested the video is on Vimeo you can watch the documentary about it and it's really really crazy and really sad and I just wanted to point this out and highlight it because you know these kind of abuses of dogs is not just in China it's not just in Korea it's not just in wherever in Asia it's very real and it happens all over and it's in Spain as well and it's in Hungary too because as this article points out the some of the dogs were brought over to Hungary and and they they found homes here for them but at the end of the article they also point out that a lot of times here in Hungary people will do the same thing hunters will shoot their dogs or if they get injured in a hunt they'll just shoot them and dump them and leave them in the woods and stuff same kind of thing like people just don't treat them well a lot of times yeah you just see a lot of suffering dogs and I've seen a lot of pictures on Twitter recently of people sharing stuff from Spain son I'm pretty sure this is legit I don't think it's made up scary stuff very sad Leon your comment yeah about the police that it's defines are up to the police's discretion yeah and obviously when the people running the hunts are the politicians who are the most corrupt people hunter face of the earth probably you know they can probably replace the police chief you know it's like that's I think that's it's pretty obvious why if you don't hand out too many phones this is a very very crazy things why said the previous article you know animal abuse is not just in Asia or some you know far-flung part of the world it's everywhere and there are now two members of the US House of Representatives who introduced a bill they reintroduce the bill because it was already previously you know filibustered or shot down or whatever and they now have reintroduced the bill to make malicious acts of animal cruelty a felony nationwide and the person convicted of the crime could face up to seven years in prison or a fine or both and they talked about you know how this is bipartisan and it's hopefully gonna go through and blah blah blah and here you can see a previous law to protect animals the animal crushed video Prohibition Act passed in 2010 and outlaws producing gruesome videos of animal abuse and I immediately thought this is like so weird it's like it's illegal to video the abuse but it's not illegal to to do the abuse and their truck it's like isn't that kind of backwards stuff like it's it's absolutely crazy and you can see here it says the Humane Society fund supports the measure noting that while most states consider certain acts of animal cruelty of felonies some penalties are still considered misdemeanor the bill earned 284 bipartisan co-sponsors and more than 200 law enforcement endorsements in the previous session of Congress according to the group however former Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte kept it from coming to the floor for a vote good light is no longer in Congress and supporters of the measure are more optimistic about its chances of passing its time around now you know this is like I Hale any kind of thing that stops animal abuse but what you have to realize too is this does not apply to farm animals so it doesn't apply to hunting doesn't apply to farm animals and I think I can't remember what is the other oh here it is the legislation contains exceptions for hunting veterinary care and actions necessary to protect life or property from a serious terminal now obviously the last part okay that's fine a bear is attacking you should be able to protect yourself okay fine but hunting and veterinary care like how is what kind of situation is this veterinary care call for a you know violence towards animal like I just came to understand it but yeah this will not protect farm animals and it's definitely not going to protect hunted animals very sad but if it protects dogs and cats at least it's a step in the right direction this was a crazy article again in Hungarian sorry for that but I just wanted to share it they found a poor seal where they were analyzing its poop because they were doing like scientific research and they were trying to figure out you know what the thing was eating it turned out that they found a working USB pendrive inside of its poop and they were able to basically recover the files and they found the they found video and pictures like on the USB Drive so it was still it was still working and they're just talking this article about how it's super important to protect wildlife in the ocean and not throw you know plastics into the water and all this kind of stuff and then they also talked about how they are already finding microplastics within not just the animals but in people as well and so they're saying that Austrian researchers had already found it in human waste and the the Danube River is apparently also polluted with microplastics and it's just really sad so really crazy stuff Mia's murder blood pressure has come down from 170 over 101 in August of 100 over 68 a bit too low actually I think yeah it's supposed to be like 110 over 70 is like ideal so that's I think according to what dr. Greger says is like the perfect blood pressure yeah Leon says might be euthanization of racing animals that vets do that's protected oh maybe I don't know I wonder but the hunting provision I just thought was like I mean it's an obvious thing because like hunting is absolutely cruel but you know they're not gonna ban that so this one was a sad bit of news from India I was getting a bit dizzy yeah you gotta be careful with that so I don't know if your doctors had I think you had said before that you were going to get some like you know blood pressure medication and stuff so hopefully you're not taking that cuz that might be driving it down too long you might also need you just to adjust what you are taking or I don't know if you are taking anything but um stark Shilla did I see veg source versus dr. Greger on nuts no I have not I didn't know there was such of anyway I will take a look I'm gonna side with dr. Greger probably I'll hear everybody out but I've got a couple things that I don't really like too much about my source so that's high Bohan welcome okay so you didn't take anything that's good means burger I don't know um like it's good that you're not taking anything but um yeah maybe see like a starts feels as I won't side with dr. Greger okay I'll check out the video I can't imagine something that I won't side with dr. Fairgrounds but whatever next story here India 600 Olive Ridley sea turtles washed up on shore and two dolphins they're basically saying these were products of bycatch in a protected area where there shouldn't be fishing anyway but they're pretty sure that these were caught in fishing nets and you know thrown overboard and then they washed up ashore very very sad these are protected animals they are asking for people with any information to report anything they know to the local government state government blah blah blah you know you can see here forest officials have already arrested around 380 fishermen seized 83 fishing vessels on charges of illegal fishing in Guardian Mata I think this is kind of related to the story that I covered previously but obviously illegal fishing and illegal poaching and all this kind of stuff is going on all over the place but yeah go figure right now that now the doctor now that you fixed your own problem through diet now they're like oh you don't need the meds that's good okay Leon says I think he says a handful a day is healthy but too much is bad for you due to the saturated fat content and nuts so dr. Greger saying that or or the veg source guys saying I'm curious this one is for the people in the UK crazy news that people are selling shark to unsuspecting customers these consumers of the chips and fish kind of classic UK food that I always think of when like whatever I've gone they're always kind of seen that as being popular but they're basically selling shark and people are not being aware of that that they are buying shark and in fact they did DNA testing on a bunch of samples and what they found was that the the sharks are from various protected species so not only are they endangered but people are also being kind of duped into buying something that they are we're so crazy stuff check out this article I think dr. Greger said it in some old video okay yeah start she'll maybe just send me a message or something and I'll take a look like with the actual video you're thinking of but I mean I kind of think like like a handful of nuts is always like you know good for you but like if you're eating like ten handfuls of nuts a day like that's probably not good for you it's a lot of calories and I mean is there some upper limit probably I mean I don't know what that is but I would think like a handful is probably fine if you want my advice keep alien and fruit consumption high to make it a CVD risk if you want to see the studies send me message on Twitter okay I will um are you saying that for me yeah for me does murder and yep the horse meat scandal that's right meat is murder so people get really upset when they get something that they think they're getting something else and has people on Twitter are also you know quick to point out it's really almost funny as a vegan when you see people getting upset about going into like a KFC or some kind of other fast-food joint and seeing like a part of the animal in their food that they didn't expect to find there like a chicken leg or a brain or you know whatever and people just get so incredibly upset about it but it's like it's like yes that's part of a dead animal it's like you got processed you know on the same plant and sometimes people make a mistake and some body part ends up in there that you didn't think and it's also probably a body part that in other parts of the world like people would eat so it's just kind of crazy alright so anyway check that out if you get a chance and if any of your friends or if you are a consumer of fish and chips like you definitely want to get you know get educated and find out my beating shark and in fact endangered sharks okay this one is just basically related to a story that I've covered multiple times it's about the whales and other aquatic sea life that's damaged by the use of sonar there is a new research that was published by the Proceedings of the Royal Society B where they basically said that the it is conclusive that the sonar is what's causing the killing of these whales they often dive down to escape from the sonar or they dive up too quickly and they get the bends basically and it's it's conclusive so that's the short and skinny of the article and the part that I also wanted to share really quick was here just that the author's note that to mitigate the impacts of sonar on beaked whales we must ban its use in areas where they're found a moratorium on the use of MFA is these are the no sonar around the Canary Islands in 2004 shows just how well this works no atypical strandings have been seen since the researchers urge other countries where sonar is deployed such as the US Greece Italy and Japan to follow suit now again good luck I'm trying to get these countries to cooperate especially the first in the last I would say are probably going to be the toughest to convince but maybe perpetually annoyed yet absolutely I don't know why people get so upset about horse and shark me but not by pig or cow me I think I think the shark meet it has to do with the fact that they are in danger whereas cows and pigs are not in danger so I think that's some of it for the shark for the horse meat I think it's just because people well I mean the people who are upset they don't normally eat it so it's just it would be like the dog meat or whatever it's kind of like you think of a horse as like is nice like pretty animal and you ride one when you go on the trip somewhere or whatever it's like they don't really think of it as as a food animal so they just get really upset I think that's I think that's it but but yeah it's it's a it's a cognitive dissonance thing from here out I think I've only got good news if I remember it so this is the emotional roller coaster that we talked about innocent the good news here Kellogg's is gonna be ending animal testing they've been apparently doing animal testing for the past 65 years a bunch of mice and rats and all this kind of stuff absolutely crazy I guess Pete has been petitioning them to stop doing animal testing since 2007 and they're finally now saying that they're going to phase it out and end all animal testing according to the 2019 corporate responsibility report it's interesting because in this article they say that they deny the claim that they have been engaged in stem in such testing but yet at the same time they're publishing their commitment to end animal testing in 2019 so it's like I don't know what are you denying like if you're saying that you're actually you know like I'm gonna like phase it out I don't know I don't understand it but in any case any company that stops animal testing I'm all for that I've talked about this many many times before animal testing is completely illogical it's completely unethical it sends researchers down the wrong path often so there's a huge opportunity cost who knows what kind of things that could be getting discovered or not because animal testing is sending people in the wrong direction and it's incredibly unethical so it's ineffective magical and just horrific li-like unethical and especially for something like breakfast cereal like do we really need to be killing animals for that unbelievable but at least they're stopping this one there was a fox fur farm in China yes he was in China and they were shutting down because they were going out of business basically so I think they were just losing sales and what-have-you and a local dog sanctuary place which is home to over 2,400 canines we're looking to help this fur farm find a home for these foxes and they succeeded in having a Buddhist monastery it's a nursing garden in China they took all hundred 70 foxes and they are looking for a more permanent I guess like solution but for now they have like you know the Fox is just living there among the monks in this Buddhist monastery and there's a little video I don't know why I didn't load here my age sometimes I have trouble with this when I'm doing the livestream it doesn't load the video but you can watch it and it's pretty cute and they're looking for donations so that you know they have enough to feed the foxes and all this kind of stuff and it's it's pretty cool you can see them here in this picture so I know kudos to them for doing that and I guess the fur farm was thinking of just killing them even though they weren't gonna sell them but luckily these activists convinced them to donate them to this well-liked sanctuary in this Buddhist monastery next this one isn't about veganism per se it's just about the environment this one is a report that is not even that current so I'm being upfront with you guys unlike the other article which I thought was kind this one was from January of last year but it was just really really awesome to see and I hadn't seen it so they're basically saying that by 2020 so just like another year from now renewable energy will be cheaper than fossil fuels this was a report that got put together in 2017 and got released January of last year and what they're saying is here in the United States solar wind power accounted for nearly 95 percent of all new electricity capacity added last year and that success can partially be attributed to the closures of fossil fuel plants but they also talk about the pricing coming down on renewable energy so you can see here fossil fuel generation today costs mean 5 cents and 17 cents per kilowatt hour in the g20 countries including the u.s. the UK Russia Japan India and Germany by 2020 however renewables are expected to cost three cents to ten cents per kilowatt hour with the price of onshore wind power and solar photovoltaic projects expected to be as low as 3 cents per kilowatt hour by 2019 so this is already happening and within the next you know this year next year it's going to be more economically feasible to put in place renewable energy and you know basically they're already finding that coal plants are becoming a financial burden this really gives you new kind of insight into the story that I covered last week when I talked about Germany phasing out their coal plants and you know I I really think like there's some interesting stuff there that I hadn't considered there that it seems like they may have just been doing like a big payout by the government for an industry that was gonna be dying and on its way out anyway I wonder if so might have to kind of re-evaluate that situation but in either case I would still rather have government corrupt money being sent to shut down coal plants than to prop up dairy industry for example so I'm taking it with a grain of salt I guess but anyway here's the quote that I want to leave you with from this article turning to renewables for new power generation is not simply an environmentally conscious decision it is now and overwhelmingly a smart economic one continued I mean that's the person who was in charge of the report we expect the transition to gather further momentum supporting jobs growth improved health national resilience and climate mitigation around the world in 2018 and beyond so yeah it's just really cool Meat Is Murder I just noticed adidas had returned to my DM about vegan suitable trainers cool nice more vegan options about next michelle pfeiffer veganism is my fountain of youth I didn't know that Michelle Pfeiffer was vegan but kudos to her for that she credited her youthful glow to her plant-based diet it doesn't sound like she's an ethical vegan per se I don't know she is so don't quote me on it but she's basically talking about how she had a family history of cancer she decided to go on the vegan diet as the healthiest option and yeah she says it's so much healthier you avoid a lot of toxins that could age your skin in your body I really noticed a difference in my skin not too long after switching to fully vegan and I needed to eat the fruits and vegetables to stay lean it's all about vanity honestly the older I've gotten the more it's occurred to me that I'm doing it in order to live longer though the vanity component will always be there so kudos to her I don't care why she's vegan as long as she is and hopefully people are inspired by that Leon have I heard that they added some scenes to the game-changers no I have not I wonder what its gonna be in there interesting Beyonce and jay-z is giving away free tickets for life but there is a catch they are having a contest where if you commit to adopting a vegan diet you can be chosen at random to win a pair of tickets annually for 30 years so they're saying that that's a prize that has a retail value of about twelve thousand dollars nine thousand pounds and they're gonna just pick people who follow them on Instagram or whatever and and basically you know say that they're gonna switch to a oh it says full or partially vegan diet I don't even know what that means but but hey whatever man I don't care I don't listen to their music I don't I don't know too much about them but I know there was some stuff in the news where they were kind of like on a vegan diet for a while then they kind of went back but I think their chef slash personal trainer or whatever that guy's like hardcore like vegan and it's like always trying to get them to be vegan and it seems like they've been more and more vegan since so I know they've they've made previous kind of encouragement to their fans and followers to adopt a vegan diet so I think hey great Angra vegan says I've been a lot of people lied to get the free tickets and you know they might that's kind of what I thought too but you know it's kind of like I almost don't even care like I don't I mean there's no way we could tell anyway and as long as somebody says they're vegan like that's already still may be a benefit like I don't like just the fact that they're asking people to go vegan some people might do it so even if you have a few people who might lie I'm sure some people will legit like say they will do it and they'll at least try it so Louis Hamilton is in the game-changers now – okay cool yeah Lewis Hamilton's like a very very vocal proponent of veganism now so if anybody doesn't know he's the Formula One race race car driver and he's like been on crazy winning streaks and he's attributed a lot of his you know newfound kind of like a performance boost to the vegan diet and he's he's a pretty vocal advocate for it as well so I think that's really cool next this is just kind of like a feel-good article and for anybody who's watching from the UK apparently path is the vegan capital of the UK so there is an article here where they take you through a Herpa – or the city I think that's really cute and fine and you can experience all its plant-based delights and they talk about how they picked it and why they picked this place and put as opposed to all the other places in the UK they looked at Google searches number of vegan restaurants social media mentions at seven cetera and then they figured that this place was the most vegan friendly place they had a hundred and fifty three vegan friendly restaurants and around three hundred sixty thousand Google searches each month for vegan related content so that is pretty cool apparently second place was Manchester third was Cambridge and fourth best city was Leeds apparently there was a huge gap there between the third and fourth and the London was fifth followed by Liverpool Oxford Glasgow Brighton and Newcastle so that's pretty cool and they talked about how you can take a tour going around and you can get various some vegan discounts and all this kind of stuff and I know it's like pretty cool like makes me want to go visit so like yeah kudos to Bath and anybody who wants to go visit and if it's close to you like might be a great place to just go it seems like it's beautiful next we've got a woman finishes a marathon while carrying a puppy so she was like only just a few miles into the race in Thailand this lady's name is Kim Kim Yura clone son I don't know I hope so and she enjoys racing and she's run a bunch of marathons and she's a huge dog lover and when she was running she found this little puppy dog on the side of the road that was clearly abandoned and nobody was like like there nobody was taking care of it so she literally picked up the puppy and ran the rest of the marathon with the puppy and it's cute as heck and afterwards she did try to go back and make sure that you know nobody was like looking for it or that it wasn't you know like maybe it's mom was nearby she couldn't find anything and so she adopted the puppy and took it home she already had several dogs and now it's like living with her and it's just really nice and I think that's just like wonderful that you know she really tried to do the right thing and didn't give up on this little dog especially in Thailand I imagine that something like this is probably not common I would imagine it would be pretty easy for most people to just ignore underdog damn and she didn't do that so that's that's really cool nice touching little story and the last story for today I've talked before about greda Tim Berg already spurring all these awesome students all over the globe to do climate strikes so they're skipping school and basically bringing attention to climate change you can see the story here for a fourth week tens of thousands of children have skipped school in Belgium to join protests demanding for tougher action and yeah basically it's really cool it says a head of the marches in Brussels League and the Louvre on dozens of children protested outside the home of Belgium's environmental minister new impetus came in an open letter from 3450 Belgians scientists saying the activists are absolutely right that's a huge number of scientists the youth demonstrations have also taken place in Germany and Switzerland more than 30,000 students and others turned out in three Belgian cities it says it's slightly down on last week so that's that's still pretty impressive and um and it was even more the week before so it says yeah the biggest number according to police was in the eastern city of liège I don't know if I'm saying that right we are 15 thousand people marched in the city all protesters clapped and chanted to arms and everyone together awesome see 1212 sorry 12,500 people will turn on Brussels in the further 3,500 so awesome awesome I can't you know applaud these people enough please please please you know if you can do your part encourage your you know friends your children if you have them school-aged to start one in their you know local you know city and follow great on Twitter as well I'd love seeing our tweets so this is really great and that is pretty much it that's all I got for the articles and I'm getting pretty sore in the throat here when we switch back to my camera yeah so that's all I got guys um let me know if anybody has anything else they want me to talk about her if you guys have any other cool stories all right I know there's always a little bit of a delay before people start typing hopefully everybody saw my why I'm still vegan video and if you have or if you haven't either way I would encourage you to make your own video and get your message out there try to uh you know let people know why are we still vegan although it's kind of funny because you know just even in the comments like I can't remember shoot who said it oh I can't remember here's Nicki or somebody else so apologies I can't remember who asked but somebody said like yeah they always get this feeling when they watch this kind of videos like it's uh it's a bit of you know why I still don't think it's a good idea to murder animals like um like video and in a way like I absolutely feel for that like it's it's almost absurd that we would have to make a video explaining to somebody like why I'm still being it's like it's like yes I've made an ethical connection I understand something and yeah I still think it's a good idea it's kind of like it's almost sad that you have to do it but but I really think we should do it and I really think like the more people that do it and counter these kind of ridiculous like why I'm no longer vegan videos the better I mean it goes hand in hand with the thing I was saying in the censorship video that like I really think like the best kind of defense against these kind of like extreme views is to actually get on the offense with the positive view and yeah I mean that's that's kind of it so thank you thank you professionally annoyed and thank you Liam thank you appreciate that it's gotten pretty good response like I hope you know more people see it I find it really frustrating that I don't know if anybody has seen the video that John Venus did I find I found that video so frustrating like you did a video if it gives anybody didn't see it where he obviously explains why he's no longer gonna be labeling himself as vegan and thankfully he is still going to be eating a vegan diet so he says he well at least he says he is he's still gonna be plant-based but he wants to be plant-based and not you know vegan and man like just every wrong reason that he could give like was given he's just like there's so many mean vegans and like you know kind of these mean aggressive vegans give veganism a bad name and he doesn't want to be associated with him whatever it's like literally the opposite of what he should be doing he's had a positive message you know before if he doesn't want the angry vegan message to be the one that's the loudest out there and the most vocal then he should contribute his voice to the positive you know happy vegan message and yeah I just I don't know I left him a comment I was actually thinking of doing maybe a video about I really kind of hate doing these kind of responses to people and like if he's gonna continue it to at least be plant-based like and promote that as a dietary kind of preference or choice then it's still kind of a good message and I don't want to slag him too bad but man I think you really missed the boat on that like he's just like I unsubscribed after that video like just super frustrating so yeah please if anybody you guys make videos or whatever just you know like if you don't get out there make one now perpetually vegan John Venus chastises vegans for being detrimental yeah proceeds to judge ethical vegans okay um yeah I think it's just like he's really missed the missed the mark like he just it's like you know it if you don't want to see that kind of message out there then put out a positive message to to counter it like it's that simple yeah this is I hope he won't change but it seems to me like you might be testing the waters to change the meet to meet again I I don't want to like you know say that but yeah the thought kind of crossed my mind like I I kind of hope that's not the case the way I've kind of viewed his video was like this I actually had seen a bunch of this videos like way way way back and I I never really liked his channel enough to subscribe but like there was one that he did like it was probably a few months ago where he was he was like super positive about veganism and he was like he's like guys you know I'm kind of like sorry for you know always feeling like having like I'm beating around the bush about like veganism and I'm just not gonna like hide that part of my life anymore and I'm just gonna be like more open and talk more openly about like yes I'm vegan or whatever you did this video and I was like yeah that's like right on and it's cool and then I subscribed as well I thought that was like really really nice that he was like you know being like you know like Pro like vegan instead of just like I mean he I think he was he was always Pro vegan and he even talked about the ethics pretty well I think in some videos that I've seen but but with that one it was like he was like very very very much coming out into the open to talk about it and with with that though he you know I think what happened is he was probably again testing the waters as I was like like a marketing thing starts over time I John the Venus he's a bodybuilder pretty jacked being guy lives up in Norway or Spain or someplace I think he moves around play that electric drum set I I've gotten requests for that so I might have to do that too and yeah so when he did that video I was like yeah this is really cool he's like he's like you know spreading a good vegan message I'm gonna subscribe and and I think what he was doing was really kind of like seeing like oh you know maybe his views went down or maybe they didn't go up I don't know I kind of get this feeling that like he was like using that as a way to see like is he gonna get a better response or worse and I kind of fear like maybe he got a worse response and now he has to make up some kind of BS like excuse of why he's not gonna go himself vegan anymore and then maybe just cater to more just like the bodybuilding kind of angle which is like a big part of his channel that's kind of what I was thinking but Leon to your point I hope that it's not like he'll be the next like Bobby's perspective or somebody like that where he's just like you know oh these these bean mean vegans they're so judgmental and then like who knows so we will see San that's it guys um I hope this was good I hope you enjoyed it and yeah I'll try to get some I got a bunch of videos kind of like lined up like mentally that I'm putting together got a lot of kind of interesting stuff so uh hopefully hopefully you guys won't be bored I got a bunch things coming so yeah all right guys take it easy and I hope you enjoyed it and I'll see you in the next one all right

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