Vegan News & Views - Live Discussion About Recent Events - Part 12 - Final Februdairy

okay cool I think we're live back kids are maybe asleep my wife's getting him into bed time to jump back in so I'm gonna pick up where I left off hopefully people just jump in I'm gonna try and get through the rest of these really quick because I really got to get to bed and I got a bunch of other stuff I still need to do before I do that so hopefully people just jump in and okay so going where we left off from part one the school strikes have been going on in a bunch of different countries spreading throughout Europe I know there's some some places in America that are starting to have students join and I cannot say enough good things about these young people doing something trying to get their voices heard many of them are actually below the voting age so they actually can't Haley and welcome back so a lot of these young people actually can't go out and vote yet but I really think it's like super super important that they are getting their voice out there and getting a lot of attention and getting a lot of adults to pay attention that normally wouldn't hey Dave welcome back great to see you again man so yeah I think just if anybody hasn't you know heard about great uh so far I mean my hats off to her like I wish I was that kind of like politically engaged in and hey Ellie thanks for coming back I wish I was that engaged at that age I mean I was probably just stuck in my room playing video games at that time that's like ridiculous so yeah hats off to her and everybody else who's following our lead and this is an interesting article it was a like an opinion piece on The Guardian and it was written and signed basically by academic scientists and you know other kind of intellectual people and they are basically standing in solidarity with the children doing the school strikes you know for climate change and you can just basically see a list of all the people who have signed this it's two hundred and eighty I don't know whatever it was many people but it's a huge list of people Oh children 24 sorry 224 academics so these are all various people that are you know basically saying that yes climate change is an emergency it is something we need to deal with you know today not tomorrow and that the time is running out and they stand with createa so hats off to all these people and yeah I think just to anybody else who's following her lead and you know starting their own you know school strike I can only support that and yeah tip my hat to you the next article here this is a young activist here in the US she is where she she's in Denver Colorado and she's only 12 years old and she's also trying to get a local kind of you know school strike set up but at this point if I remember the article right if she's basically alone she's kind of nobody to help her she's totally kind of on her own and she's trying to get people engaged and she's having a really tough time even getting like other kids her age involved they think she's kind of weird and they don't I mean they don't really like you know support her a lot of people I guess have even bullied her in her previous school and down you know I just can't like say enough like you know she's struggling there and she's getting flak from you know adults around her like she's having a tough time with you know some of the school administration they don't want her missing classes they're not being supportive at all luckily her parents are very supportive it sounds like she's got some really great parents and they were you know doing a great job like raising her obviously but she's been kind of in the news before because she stood up to a representative so this is a Republican state representative Doug Lamborn and he's a climate change denier and when he was doing like a town hall where she lives she actually went and like asked him a question and basically I think it kind of came off that or was it she was basically saying like yeah it's like if the carbon polluters money is holding you back I can organize kids adults and money and we can use social media and do grassroots she told him there's people in the crowd flashed green cards and cheered so it's like kudos to her she's got super like cuts but and I don't know man that's just awesome that she's like standing up to these people you know who are definitely part of the problem and not the solution it's only gonna get better if people like her you know raise their voice and get more and more people involved so please if anybody is watching this you know be supportive of these kids as much as you can and yeah like I stand with them like this is this is the best thing you can possibly see is to see young people get involved because yeah the old people aren't gonna be fixing this unfortunately next Theresa May criticizes pupils missing school to protest over climate change this is what I'm talking about the you know political establishment do not want to deal with these problems they simply just want a status quo to continue because they're lining their pockets from the backs of everybody you know who's working and is ultimately going to be suffering the consequences of these horrible you know planetary tragedies that we're committing and you know I think I've seen a lot of comments on Twitter and you know Facebook and other kinds of places where people don't really seem to understand that the rich people aren't going to be suffering the same consequences that the masses will so when when you have like the poor who are gonna be being displaced from their homes because of rising sea levels or just totally inevitable you know situations because of drought or fires or whatever we look at California you know those are the kind of the unwashed masses that these these you know elite people in power they're that's not gonna be them you know they they will take care of themselves they'll move they'll like do something else like I mean I know like look at what they do as far as like fracking look at what they do as far as you know anything else that involves like destroying somebody's you know ecology their environment or whatever they just move and do it somewhere else it's the not in my backyard but they can do it among the poor and it's really gonna take like like people standing up to this kind of abuse for it to change cuz I don't you know I mean here it is she's like oh they'd be better you know doing their their schoolwork it's like why Hawaii should they be doing their schoolwork I'm like greatest said it perfectly like there's no future you know if like this doesn't get fixed they're like the future is so bleak right what good is you're gonna be to have a degree and then be like suffering from you know the effects of what these people are doing so yeah it's like they gave the standard answer of just you know like oh it's a disruption and you know everybody should have their voice but you know ultimately what they're saying it's like yeah you should have your voice but just keep it to yourself okay be quiet over there go back to school and it's just sad that this is the you know this is the response that they get it's very obviously she's not gonna be helping them same thing from this person rob Stokes this is New South Wales down in Australia Education Minister has warned students and teachers some will be punished that they follow through in a climate rally during class time scheduled for March 15th I hope that they go through with it and you know screw this guy I mean honestly like if I were a parent in that school system I would absolutely do everything in my power to have my kid be able to go and I would support them even in the face of the administration like this I mean what a shame like this is just a disgrace that somebody who could be calling self an education minister would would basically punish students and teachers for actively trying to do something about the issue that is affecting the whole world it's just absolutely shameful next I want to talk a couple of you know trophy hunting kind of stories here Botswana is mulling the lifting of a ban on elephant hunting so they're saying like the elephants are now you know like in numbers that are no longer endangered and they're saying they're about 130,000 which some argue is too many for the ecosystem there's an increasing conflict between wildlife and people and so they just want to start you know handing out some licenses to shoot some elephants now you have to realize there's huge money to be made in these kinds of things and ultimately whenever I've seen any one of these stories despite the claims to the contrary where everybody's saying oh it's like a boon to the local economy and whatever I don't I haven't been convinced to that I've looked into it that doesn't hold up as far as I see and I know you know some people will argue this but I haven't seen anything convincing to say that there's an overall benefit to giving out really expensive licenses to shoot these poor animals and it's it's not helping the situation especially for animals that are endangered so you know this is just a sad kind of story they're they're really describing a problem that's more of the animals being encroached upon like their environment being encroached upon by humans and it's really not as as easy as they would make it sound like there's just to mail it too many elephants it's more like there's too many people encroaching on their space and they are coming into contact with people more so they're getting annoyed by it it's like the stories I showed you guys in the previous stream where in India people were chasing away the elephants you know with the fire and all this kind of stuff so it's really just like there's more conflicts because they're you know encroaching on their space so that's really what's happening so I hope that this doesn't go through but I mean who knows it probably will I would I would think if the support is there from the upper you know ash the lines of the government which it seems like they are because they're hailing this report here is a another absolutely mind-boggling story here a trophy hunter pays a hundred and ten thousand dollars to kill and pose with a rare mountain goat this is a goat in Pakistan and he's an American guy and basically this guy paid the highest-ever fee for shooting one of these goats and it's just absolutely horrendous I mean just think about you know what this kind of thing entails this guy has enough money that he can fly to the other side of the world like furl America to Pakistan he can pay a hundred and ten thousand dollars so like forget the cost of the flight and the food and all his stuff and bringing over probably you know weapons he'd probably have to pay all sorts of you know stuff for like transporting the you know rifles were buying stuff there or renting stuff there or whatever always had money and he pays 110 thousand dollars I mean a hundred and ten thousand dollars to like probably whatever eighty-five percent of the people in the world it's is more money than they'll ever see in their whole life and you know even in like highly developed areas of the world that is a ton of money I mean like I wish I had that kind of money now I mean that's an in it's just an insane amount of money and you know this is this is someone who's clearly probably filthy stinking rich and to him this is like like me taking my family down to Croatia for the summer this is like for like a week you know hurt something like that's probably the equivalent of like how much this is kind of hurting his pocketbook and to think that somebody has this kind of money and this is what they choose to use it for this is what they you know put out this kind of money like think of finding people he could be helping think of how many you know homeless people starving people children education what I heard here wanna call I mean even like conservation effort like that's what all these hunters are always saying like oh we know we're like putting down money in the local economy I guarantee you most of that money went into like individuals pockets that they never turn it back into the economy it's the trickle down economy it doesn't work it's it's just unbelievably sad and I just think like you know this is a very rare you know mountain I think they said there's something like 20,000 left of them or something I forget exactly how many but I mean it's it's not very many there's you know it's just oh I'm sorry five thousand seven hundred so there's five thousand seven hundred of these things and he gets to pay in a hundred ten thousand dollars and go kill anything it's just absolutely sad I mean it's unbelievable it's a disgrace yeah David I absolutely agree is I just can't wrap my mind around it sometimes it's it's just so unbelievable like what is wrong with people I just don't understand here's another thing where you know I want to make it clear that I've talked about this issue before too this doesn't just happen in like far-flung regions of the world where people are corrupt and you can pay off the you know local governments or the people that are conservation you know authorities where this is a issue that I've covered before in the UK there is the governmental conservation watchdog you know whatever group which has been giving out licences to kill endangered birds and they always look at kind of like I guess you know different reasons why they can give out these licenses to kill them but they're basically for like people's safety and also for like farm and farmed animals safety so what they're saying though is that you know they've given out so many of these now the government's conservation water stock has issued licenses to destroy 170,000 wild birds eggs and nests including rare and declining species such as crows and Swift's in the past five years and they're saying that there's no way there's enough oversight on this like you can't give out that many licenses in five years because they're the size of the agency and the number of people involved there's no way they can actually be fighting them and usually what you find if you read this article is that the people who are getting these licenses are using these to basically protect their farmed interests some of these are in the interests of like airline safety so they'll kill birds that are near you know aircraft landing and and takeoffs strips because they don't want to be you know having the birds be caught in the engines so I mean that's like you know that I can definitely say it's like a human safety you know concern but a lot of these are just totally you know BS sounding and and it's basically done to protect you know human interests like economic interests so you can see here cormorants were targeted by more licenses than any other bird with more than two thousand licenses issued mainly to angling and fishing interests to kill twelve thousand birds so it's like you know they don't want like these birds to be taking away their fish so they just kill them and you know here's another thing 21,000 mallards over the five-year period sixteen thousand herring gulls species which is in long-term decline I mean it's crazy they really give you all the details and I've talked about this in previous streams so if anybody wants to check it out like you know take a look but it's just absolutely sad that it's like this is just happening and it tells you how they're killing them and which you know method they're using for destroying their eggs and all this kind of stuff it's it's an absolute disgrace and this isn't just you know the developing world a bit of good news here it's kind of funny that it it's got Trump smiling face on it usually that doesn't go along with good news but he's signed into law the amendment to the farm bill which makes it illegal to basically slaughter and and sell for food dog and cat meat so this is something I've talked about in a couple of previous streams and it looks like it did get signed now so it will be illegal in the u.s. to slaughter trade an import and export of dogs and cats for human consumption and this was previously legal in 44 states so the majority of the 50 states almost all of them it was legal in and yeah now it's it's illegal so that's a good first step and certainly you know I think before like the US could wave a finger at anybody else and point to the you know societies in Asia or wherever where they were regularly consuming cats and dogs and are still doing that they didn't even have their own house in order and in the UK I know that it was also being proposed that they would do the same so hopefully they go through with it as well and hopefully when people see this kind of thing they start thinking and making the connection between you know the pigs and the chickens and everything else because they're really not that different from dogs they're just not as fluffy speaking of dogs and cruelty I'm including this story because this lady ended up shooting her own dog luckily the dog survived it needed you know several surgeries and what-have-you but it did survive and she's gonna be serving I guess 180 days in jail and which is like six months it says and she's gonna be fined $300 and paid to order three thousand two hundred sixteen dollars and eight cents in restitution to the animal rescue for the dog surgeries so that's good and yeah she's gonna be required to serve community control after that when she's released and yeah she's not be allowed to own animals for the next five years and is a felon is not gonna be allowed to own or possess a gun and I think hey Bowman welcome back why did she shoot the dog I think if I remember the story right she shot it because she said he was getting unruly I just just insane I don't remember where does it say what why did she shoot it yeah so she so in court the attorney told the judge her client loved to Gemma that was the dogs in but the dog had become aggressive and so I mean she just decided that she was gonna shoot it pretty crazy pretty pretty crazy stuff so luckily the dog is okay and hopefully finds a better home you know through that animal rescue place and yeah this lady maybe will learn a lesson but I mean Jesus no unbelievable like yeah idiots and guns I mean just really not a good combination and the reason I included that too is because a lot of people when I when I saw how people reacted to that story I saw it on Twitter it's the typical kind of thing that you see usually people are just outraged you know like people are like oh my god they should shoot her and they should throw her in a thing and she's lucky I'm not there you know do this and then horrible stuff people are just like writing crazy stuff about how they would harm her and do all this crazy stuff and but you know a lot of these people are not vegan and a lot of the other vegan activists you know online have made it a good point that see you know if if you're not vegan and you're saying this kind of stuff but then you know what are you doing to like farm animals it's way worse than this poor dog had it and it's like people really need to make this kind of connection so I have got a couple of stories here kind of related to dogs this next one is people in Sweden protesting to save the lives of six Labradors who are currently in a experiment they're basically in a lab and they're being used to test like dental replacement treatment or something like that and yeah dental implants and it's a horrible thing it says here as part of the trial six Labradors have had a third of their teeth removed and have received the dental implants at the end of the test and laid forever the dogs will be euthanized so the studies can be carried out on their tissue and blood and then these studies can be carried on it cannot be carried on living animals so they're gonna kill the animals and then test them and it is just absolutely you know ridiculous that like you know people don't see that this is just insane like I mean imagine if you did this to people Clegg imagine I mean you know and you know thankfully people are outraged and they're trying to petition the government to like not allow this to happen this was the last batch of dogs that did get killed this was a previous batch and you know the the people doing the study are obviously trying to justify it and explain why this is necessary and whatever but as I've said before in my video on animal testing and I've said it many times on these live streams you know animal testing is terrifically cruel it's immoral it's illogical and it's ineffective the main thing that even if you don't care about the animals you should realize that the testing is counterintuitive it can lead you down the wrong road even if you develop something that you think will be good in humans and you go to test it in an animal due to the genetic differences in the animal and the species you might end up finding that you get a result that suggests the new treatment or the process or the chemical or drug or whatever is actually not good and you might be very wrong have you given examples about this in my video but like just because they may or may not find a positive you know reaction to this implants a technology that they're using it might still be horrible and foreign people might give them cancer Mike killed him it might be poison I don't know and you're never gonna know until you actually do it so in the meantime you're just torturing these animals for no reason it's it's absolutely crazy yeah Dave that's great that you're hearing that hopefully you know people are getting behind it and it's interesting because they even make a point in this article to say that in in Sweden they have very difficult like in tough like requirements to get past to get animal testing approved so like usually they have to like really strongly justify it I guess because they realize that a lot of these things can be done with like computer simulations and all sorts of other kind of testing and but they're saying that this is necessary for whatever reason they they're not really saying why though so I think you know I call BS on it and I'm against all animal testing so yeah I just think it's like it's really really counterintuitive counterproductive and it can really like be a huge opportunity cost because it can send people down the wrong road and in fact if you're on the right track it can deter you from that because you think it might not work because even if it doesn't work in the dogs it may have actually worked really well in humans so if it doesn't work in the dogs they might you know stop that experiment and maybe it would have been a great thing for for human dental implants but not for the dogs so this is just really crazy I hope they you know save the dogs I don't know it's getting close to the end of February this was an article that I want to kind of highlight just like in the you know in the first half of the stream that sometimes I wonder you know what are these you know financial interests in the mainstream media so on good morning Britain there was a guest so I don't know if anybody's familiar with Peter Egan but he's a pretty outspoken you know animal rights activist and supporter I follow him on Twitter he's got some really good posts that he shared and they had a animal-testing proponent on the show and they also had him to speak against it and it's just absolutely insane if you watched this clip he barely gets to even start talking and the host it just immediately cuts him off and just says like yeah you know that's just gonna go over the head of the people watching like we don't we don't need to hear you basically I don't think that's not her exact words but or yeah here's the quote I think for our viewers and then of that will mean anything Peter and you know she just cut the guy off and it's just like wow as soon as somebody is gonna start saying something that actually makes sense and explains that like look guys this is not actually a fact if not gonna work no no we don't need to hear that you know the people that's just too confusing the other guy appealed to the emotions and they immediately tried to like override his point by saying like yeah but if you're sick and you know are you not gonna take and you know a medicine that's an animal you know that got derived from animal testing and whatever and I mean come on let's be let's be realistic like I don't think even most vegans would say this but like you know most people probably would agree that like anything that's already been derived even if it was derived from animal testing like as long as it's no longer requiring more animals to die I don't think the the thing itself should be you know banned or stopped from use it's more just like don't do anymore like stop where you are and anything that you've already derived as long as it you know it's like you've tested some new drugs or whatever as long as it doesn't involve the suffering further suffering of animals like I don't think it's wrong to continue using that I certainly wouldn't blame anybody for taking you know a drug that was developed on animals but I don't think we should develop any more drugs on animals yeah go hens I mean that's my view exactly the harm is already done you're not saving any further animals by stopping to use something I was already tested and you know through these like cruel experiments I just don't want anymore it's like this is the classic case of like this you know this host on this TV show it's almost like when people are saying like you know that they're using the justification of like but you know you shouldn't use the thing that was already done and they're using that as justification to do more of it like other animals it just makes no sense completely nuts so yeah if anybody wants to get mad you can just watch this clip it's it's absolutely disgusting how you talk over the guy and kudos to fear for going on you know I always think it's like you're going into the den of wolves when you go on these like mainstream news programs because they've just out to make you look bad or like that you don't know what you're doing and speaking of wolves this is a feel-good kind of interesting story some Estonian guys were out by a freezing River and they saw what they thought was a dog it was like kind of like groggy and stuck in the freezing water and they raced out to rescue it because they thought it was a dog and they brought it in to a veterinarian's office because you know it was like very clearly in distress and frozen and all this kind of stuff and they even drove him like the guy says he let it sit on his outstretched legs and you know like he was he was just like laying there kind of on the you know and the guys legs in the car and they brought it in and then they started like kind of looking at it it's like oh it turned out to be a one-year-old wolf so it's kind of like a young wolf and luckily they were able to treat it and then they later released it you know they they called in the environmental you know whatever it is conservation group and then they I think they tagged it or something was like a tracking you know GPS thing and then they released it again so thankfully you know the wolf was okay I mean look at it's so cute and I'm that surprised that they they you know felt compassion people do feel compassion for dogs it's because they're like there's so much a part of our you know communities and you know a lot of people grow up with dogs like you just feel this is kind of like kinship to them and I can only hope that like you know they would feel that for the other animals too if they saw them for what they are I'm going back to the first half of the stream when I was talking about the Coyotes like I mean they're really just like dogs it's no different so anyway here's another thing if anybody wants to sign this petition it's trying to get the Northern Territory in Australia to ban the use of these prong or pinch collars on dogs so you know rightfully so they're saying that they're cruel inhumane and unnecessary these will often dig into the skin of the dogs and they're barbaric and disgusting as it says and there's no reason to use them there's other better training methods and that's what people should use so if anybody can't please sign this petition and try to get that banned in Australia next what's up here Australia officially ends cosmetic testing so this was fantastic news or just scroll down here basically they are going to stop cosmetic testing so this is again something that's already happened in many areas of the world I think the EU banned it quite some time ago and more and more places are banning it so this is awesome news and yeah basically let's see yeah the senate-passed industrial chemicals bill 2017 effectively banning cosmetic animal testing nationwide the bill was first introduced by the House of Representatives in June 2017 and supported by animal rights group Humane Society International sadly I mean did seemingly take quite a long time but it did go through and that is fantastic news so I'm very happy to see that hopefully other countries follows smooth and next one here something that I've talked about in you know other videos not the news live streams but I covered it I think and one of the one ones that I did a while back glyphosate is the active ingredient in roundup and there's a new study that basically says that the glyphosate and other active ingredients in the you know roundup which is the most common weed you know suppressor or killer it increases your cancer risk by 41% which is a huge amount obviously you know Monsanto / by year they refute this and maintain that it's you know super safe and whatever this poor gentleman won a lawsuit against them he won initially a lawsuit of 289 million because he got you know terminal cancer from using roundup then they later dropped that settlement so like 70 something million I think but still you know I'm glad that they have to pay that out or it seems like they will have to anyway and there's just many many people who have come forward now you know in in lawsuits saying that they've gotten cancer non-hodgkins lymphoma and other cancers and basically yeah like you can see here in 2015 the World Health Organization's IAR see that's the Cancer Research agency they classify glyphosate as probably carcinogenic to humans that is the same as red meat and so yeah it's it's pretty serious it says here in 2017 CNN reported more than 800 people were suing Monsanto by the following year that figure was in the thousands so good on them I hope that they put this company out of business quite frankly so yeah if anybody knows my channel you know what my answer to all of this is like well what do you do with the weeds I advocate for permaculture principles veganic permaculture principles specifically and you can do all of this stuff and provide all the food you need without the use of the chemicals I mean ever follow-up article here that's gonna be in a little bit but there's a good study that actually supports what I just said let me see hey Bennett I wonder whether companies could just make their products more natural with less chemicals meaning less testing on animals for the testing of animals yeah that would be a great thing and you know honestly I think for anything that's like a cosmetic I mean the word itself tells you how important that should be treated it's cosmetic it doesn't matter like I mean I'm sorry but like there should just never be if it was even just testing on an ant I still wouldn't support some stupid makeup or some stupid Cologne or anything that is just like this it's a ridiculous product that like is not even necessary to be tested on any kind of like animal it just infuriates me it's like you want to test something but you want to put on your face like put it on your face like you know why do we have to like torture you know bunnies and like dogs and beagles and all sorts of other you know animals it's just absolutely mind-boggling like yeah you want to know if this thing's gonna like dissolve your eyeballs like you know maybe yeah maybe you should think like geez you know like maybe I shouldn't put in something into that product that he's gonna dissolve like my scanner or whatever I think that's like should be obvious here's a crazy story that I came across it was this dairy farmer he's gonna have to end up killing 4,000 cows he's basically like having to fold his business he's in New Mexico and apparently he's been suffering for years without realizing that his wells so he was 13 wells and his property and they've been like horrific Lee contaminated by toxins coming from an Air Force Base nearby so Cannon Air Force Base is like near this guy's farm and it's yeah it's basically let's see what was it is what he says yeah last summer schapp learned that the substance that would turn his life upside down not only where his cows and calves impacted but shap himself has eight to ten times the normal levels of PFA s Pepe FAS in his bloodstream and his wife is likely facing the same fate so basically it's what is this I'm not even a bit I'll pronounce this poly floral cult substances that entered the groundwater at the nearby Air Force Base and so yeah he's dumping 15,000 gallons of milk each day he said to let it go as 40 employees and he has to kill his 4,000 cows you can't sell the meat can't sell the milk you can't sell the farm it's like totally useless because the groundwater so polluted and yeah it's crazy so the Department of Defense has disclosed 121 installations where groundwater has been impacted by key FAS and yeah it's just crazy like there's many other dairies that are impacted they're saying that not only are there 80,000 dairy cows in Curry County local news stations report presence of PSAs and is spreading slowly in the Ogawa aquifer the largest aquifer in the nation which spans 174 thousand miles in parts of eight states I mean think of the territory that the visit this is impacting and it's the US Department of Defense doing it and I Raven nice to see you Thanks and it's impacting so many you know people and so much of the of the environment here and you know they're basically just gonna continue with this so here they basically said the Environmental Protection Protection Agency announced last week its intent to regulate the chemical by years and what the agency's plan does not include immediate cleanup actions so they're not gonna do anything about it and they're basically you know using this to test like jet fuel fires I think this is what it is here it is PFA SR used in the fire retardant foam to smother flames from mock airplanes to set on fire by trainees the chemicals make the foam resistant to grease water dirt and heat which make it useful in extinguishing jet fuel fires so these guys are just like they're doing like mock burning they're setting stuff on fire with jet fuel and then they're using this like horrific ly dangerous chemical to put out the fire like can this not be done with a simulation or something I mean like we have like insane 3d technology and vibrating you know equipment and seats and chairs and you can I don't know put them in masks that restrict their air floor I mean you could probably replicate pretty well like if a fire threw like a you know 3d virtual reality kind of situation it's absolutely insane that like you know what the US does to like maintain their hegemony on over the world and the military-industrial complex it's just like they don't care about anything I mean it's it's just absolutely insane now I mean obviously I'm not sympathetic to the other guy speaking of dairy farmer but I'm still sympathetic to the environment being poisoned by this horrible thing and all the cows are gonna get killed anyway and you know this guy and his wife were gonna be in like serious you know trouble and he was running his dairy for two three years before this came to light so think of all the people who consumed his dairy products that also probably you know are gonna be sick from this like whatever be a FAs chemical it's just absolutely insane I've covered it many times before but you know it's shown that like up to about 95 percent of the you know inorganic compounds that people have in their in their blood come from the fatty tissues or you know dairy or whatever of animals so it's just like you know very very possible that he's probably caused you know like toxic you know poisoning to everyone who has been buying from his dairy for two or three years that's another good reason to to not do it obviously but still like this is just insane yeah that's another good point euthanize or slaughter event he's you know they're probably gonna bulk on them and you know stab them out I don't I don't think they'll put them out nicely like they're not gonna do anything that's more expensive than then what's necessary he's not making any money on it so yeah it's just insane Leon several cities have like Flint knife toxic tap water for years now the u.s. is crazy absolutely and people you know they don't know they don't have any way to fix this like it's just crazy go ahead plant-based food is much safer many many ways it is yep Dairy is scary and now freely is hairy okay so yeah crazy stuff Belgium this news article comes from there people noticed that there were go vegan green lights throughout the city and various spots and there were some red lights that said stop me I have seen people spray paint this on to traffic lights in various places but because it looks to be kind of like part of the lamp itself people had thought this was some kind of like actual you know government or local government initiative but you can actually them here to stop meet and go vegan but it turns out that this was vandalism what are the air quotes so yeah it says here update according to the Belgium reporter Sophie de velas this is an illegal camping by vegan activists so yeah I mean I still think it's pretty cool look I don't know live even looks kinda neat they did a nice job and and they do point out that in 2017 Brussels launched Gay Pride lights and crosswalks in celebration of Belgian Pride and annual gay rights celebration and it's not the first and other cities have done similar kind of unique traffic signs so you can see here too you know men figures walking they did one in Germany here where the Elvis Presley was singing and doing his little signature dance moves so yeah I mean it's like I don't think it's really damaging or harmful and who knows maybe somebody sees this thing goes like ah I wonder what that is you know takes takes a longer look so I think that's pretty cool this is an insane story kind of the like whoa that's such a weird thing some dude in Houston was trying to find an abandoned house that you go smoke some weed and he went into a house and in the garage of the house he found a tiger that was like you know being kept inside there so there's an abandoned house it was a tiger in the garage and apparently there were several packages of meat left for the tiger to eat so you can only you know wonder like what the heck was going on there but the guy obviously you know basically reported it and then it's kind of interesting to me like you know did he like how did this come out that he would have gone there to smoke weed maybe he was like actually hi and like just got free telling evident told the cops like yeah I came here to smoke weed or I don't know like how that part of the story comes out but I just think it's hilarious and you know all I can think of in the is like the scene from you know the hangovers movie were the the guys peeing and then he hears the lion roar and he like turns while he's thinking that's a while I can think of this guys smoking up and finding this lion hearted tiger I mean thankfully you know the tiger was okay and they brought it to a like a sanctuary they're gonna rehome it to a permanent place but here is they transferred it to Cleveland Amory Black Beauty ranch where it's joined my mandate under other animals and this is a big tiger 350 pounds tiger so it's just crazy man I don't know like all right I mean if you saw this like and just like I wonder if he's thinking like oh man just is like the craziest grass like it's just so we raised lever yeah but it's so that he thought he was trippin at maybe I know I wonder if he got high first and thought he was trippin like something absolutely good I mean like I just can't believe like like you go into an abandoned house to like be kind of alone you see a tiger it's like wow Leon yet another sentient being saved by weed well I mean thankfully they did get the animal to a sanctuary so he's gonna be okay and yeah I just there's such a weird story I love seeing just kind of stuff where there's a happy ending race thought it first okay um you know going back to something I said in the first half of the stream like you know a lot of times people will make the claim that you know veganism is a privilege and blah blah blah and you know only you know these these white people can you know afford it and all this kind of stuff and well-to-do people and if you just look at this article it is quite the contrary there was an assessment done and it says that Brits saved 2.8 billion pounds that's a huge fan of money by eating less meat in 2018 so they estimated basically you know on the the price of meat and then what you're basically replacing it with and they did some surveys and basically they found that according to the findings 26 percent of those surveyed had reduced their meat intakes in the last year that reduction amounted to a modest 209 pounds savings per person collectively adding up to the nearly 3 billion so I think I can vouch for this I know it's an anecdote but when I you know became a vegan and adopted most of all food plant-based diet I saved a ton of money I mean I was buying a lot of derrieres buying a lot of meat but I mean I guess like a silly thing like not a lot of meat but you know enough that like it was a very costly thing and yeah like I definitely started saving money I mean like buying fresh you know fruits veggies greens all that stuff it's like it's dirt cheap compared to the price of meat and cheese and dairy anyone who tells you you know the opposite is is basically trying to sell you something and I actually have in my video that I've done before about the excuses not to go vegan I covered it in there and I've even linked to some studies that actually break it down in us figures and you can really actually save a ton of money over the course of the year by adopting a you know uh mostly old food you know is night and generally absolutely right Jen saving medications and the health care costs yep I mean that that goes without saying you're gonna be a lot healthier so I think they even have had studies there yes here is here's the link to it 2016 studies suggest suggested that the savings of the world shifting to a predominantly vegan diet would be two to three trillion dollars in the US and twenty trillion to thirty trillion worldwide I mean imagine what good could be done with this kind of money if you know people do that grow your own is cheap actually you're absolutely right race I have saved a ton of money this past summer by growing you know stuff in our garden and our garden is not huge by any means I mean the whole thing the whole little plant that we were using was only maybe about three meters by four meters so what is that like that Oh 15 feet by maybe I like under 20 feet it's not a huge you know garden and we are still eating some of the stuff that was produced there and it's awesome I have so many things still canned you know in the pantry I have Jam that I put away from the fruit trees I mean and we did not have a big yard by any means so you know it's like yeah you can grow a lot of your own stuff and even if you just have a really tiny backyard you can grow a ton of food in there so yeah great to see articles like this and then this one is the one that I mentioned to you guys this was a study that showed that European farms could switch to all organic and they would still be able to feed the population with the big caveat being that they go to a predominantly plant-based farming so moving away from the animal-based farming if you go to a plant-based agriculture system you can actually feed the population of Europe with the existing farming setups and do it green without the you know pesticides and the chemicals and this study is awesome I definitely recommend people to check this out they're basically saying that this presents a credible way of feeding Europe by 2050 but it says action is needed now with the next 10 years critical and engaging you're in the transition and they're trying to get basically you know people to support this in the UK and other areas because yeah they're basically saying that study models of future in which your meat production has been cut by 40% with the greatest reductions in grain fed pork and poultry so yeah man I mean this is this is the way to go Jen organic is karma carnism yeah I hope that those people making those kind of silly claims look at this kind of stuff because this is the future it goes hand-in-hand and I think just you know everybody if you've got literally like 50 by 50 you know foot yard is like a you know 15 by 15 meter yard like you can take that and grow so much food in it you have no idea I mean you know and if you're hand harvesting things I mean you can just reduce the harm even further you know because then you're not only not using the chemicals that manures you're also not disturbing the soil as much you're not digging it do the no-till method the stuff I talk about in my videos with the mulch or you know other heavy ground cover plants like clover and other kinds of things like that and you'd be amazed at what you can grow if nothing else if you're lazy you don't want to deal with like tomatoes and whatever plant a few fruit trees I mean you're still gonna be creating habitat for birds and you know other kind of animals and you're gonna get fruit with very little effort you know so yeah I think that's that's the way to go yeah Leon only if there is still animal agriculture well we can hope you know I mean who knows maybe by 2050 you know most people will be fully vegan maybe it won't be a 40% reduction maybe it'll be a 99% reduction and you'll you know you'll be the Freak outcast you know carnivore person growing chickens in your backyard you cuz that'll be the only place you'll be able to get me and you'll have to do it in the secret because you know it'll be illegal to kill the chickens anyway I mean you know the people will be like doing stuff like that who knows hopefully it turns on it's had the ratios that people are doing now so that's a great article definitely check that out and yeah this is just so that you guys don't think I'm a trump supporter based on the the previous you know article with him you know signing into law the ban of the dog and cat neat trade here you have environmental groups of launching a lawsuit against his border you know walls kind of extension or whatever they're basically saying that it's going to cause environmental damage and basically harm the animals that you know migrate across back and forth and they're gonna sue to try to make sure that it doesn't block the wildlife and disrupts the water flow etc etc destroys delicate Park ecosystems and they're saying that it's not the solution to the security and immigration challenges so we'll see you know look at the look at the cost of this to Trump hopes to gain up to eight billion dollars to finish the remaining portion of the project it's insane and that's you know what is this yeah only a hundred twenty-eight miles I mean think of the cost of this like 128 miles is long it's a long distance don't get me wrong but like she didn't really cost eight billion dollars and how many people are getting rich off of this project I'm sure lots of people yeah Leon to your point about the previous article it does say a 40% reduction of the meat in the study which you know obviously is not as good as a fully plant-based one but think about this if they can already get to fully organic and stop the pesticide use at even just that level then why aren't they doing it you know what I mean like the whole argument against like organic is that like oh you can't feed enough people but it's like even at just a 40% reduction they can already feed the people so that's why I think it's just you know this like organic is carnist argument it makes no sense what we need to do is pressure people to do more organic and that pressure of more organic and people you know slowly but surely getting the you know the the concern for the animals and the environment and the you know the the bees and the insects like the other story that I covered where you know depending on which study you're looking at they're saying that by 2050 we're gonna have like you know no no insects left or you know three-quarters of them I've already been gone in the past 27 years I mean that's an insane thing like it's scary is how like what do we do if we got no insects like like it's just gonna have such a huge knock-on effect and yeah it's just terrifying so and yeah they should have sued Trump when he cancelled the clean air act yeah pesticides is where the money is for the Monsanto buyer yep because one of them makes you sick if they can sell you the drugs to keep yourself alive or even vegan ista yeah Trump signs that but his family are trophy hunters yeah crazy stuff man I I mean the rich they always have this like you know one law for everybody else and then another law for themselves crazy stuff this we're getting near the end last time I did a kind of like what the you know what the heck is wrong with people category this is that this is that category in today's episode here and I'm sorry that I have to even say this or like show it there is a wild hog explosion festival in Texas it's centered around abusing these wild pigs they find these wild pigs they rip out their teeth so that they can't actually bore the the people and then they round them up and put them in this little like pen and as you can see here baby pigs are chased around kicked and dragged picked up and trucked by large groups of children so first they have the children abuse the small baby pigs after this introductory event teams of two children two teens and adults chase pigs around the ring and catch the my any means they can and then run roughly with the pig in a bag across the finish line then many pig get pigs get bloodied injured and you know handled roughly and they're trying to escape and they're you know running into metal fences and all this kind of stuff all the pigs are scared they all end up getting killed and they're basically doing this as a fundraiser for a library now tell me just like it says here in 2019 how are humans still abusing animals for entertainment like what year are we living in are we living in 2019 B see what the actual heck is wrong with these people like it's beyond sick so please if anybody can like sign this thing they're almost to their seventy five hundred thing and just you know shame on these people and like let's end this kind of barbaric stuff even when I was a hardcore anti vegan and I was eating animals left right and center I still look down upon this kind of stuff like this is this is just as barbaric and just as stupid as bull fighting and you know other things like that like this is just horrific ly cruel for no reason whatsoever like it's it's even more disgusting than killing animals for food when you don't need to because at least there most people don't know that they don't need to you know they think that they're doing it because they need it this is like nobody needs to be torturing a pig like this is just unbelievable thanks Dave yeah please do sign everybody if you can't okay Bennet asked to do pesticides destroy the soil yes they definitely do Leon is absolutely right it does kill soil back to your worms and insects which are needed for good soil yep that's absolutely right I'm gonna have the link afterward in a comment at the end for even but the link is up here I mean it's super long so I can't really read it in to you I'll put all the links at the you know at the end in a comment and then if you guys can I'll put this one at the very top so that it's easy to find it thanks guys here is a crazy story another big reason to not eat meat in Canada they did a study they looked at DNA DNA samples taken from various meats that were sold in supermarkets and they found that 14% of sausages in Canada contain undeclared species of meat which means like you don't even know what's in there okay it could be horse could be something else and you know who knows maybe it's a coyote I don't know and the way that they tried to kind of word the article is just really kind of funny cuz like this is definitely a little bit kind of scary sounding but then you actually look at this and they try to make it sound like it's mostly okay so they say on the other hand 97% of the tested products contained the declared species as the predominant meat this means that 3 percent of the sausages contain predominantly undeclared species so it's almost like I have to read this twice he was why I first read it at a glance I thought I thought only 3% had the undeclared species but they're like how did they get the 14 well it's not that 3 percent had the undeclared me it's just that 3 percent had the predominantly undeclared species so not only was it just that like you didn't know what kind of meat was in there in 3 percent of the cases of the products tested it was the predominant meat in there so think about that for a little bit like it's not even just like yeah my hands right like you know rats or you know Bennett human or whoever I mean like who knows what kind of meat is in there right and like and and in 3 percent of the sausages tested they were the predominant meet you know like Soylent Green is like like is here I think you you have no idea what what this you know what you're getting it's absolutely disgusting it's oh just shocking when you see this kind of stuff I'm gonna end here with this is the last story this is basically for the UK people for the most part but I guess pretty much if anybody can sign it as well please do this is a road wall sound Road I guess is the name of the place it's in a lot I mean it's a community garden and you can see here there are thriving multicultural community of 100 gardeners in North arming ham and they've apparently been featured on various BBC shows because they're had like some of the nicest you know gardening sites in the UK and they are under threat of closure because the 2022 Commonwealth Games are taking place in the same Park where allotments are situated the council are looking at a wider master plan for the site and they basically want to take away the allotments from the you know from these community gardeners and and you know prepare it for this stupid Commonwealth Games and you know they're also saying that yeah they take care of seven formerly feral cats who will all be homeless if the allotments are taken away because clearly you know people don't have the ability to take them you know and and home them so please if you can sign this to and I think this is kind of a fitting you know place to and these you know today's like stories because I've mentioned it a couple times throughout the you know the livestream that I really think like small-scale farming is the answer to so many of these problems that we have I think if people get involved and get their hands in the dirt and start seeing how complex that soil life is not using the chemicals getting you know connected with their communities you know just all of this kind of stuff that like this is the solution small scale backyard gardens urban gardens especially the community gardens I mean I can't stress enough how I think important this is and I really think like if anybody's you know like-minded you can start in your own backyard learn how to do stuff I have grand plans you know at some point in my life I really hope that I can you know maybe start a community garden and get more people involved like actually show them how to do stuff well as I'm learning because I'm still learning I'm very much a beginner you know last year was really the kind of first year that I did a serious you know attempt at like an actual garden and I think if anything I want to tell people that like it worked out really well you can see the success I add in my gardening videos I have a playlist that my channel you can just you know quickly glance through them if you don't even want to watch all of them but produced an insane amount of food with basically almost not knowing anything I've done a couple of you know books that I've read and just watched a bunch of videos online and I tried it and it worked out great they're deep mulch you know no-till method is just like it's the way to go so if you guys can you know get on this and you know sign this petition as well try to save this for the community I mean I'm you know I keep saying like I'm not a fan of watching sports but I am a fan of sports I definitely encourage people to get out and be active but it should never come at the you know cost of closing down community garden that's thriving and doing well it would be a shame to move these people out just for some stupid you know Commonwealth Games I don't even know what that is to be to be honest but I I just can't think it holds a candle to the importance of this so so yeah I mean that's that's it for the for the articles today and I can you know I put all the links I haven't you done it for the other video yet for the first half but I'll do that in a little bit and I'll put it in the links for this one so definitely check it out and if you guys have any you know news stories or anything that you want me to cover for next time maybe just put them in the comments and you know I'll cover them next time or take a look there's a lot of interesting stuff that's you know happening and I think it's really nice to see the the kind of articles that like yeah like you know organic farming is viable I think we should just start with what we can which is our in our own backyards I know a lot of people are you know you know in an apartment you don't really have the ability to do that but maybe that's where the community garden can come in for you so yeah let's see what have you guys got Jen they probably voted for brexit so Sun them I mean I I don't know I don't know it do you based on where it is like like where the actual places because I don't know too much about like the breakdown of like who would vote for a brexit or not or whatever you're very welcome to if thanks for being on and thanks Leon thank you too yeah if you guys have any other questions or anything else I can probably talk to her 10 minutes or so but after that I'm gonna get gone oh I missed what you wrote above Leon I've been reading eternal Treblinka it was definitely an eye-opener you know that is something that's kind of on my list of you know reading I haven't actually read it but I've I know about it that's written by the the survivor of the Holocaust who is vegan as I can't remember the guys name I'm sure you I'm sure most people probably know it though it's good to hear that that's that's good yeah I think there's a lot of stuff in there that directly draws out the comparisons between the the mass produce you know farm food and all this kind of stuff and and of course like the the Jewish Holocaust the south serum then what do you grow I grew lots of stuff this um this past summer so you can actually check out some of the videos but it was predominantly like tomatoes a little bit of corn I had a few squash tons of Sookie's and there were a few things that I tried that didn't really work because I didn't do a good job of like starting my you know seedlings so like I didn't really get them out in time and they didn't do so well but the the things that I just mentioned they did awesome I mean I had so many to keaney's I actually just finished my last zucchini a couple weeks ago from the summer pretty much from the middle of the summer till I think it was like October or even into November I was still harvesting Tomatoes I mean I didn't buy a single tomato this summer up and you know basically from the middle of the summer till like October end of October I didn't buy any tomatoes even now I still have a bunch of food that I can that I'm still eating and the zucchinis were just crazy like I had not too big squash like I only had a couple so that wasn't really a huge thing yeah what else really had a lot of good fruit so I had I had a lot of plums this year and lots of raspberries got a big huge raspberry patch that that was going so that was cool yeah that was pretty much it so it was mostly the tomatoes the zucchinis and I mean that was the main thing I did do a bunch of herbs as well in a second kind of like mini side garden and my mother-in-law's place and we had a bunch of like sorrel and sage and I don't even know what else bees well I had lots of basil and dill and I don't think that was the majority of it so yeah next year I really hope to be able to expand Jen listen to the earthling ed podcast okay I will try I'm really bad at like listening to stuff right now I've been trying to get back into people's channels I've been really really busy and and your next question is exactly why so how's the house hunting and land hunting going so it's going pretty good I'm actually just about to I think I recorded a video today it's a post for tomorrow telling you guys like a mini update like we're almost almost done selling the house so we're in the final final stages and my wife and I are fingers crossed I think we found the place that we want to buy so if it goes through it's gonna be awesome like the place is three times the size of our old place so the land is three times the size and we're gonna be well I don't want to I don't want to spoil it so I won't I won't give it away like hopefully it goes through where we're working on it so the lead up to that has been a lot of work my my wife and I were like looking at property for weeks on end I mean it was like it was like you know like one day I would just be like looking at real estate listings the whole day the next day we would be like out looking at those places all day then we'd come back spend another day looking at real estate listings and then go out the whole next day I mean for basically like two weeks straight three weeks almost like we were just doing that and I think now we finally got a place there I mean we really like it we're in the process of trying to make sure everything goes through and then we'll see so fingers crossed it's hearing Bennett awesome definitely gonna do tomatoes and potatoes yeah cool I have not done potatoes my brother has done potatoes and um and he has had a great success he's also done sweet potatoes and those came out really good too and I will probably try that as well there's different methods some people dig them into the ground some people do kind of a different method where you start kind of on the ground and you just put the potatoes and then you cover it with some you know and soil and compost and whatever and then as the potato starts growing out you actually put more soil on and it keeps coming out and you put more sauce so people will do this in a box it's hard to kind of imagine it but you kind of keep like moving up you know like like wooden kind of like frame around it and you keep throwing more soil on it and eventually you know you get up to kind of like a big height you let the potatoes grow out and then when you go to harvest them you just simply remove the wooden slats from around it the kind of like move away all the soil and all the potatoes are gonna be there without kind of having to dig so my brother did that it worked out really good I'm probably gonna try to do something similar ever even beginning to our nest to the animals environment humans thank you so much that really means a lot thank you thanks a lot Leon good luck thank you the podcast I can listen to in the car I don't drive enough right now to actually like you know usually like I mean I was out with my wife like in the car together so it's like we weren't gonna listen then we were like is he talking and stuff so we'll see but I'll just try to put it on it's hard with the kids at home too a lot of times like if I'm doing the dishes or whatever I can't really put anything in there constantly like coming in and out and talking and I know it's fun but I just can't really listen to stuff lately good luck and great scream thanks a lot cool yeah all right guys so yeah that's it hope everybody enjoyed it and thank you so much for your support the subscriptions keep growing so it's like really good to see that you know people are you know getting the message and I think yeah let's everybody you know do the best you can and try to you know advocate we can make the world a better place for ourselves through you know all the other non-human animals and the environment and have clean air and water to breathe it's like that's that's what we should all want and none of the other stuff that you know divides people should really matter until we have all that stuff solved first so that's that's my view cool thanks live oh man for being on appreciate it alright guys cool that's it I'll see you in the next one alright

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