Vegan News & Views - Live Discussion About Recent Events - Part 13

okay cool I think we're live check in a second dear okay cool okay good thank you live so welcome everybody back to conscience some conscientious I'm gonna worry even I have trouble saying my name is pal and I'm gonna be doing another live stream here today about vegan news and views so thanks for anybody who is joining I see one person watching let me know if the sound is okay I'm running off my laptop today so this is the first time I've set up the streaming software that I use here on this PC so I haven't set everything perfectly yet I think let me know if you can hear me okay and all that stuff or if you have any trouble hopefully the sound should be a little bit better actually because the desktop PC I use has a really loud fan and lots of people have complained about that before so I wish I could you know make it better but hopefully this will be a little bit quieter hey Jen yeah so yeah let's let's get into it race one like that yep let's see if he's on all right cool I'm gonna jump into it cuz it's getting pretty late and I know for a lot of you guys watching it's late too so let's just jump in and get into the news all right so first story here we've got some kind of mixed good good news and I guess kind of like weird news out of Canada thanks for the confirmation welcome Ciaran Bennett and Nikki welcome everybody so out of Canada we got some news here that they are changing the rules that govern how many hours a cow can be transported so previously I think it was a lot longer it was I forget what it was but it was like 50 something hours I think that they could transport now it's cut down to 36 so and as this article points out nobody is happy meaning the farmers are clearly not happy because they think it's gonna be you know extra money for them like they have to basically you know cut the travel distances down and or you know stop them somewhere unload the animals let them rest and then we reload them and you know move them again to the slaughterhouse facilities and you know they're obviously claiming that this is going to be an added stress for the animals because it is stressful for them to be loaded and unloaded from the trucks and yeah so it's like kind of you know understandable to some extent but you're 50 today Nicky Wow good a happy birthday cool that's that's great hi Cathy so yeah so I mean you know the farmers are saying like they don't they don't like it the animal rights activists are obviously saying like 36 hours is still way too many there are lots of places in the world where the hours are shorter that are allowed so you know it's like you can kind of take your you know take your view but you're worried about being 50 well I don't know I mean I kind of have had that feeling lat last year because I turned 40 but I guess like I don't know 50 is the new 40 maybe I don't know I don't think fifties that old so but yeah so anyway um you know there's there's some interesting stuff in this article I'll definitely recommend people to take a look there has been a lot of really good posts by Camille lab Chuck definitely check her out I follow her on Twitter she's the executive director of the National Organization animal justice and she specializes in basically like legal you know considerations and protections for animals so she's been a very vocal proponent of you know cutting the time down they were pressing for a lot more and trying to convince people you know why it's important there's also you know this survey that she's citing from 2016 that showed that 95 sorry 97 percent of Canadians surveyed agreed animals should not be transported for more than eight hours without food or water or rest and obviously this is still way over that so you know she's not she's not happy she's gonna keep fighting but it's like hey you know at least they were slightly reduced it's better than you know nothing but can you imagine just if you put yourself in the place of the animals that you know we would be you know being transported but basically to our deaths but even just anywhere like for a day and a half with no food no water many times with no heat no cooling so in the heat of the summer in the cold of the winter especially in Canada I mean these are like really extreme temperatures that these animals endure for a day and a half with no rats no food no water and it's no surprise that many of them die along the way and yeah I mean good on her for fighting this and trying to bring change and good on all the people who supported it and you know basically all I can say is like yeah like there needs to be more consumer pressure to force these laws to change and you know put more pressure on the farmers and as much as they always want to put you know push this image of being you know these um you know what we care for the animals and all this kind of stuff you know the truth of the matter is they care about their profit and you know they're talking about how their statistics show that 99.9 percent of the animals make it to slaughter healthy with no signs of injury or stress but still you know with the hundreds of millions of animals that are getting killed like every year that point you know one percent still like you know how many animals that are dying or you know seriously injured and and suffering for like you know a day and a half two days three days however long it takes and you know the other thing is that how how are they determining you know whether or not the animal is injured or stressed is is probably not the same way that you would if it was your pet dog or yourself so yeah anyway interesting read definitely check it out and follow Camille if you are on Twitter she's really awesome nikki says forty is nothing if bright said my sister made me a vegan chocolate cake nice cool that's you can't go wrong there alright I would probably lie and say that I was fifty if somebody made me a choc okay a vegan chocolate cake all right so next story you know I covered these pretty much just all the time and you know not because I really want to show you guys these horrific pictures of the overturned trucks but just to really make it sink in that if anybody's watching that isn't vegan like I mean these things literally happen like every week I do these streams about once a week and almost in every single one of them I cover some type of car crash like this where you know hundreds of animals die sometimes if it's chickens it could be even more than that like it could be like you know close to a thousand or whatever I mean it's just unbelievable like how often these things happen and it also makes me very seriously question that statistic about you know the 99.9% getting to the slaughterhouse okay because there's just so many of these accidents that I just can't believe that that's really only 0.1% and maybe they don't count these because they're accidents you know we'll we'll see but yeah so I mean you know I don't really want to get into the details here but yeah 200 sheep have died after the lorry they were being transferred on overturned and this was in the south of Scotland 440 sheep were being transported so you figure a little less than half died and you know the driver suffered some injuries and then they're gonna investigate and blah blah blah but I mean it's just it's horrible like people just don't realize like how often these are happening and it's just absolutely crazy yeah moving on this was a topic getting a storm here this was a I don't know if you guys can hear the Thunder pretty cool yeah this was a story I covered a little bit I think it was maybe two or three streams of homie those two streams ago I don't remember but basically talking about the shameful practice in Spain dealing with these Cabos these are basically like a greyhound type of dog and the hunters basically like at the end of the hunting season when they're no longer useful or if the dogs that are kind of old and no longer you know running at their peak they basically just kill them they throw them into wells they leave them you know in fields they shoot them they beat them to death they will sometimes just you know put them in places that they can't get out of and let them starve to death I mean it's horrible in the article that I covered before I think they said that it was close to like a hundred thousand a year this article saying fifty thousand a year but in either case let's just agree that it's like many thousands of these dogs are killed every year by totally uncaring you know hunters and because they are considered working dogs there's no regulation like prohibiting they're cruel like treatment or you know being shot or whatever and it's just absolutely horrible I mean there's like pretty graphic pictures in this so if anybody you know doesn't want to see that I I would say maybe skip this article but definitely an important one to see and share with people so that they know and put some pressure on the local authorities there are some really good activists working in Spain to try and bring light to this issue and try to get you know support from the government to stop this abuse from happening so it's yeah it's it's really kind of crazy yeah it's it's absolutely upset a hey meteors murder Thanks running it's it's really terrible Nikki I mean there's like really pretty bad pictures in this article and you know I'll link it in the description just like I always do I think for a lot of people you know especially for non-vegans like this could be a good kind of you know issued to to start talking to them about because this is something that I think a lot of people they love dogs and they they would never do this to a dog even if they would just be fine with you know this being done to a chicken they would they would never do this to their dog and I think it's like a good conversation starter for a lot of people so yeah I mean it's just really sad that this is going on speaking of dogs Snoop Dogg I've talked about in the previous stream so he's I guess been you know getting kind of a lot of like vegan kind of you know burgers and all this kind of stuff he was photographed with troll and he had a pre-grammy party and he ordered everybody the beyond meat burgers from Carl's jr. so I guess he got some like pretty good publicity there with the you know for them and they like you know sent back a positive message to him and all this kind of stuff and he's encouraging you know people I mean he's got tons of followers like I don't know how many people follow him on on Instagram or whatever but like I'm sure it's like a gajillion people so the fact that you know he's posting this is is great and you know I just think like again even if he's not vegan just the fact that he's kind of like advocating for this in a way is is really positive and then there was a great little bit here at the end that I thought said what was cool it said the musician also recently offered to adopt a rescue pitbull that had been named in his honor after being rescued from the side of a road there's always room for another dog and Casa this new piece said so you know kudos to him and hopefully he will be being him someday but in the meantime if he's buying everybody vegan food around him at you know parties and stuff then like hey that's already pretty good in my book yep cool this one I'm including because again kind of talking about dogs I mean in my mind a fox is pretty much the same thing as Doug I did the livestream before with Ellie shoutout to Ellie the fun pace if anybody's not following her give her a follow and also if you're not following Kate Powell on Twitter I think she's on YouTube as well I have to check but yeah she's awesome and this is a crazy thread if anybody is on Twitter or even if you're not just read through this thread it's insane Kate has done tons and tons of work on the you know hunt monitoring and hunts amping kind of end of things and this thread that she has and I'll link this as well is insane I mean they just really really show you how sick and twisted these puns people are and you know just kind of the maliciousness the it's I mean it's absolutely it's like depraved behavior like these these people are just unbelievable they take like extreme joy out of like causing these poor animals to be killed and and suffer horrific torment and and you know suffering at the hands of the dogs and everything and yeah I mean it's just crazy like I don't want to go through the pictures any more than you can see here but I mean this guy's got a fox tail in his hand and he's taunting one of the SAPS and the Sabbath horse and you know basically saying like hi you can't save this one anymore and whatever I mean read through this thread she's just got so many you know disturbing things that these people are doing and kudos to all these people who are out there trying to make a difference and you know stop this from going on I mean it's just absolutely disgusting behavior and I've covered this before in other streams and then in that stream specifically but yeah I mean these these hunts people are just really really ridiculous like and it's it's such an obvious collusion between them and like the law enforcement in the copper because most of the people in high ranks of government are actually doing these hunts so um yeah it's just very obvious that that's that's what's happening so um meet his murderous snoops new album called Jin's and vegan burgers hey like I don't know that would be pretty funny maybe maybe he will do something like that and then it'll reach even more people it'd be pretty cool all right this I'm gonna talk about a couple of you know hunting and trophy hunting stories this was a story coming out of Zambia they are going to sell out 400 licences a year to kill I think yeah they want to do a five-year call of 2,000 hippo so they're gonna do 400 each year and you know they're basically claiming that there's a risk of an anthrax outbreak and as people in this article point out it's completely not based on science sorry for the picture here there are you know dead animals in the trophy hunting pictures but basically it just really goes to show you that it's just the government trying to get money people pay big bucks to shoot these you know wonderful protected animals and it's a ton of money that goes into these you know people's pockets and don't believe for one second the talk about oh it helps the local economy and the you know the poor people there and whatever because you know just knowing the way things work and knowing how corrupt and crooked like most government and police and everything you know officials are you can you can just absolutely be sure that most of that money is going in to line the pockets of you know crooked corrupt like government officials and and there you know their police enforcement if anybody doesn't believe me I mean please just look around and see what's happening in any other form of like government and I just you know I never have bought that argument against it it's ridiculous Wow cool you're gonna be turning 52 means murder okay Wow well happy pre birthday but then we'll we'll give you a big birthday wish in January then you have police protection yeah ciarΓ‘n Bennett everyone check out damien Mandor if you haven't I don't know who that is but I will take a look so yeah the next article is another trophy hunting one I'm gonna warn people ahead of time there's a graphic picture here so and I can't really like scroll it in a way that you can't see it so if anybody squeamish just like look away so this crazy woman shot a mountain lion in Colorado and she basically posted it all to Facebook and then you know then she got all kind of upset I guess that people started you know name calling her and pointing out that she's crazy and a psychotic crazy person and this was on her bucket list and she had a whole group of people this is the part that I find to be extremely you know kind of funny in the sixth sense of the word that like she's she's going around with this bunch of people who are her like guides and what these people were responsible for was basically chasing and scaring the mountain line up into a tree where she then was able to set up kind of I guess like below the tree somewhere and set up her nice little you know wood you know pieces here for like a little frame and then with her big fancy high-powered rifle she was able to shoot the mountain lion out of a tree and you know this is the part that kind of like really gets me is that like these people are all like I'm so in tune with my you know hunter you know whatever like you know instincts my killer instincts and you needed a group of like what is this like a seven five nine five six seven people to go and scare this poor animal like that the animal didn't even wanna attack that it was probably just trying to get away you know the poor thing and this idiot like thinks that she's such a badass like killing this poor defenseless creature and then she's just like yeah you know like I killed it and it's like man this thing was just trying to run away from you and you had enough time to post stupid pictures and video of yourself doing this onto Facebook while you were in the middle of the hunt you know like how how ridiculous is this that like in today's day and age like this is this is what people spend you know money on and and I've shown in the previous streams I mean people spend like ridiculous amounts of money to do this and and for what so they can so they can cross off a little checkmark on there I've killed that too you know like and now she'll go and kill some other you know poor defenseless animal it's it's absolutely sickening I mean the only good thing I can think about it is that like maybe from all the bad you know kind of outrage that she got on her Facebook maybe she'll like reconsider because I guess she's taken down her down you know social media links and stuff so but it's just absolutely ridiculous like I just can't believe like like people you know can can appeal to this as this like killer instinct you know whatever kind of story it's it's absolutely ridiculous all right so I'm gonna move on if anybody's was not looking you can look back and I've moved to a different story let me catch up on the comments here too Ginger's a long way away I feel sorry for you if that will make you feel better than I feel sorry for you meant guns guns and vegan burgers okay well I think the Jin and vegan burgers is probably less less bad than the guns and burgers video on TEDx he's an ex Australian Marines turned vegan anti poacher in Africa okay cool I didn't remember the name but I have seen that and it's on my list to watch because he was also on a podcast with rich roll and I haven't I haven't seen it but I didn't forget I forgot the guy's name okay so that's why it sounded familiar you do not want to hear what I think okay uh he was on the ritual okay yep Jen and Jen's always good about reminding me to watch more ritual and I never do because I'm just a bad person so sorry about that let's see he's an inspiration okay cool yeah so okay so yeah enough about the trophy hunting let's move on this is a ice tsunami that hit New York upstate New York has been having tons and tons of like extreme cold weather and I guess a lot of the ice that was frozen on the Great Lakes it was breaking up from the huge wind that was blowing across the lake and it's created these like massive like at places 30 feet tall ice like tsunamis and yeah it's just like insane I guess they were saying the wind speeds were up to 119 km/h and people were evacuated from some sections of you know of the area because these you know ice things were going across roads they were knocking down fences and all this kind of stuff and yeah it's just crazy like you can really see kind of like the you know the climate change happening and these more and more extreme events are happening more and more likely and yeah they're saying like in 50 years they've never seen this so it's crazy I guess it's like damaged homes taken down you know people's like yeah like street lamps and yeah saying bulldozing trees and all this kind of stuff so my roof is bare in spots now I guess from the high wind so yeah it's just insane kind of stuff and definitely watch this video you can see the the ice kind of coming in it it's scary man I think if like you were just standing there trying to drag by like I would certainly be a little bit scared seeing this stuff let's see do k welcome and let's see who else too okay cool hey perpetual annoyed you're not that late don't worry missed a couple minutes but it's alright you can catch up after hey Dave welcome okay moving along because it's getting kinda late here this is a story from the MIT technology review site the last five years have been Earth's warmest since records began my whole house is shaking from the Thunder and I know if you guys can hear that on the camera it's pretty crazy so this was saying that 2018 was the fourth warmest year since records began in 1880 and they're saying that based on studies from NASA the UK the UK Met Office and you US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that's a mouthful sir this was the last five years have been the warmest ever on the earth since they've been keeping records so absolutely crazy and yeah scary stuff and I think we're just gonna see more and more these like crazy you know weather experiences and and phenomena like I just talked about the ice tsunami and all this kind of stuff they're basically saying here more to come a separate report from the UK's Met Office out today also logged 2018 as the fourth warmest year it predicted that global temperatures will continue to rise over the next five years with a 10% chance that will breach the mark of one and a half degrees above pre-industrial levels so yeah again you know I've covered some of these reports before it is really really imperative that we get on the ball as you know as a society as a global society and start you know changing things because if we get to that 2 degree Celsius change we are gonna see even more drought poverty people being displaced because of flooding all this kind of stuff and you know that landmark report said that we have 12 years to make these changes so yeah definitely you know send this along to anybody if they're not convinced you know this is not hokey you know whatever this is MIT this is you know the most prestigious you know Meteorological you know groups saying this kind of stuff and the numbers don't lie you've been keeping track of temperature for a long long time and you can see what's happening so since 1880 they're saying this is what's the warmest that we have seen cool let's see what other stuff you guys ever end you guys are getting a lot of snow in the u.s. I think so it's just really crazy I've seen like we're in almost spring time right now it's it's pretty nice I'm actually kind of hoping that we won't get any more cold weather but like it's almost kind of like it started maybe a little too early and this has happened before I think it was the year before last it was really nice in March was like it was like almost full-on summer I mean we were in the upper teens for like celcius so that would be like I don't know whatever that is upper 50s low 60s like in you know March and like that's that's pretty you know uncommon and then and then in April became really cold again and we had to know so it's like I don't know just totally crazy weather yeah that ice shelf next to your bed it would be kind of crazy I mean like if you just saw that coming across that you like check out that video later it's pretty cool that somebody was able to record it but I wouldn't want to be like he's stuck in it perpetually no it says in Wisconsin we've had the hottest summers and winters since as long as I can remember yeah I can I couldn't dig that I remember I mean I grew up in Connecticut for anybody who's watching doesn't know but I I had yeah I guess spent most of my life there and I mean even just from the time when I was a kid like maybe from like 3rd or 4th grade I remember like we had snow you know up to our chest basically I mean it was like we had a lot of snow and by the time I was done with like high school going into college like it was like you just wouldn't even get to know almost when you get like maybe three or four snow falls like in a year and then things shifted after maybe like another five or six years basically since the time I've been living in Europe like in 2010 since then there have been some pretty severe winters in Connecticut but like for a good 10 years or so it was like there was like no winter and it was a very stark contrast to like what I remember like even just growing up and that's not that like extremely long ago but I remember talking to neighbors and stuff who had been like living on that street for like you know thirty forty years or whatever and we used to shovel their their sidewalks and stuff is like this elderly a couple of ladies that lived in one of the houses I remember them telling me stories about how like the snow was like you know up to the roof and all this kind of stuff like when they were kids and yeah it's just really different like things were going does anyone hold much hope for the environment or temperature food water CNN asks I I gotta say I mean I'm always a positive person like I always hope and I think once you don't have hope it's like you can really go down a depression really quick like a depression hole so I mean I I always want to say that I I still have hope but I mean I'm I'm I'm really truly worried and and I really think that like people need to start like genuinely like kind of really making like contingency plans and thinking about like you know what are you gonna do when like you can't get basic things like clean water and and stuff like that I mean I just think like even in the developed world like we are gonna start seeing some hard times coming and like it's not for nothing that I've kind of grown interested into like growing my own food and like canning food and all this kind of stuff like I really think like you know I hope it never comes to it but like I I really think like like our kids you know the next generation like they might see some really horrible mean stuff that yeah like I don't know I don't want to be a doomsday here you know but I think it's it's really like you know learn how to like you know collect rainwater lo learn how to grow your own food learn how to can and preserve stuff dry things don't rely on electricity necessarily it's scary man like I really really worry about kind of the future so take that for whatever you whatever you will um Meat Is Murder we must hope yeah I mean I think we do need hope hey race welcome the Pope will save us hey is it does anybody know if you've taken the the vegan challenge for going vegan for Lent I don't know what the status is on that oh thanks Nicky you're you're really can thank you do you can Pope that's race wolf I don't know man 100 to 1 odds on a vegan Pope by next Tuesday any takers oh man I really don't know what'll happen but that would be awesome vegan Pope would have to never oh I'm not gonna read that out loud yeah unless the kid you know it's really really sad there was a there was a very high-ranking official that I saw actually convicted of the child molestation charges against when he was the highest ranking official I think he was like like number 3 at the Vatican or something is like one of the like one of the people in charge of the books so like money-wise I mean so yeah it's like it's really crazy having a piece of heaven pizzas murder Liam Liam Anthony welcome I've debunked the climate change last night don't worry we'll be fine okay send me how you do bunked it I would definitely like to know okay race not it's okay everyone leaves debunked it Liam will save us Liam is the vegan Pope Liam has saved us you're welcome thanks Liam Liam for Pope nice yeah that would be it would be great to have like some you know vegan push from you know the Vatican now be really cool like think of how many people are taking guidance from from there so that would be great actually doing a paper on climate change right now cool send it over and I'd love to read it okay cool next up we got the Australian government announcing plans to dump 1 million tons of sludge into the waters of the Great Barrier Reef now a couple things about this when I first read this I thought it was even crazier than it actually is it's not that they're taking sludge from somewhere else and then dumping it in the Great Barrier Reef it's almost as bad but considering that as this article says here in 2016 the northern Great Barrier Reef saw more than 65% of the coral died to a mass bleaching event that forever changed the world's largest living organism I mean if that wasn't bad enough like you would think like wow like we should really protect that area since they've lost so much of their you know ecosystem but no scientists have warned that if they smother you know the thing it's gonna be worse but what is happening is they are going to be doing a cleanup of sediment in like one of the I guess big Bay's or whatever and they're gonna take that sludge and then dump it like farther out so here's here's the thing now 1 million tons of sediment scooped up from the sea floor during maintenance at the nearby a point Harbor can be legally dumped in the ocean so they're just gonna move it out and dump it out further and it's absolutely crazy they said they've undertaken a three-year study to ensure the risks to the environment or low though they they do admit that they are not non-existent so that there will be some impact then they know that there will be impact but they're gonna go ahead and do it anyway and the crazy thing is that you know they're saying they believe the research shows they will have minimum minimal impact but there is always the possibility that it is incorrect and already very vulnerable a reef system could potentially become severely impacted from this decision to dump and they're gonna dredge and proceed to do this for 40 days so obviously they can't just dredge up all that you know stuff in you know in one day but they're gonna keep doing it and they're gonna do it over the forty days so you know you got people just I just don't understand like how they think that this is not gonna have a bad effect and how did they think that you know this will just wash away or whatever it's just absolute crazy and they point out here that last year the Australian government pledged five hundred million Australian dollars to protect the Great Barrier Reef and yet they are gonna be you know dumping this sediment which you know is gonna for sure damage it but it's just a question of how much is it gonna damage it they also say a large amount of sediment and agricultural runoff are major threats to its survival so just so you guys know like you know most of most people who are vegan know that a lot of this you know sludge and all these kind of like like harmful toxins and things that get dumped into the ocean are actually runoff from the agriculture animal agriculture specifically all the you know kind of like animal manures and all this kind of kind of stuff but also from plant agriculture as well because of all the you know artificial fertilizers and pesticides and everything else and it upsets the ecosystem it upsets the pH the oxygen balance everything like that algae starts going crazy it further reduces oxygen available for fish there's mass fish you know die-off and all this kind of stuff is all related so um let's see or tons of comments here okay let's see isn't the Great Barrier Reef dying well yeah 65% of it is dying and/or has already done in 2016 and I covered this in a previous stream – that the oxygen and co2 balance and pH balance are all kind of contributing to it and the temperature balance as well the coral aren't able to keep up with the increase in the sea temperature so with the rise of the temperature they're actually bleaching their like dying out and there are plans to try to repopulate some of the areas with coral that was able to survive the increase in temperature in 2016 and then they are basically planting these via like robots under the under the water but you know whether or not that's gonna be enough to actually make sure that the whole thing doesn't die out I think remains to be seen Liam says environmentalists are communists maybe there might be some some truth to that Pal is an environmentalist says race yes I am an environmentalist Meat Is Murder yes it's 50% or more gone yep William Anthony they are watermelons green on the outside red on the inside that is hilarious how's a communist I wouldn't say that I'm anything is I don't really like political ideologies but I am certainly not a capitalist and certainly think that a bit of a shake-up in the let's say wealth distribution might be in order especially with how things are going yeah Great Barrier Reef is dead it's it's hugely impacted meat as Marisa's I was just watching something about it the other night yeah it's really crazy her race says I'm a commie bastard yep let's see okay very mentalists are trying to take over the government and rationalize the means of production and control and oil is all I'm not sure what you mean Liam but it's being destroyed I knew POW was only doing this lines for me to take over the world Jeremy Corbyn shouldn't think about it NASA was created by Nazis holy cow where are you getting that from to rule this world okay you guys are just going crazy I'm gonna have to start skipping over comments otherwise I never get through all this stream space is fake look forward to force station yeah that would be cool if anybody hasn't read the book eco topia I highly recommend that I know I recommended it to Dave recently in comments and I may have recommended it before but if anybody hasn't checked that book out it's really awesome because it kind of talks about communists and environmentalists kind of ideologies really well in a you know in a fiction novel it was written back I think in the 60s and it's an awesome book it's really really cool very fun read and has some really great ideas and things that are actually kind of happening or have happened and it's really cool it talks about like how California and basically like the Pacific Northwest in the US like they have a civil war where they secede from the mainland US and they kind of form this what they call eco topia country and it's all about like protecting the environment and like making sure that the you know the old-growth like forests are protected and all this kind of stuff I think if you guys are into this kind of thing just definitely read it it's a really cool book I probably do a separate video about that book it's really awesome it's a fun read all right let's see what are you guys talking about now well we come in you guys are typing too fast I can't read this mess too like he loves my voice thank you to do spaces fake I think I read that mom commies everywhere meet his murderers a commie okay Liam says look it up in the United States brought over all the Nazi scientists and that's how NASA started well and that's how they also made that time a bomb right they brought over all the German scientists I don't know if they were all Nazis though they may have been like people rescued from the Nazis so I'm not really sure exactly all that stuff wasn't that Project Paperclip maybe I don't know it sounds familiar all the Z Nazi rocky sent rocket scientists Leigha mists are climate change presuppositional apologize okay alright Nicki's gonna have a tree house a nice tree house cool nice okay next moving on fish are sentient animals who form friendships and experience positive emotions landmark studies suggests this was actually a pretty old article I only brought it up because I want to talk about some of the next articles and you know put this into perspective and unfortunately there are still so many people today who are still kind of denying that you know fish have feelings or the de fΓ©e experience pain or that they're sentient I mean people just still to this day claim that you know they're like the vegetables of the sea and this this article is interesting because it really talks a lot about kind of some of the tests and studies that they did on them and what they found was that they have social buffering which is very similar to how humans react when they are in social groups so basically what they found was that when fish are alone they tend to experience more stress and get more freaked out by either pain or like an environmental stimulant that could be like a hormonal thing or whatever basically something that makes them feel like they're in danger they feel more in danger and they react stronger to that when they're alone versus when they're in groups of they're like you know friends or family or whatever and they basically you know want to say that like if anybody's still eating them like it's basically you you should realize that they definitely have experiences they're definitely sentient they definitely have you know feelings of like societal bonds and and friendship and it's kind of a crazy thing because they are even saying that yeah it's like this study itself was kind of a you know an ethical dilemma because they're killing the fish to determine all this stuff so it's like it's it's absolutely horrible that you know we still have to do experiments on on sentient animals to prove that they're sentient so that other people will stop being them it's like absolutely ridiculous like I mean if anybody has ever gone fishing like I've said like you know damn well that those fish fish experience pain and that they are sentient and you know it shouldn't take like science and especially not science on the order of like killing hundreds or however many fish to prove this it's it's absolutely crazy but I mean it's an interesting article like if anybody wants to read it or especially like if you want to send it on to anybody if you get these kind of you know idiotic responses from anybody who's like telling you like you should just eat fish because they're not sentient or whatever and this kind of also just goes to the point that a lot of people will say like you know why do vegans not eat you know shellfish they're not sentient or whatever I just err on the side of caution it's like you don't need to eat them there's a whole host of environmental reasons not to eat them and just the fact that they may be sentient just because we don't understand them yet you know it's enough reason for me to say like we shouldn't be eating and it's just plain and simple and I also don't support any science to prove that they're sentient or not because it's just totally unnecessary and I get really annoyed by people who are trying to claim that like you know we should you know eat them so yeah next article here this was a interesting story that I read about a illegal fishing boat that they were I guess trying to catch for ten years and this article goes into like very you know lengthy detail about why it's so difficult to pursue and catch these illegal fishing boats they are all over the world they you know disguised their nationality and all this kind of stuff and what happens is people you know still are able to sell their caches even when they're caught illegally because there isn't really this kind of like international effort to catch them and they just go from one area of the world to another and they kind of constantly change hands they're changing ownership and you know people are just getting new papers they're forging papers it's really interesting to go through all these details and the point that I wanted to highlight from here is they talked about an estimate for what the the businesses is worth and also why it's you know a huge problem so they're saying approximately twenty percent of all global catch is illegal unreported or unregulated now again you know who knows if this is accurate but that's one-fifth I mean that's an insane amount and they're basically saying that this thing over the course of the ten years they probably netted here it is over the ten years or so it is thought to have been operating illegally the Android dog of that was the most recent name for this ship that got caught and finally you know brought to justice I guess is estimated to have alluded up to fifty million dollars worth of fish from the oceans so it's a huge business like people are definitely you know going to keep doing this like they talk about how in a lot of instances it has to do with mafia and just a whole bunch of like dirty money but this is how they're able to you know basically enslave people like in various parts of the world to work on these ships you know they get promised big money but at the end of the day they get you know basically brought onto these ships and and worked as slaves sometimes the families back home are getting some small amount of money sometimes their families are being threatened you know that's why they're working on these ships it's absolutely crazy the article talks a lot about kind of the humanitarian side of it as well and of course the environmental part where you know they do mention that yeah these these places because they're working totally outside of the law they're not looking at anything as far as like you know conservation or like sustainable numbers of fish being caught or whatever which is a ridiculous thing anyway but yeah I just wanted to highlight this and you know I think if anybody's interested read through this article it's very very powerful gives you some numbers I am missing out in the comments is Liam oh man more more stuff okay let me scroll back up here wow there's a lot of stuff you guys have written to do okay Liam Anthony I'm telling you the Communists socialists are trying to leverage environmental issues so they can take over the government and rationalize the industry and kill everyone as a result I don't know if you're like joking now or if you're being serious it's the well I'm not sure what Nikki's trying to say Meat Is Murder LinkedIn a YouTube video I don't know what that is I'll check it out later I've known since I was a little roll that fish were sensitive sentient beings and I refuse to fish good good on you preventional annoyed absolutely I think just you know I mean even as a kid like we we knew that fish feel things I mean that's just absolutely asinine for people to not know that Liam leave it in the ground fish are swimming kittens says racela okay that's a good one kay Bernie Liam I believe in some conspiracies there is a small amount of truth mixed thing with a big dollop of BS to confuse everyone and it's working a treat follow the money who is paying scientists the government if the government can make a problem they can provide a solution a game or government Liam will have to do a live stream on that because we want to talk to you and the formerly swagg vegan who is no vegan splinter I'm saving that for the end I gotta talk to you guys about liberty we gotta we gotta talk about that and then maybe we can talk about this as well not economy definitely a socialist says me is murder yes Liam government mob or unfit for purpose well yeah I never trust the government but but I don't come to the same conclusions as you in what do you plan about doing about it Liam it's a good question let's see Project unbent paper clips don't pay tax or have a bank account yeah that's it that's it that's a good one try to do that for a little while and see if how long that goes before you're arrested it's really crazy like we think we live in a free society but as soon as you try to do something where you either tell too much truth and get too many people to pay attention to you or stop paying your taxes you get in trouble pretty quick what happens to scientists who I somewhat who is somewhat skeptical of the impact to their careers are ruined scientists who haven't taken a dime from fossil fuels fossil fuels nice ok um Nikki says she's a character from 1984 let's see sorry it's jumping all over the place is hard for me to see all this stuff nothing ever really deleted okay you guys are trying to delete your Thomas okay race lair why do you retract most your statements on Keros um ten years 10 years vegan thank you is that what you're saying um to learn about fish we have a lot to learn about this yeah I'm sure people will continue doing these horrific studies sadly but hopefully they can do non-lethal Studies and just see how wonderful they are and smart they are and all this kind of stuff I love this video if anybody has seen I think I've covered it maybe in his previous stream but there's a there's this cool fish that as part of its mating ritual it makes this very elaborate design in the sand it's like this super beautiful kind of like ornamental like round shape and it makes all these cool little like things in there it's an absolute work of art and it does it as part of its mating ritual it uses it to attract a female so it's pretty cool I mean fishery really cool I just I love them good question perpetually pareidolia why is it every 10 years they say we only have 10 years left I don't think that's been the case Liam but yeah let's let's move on because I think we can just derail the whole conversation and it's hard to do it with your chatting and there's a whole bunch of other people like I really do want to talk to you about it like we'll just do a live stream about it because I think that would be really a good one oh you've been 10 years not paying taxes wow that's really cool how are you doing that are you not getting income or you're not getting registered income or maybe don't don't I guess maybe you shouldn't do that and admit to anything illegal if it is illegal like just I don't know good on you though that was actually kind of you know one of the really positive things about moving away from the u.s. that I don't contribute into like the war chest anymore like I don't pay US taxes anymore because I don't earn money there or I don't earn enough money here either which would you know force me to have to pay into US taxes so yeah I mean no no country is perfect though so don't get me wrong I'm not kind of saying that but I am happy to not be paying US taxes let's see oh you're only been vegan one year okay Wow cool I did I think I missed that part of the comment before congratulations David Jarrod ow a puffer fish yeah those are really cool too yeah there's so many cool fish and people say like octopi are really really smart they have like all sorts of kind of like studies and tests that have shown they have like really strong personalities and they can like play tricks and stuff unlike the researchers and all this kind of stuff it's like you know at the end who knows maybe they'll don't find out that they're smarter than people you're not wanting anything you know haircut her nails okay cool cover your own food this area yep yeah who needs money if we can take care of ourselves fish have so much personality absolutely professionally like they really do you know I had a pet fish a long time ago like this was way way way back before I was vegan and I loved that little thing it was really cool I had a betta fish and yeah it got sick and eventually died but I had it for a long time it was probably like over a year maybe and it was just really cool just to like see him swim around and stuff and I don't know like like fish are really cool I definitely think race lovers attacked by aliens they kind of are when you look at them they're just so weird and they they have like so many nerves and you know I guess the people say like almost like you can think of their nerve extensions in their tentacles and stuff as like part of their actual brain like the nervous system is so advanced that they literally almost think like with their appendages it's really cool I think pufferfish is the one you're referring to right I don't it's the pufferfish I think the pufferfish just blow up they have those little spikes but I think it's a different one betas are good fish people they are they breathe air like us hmm what do you mean by that I'm not sure why aren't we moving to nuclear if there's such an urgency William ask well I don't think nuclear is a good option I think there's a lot of problems with nuclear storing all the radioactive waste and also the the dangers of the you know of the unit's themselves like as we've seen from earthquakes or flooding or other kind of problems that have come up if you look at the track record of all the earthquakes starting out earthquakes of all the nuclear power plants throughout the world the track record is terrible so I mean if you look at just something like like flying and then compare that to the track record of the nuclear power plants it's just you know like they're miles apart it's not at all like a safe thing and also the cost of renewable energy is just coming down and down and down and I've covered this in a previous stream that it's now on par or cheaper than all the fossil fuel options out there so it's just gonna keep getting better and better and basically if you can just get it from solar or from wind or you know like something like that then why do you know nuclear or fossil fuel that's that's my take on it to Venus breathe air they don't breathe underwater like other fish – I didn't know that well I've loved many a betta mmm they're really cool they're very beautiful I had a blue one they were it was like a really really cool fish I really liked it I was quite sad when he died actually and I was just like really sad fish have never tried to kill me in 12 years yep Germany is paying higher in energy costs now than they are on renewable they're shutting down their nuclear plants and they're getting rid of their coal plants in the next however many years as well so trailer says they're just waiting for you to slip up and drop your car only I tore nightmares Oh only in your nightmares the things what unit you guys cracking me up okay moving on five facts about whaling that will shock you this was a crazy article this one came out about four days ago they go through and talk about the International Whaling Commission and about how Japan has now left and they basically have said that like look you know this is the kind of stuff I've been talking about that they've killed more than 8,000 whales under the guise of scientific research since the moratorium began in 1986 and it they show here that 16,000 whales have been murdered every year for 83 consecutive years so they're basically saying that from 1904 to 1987 an estimated 1.3 well you know a little over 1.3 million whales that were killed by commercial whaling fleets in the Antarctic alone so that's not even global that's just in the Antarctic it's absolutely insane and they're also saying how slow to recover some of these you know species are so they're saying that 40 years after the whaling was banned in the Antarctic the blue whale numbers are still remaining a critically low so you can see here that the original numbers of blue whales in the region were around 20,000 but the time the band was brought to Pitt place this population had dropped significantly today's estimates only stayed around 2000 blue whales and so even forty years after the band was you know in place they have struggled to repopulate you know and this could be related to the kinds of things I've talked about before with like the you know carrier pigeons or other animals like sometimes these animals need like specific sizes and groups in order to maintain healthy populations and I'm sure you know there could be other things you know pressure for their food sources or you know who knows like environmental toxins or like I've talked before you know the underground sonar or other things like it so it's just really you know important to note that changes you know back even if bands are put in place they're not instantaneous like sometimes these things can take decades or even longer before you really start seeing a positive shift so yeah you know they're also bit calling out like Japan where they're basically citing these scientific research loopholes to continue killing all the whales and they are saying that despite citing the research no data is ever published by reputable scientific journals so that just really goes to show you that it really is just the loophole and they're just using it to catch whales that they can sell on the market and and make money from and it's absolutely disgusting so yeah they're also talking about how I guess there are other countries that were in the whaling commission as well who were getting bribed by the Japanese or you know to basically like support them in votes and stuff and supporting you know Japan's kind of continued siting of the research clause to hunt whales so I think all of this kind of stuff in my mind really shows that like it's not that bad that Japan is leaving the the whaling commission because you know they were just plowing all of the kind of principles of it anyway in in the sense of the conservation and the ban on whaling so it's just kind of you know kind of indifferent I would say like whether or not they're in it and potentially maybe better do let's see okay I can't stand whaling these highly intelligent animals have such complex language we cannot even understand it's so heartbreaking what humans are doing to them it's absolutely terrible Liam says I'm a climate change shill oh yeah I'm getting paid uber big bucks to stay up till midnight tired as heck to talk about the climate change Liam we really got it we really got a talk all right let's see what what else is going on here race number but they will after I tell them you called me a liar okay I'm not sure with that spot um Japan level 9 and above vegans can speak to fish nice race is a shield – and Nicki says are the US I can't really understand what you're saying that I'm just showing Japan in the u.s. our buddies absolutely I mean basically you know any country you know looks at economic interests and if they have something to gain they'll overlook something that they themselves you know might not consider to be all the best you know thing they'll just they'll just go along with it every prediction Al Gore made did not come true okay yeah Liam we gotta talk um nikki is really bad okay – dude Liam works for Shaun Baker I hope not come on guys let's not doesn't I get outta here ray celerity personally likes Shaun's hair into comb-over oh my goodness that's terrible just that image alone is horrible whales don't exist change right Liam are you drunk I don't know man come on what's going on dude all right next Hollywood celebrities call on Russia to free captive whales I've talked about this before how there are a bunch of whales that are captured and they're being stored in Russia's Pacific Coast they are set to be shipped to Japan for various you know marine parks and zoos and exhibits and stuff like that and there is now a petition online you can actually sign it as well if you want but I think it was like close to a million view signed you know people when I when I looked at it last or okay here it is it's received almost nine hundred signatures as of early Wednesday and Leonardo DiCaprio shared this with his 19 million followers on you know Instagram or whatever and yeah they were basically asking like you know the Russian government to step in and look at the condition of these animals and basically you know help to release them and according to this article it says last week Putin ordered his environmental and agricultural ministers to determine the fate of the marine mammals by Friday March 1st I don't know if this has actually happened I haven't had a chance to look into this but I just wanted to share this as a positive you know thing people putting pressure on the government to do something thanks Nikki I I'm actually a kind of a funny guy because I'm not American I just grew up there I'm actually Hungarian but I was born in Romania and then I grew up in the US and I live in Hungary so it's kind of like a weird thing to take a price off animals heads American vegans are better than Euro vegans I don't know race I don't know I don't know and I'm not from Canada liam panel climate change clearly is an issue but to what degree our sea levels going to raise rise six feet and 100 years or six inches yeah man let's let's talk I'm not even really that worried about the sea rise so much as all the other stuff that's happening and it's definitely an issue okay let's see this one was another kind of crazy thing related to zoos from China buying up animals from around the world Zimbabwe is gonna export 35 elephants to China so they can be kept in zoos and this is absolutely heartbreaking they use helicopters to separate out these baby elephants from their herds and they are in very clear distress you know elephants they stick very close to there like you know matriarchal society the females stay with the moms like herd like for life basically and the male's stay there for fit I think like 15 years or something before they move on to form kind of their own so these are basically you know extremely complex like social bonds and family bonds that are being broken for money and it's absolutely disgusting and yeah like Zimbabwe shame on you for doing this in today's day and age especially with how endangered and you know load the elephants numbers are and they are gonna be sold off to the highest bidder in China so it's just absolutely disgusting and they say that how I guess in 2017 they were hoping that this practice would stop but now it seems like they're resuming it they probably realize there's too much money in this and they don't want to like let it go so it's just absolutely sad and heartbreaking but that is happening this I wanted to share with you guys because I don't know if you've seen it or not but there's a horrific New Year celebration or whatever like festivity that happens in Vietnam where they take a poor pig and they literally cut it in half with these big-ass like swords or whatever they are and it's horrific it's absolutely cruel and they literally like pull the pig apart and and cut it in half and this was a great article where they had a Vietnamese Buddhist monk who is I guess like you know well-regarded in the country and he is speaking out against this cruelty and he is saying that people shouldn't be doing this and correctly saying that like you know I'm gonna read the quote here so I'm not even pronounce his name because I'm sure I'll butcher it but he told the media in the first days of the new year we perform rituals to pray for peace but when causing death and pain and misfortune for living beings by stabbing buffalos and chopping pigs how can we have happiness and peace and he's basically warning people that they should not be doing this and that you know they they can you know get these kind of like old traditions you know just let them die out don't do this anymore it's not helping you it's not gonna get you any kind of peace and happiness for the year by causing you know pain and suffering and misery to another Kreacher so kudos to this man this monk and hopefully more people I can speak out and they are saying in this article that there is some positive change because I guess in certain regions the government has moved to either banned the festivities or at the very least they've made the actual killing of the pig the non public so I still think that's a positive step even if they are doing it because at least like children aren't seeing it and aren't being desensitized to it and being normalized to this kind of violence so I think it's a positive step and hopefully they can you know listen to their religious leaders and and actually you know stop doing this horrific practice so uh yeah let's see what else did you guys write about bracelet says problem sorry but you're from Canada we can't have American vegans saying European vegans are back okay I visited Canada multiple times when I was living the US I liked Canadians I worked with a bunch of Canadians I even think like the whole like when they and the statements are sentences with the a is kind of cute I like that oh you're from Canada I had any clap I would save them the world is sick level 9 and above vegans are the cure so he should Americans are the best though vegans are the best period all these spiritualists make me mad one point for that monk absolutely kudos to him for speaking out I'm sure he probably got a lot of flack for that actually so it's like maybe if people actually listened to in this case their religious leader instead of following their stupid traditions like you know maybe some positive change would happen it is devil worship I absolutely agree I mean this is not the way to you know gain kind of like spiritual enlightenment or whatever I mean it's just it's just sad like why do people think that you know horrific ly killing another sentient being who experiences pain and suffering and just wants to live like why that will bring you any kind of good luck I have no idea but like I say it's not it's not just there in Asia I mean I told you guys about the the dogs in Spain the those Spanish hunter guys they believed that the more the dog suffers the better harvest and hunting year they'll have for the next year so that's part of like the tradition of why they don't just shoot them they like actually actively like want them to suffer and be tortured it's like people are just absolutely insane I have no idea how how these kinds of things start if you are against the use of fossil fuels you want to murder humans you really like I don't know man if you're drunk or like smoking something right now but like it's bad stuff you gotta you got to put that down yeah okay start chill I'm enlightened after eating a potato absolutely start chill you're the man welcome okay next article this one was a bit of good news from Canada so my fellow Canadians dairy farmers were forced to remove misleading ads they put out these stupid ads that showed that milk has zero growth hormones and this was the ad here you can see it there are zero growth hormones in milk produced in Canada like none and the ad Standards Committee or whatever agency has basically said like yes they sided with the animal justice concerned citizens who said that it was a misleading statement and not true and they were forced to take down the ads so awesome good for them and yeah like this is awesome stuff so hopefully you know people are looking at these kind of silly ads and totally misleading ads and and getting these companies in trouble with the you know ad Commission's or whatever these these groups are called so yeah they filed a complaint and they want kudos to them next we got a study I got a couple of health ones here study says high-fat diets are bad for your gut health before I move in let me just see the comments here weed is legal now yeah I guess it depends on where you are in a lot of places in the world it is yep I do live in a world of morons race lever you're absolutely right it's it's absolutely crazy what people do Nicki says yes Val I think you meant about the religious stuff yeah let's see and Renault Chrome I have no idea what that is uh race I don't know what that is star chill oh my god Co new 2019 study done on estrogenic effects in humans after drinking cow's milk while I around the dairy topic all cool man send it over I I think that's always a good one to share with anybody who's telling you not to eat soy because they're worried about the phytoestrogens which are completely different from the actual estrogen that is found in dairy milk and people just don't want to believe it it's like it's really crazy sadly I used to think that soy was bad and back in my Devore days I I was actually always worried about like eating too much soy and I wouldn't buy stuff if it had like soy products in it and all this kind of stuff yes okay Dairy is scary and now freely is hairy it I think there was that there was like somebody put out a video about that but I haven't watched it I try not to watch the click bTW kind of videos it's like a principal thing I try to skip those okay let's see Liam people who don't others to use fossa okay Reis lever symptom Potts okay you guys are crazy alright moving on study says high-fat diets are bad for your gut health this was a crazy-cool article they pointed out how a keto diet was tested for a gut health and what they are saying is that they showed it is not good for gut health so researchers from Harvard Australia New Zealand and China studied the effects of dietary fat intake on healthy young adults and how differing amounts of affected their microbiomes and their cardiovascular health and this articles specifically talking about the gut health they didn't mention the cardiovascular health but as we know from a gajillion studies we know that it's bad for cardiovascular health as well but check this out guys they found that the low-fat diet plan had higher levels of blonde TIA and basil the bacterium which are good bacteria that produce butyrate of fatty acid with anti-inflammatory properties that's known for positively influencing bowel movement the low fat diet group also saw a decrease in bacteria associated with metabolic disorders the high fat diet group saw a reverse effect with a decrease in the anti inflammatory bacteria and an increase in the long-chain fatty acids known for being inflammatory and linked to metabolic disorders so you eat the low-fat high-carbohydrate you get oh and they both had the same amount of protein by the way that was some that was consistent in all of the groups that were tested and so yeah you basically get lower inflammation and you get better bacteria that's associated with you know bowel movements and lower metabolic disorders with the ketogenic high-fat you get more Antion you get more sorry more inflammation and more metabolic disorders and of course lower bowel movements as well so I mean most people probably watching know this already but again just nice to have another study that shows the same thing too – okay okay Liam and race are often Star Wars land okay you sent me the study cool start show thanks man I'll definitely take a look next keepo crotch is the latest icky side-effect of going on a low-carb diet and you thought Kido breath was bad so this article is talking about how people going on a keto diet are reporting that they are getting stinky down there and they are explaining that yeah it's because of the being in ketosis and the ketones that are being expelled from your body so here it is fatty acids are converted into ketones chemicals like beta hydroxy butyrate SOS Oh what is this a Satori Sat 8 and acetone this stuff smells they're usually harmless they're released from the body through exhalation in urination but because your body is producing more ketones than usual the excess can leave your breath and vaginal area a little smellier than usual now I don't have a vagina but I can attest to the fact that when I was in ketosis way back when I was a hardcore Atkins diet promoter I was in ketosis for about a month or maybe a little longer you you just cannot believe how stinky your breath and urine get it's absolutely disgusting and it's one of the reasons why I actually decided that it can't be good for me and why I actually moved on to a more sensible kind of diet I was still eating animals animal products left and right but I but I did get out of ketosis and ate a more balanced it's kind of like um you know meal and yeah it was absolutely terrible I felt awful on the the keto diet and it's kind of funny that you know people get these kind of symptoms and don't think that something is wrong like how could you not think that you know it's unhealthy for you when your breath and your urine stink to high heaven like that cannot be a sign of good health I joked around this a bit in my video about my my you know friend who was an ex vegan but it's absolutely like I mean how can anybody get this symptom and not be worried and you know this article talks about how people on reddit are like asking each other like how normal is this and does it go away and all this kind of stuff and they're basically telling you like what you can do to you know like try to mitigate it and and it's just like it's like or you just eat like plants and not get this disgusting like side effect it's just absolutely ridiculous so um yeah anyway um let's see what are you guys saying who Liam challenges me challenges me to what okay anyway okay perpetually annoyed so I left to make some broccoli and potatoes and now we're on to stinky crotches yes hopefully that wasn't too disgusting and hopefully it doesn't take away your appetite sorry about that um race lever you're in big trouble now Liam no wait I was going to let that one slide no I I don't I take your challenge but I don't know right and intellectually charitable paper on climate change skepticism Liam let's let's talk about our livestream that's that's what we'll do yes are chill I was on Atkins I I was it was crazy I was crazy and that just goes to show you that anybody can change and hopefully you guys bear that in mind too when you're talking to people like even crazy people like me could change okay also no human population is in ketosis not even the traditional Inuit or Messiah yep I've read about that too and I think it has to do something with the the amount of glucose glucose in the blood of the animals that they're eating is enough sugar to actually keep them out of ketosis I've read about that I missed Liam's come and he's deleted Sirian Bennett my missus always says my piss stinks but I'm high carb sometimes if you eat certain vegetables they can also make your urine stink I know for a lot of people asparagus is like that asparagus makes your urine smell other things that are like it so I think like broccoli and like kohlrabi and those kinds of things like cauliflower those things can make your urine stink as well if you're eating a lot of Brussels sprouts I think that can also make your urine stinky so maybe just check kind of some of the stuff you not even carnivorous cats and polar bears start she'll says RN ketosis I didn't know that but um well I know black bears eat like berries and stuff as well too so I'm retired from live-streaming man well maybe we'll just chat then like offline I'm happy to do that to man or just do a hangout then I won't stream it to do okay this is Liam's third retirement now uh well I keep wanting him come back he had some really great videos man I I wish you put back all your videos I think they were great WTF yeah Liam I'm not even on discord anymore okay well I've never been on discord so we can just do it we can just do a hangout Liam we'll just we'll just chat man yeah start field they they anyway adapted to eat the muscle glycogen of animals so yeah I think it's basically just literally the the the glycogen they have because they eat so much raw meat is not cooked it's not you know kind of like destroyed and and I think they drink a lot of blood as well so so they get sugar through that okay ketosis is so bad they have to evolve adaptations to stay out of it it is you just feel terrible being in Quito I I hated it ketosis is definitely not a good place to be alright racela we're good comment I'm moving on okay that really is foul family discovers that their 4 pound 50 pence Tesco chicken still has its innards and it even had some of the waste inside of it so they could find some corn inside the chicken and this poor distraught family you know father and daughter took a selfie and they posted their story and they went back and crazily enough they were you know so offended by you know this poor you know chickens still having its innards and that it smelled bad and whatever they took it back and you know they were it said that they've ruined their you know their their Sunday meal and you know all this kind of stuff and Tesco's you know apologize to them and they gave them a you know they'd let them choose any meat up to a value of 10 pounds so they more than doubled the the you know the money that they spent and they have vowed to investigate the incident but you know the lady here mister out said the incident had left her distraught and they bought it for 450 thinking it was a good price for a big chicken we put it on the tray and we looked inside and was absolutely shocked it made me feel sick and the chicken smelled revolting blah blah blah and then the crazy thing is oh sorry there's gonna be pictures here sorry guys if anybody's a annoying you know squeamish just close your eyes but I got to read some of the later parts because you guys have to see what their reaction is here so we took it back to Tesco's and more and we're sorry and were and that's typo and demanded we speak to the manager she came over to apologize and asked if we wanted another chicken I couldn't believe it so after they turned down the offer of a replacement chicken the pair settled on pork on a bid to salvage their Sunday lunch so it's like these people are revolted by what they have seen they realized like oh my god this is an animal it had a digestive tract at eight corn you know all this kind of stuff and what did they do they they just go and buy the body of another animal and they were just like okay we'll just stick to pork you know this is gonna put me off from eating chicken it's like it's just absolutely ridiculous and you know they like just goes to show you the disconnect that people have like yeah it's just I don't know I I just don't even know what to say to this like you know they're they're basically saying I need to get the message out not just to kick a Tesco customers but to all different supermarket customers be extra careful and buying meat and always expect the unexpected it's like why is that unexpected it's like it's a poor animal that got cut in half and you know put on a stupid tray for you and yeah like sometimes you find innards and other things that you know we're part of the poor animals body in there it's just absolutely crazy but they go off and just buy another you know another animal absolutely nuts let's see more stuff here to do I've heard this from several people but poquito people will say you're not been doing it for long enough Dave yeah they do say that but um you know I mean I was in hardcore ketosis for like a month and I did Atkins for like three months and I felt miserable the whole time especially during the keto part which was kind of that introductory month and I say like if in a month you know you're still feeling absolutely like just crap and and you still stink like I mean I don't know I don't really know like how long is it supposed to be that you that you should stay stinky and miserable before you know before it'll get better it's just clearly not a good sign and I think but yeah you're right I mean people in the keto community will just say like I've been in ketosis for nine months and whatever in a lot of times I don't even actually believe them a lot of times people have no idea whether they are actually in ketosis or not they don't really understand how low-carb you have to actually be to be in ketosis and I've even seen really good write-ups online by people who are very much not vegan so it's like it's definitely not a vegan propaganda and they actually call out low-carb people some of them are actually like ultra runners that I've seen where they claim to be low-carb and maybe during their normal kind of life they are low-carb but then they also went through in this article and showed like what this one particular guy ate during a race and they're absolutely not low-carb during the race so I actually do question whether or not some of these people are actually in ketosis you know for as long as they claim to be I wonder I I kind of don't think they are I'm Sam Bennett they get loads of sugar from milk too or you talk about the Inuit cuz I don't know what kind of milk are they getting like like I don't know what I don't know that they drink a lot of milk or do you just mean people in ketosis like or people on kind of like low carb or keto diets if they are drinking milk yeah then I mean I when I was doing it I didn't eat any kind of dairy products I think in the beginning because even like cheeses to high in carbs for like most most types anyway and milk definitely yeah sounds delicious and free corn yeah the people were just absolute ridiculous I love their their selfie picture Niki like they they're just absolutely like they're like oh poor us you know like they've ruined our Sunday lunch it's like geez man kind of like start show ketosis induces type 2 diabetes and animal models while hiding the markers of its progression long-term human data is non-existent the most hardcore are probably gonna wind up with dead beta cells I would not be surprised at all and if you look at people like Shaun Baker I mean he's already diabetic he's not even like borderline he's already diabetic according to his you know test that he you know released so absolutely I think like it's it's a horrible diet and I don't know what these people are thinking Dave backs me on the asparagus being stinky I absolutely can say that for sure um let's see bleating yeah pig is the worst meat right um define worst a I'm not sure what you mean either don't think it's real give me a ten flow pal Fiona good podcast about liberty listen to the Tom Woods podcast okay I'll check that out I don't know who that is unhealthy toxic parasites for pig meats do you mean for non vegans well yeah I mean I think if we're talking about health like I don't really know that any of them are better or worse it seems like as far as any of this you know studies have shown it seems like fish are probably the least unhealthy meat that you can eat based on what I've read you know that's kind of the indication that I see but I mean it still has saturated fat it still has cholesterol it has a gazillion you know toxins it's certainly not good to eat but as far as like you know people think like okay I eat chicken it's lower in cholesterol than say beef well it is but like it's not that much of a difference I think it's probably like maybe you know 15-20 percent difference or something like that it's not a huge difference and especially for people who are eating a lot of chicken like it's is really not not making any difference and pork is of course really high in saturated fat and cholesterol too so it's like and their conditions are really terrible I think like pigs are probably kept in some of the worst conditions chickens – they're probably the most like you know toxic animals maybe you know beef is slightly less toxic I don't know it really I think depends on kind of where you're getting stuff from but certainly I wouldn't think any of it is healthy hhb happy healthy vegan channel hasn't died yet liam asks I don't watch any vegan stuff I hate it now oh man don't tell me you're gonna be putting out one of these why am i next vegan videos soon Liam that would be awful I I like happy healthy vegan they're still they're still out there pork does have parasites Plus Muslims don't eat it I don't know what that is referring to it dave says oh so I wasn't watching live I was a bit behind okay Liam Anthony like there's an ex-member of V DD s stream anymore there's any X member of eg yes well I mean me I don't know Liam le wavy like a bunch of people um let's see Nikki Ray slimmer I might get someone to write a short doc about you you know what you guys are on let's see sanben I've heard pigs digestion is really basic and they eat everything so end up with toxins all throughout the meat happy healthy vegan will never die no channel iMod will ever die nice ok bunch of retracted messages I can't see them yep diabetes is a myth that's awesome is everything is anything not a myth okay I got to align chakras I have zero interest in that race to be honest I'm in full student learning mode got nothing to say right now okay too you guys are funny okay uh getting back to things let's see people eat more chicken thinking they're being healthy eating more than they would if they ate just all the other meat so it cancels itself out absolutely sanben I think people yeah people are kind of moving to chicken thinking it's healthier but it's really not and it's it's just horrible I've talked about this in the previous stream to where I showed the overall meat consumption it's like it's just changing the animal but the overall meat consumption is going up so it's it's not it's not helpful at all um – okay all right next here we go this was an interesting one it was kind of related to more just like human health this was shared on Twitter and I was quite surprised to see this air quality on cruise ships decks were measured and they found that the air quality was worse than some of the world's most polluted cities so they looked at you know various kind of like parts per million whatever you know fine particulate matter on the cruise ships decks and what's been found is that a lot of these ships are using really low grade kind of like sludgy oil kind of like diesel type fuel and the exhaust kind of blows back onto the deck at times and what they found was that the fine particulate matter was so high that it was actually on par with some of the worst air quality in the world so here you can see they said the device found that err on the deck downwind of and directly next to the ship's funnels had 84,000 ultrafine particles per cubic centimeter directly next to the funnels on the deck the number skyrocketed to 144,000 with a peak at two hundred and twenty six thousand this is more than double the average found in central London's Piccadilly Circus we're using the same device dispatch team recorded 38 thousand four hundred so it's absolutely crazy and then they said these are levels that you would expect to see in the most polluted cities in the world like Shanghai Delhi and so on and of course the cruise ships responded and said that they're doing more and more to do filtering and they're changing some of their you know exhaust systems they're reducing fuel consumption by 28% they're you know doing these cleaning systems which have been some sixty ships across its brand they're reducing excess of 80 percent of the particulate matter so it's gonna get better I guess but you know in the mean in the meantime they are saying that this is definitely a impact on human health and it should be considered a safety and welfare kind of you know violation of the people hung on board I've never been on a cruise ship but after I read this I was like man I don't really even plan on going on fun day anytime soon this is a kind of scary stuff just wanted to share that with you guys in case anybody you know does go on these types of things regularly just something to consider okay okay Tom Cruise is gonna play race lever a movie or the rock nice cool alright cool moving on historic dairy farm becomes a sanctuary and then they serve up vegan ice cream so this is coming from North Shore of Long Island there was a dairy farm apparently it dates back to the 1890s and then after a successful run the owner decided to retire and sold the cows in the farm in 1953 it was turned into a petting zoo and then a guess in when was it sometime later yeah ten years ago this lady Pamela eh banded together with people in the community and a bunch of volunteers they formed a non-profit Friends of the farm they bought the place and they have now turned it into a farm animal sanctuary and they sell vegan ice cream and treats to help fund the farm unfortunately these pictures didn't load correctly but I assure you that if you look at this link you will see some super tasty vegan ice creams and cakes and pastries and cookies and what have you and I highly encourage anybody who's anywhere near this to go and visit and buy some delicious vegan goodies from this wonderful place and support their sanctuary so please go check it out this is not a recent article but it's just something that I came across only recently and I want to share it so go check it out they have a website too it's linked here in this article they are called was it Annabelle's something or other what is it anyway go check it out it's in here somewhere so check check them up um okay let's see start shield that's a dietary cholesterol has an estrogenic medibot metal metabolite called 27 hydroxy cholesterol okay don't know oestrogen genic Wow okay that's interesting so yeah that's another good reason to not eat cholesterol because it open myself your hormones I could definitely see that um William wants me to say something controversial yeah yeah I see lots of controversial stuff I'll save one for the end stick around to shout out to everyone yes good next UK red meat consumption traps nearly 30 percent in a decade this goes along with what we were just talking about Sharon Bennett how people are switching the chicken I worry when I see this kind of stuff because as I pointed out in previous streams a lot of times people just simply start buying something else and they also don't realize that pig meat is red meat as well so people think like oh I don't eat cows then you know then they're then they're fine and they think that that you know only cows are red meat when in actuality any mammal is red meat so cheap you know pigs goats whatever they're they're all mammals they're all red meat and that is all considered by the World Health Organization to be a likely carcinogen the processed meats are a known carcinogen a definite carcinogen but people are switching to things like you know chicken and turkey and they think that that's helpful but this was kind of more along the lines of the data showing that people are consuming less red meat which is good but anyway just you know always kind of keep that caveat like yeah it's it's good if they're reducing their meat consumption but if they're just switching their meat to another type that's certainly not good okay Liam you need me to end it soon so yeah well stick around cuz I'm almost done here there's not too many left check out the tactical medicines new video on the mechanisms of cholesterol and we'll check that out it's my son's birthday today – Wow cool happy birthday to him perpetually annoyed that's really cool um technical medicines video is legit no what is that tactical medicines that's the name of the channel I'll take a look cool pie is better than cake maybe it can be one of the best birthday cakes I ever had my wife made a wonderful apple pie vegan naturally a vegan apple pie and it was like the best birthday cake I've ever had but it was it was a pie panel gave Nikki a birthday shout-out and then gave me something then get me something for her birthday what I'll give you something for her birthday race okay anyway tactical medicine okay cool I will check it out that's the name of the channel alright nice moving on we got to get to the end of this rat was saved from manhole by the German Animal Rescue team so basically like these you know firefighters showed up some kid found this poor rat it was too large to get through and it couldn't go back so they basically somehow you know called out the animal rescue and they got it out and they saved it and people were happy and the reason why I shared this was because it's awesome to see like a whole bunch of you know people come out and save this poor little you know rat but you know what do people do when they see you know pigs and chickens and and you know cows in the farm it's like absolutely kind of mind-boggling the difference that people can have so much sympathy and empathy for this one little creature and they should I'm not saying they shouldn't but then at the same same token they will go and you know enslave and kill all these other animals for food it's just it's just mind-boggling and if you think about it like you know this is just one little rat like it's like it's awesome to see it but like you know what are what are we doing it's just crazy here's another one this one comes from New Jersey this lady got in trouble a couple years back so yeah in 2016 she was charged for releasing a bear from a trap she actually opened the trap and let it out it was a baby bear and apparently she was charged with obstruction of like some kind of like animal justice whatever the heck I don't know because there was a there was a complaint about a bear in the area in the neighborhood that apparently kind of like got aggressive or charged attic person it didn't actually hurt the person but they put in a complaint about the bear and they were trying to catch the bear and the trap actually ended up catching this other smaller bear it was like a baby bear and this lady is an animal rights activist and she was in the area and I guess she heard the kind of like the you know the crying of the little baby bear and she let it out of the trap so when this you know information got out they arrested her and she's actually been you know convicted or charged or whatever and yeah they convicted her I guess this is the point of the story now and they're gonna give her 15 days in jail she is appealing the decision and hopefully you know she won't actually have to serve that time right now she is still out and they are gonna appeal so yeah here's a lawyer response here we believe that the penalties are extremely high and we'll we will be appealing they also find her this bear cup was crying and I think a lot of compassion people would have done the same thing so you know it's like I just want to point out the kind of weirdness you know it's like in one hand you have like firefighters you know quote-unquote wasting resources and all this kind of stuff like trying to save a poor little rat out of the manhole cover and here you have a lady who was you know saving a bear from a trap and and she's getting fined and sentenced to jail it's like people are just crazy it's absolutely insane yeah so they hit her with a fine of $1,300 and yeah like oh wait uh and the other guy too because there was somebody with her I guess yeah so both guys got the fine but she's the only one who's facing the jail time so it's just absolutely crazy and you know they have pointed out that the dumpsters in the area are not bear proof and that is part of the problem like wire why aren't they not fixing that you know why are they trying to catch the Bears they could have just taken the money to set up the bear trap and just maybe put in bear proof like garbage cans it's just absolutely stupid so kudos to this woman for doing the right thing and I hope she you know doesn't have to serve any jail time but even if she does you know hopefully it can bring even more positive attention to the plight of animals and yeah I mean it sucks though that she has to like even go through this it's like absolutely ridiculous my guys are so prolific with the comments to do I love it though cuz it's so much fun like doing this my wife's gonna kill me tomorrow cuz I'm gonna go to bed late um she's already asleep tactical medicines ask yourself channel where he protests if you dr. Ricky oh man that's awesome oh you guys are hilarious no chance they've been on discord at the same time that is a simple trick it's like you're happy for the ran sad for the cows chickens and pigs absolutely professional in it they would help if they knew I think they I think they would I think you're right it's just um it's just crazy that like people don't see it yeah they just don't get it yeah what is gonna happen next I mean it's like people are people are crazy like you know giving giving jail time to somebody who's helping an animal who's was trapped in a you know in a stupid trap that wasn't even set for for the baby bear set for another bear she has nice hair yeah I guess she does have nice hair no it's really long they didn't notice that good good I race Sam Bennett okay yeah give me the Bears and after humans yeah I'm really seeing bears is great for your hair you guys are so much fun alright next one this is a crazy story from the UK it was actually shared by Jeremy Vine and for anybody who's not in the UK you might not even know that name but Joey Karp strung was on that guy's I guess a radio show or whatever it is but he's very popular in the UK and he's got a huge like following and there was a big brouhaha this was kind of like one of the first things that got Joey Karp strong like really blowing up in the mainstream media was when he was on that guy's show he gave him grief about a ham sandwich that was on his table and Joey actually released the full kind of interview and I think it was actually pretty good like I didn't even think the guy was annoying or bad as I had previously thought based on all the kind of noise that went around that incident back in that time but that guy actually shared this article on his Twitter feed and he's basically angry and complaining about how developers have set up a wildlife trap to catch birds on hedgerows so that they can get a site that they want to build on to not have any nesting birds so that it won't slow down the eventual construction I mean how unethical does this seem it's like they put in a request to get a planning you know approval for a huge forty home site that they want to build onto this area and they know that these hedgerows are gonna have birds in them so they netted the whole thing over so that they basically can not have the birds nesting there so that when it gets approved they can just like go in and chop it all down and like build all the homes and it's just like really crazy and um you know activists have pointed out that the birds are actually already in there and some of them are like trapped inside the you know the netting you can actually clearly see them like right in there and I guess like other birds have been shown to be killed by these kinds of things and it's pretty prevalent in the UK that people do this kind of thing and it's super annoying and people just don't care that you know there are harming wildlife now this isn't you know I think as bad in the sense of like as as compared to animal farming where you're directly killing the animals people do need a place to live and they do need to have construction to build houses but it you know this is definitely something that we should be considerate of and you know try to do everything we can to at risk and try to build an eco-friendly you know manner and also to have this kind of wildlife be living there after the fact – I mean you can still have an edge you know between the buildings or whatever like why can't they build around it or you know use you know different methods of construction or whatever so I think it is a valid point to complain about this and I just found it interesting that it was being shared by Jeremy Vine so I just want to share that with you guys okay moving on toxic weed killer found in almost all beer and wine brands including organic so our favorite you know chemical pushers on earth Monsanto their roundup what do you call it herbicide is found in just about anything nowadays and it's no wonder so if anybody has been you know kind of watching the live streams for a while you'll know that I've talked about this many times you know they use it on all sorts of stuff so it's found in cereals it's found in all sorts of processed foods it's found in all sorts of drinks it's found on you know you know even like fresh fruits and veggies and everything I mean it's it's pretty crazy what it's found in but it's also found in beer and even including organic beer and yeah just kind of goes to show you like how you know widespread it is and this map I want you guys to see this this is kind of showing you the use of the glyphosate roundup you know material it's it says in pounds per square mile on agricultural land you can see that this light yellow is the less than four point five two and then this dark orange is over 88 and again that's pounds per square mile and you can see how huge huge areas of the US are now you know using this stuff on huge you know quantities and it's just growing all over and spreading in more and more places or using it so it's just no wonder that it's you know contaminating everything yeah and I think you know we've talked about it again before but it's lots of people are saying that it's definitely carcinogenic the World Health Organization has said that it's probably carcinogenic people are now winning lawsuits against them I hope that many more will and it's estimated that hundreds of people are going to be suing them potentially thousands later I say good and good riddance and hopefully they go bankrupt but I don't think that will happen because as this article points out Public Interest watchdog group USP IRG has revealed that most of the top beers and the wines ok started that's not the 0.03 – – sorry hold on guys I will find it here while industry representatives have sought to minimize the report in media statements to USA Today Berg stress that it remains important for consumers to understand the potential danger of imbibing pesticides on a regular basis they talk about how it kind of accrues and builds up there are of course counterclaims by the Environmental Protection Agency the US Agency EPA they said they have has fiercely defended the use of glyphosate it's telling USA Today in an email that have found no meaningful risks to human health including infants and children when the product is used according to the pesticide label and that it has been concluded at this stage that the herbicide is not likely to be carcinogenic to humans the EPA's conclusion is sharply at odds with that reached by the World Health Organization which found glyphosate to be a probable carcinogen in 2015 a conclusion that the state of California concurred with in 2017 and Monsanto has tried to appeal the KSP paving the way for its legal liability along with parent company buyer and thousands of lawsuits where consumers and farmers have blamed roundup for their incurable cancer and the part that I also want to say is hold on oh here it is critics have long accused Monsanto of using its wealth and power to force regulators to declare glyphosate safe including through outright collusion with EPA officials who killed past investigations by the agency sorriness don't submit track so these guys are you know outright colluding with the epa officials of course they're gonna say it's safe and yeah it just goes to show you you can buy any kind of governmental agency any kind of you know like oversight group you just pay them and they'll say whatever you want them to say about your product and I guess if anybody is drinking birria try to get organic beer it's not carnist let's see yep we are doomed yeah I sometimes do you think that Nicki I really worry about this stuff messing with my vegan beers the last straw Superman can only take so much yeah it's awful Nicki I'm really sorry to hear that there's lots of people with all sorts of cancers coming out and you know it's is it any wonder when you look at a map like this like is it a wonder that we have more people with cancer all over the world you know one of my one of my cousins had non-hodgkins lymphoma and thankfully she appears to be cancer-free now but it was like years of treatments and very painful chemo all sorts of you know the whole works and I think she had two or three rounds of it you know it's it's it's absolutely terrible it's a horrible disease and even the guy who won the settlement or whatever suit or against him like they're saying he'll probably die before he gets the money so even though he won the lawsuit so it's just absolutely crazy oof my grandson's used it at age ten oh man that's just awful like people have no idea how bad this stuff is like and I think nobody really understands like what they're doing if they had any idea of really how truly dangerous this stuff was I don't think people would use it but people are being lied to and there you have the USA you know EPA telling the people like no no it's cool man it's it's it's safe kids infants whatever yeah just stick to the label and it's like you know if you actually read the label you realize like yeah you're supposed to be in like full protective gear and like if even a drop of it goes on you you're supposed to like you know like basically detox yourself and wash yourself and all this kind of stuff burn all your clothes don't reuse them don't wash them with your other stuff it's like how safe do you think that can be perpetual annoyed absolutely I was actually being kind of facetious there or whatever sarcastic I absolutely do not think organic is as harness I think that's a stupid argument I think organic is definitely better and it's certainly not I like as good as veganic for sure but it's definitely better than non-organic his other grandparent okayed like that's where they used it don't panic because I'm veganic that's right the veganic is the way to go nice you were beginning before being vegan that's that's pretty cool okay moving on Norway divest from plantation companies linked to deforestation this was an interesting article they have a huge government pension fund in Norway it's the world's largest sovereign wealth fund and they release every year like kind of what they invest in and and they also sometimes move away from companies that they deemed to be unethical or unsustainable environmentally or other kind of things like that they look at certain risks and what they did was they moved away from the companies dealing with commodity crops you know doing like you know palm oil or other things that are causing deforestation and I have kind of mixed feelings about this because like some of this is is really great but then I do still wonder about kind of how much of this is a reaction from you know investors just being like oh I'm against palm oil which is like causing you know the habitat destruction for the orangutangs and deforestation but but really it's like you still need that product you still need oil you know why are these European countries not producing their own oil locally a lot of people are now using sunflower oil or other things that can be grown you know locally and that is really the answer that is what they should be doing but I think a lot of this is that you know the land that we do have in Europe is being used for growing animals or you know basically for animal agriculture so either directly as in like the animals themselves are there or they're growing plants to feed to the animals and as I've talked about in the previous stream we had that report that came out that showed that if Europe even just moved I think it was something like it was like 40 percent or whatever it was of there food production – plant-based it would actually allow them to go fully organic and not have to use any kind of you know artificial pesticides or herbicides and things like that and artificial fertilizers so it's like you know I I just I think this is a good step like definitely anything that can help to stop deforestation is great but I I just don't think it's like enough and I think a lot of times this might just be appeasing kind of people's you know reaction and and they don't realize like they're just gonna move on to something else that's just as environmentally devastating that's what I worry about alright Liam I'm gonna I'm gonna say something wait how many more do I have not that many I'm getting to be the close to the end but I'll just I'll say the controversial thing so then you can get Colin Lee so last stream we did with Logan and starch hill and plantain and veau Han you know I was asked my thoughts on John Venus and and I think Raven vegan ista sent me the link to his video where he talks about kind of the vegan gains response and this is the part that I'll say is controversial in the sense that I watched that video and I just think it was it was like just garbage like he didn't really apologize in my view I think he was kind of doing a passive-aggressive apology he kind of used it as an opportunity to slam vegan gains when vegan gains in fact was actually right I think Richard made really great points in that video I think he called out John for making a really crap video and instead of him just coming out and saying like look man guys I made a really bad video I shouldn't have done it and you know that's that like instead he had to take it as a you know an opportunity to try to redeem himself and try to paint himself in a better light and try to paint turned into bad light and I think he failed miserably I think a lot of people in the comments called him out for that as well I think he's really kind of on the wrong path and then just today before I started the stream I haven't watched the whole thing I only watched about half of it I saw a thumbnail of his his most recent video where he he has asked his opinion on vegan activist and he's talking specifically about earthling IDI Joey carb strong and James ASPI and in the thumbnail he's got a picture of those guys and there's a like a little you know quote or little you know text over it and it says like hate filled scammers question mark or something like that and it's like when when I've watched about half the video like he seems to actually be pretty positive towards these people so I don't think he's he's actually slamming them but just the thumbnail alone it's like oh my god like what is this to doing like is he actually trying to make it look like you know like these guys are scammers like is he actually you know trying to you know like get on this like vegan bashing like train of like getting views like I mean I was like really shocked and I've only watched half the video but I just you know this is I guess like Liam if this is a you know controversial enough for you like I I'm I'm actually detect to the point where like I might make a video about him like I don't I don't usually like you know talking about other vegans like but this is just so poor like I mean his his performance is like four thumbs down man like just this guy is just he's on the wrong path and you know even if that whole video turns out that he's gonna be talking positively about those guys I really don't like the first half of the video that I've seen so far he's just like and Hungarian to say like famously mothers like he's just trying to like shine himself like like he's trying to paint himself as in like you know like my approach is even better than these guys and it's like you know I I don't know man this guy's just not I don't know he's not on the wrong he's not on the right path so that's that's my controversial statements okay Nicki would reforest the world I absolutely would too and that's what that's what should happen if we stop having to grow all these you know farm animals feed Lots and stuff so we would be able to get back a whole lot of land that would go back to wild perpetually annoyed that's crazy controversial but so true pal agreed so disappointed with Johnny yeah I'm I'm not I'm not gonna be subscribing to his channel even his vegan Channel okay seems like it's reviews in popularity absolutely I mean that thumbnails crap John wants the best of both worlds with consequences of neither I mean I think that's a good summary right so yeah a lot of retracted messages that can see those sub to my channel absolutely everybody sub to star chill he's awesome and starts well we'll have to do another stream soon cuz I think there's a lot of stuff to talk about there's a performance topic that I want to talk about as well like about vegan diets and performance physical stuff I can't remember if you were the one who asked me about that at one point or sent me a story I may have been you may have been somebody else I remember we should we should talk about that I'll get in touch with you on Twitter and we'll send up tree house is Nikki says yeah that would be good okay so anyway Liam I don't know if that was you know controversial enough for you hopefully it was erase sub to my child you video sup grace I don't know I think I've looked before but I don't know if I've seen any okay you don't have any great okay cool if you ever do I'm sure you're gonna be huge everybody sub to race and then he'll have like you know a thousand view subscribers before me and then and then he still won't have any videos up like if he does he'll start getting money which would be nice make sure it's an actual vegan video though race if you do post anything alright all right growing up near fika nature is good for your adult mental health new research suggests so Nikki this totally goes along with you building the tree houses check this out researchers in Denmark put together a study where they looked at satellite imagery and they looked at all sorts of stuff and controlled for various risk factors from people let's see it says here I don't know how many people were in this study Oh 1 million Danish citizens this was it they used satellite imagery from 1985 to 2 2013 to map the proximity of green space to their childhood homes and what they found was that if you're surrounded by more green space consistently through childhood you will have an even lower risk of having a psychiatric disorder so they said Danish children who grew up with less greenery nearby from birth to age 10 were as much as 55% more at risk of developing a mental disorder later in life moreover the researchers found that the risks actually decreased the longer the children spent living close to nature regardless of whether they lived in urban or rural areas and this goes exactly along with kind of the other main focus of my channel which is like gardening I absolutely think it's like vital that like we put more you know backyard gardens in place if you have children if you even if you don't have children just for yourself – I can't tell you guys like if you don't garden like once you actually try it it's like it's so peaceful and calm and like you know just being out there just being able to like pick a raspberry or like a strawberry or some kind of fruit off a tree or whatever it's like the most rewarding peaceful like nice it's almost like like active meditation like whatever you know you can call it spiritual whatever you want like it's so awesome it's such a great thing and I absolutely can imagine that it would have effect children if they have close proximity to woods – you know seeing just like a squirrel run by or you know something like we are not meant to be living in a concrete jungle and never seeing green space and this study really kind of you know highlights that and you know mental health has never been kind of more important in today's day and age you know there was a another person that just you know committed suicide another famous person right now so the guy from prodigy if anybody hadn't seen that he was found dead in his home apparently is you know suicide victim and it's just really sad that like you know in in you know today's day and age like people are you know resorting to ending their own life because they're just they have nowhere to turn they don't they don't feel like you know they have somebody to help and yeah it's like it's really crazy like and I think you know all of these things really do tied together like we are destroying the world around us and like it's it's having a huge impact on us like I really think it's it's not for nothing that there's you know suicide rates are going up and you know people's health is going down and you know with all the wealth that we have you know it's not enough to save people like it's like that quote you know like once all the you know rivers are gone and the fish are dead and whatever you're gonna realize you can't eat money that's like what it comes down to like people need to wake up before it's too late okay are you youtubers narcissists what is the extreme of not wanting to see anyone no to see anyone I'm not sure what you mean Nicki perpetually annoyed so true I feel like my soul is dying living in a city it's really crazy we are meant to dance naked in nature I would I would pretty much agree with you there is I really love the woods Nicki says yep me too except for you Liam okay all right all right anyway everybody go dance naked in the woods it's really fun okay farmworkers this is a really kind of controversial look at the kind of you know consequences that people face when they work in the farming industry and when they are proven to do wrong what happens to them they get a slap on the wrist a tiny fine and they can go on their merry way three guys were found on hidden cameras over the course of several days I think it was like a week or six days or something like that they were kicking punching cows other sorry pigs pigs in the face they were stabbing them with pitchforks and what they also found was particularly disturbing was that the one of the three guys was the manager of the other two guys and in fact he was the like animal welfare like whatever they call it like not specialist but champion or whatever on the farm and he was the one doing the worst of the abuse and he was managing the other two guys and they had video proof and everything and yet what they got was basically like a fine they lost their jobs they did get fired which is I guess good but no jail time they were spared jail time and these guys what did they get okay they must each pay five hundred pounds cost and the government impose 115 pounds of victim's service surcharge so it's like you know you get a little bit of a fine they had to do a hundred hours of unpaid work so it's like whatever you know not even three weeks of unpaid work and they're banned from working or transporting commercial livestock indefinitely okay so they've lost their livelihood but no jail time and basically just a little bit of a fine and these guys were committing horrific acts of abuse video documentation to prove it and what's really even more disturbing than the fact that this guy is the manager he's the animal welfare champion on the farm and it was shown that this is probably for me the craziest part is that he was going in and punching and kicking and abusing these pigs without even having to move them he was not doing this as part of the job of like well we got to put them from here to there or move them onto a truck or whatever and they're not moving or they're not cooperating and he's just you know losing his cool and he's hitting them or whatever no he would just like routinely go into the the holding area like where they were kept and he was just like beat up on them so this to me shows a clearly psychotic deranged person this is not someone who's just like okay you know they're working in a really crap job where you know they're being desensitized to the violence and then when it's kind of necessary to move the animals he's like flipping out and hitting them no no he's literally using them like a punching bag stress relief kind of you know situation like this person I can guarantee you does this to people around him as well this this kind of person is absolutely dangerous and they should be viewed as such and they should probably be under like mental evaluation because I can all but guarantee that this person probably beats up on people in his in his household absolutely crazy that that this kind of thing doesn't get a more serious punishment so I just wanted to share that okay what are you guys going on about to do okay you guys are um yeah he would deserve a good kicking Nikki this this dude is just seriously out of line here is a kind of typical you know bad you know Daily Mail or daily fail kind of reaction to again somebody who's trying to do the right thing and point out abuse that's happening on a farm because as we can see it is widespread and pretty much on all farms you can find this kind of abuse this guy late look at this headline militant vegans who were confronted by a shot gun toting farmer begged for legal funds online after being charged with breaking into a pig farm now can you say sensationalism much I mean like holy smokes like you know what is this article trying to do they're begging for legal funds and they're militant vegans it's like so basically this guy got in trouble he went in as a direct action everywhere kind of person documenting abuses happening and he got arrested and he's you know facing jail time and they're looking for a legal defense and there was a farmer who came out and threatened him with shotgun he actually fired the shotgun into the air to scare the people out of his property and yet you have people in comments and Facebook and all this kind of stuff supporting the farmer basically saying like yeah this guy's a trespasser like screw him or you know if he comes on my farm I'll shoot him you know this kind of stuff and it's just very interesting that like you know the person reporting the abuse is getting into more trouble than the actual you know person committing the abuse so in the in the story had just covered the guy is kicking and punching and stabbing the pigs and getting no jail time but this guy goes in he is trespassing so he is breaking the law and he gets actual like you know jail time and and has to defend himself and you know hopefully he can still stay out of jail but this is just really goes to show you and then look at the you know the title here I mean like how inflammatory is this it's absolutely ridiculous next this you guys may have seen there has been actually a number of videos out about this a bunch of activists went and basically I guess again trespassed on a farm but basically they went in this is meet the victims UK group they went in and they exposed the you know the reality is on this like small you know highest welfare you know uk-based farm and they showed that yeah the you know the the pigs are kept in these fair and creates they did find the dead or dying piglets they did find animals in clear distress and yet you know they're the ones who are basically you know viewed as these you know you know bad guys for going in and showing the conditions to the public and the farmer was clearly very upset she did not want these people on her farm and I'm gonna talk about that in a second but if you guys haven't seen it go check out the videos there was a really great one on earthling Ed's channel that I saw I think Joey carbs Franck has one I haven't watched that one yet I did watch the earthling ed one that one was excellent and you know go go take a look and and see you know who you think is right but here's what I want to show you guys the Farmers Weekly write-up of the same you know story is that the distraught farmer claims activist caused the death of two piglets she's saying that the sounds trampled the piglets because the people went in and scared the pigs and and you know that has actually caused the deaths of the animals where the video proof is actually quite clearly showing that the pigs were not in distress from them being in there the piglets that they found dead were actually dead from a lot longer ago and they even found the decomposing bodies of piglets that had been clearly dead and rotting away for quite some time like as in maybe even weeks so you know she's basically a liar this farmer and and there's video proof of it and the reason I want to also talk about this article is that sometimes it's really interesting for people to read these Farmers Weekly and these kind of like industry websites and and newspapers because you get kind of the the other side of it and see kind of how they're you know logic is is trying to paint this picture and you know they're basically you know she's just saying like look you know these people they don't love animals they actually cause these deaths and whatever this is the kind of you know image they want a paint of the of the vegans so just what she said they came in mob-handed about 50 of them all piled into a faring house immediately the sows are jumping up and down it's caused the death of two young piglets through being squashed and two other piglets that I've had to take to try and get them back up and running again and there's video proof of her swinging around one of the little piglets by it by its leg so it's just absolute BS its she's a liar and she's very clearly just trying to protect her financial interest and yeah I definitely encourage people to go check out that video but when I was reading this I found this link which was a how to deal with animal activists and difficult neighbors and I thought this in article is quite telling and very interesting this was written last year and the title here how to deal with animal activists and difficult neighbors well why would a neighbor be difficult on a farm oh yeah it's because there's stink and environmental pollution and noise and who the heck wants to listen to animals being you know suffering and and making all these kind of horrible noises when they're being loaded and transferred and all this kind of stuff we're especially during your in abattoir let's sell our house so the parts that I wanted to pull up for you guys here is that you know they're basically saying like how you should engage with people on social media be careful don't spend too much time don't reply to things to you know lengthy only give as much as you need and all this kind of stuff it's like it's very telling you know what kind of examples they bring up dr. Jude capper you know she was surprised at how much nastiness and vitriol there was directed at her personally on Twitter it's it's a total lie it's not true and she banned people she banned people like me I never said a bad word to her simply asked her questions pointed out things about you know the ethical implications of dairy production and things I've actually banned me so you know it's just absolutely ridiculous and they you know give their expert advice you know about how to you know deal with social media and all this kind of stuff and then I've wanted to share with you guys this one where they're talking about combating the negative you know attention from media by undercover investigations and they're basically saying that if you know if the footage is taken out of context that can often paint a false picture of the farm under scrutiny but then the part that's interesting here is that they say it affects consumer confidence and gives the detractors ammunition to suggest that poor standards are routine now I'm sorry but they are they are poor and there they are routine and in every case that I've ever seen of any kind of undercover footage they have all been shown that violations gross gross violations and there's always dead and dying animals everywhere there's never a farm that I've seen in any of these investigations that has shown what this idyllic kind of thing is supposed to be where these happy little animals are roaming around it just doesn't it doesn't happen and I'm sorry but every one of these people you know on Twitter and all these other kind of social media posts where they're showing all these happy animals they are basically lying they talk about a case study about somebody who wanted to do a large dairy a thousand head dairy farm and how they you know we're getting flack from the local community and how you know they dealt with that and how they you know worked around this is the guy with the thousand herd thousand head dairy herd and you know he here it is his intended herd size earned the development and mega dairy label and then the neighbors didn't want it there and he's across from like an old castle and he's near the village and it's directly across from a school yeah like people don't want this stuff around them and of course he still got it through and he just talks about his you know kind of recommendations for how to get your stuff through I mean it's really kind of crazy like the things that are listed out here and they tell people you know how to deal with this kind of stuff and I also want to point out one quick thing here and then we'll move on was it shoot where was that one here a livestock farmer who find himself in the national media after activists released covert video footage purporting to show poor practices on his farm says the experience took its toll both personally and financially it had a terrible impact explains the farmer who asked not to be named blah blah blah allegations were made and even though nothing was proven we had a customer who ceased trading with us purely because of the negative perception of the publicity so then he's saying that okay there was nothing found but then he says there were personal repercussions to it knocks your confidence it creates a level of anxiety that never really leaves you he says the incident triggered a succession of regulatory and welfare audits the business passed every one of these but it took longer for it to rebuild its reputation he says the experience has taught him that farmers need to be in a position to withstand scrutiny as farmers we can get perhaps desensitized to think something as normal and okay but if you see through the eyes of the consumer it wouldn't be he says this is a very clear indication that and and the fact that he said that it you know it knocked on his what was what was the quote knocks your confidence he basically came to terms of the fact that what he's doing viewed through the eyes of a general consumer you know is not normal and he's been desensitized to it he's he's admitting it and this is on a farmers weekly you know post and you know this is this is absolutely like shocking to me that they they can write this out and not understand it and not see it so he says I've told our workers that if during the course of the day they see something that doesn't look right they must do something about it we need to be able to stand up and say we are operating on illegal trade and do things to uh shirin standards so yeah it's just crazy there they're really just talking about like it's a PR mandate this is this is what this whole article is and it's a shame but definitely worth wild read so check this out if you guys can more comas okay the naked dancing what else painting go vegan on my 60-foot narrow boat this year nice cool Nikki I'm sure that I'll start a lot of conversations that's really good you're gonna paint vag flowers bees birds all the good stuff cool you're gonna be dirty and writer in ten years I'm not sure what you mean by it – sorry guys my throat's a bit bothering me this is a really good drone footage that was released by million dollar vegan they are the group that we mentioned earlier in the stream they are trying to get the pope to go vegan for the period of Lent they released this footage which shows mega dairies and mega farms chicken farms pig farms cow farms all sorts of stuff in the UK specifically where as you know the common perception in the meat eating UK public is that you know those mega farms are just in the u.s. they don't exist in the UK and it's actually absolutely false and now there is support from certain M MPs who are looking to get state funding for these mega farms you know removed and you can see here the UK has an estimated eight hundred mega farms after an increase of at least 26 percent since 2011 Michelle Lowe shout out to Michelle Lowe if anybody isn't signed up to her channel go check her up she's talked about this quite a bit and in some of her videos that I've seen where you know this is the future of farming this is how they make the most money this is the drive to you know it's the race to the bottom it's the you know lower your costs as much as possible like screw the animals screw the environment screw the health of people like they you know these companies don't care if this is what they this is what they will do because this is where the money is they get huge you know government sponsorships to have these kind of like mega farms and that's how they make the most of their money and then as far as like you know the consumers who are buying it there's also great here a point here that I think they said like what did they say like 70% of the land is used by animal agriculture I think that was the thing for the UK or no sorry for EU where was that oh here this green space green greenpeace showed that 71% of EU farmland is used to feed livestock and they also said 32 billion euros worth of agricultural subsidies payments are encouraging industrialized farming of course the farming group denies this and they say that they don't have good information and bla bla bla but here it is in the UK residents are fighting proposals for new large-scale farms opponents of mega farm mega egg farm with a hundred and twelve thousand chickens in Cornwall our crowdfunding their campaign 330 metres sheds would house 32,000 birds each and the fourth would have 16,000 the food company behind the scheme says the hens would be free-range now you tell me like you know would you believe this like is any better than the Caged system that they used to have it's just literally the birds piled up into a big shed the same way they're still restricted in their movement they're literally pecking each other there they're just as in much stress and living in their own filth and dying of you know pneumonia and I'm certain that no more ammonia poisoning and all this kind of stuff they're losing their feathers these are not you know free-range doesn't mean happy and people should know that by now but unfortunately people still don't and yeah it's just you know nice to see somebody putting this kind of video together and and really showing kind of what's what's happening um okay you guys are going on about stuff I'm not gonna get involved in this one we're nearing the end here guys this is a kind of sad story but I think again for people who are not vegan this might be a good push to kind of seeing just how complex and beautiful animals are and how much they can have feelings and emotions and individual personalities this article talks about geese so specifically these Canadian geese they mate for life they're monogamous and sometimes I guess it's been shown that when they lose their partner they actually will not find another one they will stay a loner and they will you know just fly with the other you know members of the group but they will not take another mate and this one is a kind of sad story where I guess this was in Portland Oregon one of these geese was run over by a delivery truck and the the driver like I guess brought it inside of the building after he ran it over because he was trying to get help for it and unfortunately it died but the people who worked in the building noticed that the other bird was constantly trying to get inside the building and wouldn't leave and came back every single day and was like trying to go around the building and look in the window and and very clearly you know the last sight it had of its mate was that it went in to this building and never came out and you know they said that it just kind of looked like it was always looking for its its partner and and they kind of like started taking to feeding in putting out water for it and all this kind of stuff because they just felt so bad for it and and then I guess like you know these these birds migrate and in the winter at left and and then the next season they it came back and it's still doing the same behavior so it's like it's it's very very clearly obvious that it's like it's in a lot of distress and it still remembers you know it's it's mate and it's very much kind of like a human thing and I'm sure these you know idiot carnist you know especially like you know carnival and other people like him would be like oh I'm anthropomorphizing the behavior and it's just the human blah blah blah but I mean I'm sorry how can you see this and not think that like yeah this this this bird has a personality has an individual kind of life and that they care about each other and how would you you know think if like you know if somebody just took away your child your mate your friend your whoever and then you just never saw them again like you would you would be crushed you would be devastated and it's just you know it's a good article I think you know it really it's not it's not written from a vegan perspective by any means but I just you know goes to show you that like people do see this and they do think about it and I think it's a positive article so check it out yeah people who are against direct action I I get annoyed with that too Nicky because I think you know they they just focus on the fact that like what they're doing is illegal because they're trespassing in in some cases but again you know how can the whistleblower get more of a fine and more of a legal penalty than the person committing the actual abuse I mean it's just absolutely mind-boggling I don't know how how people don't see an issue with that yeah professionally annoyed many birds mate for life it and yeah it's just it is really sad race if all I did was follow your comments I wouldn't be able to get through any streams so sorry man I do the best I can um let's see Nikki says my neighbor keeps saying he doesn't like Canada geese I actually walk off now yeah people do people get annoyed by them because they poop on stuff and whatever but I mean please like come on they have everybody bit of a right to be there as anybody else you're gonna piss off a lot of people this year well yeah maybe you'll start some good conversations and get people thinking I have to take your side sorry man yeah that's how government mop works yep all right really getting to the near the end here guys vegan option in hospitals and schools should be law so this is coming from Wales the vegan society wants a new law to ensure plant-based meal options are available in public sector buildings so this applies to schools this applies to other government buildings and they want to make it so that at least there is always at least one fully vegan meal option on a daily menu and it looks like you know there's some pretty good support for this and you know they're trying to basically push for a law to you know protect this as a like right they're basically saying like look sometimes a vegan could be in the hospital and they don't have vegan food options and it's it's an undue burden on their friends and family to bring them food when they're in the hospital so yeah I think this is this is really cool if you can see here there are five hundred forty two thousand dietary vegans it says I mean this is coming from survey in 2016 and another three hundred sixty thousand lifestyle vegans so I mean that's that's really awesome I mean that's nine hundred thousand plus people that are you know considered vegans in Great Britain and if you look at the vegetarians and vegans it's only 1.6 or almost 1.7 million so you figure there are actually more vegans than there are vegetarians I think that's really awesome and yeah hopefully they get this law passed it would be great to see that and speaking of whales I just want to point out a really awesome Welsh youtuber I've given him a shout out twice already under both of his previous channels so if you guys remember swag vegan then he got his channel compromised and he deleted it and then he started a new channel I think it was like clandestine carrot muncher or something like that and then now he's got a new channel and this one seems like it's gonna be his actual channel it's called vegan splinter so I'll have the link for good old vegan splinters channel check out his stuff super intelligent really great guy definitely subscribe so for he's only got 18 people so sign up say hello let him know I sent you and you know I just wanted to give that shout out and go on sign up for his channel and let's see perpetually annoyed people have the right to healthy food vegan or not it's insane to me the hospital serve fried food yeah and processed meats and all sorts of other stuff that's you know directly you know carcinogenic it's crazy and dairy yep like you say yeah that's one of the few laws I would like yeah absolutely every being vegan more than anything else yeah being vegan toxin my sister recently had a baby and there wasn't a single vegan option on the menu oh my goodness that's terrible professionally you know I yeah that's that sucks I mean I don't even know it's it's a it's a it's a real concern imagine if you were like a you know alone you didn't have family or friends or nobody to you know to bring you something and then what what you're not gonna eat or you're gonna eat something with meat and dairy in it I mean come on it's absolutely disgusting all I have to do is make a vegan option it will cover vegetarians and vegans as well as anybody isn't lactose allergy or seafood allergy or egg allergy yep absolutely all they have to do you're right okay so I think that is it this was the last or this wasn't yeah that was the last one so let me switch back here – there we go so that's it guys it's 1:30 in the morning I think it's time to go to bed I hope you guys enjoyed this I had fun and yeah if you guys have any more questions I guess maybe I'll take like two or three questions or something but then I'm gonna go it's really cool thanks for everybody for being on and I really appreciate the support it's cool having you guys having guys on here Thanks perpetually tonight thanks Nikki thanks race it thanks everybody Dave starts he'll see Erin Bennett everybody Liam even though I think you were drunk today thank you too I don't know if you're drunk but I definitely want to talk thanks Nikki thanks everybody no questions I think we covered a lot today all right cool all right cheers guys see you next time right

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