Vegan News & Views - Live Discussion About Recent Events - Part 12 - Final Februdairy

cool welcome everybody back to conscious a conscientious omnivore my name is pal good morning good day good evening wherever you are a good night and I'm gonna be doing another livestream today focusing on the news and giving you my perspective on it so hope you join me we're gonna jump right in hopefully some people will join I don't know if anybody's in right now at the moment it'll have this up so I can see as people join I'll be in the chat as usual and yeah let me just get right into the stories here you switch over to this view here we go okay so yeah first and foremost we've got some good news to share there is a really cool website called farm transformers org that I wanted to bring to everybody's attention this website is basically a success story it's a collection of success stories from various farms that have since become you know either sanctuaries or basically given up there hey Dave thanks for joining welcome so this yeah this first um you know story that I'm sharing here it's just it's basically a website that shows various farms that have turned into sanctuaries so you can go through the various examples they have different places there's examples from all over the world people that have given up their you know farming of animals to adopt veganic farming principles and it's great to see you know people making sanctuaries and taking care of the animals that you know we're we're in their possession I guess or whatever and yeah it's just nice to see so if anybody wants to use this as a resource I highly recommend it especially if you're engaged with people online and a lot of farmers and stuff will often say okay but what am I supposed to do you know this is the only thing I have for income this is all you know this is my way of life etc etc I love the animals blah blah blah you know all the typical kind of things that you know farmers will come back with usually when when engaging with vegans and feel free to send them to this because you know this gives them hope that they can do something else they can still be profitable perhaps by adopting veganic farming or you know they can just maybe do some kind of like ecotourism or there's some million other things and you know really it's a it's a nice to be able to share like actual successes instead of just telling them well you go figure it out it's your business so yeah I just I think this is kind of a nice thing to share so check that out if you guys get a chance again it's a farm transformers dialogue and I'll put in all the links as usual after the stream is done so anybody can you know check out this stuff this next one comes from Scotland it's an opinion piece trying to get people to basically become aware of a golfing development that you know people are trying to push through the planners despite a lot of local opposition and environmental concerns and I think it's just a good thing to highlight so this is from the beginning of March here this this article and they're basically highlighting that this place the place Glen Eagles in earth shear and they have a proposal for a luxury golf course it's being put forward by two ridiculously wealthy people so there's this there's the name oh yeah us developers Todd Warnock and the golf course tycoon Mike Kaiser of course they claim that it's gonna make jobs and provide the local economy you know 60 million pounds in the next 10 years but as the article points out there have been similar claims made by other developers and they have failed to materialise also the environmental impact is huge golf cart golf courses in case anybody doesn't know caused a lot of damage to the local you know basically environment the ecology the animals the grasses themselves you know golf courses use like a specific type of grass they will often go in and strip the entire top layer of soil and put in their own grass because that's the you know the kind of turf that you need for for playing golf and they give some examples here about how Donald Trump's golf course just up the way at many was waived through in the face of objections about damage to the globally unique dune system and almost seven years later the promises of jobs and investment merited by Trump and some well-connected local supporters have yet to materialize so again just pointing out that yes you know they can claim whatever they want about how much money it's gonna give to people but oftentimes that doesn't even actually happen of course the developers are making money and of course the people running the golf course are making money and of course the fabulously wealthy people who can afford to play at these exclusive you know golf resorts they don't care but you know for everyone else and as this article points out these areas are basically like a world heritage this site is extremely you know important to the the local wildlife and the fauna that grows there and you know they're basically saying that I love this quote here at the end the developers claim only a small part of the site will be altered but that's like painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa and saying only a small area has been affected so kudos to this person for writing this opinion piece I hope they do block it I don't know you know whether there have been any further developments on this but maybe anybody watching from the UK or found specifically maybe if you guys you know are on on this and let me know how you know hey Jan hey Meat Is Murder welcome people have a fundamental right to golf yeah I don't know I'm not a golfer so I don't know that I would put the needs of a golfer above a local you know ecology and the ecosystem and animals and even even the grass is honestly even if there were no animals on there I would still kind of prefer that it would just be like this instead of the manicured green you know almost looks completely fake kind of a golf course view I don't think we should be messing around with this kind of beautiful area but I'm sure you were saying that in jest and welcome so next up I got a bunch of good news Disneyland now has a vegan craft brewery so for anybody who enjoys a tasty beer every once in a while and if you're going to Disney they have a craft beer tap room and they now serve some vegan options so that is pretty cool it says guests can also enjoy plates of lettuce cups filled with impossible foods plant-based meat peppers hoisin sauce sriracha ba-ba-ba-ba-ba whole bunch of stuff so soyrizo and California hoes so I mean it works that you can get a whole bunch of different stuff and kudos to them for giving more vegan options so sure that George Carlin American comedians did a stand-up routine about this topic oh man I have to see that I'm actually kind of a I would say like like a casual fan of George Karl I definitely don't know all his stuff and I you know I wouldn't even claim to be any kind of expert but from what I've seen of his stuff I actually like him a lot and I think he's had a lot of good things to say about a lot of different kinds of things song to check that out thanks for the recommendation all the launches vegan Easter eggs with Ferrero Rocher style chocolates this is in the UK and Aldi is snacking vegan chocolate Easter eggs so for anybody in the UK go you know if you celebrate Easter or even if you don't and you just want to taste the eating chocolate hit up Aldi so kudos to them get more options out there for people and yeah cool next up margarine giant flora they are changing their entire line to be fully 100% vegan so apparently I think some of the stuff they had had some dairy in it I don't usually buy this kind of stuff but I mean occasionally for like some some pastries and treats and stuff like we've had to use you know margarine or vegan butter or whatever and I've definitely bought a few different kinds and it's nice to see I definitely know the brand I mean I've seen it in the stores and you're here and it's nice to hear that their entire range is gonna be vegan now you know with all that said you know kudos to them and you know I obviously do consume this kind of stuff every once in a while but it's certainly if anybody follows my you know cooking and recipe kind of stuff like you'll know it's it's really not something I encourage you to consume regularly like I don't think just because it's a vegan it's healthy so I will you know give that caveat that I don't think it's a you know a smart idea to be eating this stuff like regularly oils and processed you know spreads like this are usually not very good for you but you know at least it doesn't have dairy in it and at least it isn't gonna be containing you know the cruelty and product of you know the dairy industry so kudos to them they're actually saying that they're they've reformulated the entire line and they are saying that it's actually going to be better tasting as well I camera wearing read that quote here but oh yeah more delicious than ever our new hundred percent plant goodness range can be enjoyed by the whole family plant-based nutrition is at the heart of the field business in Florida with its plant goodness is set to lead the charge and marks a key moment for us in the wider category so you know I mean I just think it's good news regardless let's see Jensen's flora had a vegan butter in Netherlands with these not stocking it not enough demand there's something oh that sucks but maybe this will change now if they still stock flora at all because it'll be you know their whole range will be vegan now so maybe you know hopefully you'll be able to get this if you need it so just pretty good next up this was something that maybe some of you have already seen especially if you followed me on Twitter I shared this story and there were lots of comments and stuff and lots of people shared this so actually a lot of people I follow shared this as well but a vegan I won the top awards recently and it caused a bunch of outrage so there's this guy I think yea vegan foot soldier did a really awesome video about this as well there was this I don't need some Michelin star chef basically complained about this and just said like yeah you know like this is ridiculous like you know what are like vegans doing and you know where was this yeah yeah here it is pies are supposed to be filled with the most delicious morsels of steak and liver and kidney with the jelly and little pieces of fat in the middle delicately dripping on to your tongue I mean this this is just a description alone is absolutely disgusting to me like I mean now that I don't eat this kind of stuff a vegan pie give me a break the oldest culinary art form left in the world and the vegans have taken it away it's a disgrace the Millennials have taken over it's not a pie competition it's a pie in the sky competition we should all just retire now and so I just say yeah mr. Corrigan yeah he should retire because in this day and age if you can't make something tasty and make it be vegan you're doing something wrong and clearly this guy is you know not in the now and he's not living in the you know the hip vegan days so I think his his you know his work is gonna be limited he probably should retire now if he if he thinks that this is you know gonna change anytime soon so yeah they basically picked the vegan pie to be the best one and it's actually funny because the the guy who won he's not even a vegan he's a butcher and yeah like this was the first vegan I he had made actually I think and yeah this is the first time in the events eleven year history that a vegan eye has taken the top prize so yeah cool um you know congratulations to the guy for making it hopefully it shows him that he needs to make more vegan stuff and you know so yeah Jen you are right yep the pie maker was a butcher and I think he's an Irish guy actually what was his name mr. thorn er but what is his name where Oh John thorn he made a curried sweet potato butternut squash and spinach entry it was named supreme champion it beat out 886 other competitors so that's a huge field I mean this is like really it's really awesome to see like this wasn't just like oh he beat out three other contestants and then he was named the best by the key that's like an insane amount of competition so he's best out of eight hundred eighty-six you know other competitors that's pretty awesome hey man you thanks for joining man welcome yeah kudos to him and shame on the other guy and you know maybe he can use some of his Michelin star skills to like learn some new you know vegan recipes and stop whining here's another pie going vegan so this is a hundred forty year old pie company called fray bentos I don't know if you know this is something specific I haven't seen this brand you know I'm not familiar with this I don't know if it's like it's probably not worldwide but they've been making pies since 1881 it says and they basically made a new a new pie which is vegan so it's really cool it's their first vegan offering oh it's a Scottish pie maker okay so maybe that's why I haven't seen it but probably the people in the UK you guys maybe see it so yeah they've been making pies for quite a long time and it's really awesome and it says the company is now owned by Baxter says the decision to make the ship can be in part be attributed to the recent vegan sausage launched by the UK bakery chain corrects the sausage which launched in early January to coincide with the UK's began your campaign was a runaway hit it sold out across the country and the chain says it talked to 1 billion dollars in sales for the first time because in the sales of the vegan role so you know I guess this is like a big you know let's just say you know one of these fingers up to Piers Morgan and you know maybe he'll be upset about something else that he can pretend to be sick from and throw up on TV good luck to this company and hopefully to make more of you and stuff hi Beth welcome Oh Meat Is Murder yeah you grew up eating these pies huh I mean it's like it's it's sad when you think about like you know how indoctrinated we all were I mean most people aren't born vegan most people eat this stuff and it's normal and that's just that's just how everybody was raised you know everybody I know I don't know anybody was born vegan so I think now and now nowadays we're seeing more and more people who are getting that opportunity and it's wonderful but I think most people you know that's not the case and it's nice it's like you know you you have that kind of like comfort food or some kind of like connection back to your like your childhood like oh I remember when I eat this pie and man you know grandma made it for me or my mom made it for me well whoever you know and then you can get the vegan version and just be like oh yeah it tastes just like it you know and you get that nice warm fuzzy feeling but you didn't have to like harm any animals for it so it's like it's I think it's a good thing hey race welcome nice well we just talked about a vegan pie that won the Best in Show or whatever it was called the supreme pie in in the UK and this is a really awesome thing to see so yep to do Gordon Ramsay tells Piers Morgan to f himself over vegan roast row so yeah basically Gordon Ramsay has you know been trying to cash in on the vegan you know thing now and he shared a picture of one of his meals which used a you know a vegan roast as kind of a centerpiece and his Morgan retweeted the dish to his followers saying oh ffs Ramsay not you as well this looks utterly revolting and so I guess like mr. Ramsay was on some interview and he basically responded and this was the the great quote here Ramsay said so Piers Morgan is now a food critic going after yourself seriously vegan is on the rise we've got to adapt and eat a slice of humble pie so this guy regardless of his morals I don't know how you know likely is to ever become a vegan but he's at least savvy enough and smart enough as a businessman to realize like okay look man you know you either beat them or you join them like you're not gonna beat them so you may as well join them like it's that simple you know I think you know you don't have to be a fan of the vegan you know ideology or you know philosophy or whatever but if you're a businessman like in your not getting on board now like you're really missing out and on that note you know here is another article which was quite interesting so vegan company beyond meat there never planned to lower prices and it could be disastrous for the meat industry so the CEO was saying that what was it he's saying 93% of people who purchase the company's products and grocery stores are meat eaters and they are saying that right now the burger for example retails at $5.99 for two patties is 71% more expensive than even organic grass-fed beef when compared on four pound but that might be about to change according to brown who told Forbes that the company is now making investments into alternative plant sources that would lower cost there's no reason this couldn't be cheaper than meat and to get there we need to make investments in the supply chain so they're they're basically confident that they're gonna be able to get other sources of plant protein do other kinds of things in their processing and basically get to the point that they are being able to sell this as cheaper than conventional meat and if they do that I mean you can imagine like they already have like 93% of the people buying this stuff who are meat eaters and there are tweets and you know things all over social media about people who are meat eaters who are saying like look man I could live with this thing like this is like as good or better than any kind of hamburger and buying and if you can make it be that good and be cheaper like why on earth would anybody buy the meat so yeah this is just awesome stuff good hopefully they can do that and yeah here it is this is delicious I'm the most carnivorous person I know and I'm happy to switch to this for the rest of my life boom you know so it's like if you can get whoever this person is and they're you know family buying this stuff because it's cheaper and it tastes just as good or better you know they're gonna do it let's see Ramsey has changed his tune yep the the money it's all about the Benjamins as they had the song for the for the US crab and I don't know if you have the equivalent their meat is murder for the pounds but yeah the sterling man that's it he's he's smart that's generally Allen guard vegan reviewed the food and wasn't too impressed you know I I don't know I haven't had it myself and that you know what's his name gasps right guys Oakley is the Allen card vegan um that guy makes such ridiculously amazing looking stuff that like his recipes are probably gonna be way better than anything you can buy like in the store but you know that's not even the point like like you don't have to make this by yourself at home and whatever you just go to the store and buy it just like you would from the you know the meat aisle and it's just you know you move your hand one foot down the aisle and you pick this up instead I mean let's be honest like most people buying like you know ground beef to make em burgers at home on the grill they are not you know kind of sewers they're not fancy chefs they're not gonna be it like they're gonna be looking at this isn't being like oh it's it's not as good as that you know like I don't know $30 or whatever you know fancy chef made you know boutique burger that I had like they're gonna be comparing it to a McDonald's and I'm sure it's better than that so I don't know I'll check out the review but I suspected something like that Gordon made the smart play absolutely he did race he's not stupid he might be a jerk but he's not stupid um Meat Is Murder anyone remember this song Gordon is a moron I don't know it I'll sing it to you if I can oh there's a there's a link equal I'm gonna open that for later all right let's see what else are we going to Ramsey also had a breakfast option with tofu scramble Ramsey also had a breakfast option with tofu scramble caption like who knew tofu could be so tasty anyone who's been vegan more than a minute and there was a recipe no garlic no Newt yeah and I'm sure if he sees that there's money that he's gonna he's gonna do it Bev got a look gasps fella well she I didn't know that cool I don't watch enough of his stuff but I what I have seen it's absolutely amazing I mean guys Oakley that guy's just legit crazy like he's like I mean I was like a wizard like he makes stuff that looks like it's meat or whatever like I mean it's it's just crazy and even the stuff he does that's like not you know meat based or ever like I've seen him make just like hummus and like chia pudding or whatever in Billy it's like it's like my chia pudding and then there's like the artistic like you know whatever I did a beautiful version that he makes it's like I'm sure it's probably maybe like 15 and a half percent tastier than mine but that's right and that was related to the Ramsey roast okay cool hey Bohan thanks for joining nice all right so let's just keep going here next up vegan meat category is a three trillion dollar opportunity now this you know this article I think is like a little bit of a kind of like investor speak so I think you know this is kind of like trying to get people to obviously invest in these companies which is fine but again this is coming from the CEO of impossible foods Pat Brown company creates vegan meat products like the bleeding impossible burger made the comments in an interview with CBN C he explained that the market for animal products as a whole is predicted to be worth around three trillion dollars in ten years time it's huge he explained the means of making these products however is currently outdated this leaves the door open for food technology companies like impossible foods and competitor beyond me to swoop in and transform the industry he maintained the current meat industry is based on prehistoric technology that hasn't improved in thousands of years using animals to turn plants into food he said it's fundamentally unimprovable he continued if there's one thing that we know it's that one in ancient in unimprovable technology counters a better technology that is continuously improvable it's just a matter of time before the game is over he added I think our investors see this as a three trillion dollar opportunity obviously I think you know maybe it's I think whenever you have the CEO of any company trying to you know type their prospects like of course they're gonna try to take like the whole like global like probably like food you know economy kind of figuring and tout that but but he's he's fundamentally right I mean like the you know the way that meat is produced it is outdated and if there's you know there's no stopping this kind of advancement the more people wake up to the reality the environmental impact you know the water impact you know all of these kinds of things the health impacts the ethical you know impacts like there's just no way people will continue supporting this in the face of it being cheaper cleaner you know better for you and obviously you know better for the animals like it's it's a dying industry and people like like Ramsey you know Gordon Ramsey or other people like that are in the business they're either gonna get on the wave and ride it or they're gonna be left behind and that's that's ultimately I think you know what this article's are all right let's see Liam Anthony hey Liam welcome Jeff and me is finished Jen have you seen vegan zombies impossible burger experience no I haven't I dunno the vegan zombie I like his channel but I'm so bad at Matt I just I hardly watch anything it's like it's so busy the past few months so I don't have to check into that two-spirit oh well he's gonna be like who knows maybe he's gonna have to resort to human cannibalism you know in the future if he stole if he's still alive by then you know he's very well might die from his high cholesterol by then but it's I mean who knows like we'll see race lever the real reason veganism is growing is because of my vegan dance moves it's certainly possible and then sorry to ruin anybody's appetites here and I do apologize for the picture but I do want to show some interesting information here from this article Tesco Asda Sainsbury's and Aldi reveal how much contaminated chicken they sold last year I think this article was actually really kind of interesting that's not they're talking about Campylobacter bacteria specifically and speaking of spurge Meat Is Murder you guys might remember in my debunking video I actually talked about the time when he got a Campylobacter infection and he had one of his arms I guess being paralyzed like he couldn't open doors and stuff with it because he was eating some raw bone marrow I think it was and anyway Campylobacter has typically found on poultry and can lead to vomiting diarrhea and even paralysis and they have been tracking it since 2017 when it was brought to the public's attention that the issue was huge the shocking extent of contamination and British supermarkets made headlines and that year chains such as Tesco was forced to recall chicken products due to concerns that contained harmful bacteria and then since then the FSA has changed its approach so they do an annual survey but also the companies themselves are doing their own kind of testing so what is Campylobacter it's a bacteria it can include vomiting severe stomach cramps and extreme cases paralysis it's the most common cause of food poisoning in the UK it affects 280,000 people a year now they're in mind this is just the UK you can imagine you start adding the US figures other countries around the world I mean it's a huge problem and anyway what's interesting here is that they say the human infection user usually results from eating or handle raw or undercooked meat and of course from cross-contamination so it's like if you have the raw chicken on your cutting board and you know you're cutting up the stuff some of it will get on the cutting board you don't wash the cutting board fully well or perfectly and then you chop up like say your potatoes or whatever or let's say you cut up something that you that you're not you know not cooking like a salad or tomatoes or something like that and then you eat that then you're gonna be contaminated because even if you're cooking the chicken and you're not gonna get sick from the chicken directly you're gonna get sick from the stuff on the cutting board of the knife if it hasn't been washed completely well so it's a it's a pretty interesting thing let's see what the comments are here real reason OMSA effectual not just possible cool gen VZ was at an expo and they were giving out free samples of the new vegan meat then said it had dairy cheese in it what is VZ I don't know what is Nanchang he was an exponent that's absolutely terrible like why would they do that that's crazy um Bohan the carnivores are a bunch of silly bastards well yeah they they are the fake carnivores is very since well of course they're because they go to the supermarket they just buy it on a tray chris has done a great X video X vegan video – Chris who tell me Jen oh fegan zombie jeez and here on his name I just know the vegan zombie okay cool um oh and vegan zombie thank you vegan zebra okay thanks race thanks guys sorry it's like well let's I switched topics it's hard to jump back sometimes anyway okay so there was a big egg scandal to his murder says yeah or you mean Critias in the vegan zombie is that his name – I don't know all the ex vegans are probably sharing cutting boards with their contracts well some of them were just I don't even know what they do mean it's like it's crazy I wonder I wonder how truthful they are about their diets – especially the people who are only eating meat like I I really don't know a few of those people I think might be honest sometimes because you have like the you know people like what was the guy's name the meteor man like that guy actually admitted that he had scurvy you know and then he started eating some some berries and stuff so at least he was being honest but I don't think most of these guys are being asked let's see a wrestler you should always refer to them as fake carnivores people there's no such thing as physiological human carnivore yeah let's call them out yeah check out vegan zombies video that's really great I will try and watch it so getting back to this article here at the this is what was interesting to me it's um it almost you like reading you're like ah doesn't seem so bad it's like if you're playing you know root you know Russian roulette like having a 3% chance doesn't sound so bad the latest figures show that on average across nine major retailers 3.1 percent of the chicken samples tested from October to December last year carried more than 1000 colony forming units per gram of Campylobacter the highest level of contamination significantly below the NSA's target of less than seven percent in the high category it's like it's so funny that they're their target is less than seven so it's like they've set the target pretty high make sure that you know nobody got scared and that people don't start boycotting this stuff and you know maybe not buying chicken for fear of getting sick but anyway what was interesting here is that it says happy – that the – sorry have evidently been working on the issue as a steady decrease was present in 2018 which started with 3.8 percent of the samples in the high category in January to March it's not all good news though as those with the low level contamination below 10 colony forming units per gram were on the rise starting the year at 59 percent but ending 2018 on 63 percent so you have to realize that 63 is almost two-thirds almost two-thirds of the chicken that is sold by the nine major retailers is infected with Campylobacter it's just that they like arbitrarily set these limits so low that it's considered low contamination risk because it's like you know it's 10 colony forming units per gram or lower so it's just insane you know you figured almost two thirds of the chicken is infected it's absolutely crazy you know is it any wonder that the people in the u.s. throw bleach on their chicken or whatever it is to disinfect it I mean people are insane like you see these kind of statistics and you still want to buy this stuff like even if you're not a vegan even if you don't care about the ethics like why on earth would you risk you know the vomiting severe stomach cramps in the extreme you know paralysis crazy stuff yeah I need to get a mic race go on my patreon page and send me some money and then I'm gonna buy like I promised or anybody else too okay next but I will buy mic even if nobody supports it on patreon because I do feel bad for anybody who is suffering through the computer noise I just I don't know maybe I'm gonna also try moving the computer down on off the table but that would require a reworking of my whole desk and I will do it but I have an app really time or a chance to do it yet you're you're not my daddy okay well that's alright maybe somebody else can be alright another great story how Atlanta is turning ex-cons into urban farmers and ambitious young activists is using the local food movement to help break the cycle of incarceration so there's this wonderful lady what is her name summer right here in the beginning a be Oden Henderson she is basically helping people get their life back in order she's teaching them about farming they are growing their own food they're going and selling hot sauce at farmers markets and all this other kind of stuff they're really trying to help the local community and you know I just think this is so awesome it's giving people like a chance for you know doing something else I see mr. Kaepernick here which is awesome I don't know if any of these people are vegan or not but you guys know how I feel about gardening and I really really truly believe that like getting people gardening it's it's a it's like life life transforming kind of change I think once people start growing their own food they start getting connected to the earth like that you really start seeing kind of the impacts and I'm thinking about you know how resources are you know kind of required to make that food for you and all this kind of stuff I just think this is awesome and and the fact that there's this you know beautiful human element to this you know I just can't say enough nice things about this lady check out this article I encourage everybody to read through it and you get to see you know some some of these young people's lives how they've been transformed and you know what kind of changes it's it's given them like a hope you know an actual chance to do something that is not just returned to crime after being released from prison so they are making money they are selling their you know produce and you know helping their local communities and stuff so I just can't say enough good about this kind of stuff definitely check it out and and encourage and you know help people like this especially if you're in the area so definitely check out this article I love it let's see what's up guys missed a bunch of comments tell your wife no Mike no love and there's something wrong in your okay guys thanks Beth alright once you can donate for here I might do that what patreon seems like a whole other hassle okay well I'll I mean yeah try to get more people to sign up to I have passed 700 subscribers so I'm super happy about that I think once I go over a thousand then I'll be eligible for the super chat stuff so that would be cool too and that'll be another way people can you know support me one thing that in the future I will definitely be doing is making t-shirts and I'll probably try to you know get some you know revenue coming in from that as well I have a bunch of really good slogans or like ideas or little graphics and stuff but I just have not had time to actually like do it but that is something that I definitely hope to do in the future I have some really good like kind of funny little you know things to to put on t-shirts as like little slogans and stuff so hopefully that should work too let's see Bev you can sign up pledge what you want and then sign right off yep that that is true or you know you can just sign up for like the minimum like it's like one dollar a month I think it's the lowest here I put hi Ciaran Bennett welcome race nurses gardening is for visco crochet or knit something like a real man nice maybe you could do both like you know you do a food forest and then you sit out there and enjoy the birds chirping and everything and you knit and crochet that would be really like uber man like that's that's the that's the most manly of all things to do all right how the sapphire trade is driving lemurs towards extinction so Madagascar has like a super high concentration of like gemstones I think it's like what are the green ones is it emeralds I don't even know but anyway this article talks about how people are doing illegal you know basically mining and strip mining oh sapphires that's it sapphire mines and they're basically destroying the habitat for lemurs they talk about how lemurs need a lot of land the groups that they live in have to be able to kind of like intermingle and they cover vast distances and a lot of times these mining areas cut off the you know populations from each other so they're not able to kind of reproduce and they're not able to you know access a lot of the stuff that they need they need the trees to be safe and this article really talks a lot about what is happening and talks about the you know the basically the human needs that people are putting themselves you know first there they're very poor people who are buying these precious stones are you know obviously not considering that like when you go to a store in like a Western you know country you're paying like some ridiculous amount of money for like a precious stone but very very small fractions of that money goes back to the people who are doing this really difficult mining work and they're basically destroying their homeland to do it and you know this article is really good it like really explains kind of like you know what are some of the impacts and what are the you know things that are being done about it why the government isn't able to stop it why people are willing to do this like kind of work they make extremely little money and the only really kind of positive part of this story is at the end where they actually start talking about how there are now you know more and more efforts being you know made to to protect the forests for the animals and for people as well and there are some examples this is a really long article I can't remember it was downtown near the end see it's just I really do want to share it with you guys because you're talking about some of the efforts in the gem trade as well to make sure that things are being sourced ethically and all this kind of stuff but there's no way to really be sure of that I mean I would recommend people just don't buy this kind of stuff it's absolutely ridiculous that like in today's day and age like um you know people are still destroying the earth just for some silly you know baubles and trinkets but um the people are suffering blah blah blah yeah so restoring what's been lost this is it about 150 miles beyond the Casas southern border an hour's drive east from the national park there is this field station on that can pronounce these names sorry about that it's an outpost of the madagascar biodiversity partnership a non-profit started by Edward Lewis in 2010 Lewis of conservation geneticists and veterinarian with Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha Nebraska wanted to initiate science driven community-based projects in Madagascar to simultaneously nurture people and wildlife and help reforest the land so basically they are paying people to reforest some of these you know ruined areas that have been stripped lined and stuff and so you can see this guys carrying all these trees that he's gonna be planting and they pay people like a really good wage to actually you know plant the trees and then you can see here what was it the projects nineteen nurseries employ more than 100 people and raise trees that are transplanted into deforested areas throughout the country one goal is to help farmers acquire title to their land in return they agreed to plant a portion of their fields with lemur friendly trees since 2010 nearly 2 million trees have been planted with survival rates approaching 80 percent so that's pretty good and then you know they are all here men were placing small sacks continue coffee of k-ci and Conoco seedlings into woven baskets 50 sack Lots in each which they carried down the hill and loaded onto a truck the men get paid in credits or cash about $1 50 cents a day almost 50% more than the average Madagascan makes so that's pretty good I mean you know it's like they're able to give them something else to do and still make money as farmers still get you know titles to the land that they can own it as long as they're willing to plant trees that are friendly to the lemurs and in fact they can still even use some of those you know things for themselves because the lemurs aren't gonna eat all of that so it's it's really cool I think it's like the one thing in this story that I thought was like the ray of hope but yeah I mean you know I think if any if anything I would just encourage people like don't buy precious stones of any kind there's always some kind of human impact there's always some kind of environmental impact and there's obviously an animal impact as well yeah I just think like we need to stop doing this kind of stuff let's see what am I missing here whoo lots of stuff you guys are talking a lot Jen says first shirt ID by race lever message deleted oh that's a bit of a it's a bit of a novelty item or like it's like an inside joke kind of thing but I I think a lot of people would get it actually because race is so what's the word I'm thinking prolific you're on so many videos that do the natural knitting in a kilt oh man you guys are great bargain for the price nice that's an insane figure I love how its rounded to $0.99 though at the end that's really good it's it's a deal man you even if it was a hoax the likelihood of it being realistic I would be stupid not to act on Santa Claus it's not real oh man you guys are doing the climate change as a hoax in again his elves are they killed him because Santa is vegan well scientists have become the new deities Liam has become the new Alex Jones only less attracted Bill Clinton is okay I'm not gonna read down he I mean he kind of is but but that's neither here or there I'm going to talk about some climate change stuff in a little bit so stick around me Peru moves to protect one of the last great intact forests so while the United States may be weakening protections for wilderness the creation of Yahoo s National Park protects millions of acres from development and deforestation this is fantastic news it comes in from February of this year they are taking a huge area it's gonna be millions of acres of roadless wilderness the indigenous people who rely on it and they're gonna protect it from development and deforestation they're saying this is one of the last you know intact forests they have amazing animals not found anywhere else it's sad that they have this little fish on somebody's finger here why don't they just leave it in the water but anyway the point is they have animals that are not found anywhere else in the world tons of different fish and all this kind of stuff and here is you can see it's quite a big land area and they have more than a thousand people belonging to at least six indigenous groups live along 125 mile stretch of the US and put two-mile rivers to them this place is called such a mama a Quechua word roughly translating mother jungle sacred part of the area that produces the flora and fauna which the groups depend so create news I hope you know the rest of the world follows I mean look at some of these beautiful creatures I've never even seen some of these things I mean they're just like so cool so yeah it's just awesome kudos to them next I've talked about this before a little bit how in a lot of places in Canada homeless shelters will not allow people to bring in their companion animals and this has actually caused some people to freeze to death or they've lost their animals they've frozen to death on really cold nights because they won't go in they won't leave their animals out and this is not a this is not a problem that's only found in Canada here in Hungary that's the same kind of thing in fact I've also found out that a lot of homeless shelters here they won't allow couples to stay together they have to be separated so there's men only sections and women only sections there's only I think like one or two shelters here in Budapest that will allow a couple to stay together in the shelter so that also keeps a lot of people from going in even if it's you know like basically that they're they're facing you know freezing to death so this new shelter is going to be open for companion animals as well and they are hoping that it encourages oh and actually this is geared to young people as well I forgot about that so it's 15 to 24 year olds and they will have a kennel for their non-human friends so yeah you know you've seen them on the streets with their dogs some of these kids asked for this but they turned down help and shelter because they would never take refuge and leave their best friend on the street their dog is their sole confident so hopefully you know people are able to get help there the site is gonna be open in mid-march hopefully it's already open I don't know but good news for the homeless in Toronto if anybody can help if you're watching from that area I would say you know try to find out if you know if you can so it says so a youth link is opening the site in Scarborough Toronto later this month go check it out what are you guys talking about now oh all right vegan manifesto if anybody remembers Selene Nelson she was the lady who got the waitress magazine editor William Sitwell kind of in trouble when he replied to her you know joking around joking around about you know killing vegans for a TV show and stuff so she wrote this really awesome opinion piece I'm not really gonna go through it I just wanted to give her kudos and mention it in case somebody wants three you can I'll have the links at as usual at the end uplift them in the comments but basically you should just wrote a vegan manifesto basically saying like look you know there's lots of reasons why people you know give excuses about why they don't want to go vegan or can't go vegan or whatever but those excuses are following one by one the world is changing it's time to go vegan and she makes great cases for the health aspect the ethical aspects of the environmental aspect and yeah so it's a good piece it's not super long I mean that's that's pretty much it right there so it's not a huge read but kudos to Celine I follow her on Twitter pretty good posts definitely check her out if you're interested next up I got a bunch of c– news stories so this one is coming from the state of Washington in the US they found that there was a spill of raw sewage dumped into the waterway there is here is Kitsap County Sinclair Inlet they realized that there were about 4,000 gallons of raw sewage that got you know spilled over there in the Naval Shipyard they don't know what caused it or whatever they were investigating but they avoid they advise them swimmers and anybody else like kayakers or anything where you might be coming in contact with water to avoid it they said at least till the Sunday after so this was already a March 8th it was a little while ago it's probably clear now but very sad to see I hope they you know find out what happened and try to avoid this kind of thing happening again people can get sick from this kind of stuff I once got sick actually when it turned out that somebody had dumped for a sewage from their boat in a lake that I went swimming in and it was from actually quite a ways away so you couldn't see anything but lots of people got sick I think probably like 2,000 people got sick at that time so hopefully people learned about this in time but it's a real serious problem Liam says homeless population in LA is causing a typhus outbreak seriously dirty homeless people affect rats and stuff is becoming a serious epidemic that's a similar situation in Sheffield UK let's the digs and homeless volunteered a Christmas project and the poor pups were eggs out to outside yeah it's awful Bohan yet time vaseline her email list was absolutely polite and the guy just totally was a nutter he and I I think it was it was actually very justified for him to lose his job I talked about that in previous stream as well like it was just totally uncalled for the way he replied and I don't think the sarcasm was really you know like it wasn't good humour it was just you could feel more like anger and animosity than then sarcasm were like joking around I think he he really did kind of come off like really really bad Liam true or false a study done by the dairy industry is automatically wrong because it's funded by them false it's not automatically wrong it often is but not because they funded it but obviously they you know their intent and funding is to try and show some kind of benefit or you know at least neutrality towards their product but I wouldn't say it's automatically called UK set to ditch overfishing safeguards despite green brexit promise so this is kind of a sad story but they're saying decision not to adopt a legal duty to end overfishing from 2020 came after fishing interests asked for the target to be watered down so basically yeah basically the you know the industry lobbied people and they are trying to push to lower the you know the thresholds of what is considered sustainable yields fishing in the UK so it's it's definitely a step backwards as they say here I hope this does not go through but yeah I don't know kind of sad like people don't realize like how bad the fishing industry is and how likely it is that overfishing is going to just basically make it you know go the way of the dodo like people just aren't gonna be able to fish them anymore at all and we are destroying the ocean let's see Bohan says it's up to his bosses yeah well they they thought so too and they that's why they fired me Liam says his brexit happening and do people care of Oh hands says it will happen yeah I think lots of people care Liam if you if you look around on I mean on mainstream media I think you get one kind of feel and if you look around on social media you get another kind of feel I think a lot of people on both sides of the issue like are very very heated in their opinion and yeah there's a lot of people who are really upset about it happening and there's a lot of people who are really happy about it and in fact are threatening that if it doesn't happen bad things will happen in the form of like riots basically and you know I don't know let's see race letter says pal can you test the high IQ test spell I hop then say miss go quickly as possible by H Opie and e SS I'm terrible I don't get it I want states to exit from the Union Liam you should read the book eco Tokyo talked about it last time check it out thing you'd like it scientists to keep orcas belugas in Russia's whale jail for three to four months so as you guys remember I talked about this before Leonardo DiCaprio did a online petition that reached over a million people hear this one point two million signatures were received in several months and he asked the Russian government to investigate the belugas and other marine mammals that were captured and were being stored awaiting shipment to China and the government there apparently did step in they sent the whatever this is presidential control directorate to look at the federal laws and see if anything was violated they they are apparently going to be investigating and looking at this in further detail but for now it looks like they're gonna keep the poor animals in place until june and july when the weather is better i guess and that's the earliest time that they can be moved and it's kind of sad because i think a lot of people just wanted them to be released but there are still a hundred balloons and orcas waiting to be rescued so they're saying that there look into it further I don't have super high hopes but I mean it is getting more media attention hopefully that means that you know the government will just do the right thing because they don't want to look bad but we'll see what happens I don't get it reassignment I'm gonna move on cuz it's getting late here though second vote chance has slightly raised as we get closer to the deadline to Liam the South didn't want to be part of the Union anymore Lincoln want to grow the federal government and offered to make slavery permanently legal to keep them in the Union South declined and the tyrant Lincoln attacked the South he just spelled the whole thing oh but anyway over a million signatures for a second referendum Wow that's crazy okay 1.7 tons of illegally caught juvenile sharks and fish were seized in Dubai these poor animals were being sold they were being sold illegally because they didn't fit the minimum size requirements and they were also basically finding the people who were selling them and I guess some of the fish markets were raided because these animals didn't fit the minimum you know size you know I guess regulations they're basically saying that it's a huge problem because if you keep overfishing and catching these fish in times when they're supposed to be growing from the time that they're you know like little you're gonna basically you know eliminate the breeding capable population and yeah United Arab Emirates residents are to report violators of the UAE z– fishing laws by calling the toll-free number and or its social media channels so apparently they link it here I shouldn't have clicked on X it's gonna jump away to cancel sorry and yeah it's just really crazy the reason I wanted to share this as well is because when I shared this on Twitter somebody said to me like you know this is terrible they shouldn't be referred to as by weight and stuff like this and I just wanted to mention briefly that like yeah the reason why fish and sea life in general is referred to by tons and by weight instead of by actual numbers is because there are so many of them being killed that the numbers of the animals themselves to actually count them it's pretty much impossible or just not really you know practical like there's just so many when you know you count like land animals that are being farmed and killed for food it's like in the number the numbers and billions but this numbers and trillions so the numbers are just so huge that it I just think people just can't even really count them or they don't even bother to because it's just so big so they just do it lightweight and that's why I think a lot of the estimates that you see for marine life killed in a year is it's really just an estimate because people don't actually know they're not counted and it's just really really sad thanks Sam I'm gonna skip on that one too all right new reports reveals that there are just ten of vaquita left in the world I have covered this before I think it was maybe I'm one of my very first news live streams these are these really cute little dolphins they have these really kind of cute little smiling looking face and I think I don't remember the number that were still around then when I did this they estimated the number to be like 20 or something the other thing there's only ten left and it's in like really really unlikely that they will survive it's very very sad they're being killed and caught in gill nets there are these other kind of fish which themselves are endangered the Toto Alba and they are catching those in illegal gill nets because they can sell the swim bladders of that fish for forty six thousand dollars per kilogram in China because unfortunately they're the people believe that these swim bladders have medicinal purposes which is absolutely insane and you know they are now basically calling on the Mexican President to take immediate action the report that they provided him said given the gravity of the current situation we are writing to request you to take immediate action to save the vaquita species from extinction the vaquita is on the edge of extinction extinction and unless action is taken now this pieces will be lost in a few months or years during your administration we emphasized that the only remaining hopeful ubukata is to eliminate all gill net fishing in the area where the last few Vicky's toes remain so I mean it's not an impossible thing but it's pretty unlikely and I think you know people need to realize that the only way to really protect these marine species is to stop fishing all together because of all the bycatch that happens it's incredibly sad like there is no way to know how you know like what species are gonna be caught by the net or by the line that people are putting out it affects everything in there so the turtles the Dolphins the whales everything else that you know people think are cute and smart and you don't want to eat them they're being killed just the same as any of the fish that that people do want to catch and eat and there is not gonna be any way to save these animals by you know stopping gill net fishing they're gonna just get killed by some other kind of fishing method so it's just it's just ridiculous guys I'm not gonna read out your stuff Sierra okay man that's this terrible you guys are crazy hi or welcome you should check out Chris brand series channel he called out Bart Kane or recently oh okay cool I don't know who Chris fancier is I will check that out thanks but yeah this is just really sad if anybody hasn't seen a bikini I mean they're just super cute like this is what they look like and it's just yeah it's just really sad like they're really unlikely to survive they almost look like they're smiling because of the way their coloring is they're just so cute moving on plastic found in marine animals at the oceans deepest deaths I actually kind of covered this already so I just wanted to share the link because I talked about this one previously but I didn't put the link in so I just wanted to share with you guys this was talking about animals that were observed in the Mariana Trench so there are seven miles under the sea surface even those animals were found to contain microplastics and yeah it's basically you know just really crazy here 100% of the shrimp examined contain plastics while the shrimp from the new hair baby's trench came out of 50% you know just crazy stuff so research revealed 72% the shrimp tests have contained at least one plastic micro article with some continuing up to eight particles every trench investigated had marine males with plastic inside of them so it's just really really sad they're saying that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans and there are fish I don't know how they figure that like if it's by pieces or by weight I would assume it's by weight because again people don't actually count the fish so I'm assuming that that's by weight absolutely crazy and like they say here we can do our part by saying no to single-use plastics in their life but you know the point that also should be made is like you should also stop fishing because 46 percent of the plastic is fishing that's at fishing gear that's discard crazy stuff jeez Liam man I'm beginning to think you're you're drunk again you guys are nuts I love you but you're nuts okay saving Saudi Arabia studying Red Sea habitats this was a bit of positive news coming out of Saudi Arabia don't think too many positive news comes out of there as far as I see but they are looking to protect the Red Sea coral reefs so there's apparently a you know huge effort being under taken to make sure that enough habitat is preserved there and also you know keeping the plastic out and all this kind of stuff and the article talks about that so kudos to them hopefully more people get engaged with that kind of thing certainly a good thing let's see lamps is for my environmental biology class I made my group do a presentation on animal AG and the one one kid argued that animal AG is institutional racism I was surprised it was like damn well that's good maybe he saw the conspiracy movie or the what the health or you know something like that it's good to see people being more aware of that this is a very interesting story I've covered this before so I've talked to you guys about how the trumpet administration has given the green light on doing seismic testing looking for more you know oil and offshore gas and all this kind of stuff and they want to do basically you know these like these explosions that are then used to kind of like analyze you know the stuff under the seabed and it's incredibly harmful to all aquatic life but especially things like you know the whales and other kinds of things like that that use sonar and all that stuff to communicate and to you know Travel and all this kind of stuff and this guy representative Joe Cunningham kudos to him if you haven't seen this video definitely check it out I actually saw this on Twitter and I now follow the guy he had a bunch of really good posts he went and did a congressional hearing where he blasted an airhorn just for like a second and he had one of the people responsible from the Trump administration specifically who was trying to get this to go through he had him you know answering questions basically about how loud this actually is and this part is great so he says that this is the the representative says it's fair to say seismic airgun blasting is extremely loud and disruptive is that correct the congressman asked I don't know exactly how loud it is I never actually experienced it myself Oliver replied so Cunningham gave Oliver a taste of 120 decibel horn an ear-splitting sound filled the small committee room an audience of about 50 gasped and murmured was that disruptive Cunningham asked it was irritating but I I didn't find it too disruptive Oliver said it seemed disrupted to at least one person in the room subcommittee chairman Jared Huffman broke into the debate to say an aide who is pregnant informed him that when the air horn sounded her baby kicked if anybody knows anything about like decibels and you know volume 120 decibels is extremely loud I don't remember what the pain threshold is but it it might be like hundred 25 decibels or something like that I don't remember outside my head maybe somebody can check it if you're interested but it's this is near the pain threshold I know that that's really loud this is like being at a loud rock concert at least and then this is the part that was great so the guy went on and he said what if that happened every 10 seconds for days weeks and months he asked Oliver to guess how much louder commercial air guns are than his store-bought air horn when Oliver didn't bite he told him the sound from the air gonna 16 thousand times louder than that of his air horn so you have people in the administration who don't know how loud this is are lying through their teeth or they're just like stupid I mean I I don't I don't really understand I think it's more that they you know they're just lying through their teeth I don't think they're stupid and they're trying to play this off as if this won't be disruptive to animals and you know I think this also is very telling here Oliver said right whales are more commonly killed by boat strikes and getting entangled in fishing nets and that NOAA Fisheries is focused on stopping that emphasize that studies have shown some adverse impacts from seismic testing but that those are sub-lethal sub-lethal just means it didn't kill the animals I mean it's like would you you know appreciate that kind of noise being shot into your ear for months on end I mean it'll probably drive you insane even if it didn't actually kill you so kudos to this guy watched the video I definitely recommend it hide the link for this please check that out all right let's see hey Nikki welcome to vegans are turning the frogs back to straight Alex just Jones is terrified Wow nice congratulations Nikki teetotal cool so you given up smoking but do you mean like booze as well or or just the smoking but in either way it's good for your house so kudos later Liam Jones I don't know what kind of come and I missed it that's that's very funny thanks foam hands so 130 so hundred thirty decibels is the pain threshold and the air horn is 120 so this guy's just watch the video if anybody doubts it this is a pretty interesting step great Bohan thanks for this info so here is this NCBI hearing becomes uncomfortable if the sound pressure level is above 110 decibels threshold of discomfort and it becomes painful above 130 decibels threshold of pain so ya 120 is really loud and this guy says that that didn't you know it was not you know discomforting it was it was you know it's like he's just lying through his teeth let's see – Nikki I had to go for a run yesterday so much energy with no nicotine in me + nearly vegan for a year and Maine nice cool good running is great for you – that'll help further clear out your lungs once you start packing up all the tar and stuff that's good yeah Rayce absolutely right I can torture in many sub-lethal ways you'll so you'll be fine that's what they should do to these people I mean honestly like these people should be subjected to some of the stuff that they're you know trying to push for and see how they like it and then they might change their mind or at least you know not be so likely to lie through their teeth no booze or no smoking cool congratulations caffeine and sugar next had nettle soup today cool I think there's a lot of health benefits to stinging nettle my my brother and his family they eat it regularly almost like like in salads they put it in smoothies and stuff too I've only in it just like Rajasthan like the fine shoots like in the springtime that's for us animals might have a more sensitive hearing system all absolutely I'm sure I mean like dogs have like weight or sensitive and I'm sure the whales are probably even more sensitive than we are politics are toxic yes they are speaking of politics and being toxic this is coming from Canada and this is written by dr. Pamela Ferguson I've given her a shout out before so anybody's on Twitter follow her on Twitter this article is talking about how the dairy farmers of Canada influenced the pamphlets or whatever the information guide on Canadian nutrition month so basically she's basically saying like look you know the food new food guide was was great but then under this nutrition month there are so many recipes and all this kind of stuff and it goes to show you how many of these are actually sponsored directly by dairy and how many contain dairy so you can see here as part of nutrition month there are all ten featured recipes 8 of those 10 recipes include dairy products and the ingredients in the ingredients list four of those recipes were submitted directly by the dairy farmers of Canada four by avocados from Mexico and two by canola eat well who are listed as supporting sponsors of nutrition month now she does a great job here of also saying like look I don't think any food processor or food company or you know industry should be funding these kinds of things because you know even like the avocados thing like she's she's calling now is saying like it's not appropriate that somebody who's like sponsoring and giving them money directly gets to decide what is going into the guide and you know it's not just about calling out the dairy people it's about calling out the other people to the canola you know producers and all this kind of stuff like why why should he be telling people to eat like canola oil people shouldn't be eating oil period so um I just think it's a good article it goes through you know they they highlight in this article she she highlights in this article really you know kind of upsetting kind of things about the way the literature is found on the website you have to basically get redirected to a dairy nutrition site which tries to make it look like dairy is essential or tries to make it look like it's healthy you can see here dairy nutrition dot CA is unsurprisingly unabashedly Pro dairy their scientific evidence tab is headed with the statement it is well known that milk products are an integral part of the healthy diet and their facts and fallacies section states that scientific evidence supports the fact that there is no need to be concerned about the health consequences of consuming dairy products these statements are more propaganda than evidence obviously it's an outright lie and the fact that you know they can sponsor something like this nutrition month then they can dictate what goes in there as far as part of a healthy recipe and then they can actually redirect people to their own website I mean it's just how more obvious does it need to be that the industry is just incredibly corrupt and that they can just do whatever they want it's like absolutely crazy so check out this article it's really well-written and follow dr. Pamela Ferguson if you guys don't already and if you're on Twitter or just yeah you just check her website it's really great let's see what's going on here okay yeah Francois I don't have an external mic it's just built into the webcam I will at some point get a mic I've been extremely busy haven't gotten to it I will try to get one though okay let's see your race lair it's actually the noise from what you can't see below his adult toy man raced over you so funny okay um all right great moving on Amsterdam ditches fur for Fashion Week so great news I don't really need to get into it but basically yeah people are doing the right thing realizing that fur is incredibly cruel and they are not supporting it so many you know industry leaders in fashion have already gone for free or committed to be going fur free soon I just think it's a matter of time before all of them follow and you know this this kind of calls out the decline of fur so check this out you guys you know get a chance and yeah great news alright now this is a you know now we're like pretty much done with most of the good news now we're getting into the bad news thing here I put in this article because this was something I've talked about quite a bit before the lacs requirements for fire safety protection in Canadian farms in US farms and basically farms all over the world there are farm fires that kill tons and tons of animals every year it seems like every couple weeks there's a farm and you know this exact kind of thing happens this one comes from Iowa and this happened in March on March 10th they say 20 pigs and sheep were killed in the fire but no one was hurt and I just you know I I don't know how in today's day and age somebody can write this with a clear conscience like are they doing it to be a jerk or are they really this like you know disconnected from the reality of the situation like they're saying about 20 pigs and sheep died after barn caught fire but no one was hurt and then again at the end they say no one was injured in the fire it was like man like okay I understand that no people who are injured in the fire but can they can they at least not just put the word people or no no you know no humans like you could just say people that's pretty you know that's pretty like I think acceptable to most people you could say like you know no people were injured in the fire thank but to say like no one was hurt it's just totally discounting the fact that these poor animals like suffered and died out and absolutely horrific death and you know probably from the lacs regulation that allows people to keep farms you know farmed animals and in buildings that are completely unsafe and that go up like a match and you know there's nothing to help put out the fire once it's burning so it's just crazy I don't know just absolutely nuts a vegan zombie new video confirmed impossible burger served with dairy cheese if titles to believe as if I click anyways to check yeah I wonder if that's just a place where they're serving it because now people do stupid things like that Francois California recently banned fur that's good people are waking up hopefully I still think about animals killed for food yep the whole world should ban fur absolutely when flooding happens is actually cheaper and easier to let the animals die if they are insured and that is absolutely true and they have been called out for doing that in some of the most recent huge storms that went through and caused flooding they locked up the barns so that the animals wouldn't have any chance of getting out and so they were just drown in place because they also didn't want the PR Fiasco of seeing dead pigs and animals floating around in the you know in the floodwaters so yeah the animal industry is smart they don't want bad press and that's another reason why they let the animals drown to death in the buildings it's absolutely crazy and they pretend they get insurance money for it to brown the world should just learn how to be on its own each individual yeah okay so this one I just wanted to mention for a couple reasons so this is not new news this happened to eight months ago Canada joined several other countries in banning the use of animals for testing cosmetics so you can say see here Norway India Israel and even the entire European Union have banned the use of animals for testing cosmetics and Canada joined them this was eight months ago the reason why I want to talk about this is because I came across this article very recently this was actually before the band was put in place and the reason I want to mention it to guys is that they had the largest petition ever collected in Canada to actually encourage the lawmakers to pass the ban and so they're saying that the nearest petition that gathered this many signatures was from 70 years before so in 70 years nobody has come close to collecting this many signatures to actually get anything changed and you can see here that it said yeah the the petition contains signatures of six hundred thirty thousand Canadians from across the country who are calling for an end to cosmetic animal testing and the largest petition before it says was the campaign to create the Canadian Bill of Rights in 1949 which was submitted to been MP John Diefenbaker with six hundred twenty five thousand names attached so this actually surpassed that and the reason I wanted to mention this is that yes people are waking up to the cruelty in cosmetics and I can only hope that they you know extend it to animal testing in general for other things as well but before I get there I just want to talk about something else and when I looking at these articles that I learned something new that I didn't know before and oh sorry I jumped ahead in my mind sorry the reason I want to talk about the collection of the petitions is that people I want to encourage people to actually feel empowered and actually try to go affect change and talk to people and gather you know signatures for a petition it's not a lost cause and it's not a you know a wasted effort and I recently came across this lady she lived to be a hundred and eight years old Marjory Stoneman Douglas and she almost I guess I know kind of like was considered like the single-handed savior of the Florida Everglades so this lady wrote a book back in like I don't know the 40s I think it was where was it I don't remember Oh 47 so she wrote a book called like the Everglades what was it river of grass or something I forget it exactly but anyway she wrote this book and like was you know like a very very powerful advocate for preserving the Everglades and fighting you know land developers that were constantly trying to drain the flooded areas and the swamps and build like you know you know basically housing developments and all sorts of other kind of like business you know development and you know she she was awesome and she got a whole bunch of people engaged and and now it's like you know the Everglades is protected and all the you know like land has been made into a park they're actually restoring some parts that had already been destroyed from before it got designated as a park and all this kind of stuff so it's it's like really cool she actually died quite a while ago but the reason why this article was reprinted and why it came up in my feed was that Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in parkland was where seventeen people were killed this was back in February of last year and this article got reprinted because people were curious who Marjory Stoneman Douglas was so this this article was written by a journalist who had actually interviewed her shortly before she passed on and it got reprinted as part of her like hundred and eight birthday I think or no I got reprinted sorry I got reprinted after the shooting in memory of her so I just want to say like you know one person can make a huge difference six hundred and thirty five thousand people can make a really big difference so yeah like definitely don't give up Frank the finest makeup is all vegan and he looks fabulous I don't know if he looks fabulous and I don't know if his feet his makeup is vegan but if it's true then that's probably about the only good thing he's done there are good things happening even if it's not always positive absolutely are it's you know some sometimes you know people can can get discouraged and a lot of times when I do these live streams it's it's kind of something in the back of my mind that like I do want to try to balance the stuff that I'm covering that's like I don't want to make it all negative because I don't want people to go away thinking like what's the point like we're all just going to hell in a handbasket like you know I want people to get engaged and I want people to do stuff like we need to go out and do things so yeah okay so yeah race lever your economy is actually right harming sentient beings or something is unnecessary as cosmetics fork something as unnecessary as Maddox is quite pathetic it's absolutely crazy that like it was ever allowed to begin with I mean I'm sorry like just for somebody to get some makeup and then they have to torture an animal for that that's absolutely crazy so this was what I was referring to earlier when when I was researching this stuff about the signatures for the Canadian ban on the testing for cosmetics I was also coming across tweets from people talking about pets and how bad they're treated in general and I found out about cat decline I never knew what this actually was I didn't know what it entailed so cats will sometimes like the owners will take them in to get them surgically declawed because they get pissed off that the cat is like scratching at their furniture their shoes or whatever and I had always thought that this was something like the equivalent of like they just removed the nails somehow in a way that it never comes back I only recently learned that what they actually do is remove the first digit of the cat's paw so all of the fingers get removed at the first digit it's literally like the equivalent of like if you had your finger and you just have this end the last digit you have on there just chop that whole thing off so that your nail is not there and it's absolutely horrific I had no idea that that's what it entailed I can't believe that anybody would do this to their cat and their animal that they think that they love I mean it's just shocking I had no idea that this was like a thing and and then I started like interacting with some people on Twitter about this and then they let me know about something else called deep barking so debarking is something that people do to dogs that you don't want your dog to bark you bring it to a unscrupulous vet who will basically do a surgery and remove some of the vocal cords from the dog so that they're gonna be super quiet it's absolutely horrific it like boggles my mind that somebody would actually want to get a dog and then mutilate it in a way like this I mean it is just mind-boggling like I I I just can't even believe like these things exist like I'm 40 years old and I like I've never even heard of this I didn't even know this existed I didn't even know this was a thing I'm just firing acid like I mean I don't know people are just absolutely nuts and and as this other article pointed out this um this was coming from New Brunswick they are encouraging vets to vote on banning cat decline and they actually pointed out that you know this is actually like even worse than the than the debarking and a lot of place that the debarking is already illegal and it's already banned and a lot of vets will not do it even if it's not illegal in their particular area but they're saying that this cat decline is is just so much worse because it actually you know affects the way that the cat is able to move they are not able to climb stuff they're not able to you know do a lot of basic things like that they're you know supposed to be able to do so it's absolutely crazy like I hope this passes and just yeah if anybody has pets or whatever like please like let people know about this kind of stuff because I've never even heard of this like I mean I'm not a cat person or half cats they have never had cats so it's like I just the thought wouldn't even ever cross my mind to like oh like I don't like some animal that I keep in my house to be like scratching up my couch so I'm gonna chop off his fingers like what the hell is wrong with people like this is just absolutely shocking to me I can't believe that this is a thing okay Francois especially that we harmed apes and that is still going on in some countries yep cats claws aren't its main level of defense and protecting itself – that's right so you can pretty much never let a cat like that outside because they're they're not able to do anything they're also people that cut the ends of dogs tails for cosmetic reasons yep and also trimming the ears as well too so that's awful as well Jen there are dogs that don't bark why not get one of those well I mean or how about just don't get a dog at all like I mean these people clearly you know care more about their own comfort than they do about the animal so it's like it's like the wrong the wrong thing to do get a toy get a stuffed toy yeah even before I was being in when I heard about the decline it was instantly I was instantly opposed to it yeah race I mean I was shocked I mean this is this upset me like I saw this and was like oh my god like people are insane like this is just really crazy stuff Nikki the Spanish government has banned pool torture for the total bill i'vegot festival okay well that's great I didn't even see that that is awesome I actually have a story about bullfighting in a little bit coming up dogs ears – that's right Jen yep and that's awful – I can't believe that you know in today's day and age knowing what we know about these kinds of things that you know breeders are still able to like be a thing and that you know these like dog associations we maintain these breeds and they like look at all these animals and you know to think that it's more aesthetic to like chop off a dog's tail like I mean it's just absolutely insane have I heard about pigeon shooting yes I think I covered that actually in one of the previous streams there were some kids who were like filmed walking around picking up the pigeons who had been shot and they were still alive and they were dumping them straight into the trash like while they were still alive it's absolutely insane they trapped him in a box and use them for target practice and it's crazy stuff I think I covered and if not maybe I just read about it sorry if I didn't show it but crazy stuff people are nuts so I covered that one okay then speaking of dogs I just wanted to share this story this is coming just from a few days ago this was an expose by a ex-employee from a large sled dog company I think this is up in Alaska if I remember I can't remember or might be Washington where is this oh this is in Canada sorry it's in Canada it's an Ontario so anyway this person I'm not gonna scroll through the pictures because it's very upsetting but they documented how hundreds of dogs are being killed and buried in these shallow grave ditches when they're no longer useful and they're basically just raising the awareness for people to not go and not use these companies that do these sled dog excursions they are incredibly cruel the animals are treated terribly in the summertime they're often kept just tied up you know in like on a chain like right near their little kennel they're suffering from you know lack of water lack of movement they're basically just you know suffering in the heat and in the wintertime they are often basically you know like just run to death and as soon as they can't perform anymore they're just you know thrown in the ditch and and killed so it's a crazy expose I definitely recommend you guys read it but I just don't want to really scroll through it now because if anybody is triggered by those kind of images and it's very sad you just see you know like dead and dying dogs and stuff it's it's awful but just another thing to avoid you know support of this kind of industry like if anybody's not even vegan like just do not support this kind of thing it leads directly to the cruelty of these poor animals that we consider to be our you know family members and friends and stuff so crazy stuff bracelet or people are nuts pal most are very disconnected some are flying out evil very few are saying good yeah sometimes I do think that I mean like Woo's the first person to think of that you know like oh I'm gonna just chop off the cat skull you know fingers III think even the name just the decline it makes people who don't know any better think that it's just like oh I'm just trimming my nails you know or something like like that's what people are I'm sure it's a conscious thing you know like the vets who probably first came up with this named if that because it sounds so innocuous like it's like oh it's no big deal like we're just cutting off the nails it's like no it is a big deal they're cutting off the fingers we need to educate people to adopt over than buying from a reader absolutely oh yeah people are crazy like they just don't know how bad these breeder situations are and how many dogs get killed in general just because people get them as puppies and then they don't realize what kind of effort it takes to take care for them and then they bring them to kill shelter bracelet we already come up with a top down shop we even made it run that's true Francois race I disagreed to an extent if more people were aware of things like pigeon shooting or cosmetic testing I think they should be they would be opposed well yeah I think you know we need to do more but um like um I think a lot of people don't know about it enough and it definitely needs to get out there let alone all the misinformation about being vegan out there and how people need meat to live it Sarah yeah that's true – didn't say most her evil somewhere though yeah definitely um Jen there was a video about that dog sled story so horrible how they were neglected of it's crazy I didn't know that I just read the article Francois I think most they're just normies that don't really think about anything external just what they have to do with their live their lives yeah I think even with the declawing thing like in the comments that I was reading through on Twitter there are a lot of people writing who work at people and they didn't even know so I think um it's definitely not common knowledge I didn't know about it and I'm sure many people don't okay Humane Society beagles being force-fed pesticides and tests at Michigan lab so I wanted to move on to animal testing because we already talked about the animal testing for cosmetics and I want to talk about it for medical I can't go on enough about this like I've I've already done a video about it and I've covered it in several other live streams but like animal testing for medical purposes is completely illogical it's unethical just as it is for anything else and it's it's actually bad like there's a there's an opportunity cost people can often be led astray by the results sometimes you get a you know false positive or false negative and either one could be bad so if you do a test on an animal and it looks promising like it might be good you can then move it to a human and and then you know in the human trials it's shown that it's actually completely ineffective or worse like there might be some horrific side effects may be poison whatever they are very often not effective and then the other thing that can be maybe even worse potentially is that it can look like it's not gonna work in an animal but later on it could actually have worked in a person if they had actually just tried it in people and you might be missing out on some huge opportunities because you're you know being led astray by the look this it didn't work in an animal so it's not gonna work in a person so there's a huge opportunity cause there's the huge you know ineffectiveness of like how many of these things are done in animals and then proven to be ineffective in people and it's super costly there's now computer generated models and all these other kinds of things that do a better job of predicting the test being effective in people and yeah people love animals they love pets and they love dogs but even here you know you can see these animals suffering horrific ly they're implanted with devices that are cut up they're killed there you know poisoned I mean these dogs are suffering like unbelievably and this is still happening right now to this day and it's it's crazy so you know there's very disturbing video here in pictures but I definitely think you know this is really important to raise awareness and people just have to understand that like they're being lied to everyone assumes that these animal tests are necessary because this is the only way forward this is the only way to cure some you know human disease or whatever and what people don't realize is that you know most of these are totally ineffective I covered the story before when there was the congressional you know kind of review of the Veteran Affairs testing on the dogs and they were asked to provide you know what kind of positive medical developments came out from their testing on dogs and they said that basically the only thing they could point to was some you know tests that came out positive from this 1960s so you have to realize like in the past 50 years they have continued testing on dogs and haven't provided a single beneficial thing that could be transferred to humans in the past 50 X years and that's what's happening is people don't realize it and so they're being lied to and they they are being led to believe that maybe this will be the cure for cancer or whatever and it's like no it's not you're just torturing the poor animals for no reason ever Francois same sort of thing with male circumcision its general mutilation where people don't want to offend those that do it for religious reasons yep I would agree with that I've seen lots of science on both sides of the argument and I would agree that I don't support circumcision for humans either going you didn't hear about that yeah um I really think like it's it's huge I I never heard of it and I never heard of the deep barking thing either I mean I heard of decline but I just didn't know what it was Nicky they can find pesticides everywhere even their mothers wombs why do that exactly there is no reason to be doing this kind of testing david says maybe you heard what the dogs used for the animal testing in Sweden you mentioned the last time were killed I did hear about that is very sad despite animal rights groups trying to help find funding finding the dog's home yes they think the reason why they were killed was because they wanted the results and they had to kill them in order to get the results so they weren't gonna let those dogs go it wasn't a question of like finding them a home or not having the money to home them or whatever it was they needed it for the results and it's just ridiculous I mean it's the same arguments I'm not gonna repeat them it's absolutely sucks like people just are so stupid in their leg they're led into believing that this is somehow going to benefit them and it's not it's not going to benefit people and it's just a horrific industry that takes billions of dollars globally and kills you know untold animals and and not even I mean it's it's worse than killing them for food honestly because they're they're suffering is even more prolonged like I mean it's just it's just awful it's really crazy the stupidity is dug too deep to dig out of this hole without casualties yeah it's absolutely crazy I think people just need to be more informed about how ineffective it is so we'll see okay this one is just absolutely crazy more along the lines of what people do to animals for you know no reason whatsoever you can't even argue like oh this is for health or whatever it's like people racing horses and dogs and all this kind of stuff like it's just absolutely horrific this is a big deal in the horse racing circles so this is the National Hunt chase the first day of the festival this year turned into a horrible spectacle there were three horses that had to get killed and or was it just one oh it may have been just one horse sorry there were three injured I think that's right that's right three were injured but they were able to walk off the course and the fourth one had to be euthanized on the on the course and they basically shoot the horses right right in the race it's just absolutely insane I had actually long time ago kind of read up on you know why horses are shot like when they break their legs the reason they're shot when they break their legs is not because they wouldn't be able to you know be saved it's just that it's not economically viable to save them it's it's too difficult it would cost too much money you would have to have too much kind of support to help the horse basically make a recovery and they likely wouldn't recover to the point that they could actually race so instead they just shoot them it's absolutely it's travesty that this is even allowed to happen in today's day and age and people love horses and they love these races and they just don't understand the kind of cruelty that they're supporting it's absolutely crazy like the comments in this article and like how you know people are like oh you know like it you know they love their horses and it's such a sad day to see this and whatever it's like yeah you paid money to go see a stupid spectacle like this and then you know now you're surprised that you know some horse got killed and then some of the racers were actually fine so the jockeys were fined because they were deemed to be driving their horses when they were clearly you know beyond the point of like tired that it was gonna be a danger to the animal and they said this particular race is actually one of the worst ones out of all of them they have the worst record so they have the highest risk of incidents at the festival and the reason being is that apparently there's too many amateurs in this race it's if there's like a lot of jumps and a lot of obstacles and it's really long it's it's longer than some of the other races that they have in this festival so there's they're basically trying to play a balancing act of like allowing enough amateurs and who are stupid enough to like do these races but also trying to get enough experienced amateurs that will know not to like push their horses to the point of like killing them and and be more kind of confident and be able to jump better and all this kind of stuff it's just really crazy yeah in the end the panel settled for noting that the racist follow rate was in gradual declined but it promised to take action should the incinerator increase again and added amateur participation in its current form at the future festivals will be under material threat should further incidents occur amateur jockeys are still a very important part of the fabric of jump racing and they will surely continue to be racist for them at the festival but whether the national hot chase will be one of is a question that those in authority will now consider so they're at least considering that they're gonna end this stupid race I kind of feel particularly passionate about this because here in Hungary they also have horse racing and there was a petition recently while I was like I think last year that I signed that was trying to get there is a big kind of like a horse race that happens every year here in Budapest and it's kind of like a tradition has been for quite some time and lots of times horses are injured in that as well some have actually been killed these races happen also in other cities in Hungary and a lot of times it's amateur racers not good experienced the horses are scared they're running on less than ideal tracks they often set up the tracks like in the city so there's like cobblestone pavement all this kind of stuff the horses are skidding they're not like used to all the noises in the city and all this kind of stuff it's it's really really crazy and if you follow horse racing I mean there's just like so many that are killed in the race directly it's absolutely crazy but even aside that all the worst is basically get killed at the end I mean just a very few gift live out their lives and pastures after to be you know saiyrs or whatever but yes it's an awful existence like these poor horses just suffer so badly it's it's terrible see comments oh and no I don't I mean I didn't know any actual reasons why animal testing was not very informative oh sorry I thought you were talking about the the cat thing yeah it's a watch my video I did a video a while back about animal testing and I covered some the actual examples when people were discovering penicillin and in a mention a few other examples so check that one out I think you'd like that Rohan this is a tough vegan news show we have been through so many topics so thanks man I appreciate that France why I would also like to hear more on the topic of animal testing I didn't know much about it yeah guys check out my video I'll put it in the link – if anybody doesn't want to scroll through but if you just look through my previous videos you'll see it I I think it's called like an animal testing is immoral ineffective and unethical or something like that or illogical I think that's the what I what I wrote Palin Bohan you guys should get together and do this together as a vegan team-up livestream next time cool yeah oh and if you're up for it I'm gonna be cool we could like and I don't have to talk so much and drink water all the time no need to break horse's legs and shoot them in the head in order to have an excuse to drink and wear stupid hats I could wear a stupid hat for you guys if you want that's that's fine the national hunt chase yep says it all oh yeah I think that's what you meant to write says it all yep Jen horse and dog racing shows and never shows all the animals that don't make the grade and get shot and/or dumped in large numbers absolutely they do it's terrible race larae drink and wear stupid hats without harming horses all the time nice france why generally you should if you should see if you have not already how hard they tried to cover that up protesters get arrested by corrupt cops and all sorts of craziness it's absolute crazy okay next you know thing of like animal abuse for people's entertainment Matadors seriously injured when a bull tosses him in the air and gorse him in the back side of the festival in Valencia so this idiot got what he deserved quite frankly and he did survive so he didn't die but he needed a bunch of surgeries he hurt his knee he got a huge gash that had to get sewn up in his leg he's definitely gonna be off his you know best game for a while so hopefully he won't be able to harm any more bulls for a little bit but sadly he's also been injured somewhat seriously before as well and that didn't even teach him a lesson so this this guy's you know carried off and people are like oh you poor thing and they bring him to the hospital whatever this is his model wife how can somebody be with somebody like this jerk who's torturing and you know harming animals for no reason except to you know like entertain people I mean it just even way way way before it was ever a vegan before I even really ever could say that I you know cared much about animals like I I was opposed to bullfighting I mean this is just absolute barbaric like stupid behavior by people just can't believe this kind of stuff so screw this guy hopefully he gets his common sense at some point and then if not I mean you know maybe he'll meet his end this way like I don't know I just don't I don't understand like how people can be this stupid money Nikki yeah is that you mean like that's why the lady's with him probably I wouldn't be surprised okay so getting into climate change Liam if you're still watching should be your favorite part okay the dairy for a dairy farm I don't what is this Arla Foods it's a dairy cooperative has pledged to make its operations carbon neutral from cows to supermarket by 2050 including more than two thousand farms in the UK so they're basically saying how they're gonna reduce their co2 and the processing and the transport you're gonna get more efficient blah blah blah they of course don't address anything to do with the actual cows and the methane they produce and all this other kind of stuff they don't talk about water usage everything like this and you know this is kind of the key point that I got out of this article which you know typically as is often you know in articles the the main Mike point is buried at the end where people probably don't read it they basically said yeah the company said that it had to cut the amount of co2 emissions from production packaging by more than 20% it also said that on farms the co2 emissions per kilo milk have been reduced by almost a quarter over the last twenty years and it was trailing a trialing new technologies for farms such as producing clean energy from manure this just bear in mind guys last year's february i did a video about the environmental impacts of dairy one of the things that i covered was a study that was actually done by bovid eva jude capper dr. jude camper she is a industry dairy industry you know funded person and she did a study showing how modern factory farming dairy is actually far less environmentally impactful than the stuff from the traditional you know 50 60 years ago type dairies and she actually did show that it has less you know co2 methane etc produced and also less water wasted and all this kind of stuff and the reason for that is basically due to the you know the economies of scale getting the cows to produce more milk they're you know they've been bred so much now they produce more milk per cow than before there's better production techniques more of is able to be saved at Sanford Center so per liter of milk or per kilogram of milk per hour they you know measure it they're actually able to produce less but this is still nothing to you know be proud about because you know they're still committing a huge other you know array of you know insults to the environment through the water wastage you know the animal feed that gets you know given to the cows you know all the land that's cleared for that etcetera and then this part here commenting on the pledge Joseph's core of the University of Oxford said it was not clear what emissions would be included in the target if it's just carbon dioxide this is very this is a very minimal target he said if they are including methane nitrous oxide and feed production which are dairies main emissions as well as tackling dairies other environmental issues then this is ambitious meeting it would set a new benchmark and that is clearly not what they're gonna do this is a PR stunt make no doubt about it I'm sure of it and here we'll Gildea of vegan society said there was no way to make dairy a climate friendly product cows produce large amounts of methane a very damaging gas for our planet methane emissions back a huge bunch and one the planet in the near term mean they could trigger runaway climate change I would absolutely read that these people are doing a PR stunt that's that's what I'm calling this next this is a really interesting story talking about cognitive biases and how they impact our basically lack of a cohesive effort to fight climate change and let me read through the comments before I get into this some women are only attracted to money yeah apparently Reysol ever since bullfighting is the worst excuse ever I've ever seen for a man to wear an outfit like pretend he's not again stop reading the daily fail okay Jen but come on I mean sometimes you gotta you gotta read some of this stuff okay secretary was hilarious so much cringe yeah it's true and I and I'm glad that most people I think nowadays are actually seeing it as a vegan initiative it like we have completely taking it over from the dairy industry I don't think they have any kind of chance of you know putting themselves in a good light I mean let's face it they're taking away babies for moms like you can't ever make that business look good ARLA the biggest dairy company in Sweden they released the new beverage open cow's milk yep they're compromising pure oat milk would mean they let the vegans win whether they're combining it in one bottle like it's it's a blend of oat milk and cow milk oh my god Dave what the hell is wrong with those people that's gonna that's gonna fail I mean like people who drink dairy they're not gonna want to combine it with oat milk like why would they do that like so they're not gonna get any market for that the people who want dairy milk are gonna be like what the hell like screw you I am and the vegans are gonna be like what the hell's cream that's that's just absolutely stupid anyway so as you guys know if you've been watching for a while I'm a big fan of reading books and one of the books that I've talked about in passing sort of in a few other videos has been the Black Swan by Nassim Taleb and in that book he talks actually a lot about different cognitive biases that people have and some of the problems that it can cause like when you're trying to calculate you know like probabilities of things happening or especially of extreme situations happening and a lot of times we underestimate you know what are those things that we should actually be worried about because we worry about things that are incredibly unlikely to happen so this article talks about various different cognitive biases we have and talks from an evolutionary standpoint of how some of those may have developed and why and you know they're talking about how the here and now is kind of like one of the biases where you know if you're being chased by a mountain lion or whatever like your immediate thing is like I got to get away from the mountain lion like I'm not worried about what I'm gonna do tomorrow or next year the you know 10 years down there or a hundred years from now I only care about the here and now that's one of them they go through a whole bunch of stuff and it's very very interesting so they you know I'm just gonna go through a couple of these but I definitely encourage everybody to read this and and just kind of take this you know in because a lot of this is is really interesting and they're talking about like actual stuff that's been you know assessed by psychologists and all these kind of like people about how people learn and what we react and all this kind of stuff is very interesting hyperbolic discounting this is our perception that the present is more important in the future so this is the one that I just explained our lack of concern for future generations evolutionary theory suggests that we care more oh sorry most we care most about just a few generations of family members our great-grandparents two great grandchildren while we may understand what that needs what needs to be done to address climate change it's hard for us to see how the sacrifices required for generations existing beyond this short time span are worth it there's the bystander effect this is basically like you know somebody else will fix it somebody else will will cure it so I'll just stay over here not do anything the sunk cost fallacy we are biased towards saying that staying the course even in the face of negative outcomes the more we've invested time energy or resources into that course the more likely we are to stick with it even if it no longer seems optimal so there's a whole bunch of other stuff they're talking about you know you know some things that are actually positive about our cognitive biases things that we can actually turn around and use to you know encourage people through social media through our own communities starting small start your own family your neighborhood whatever this is you know really good information I definitely encourage everybody to check this out and I've talked sometimes in some of my gardening videos about a guy called Brad Lancaster if anybody isn't familiar with him check out Brad Lancaster the guy's like an absolute like hero in my book like that guy it's like one of these people who takes like rainwater harvesting in the desert and has helped like revitalize his entire community he like has this like tiny little house that he kind of built out of a garage for himself and he collects his own rainwater he does like composting he grows his own food he's actually planting a whole bunch of trees they like basically rege reamed their entire neighborhood because his neighborhood was dying out it was like drug ridden crime ridden all this kind of stuff he started slowly but surely like getting all his neighbors on board they do like community plantings all this kind of stuff and that's the kind of thing that I think really is gonna be the thing to save us Liam if you're watching I know you know your your view on the whole climate change thing is you don't want it to be government mandated I had some comments on my video that I did on the livestream from thaddius as well basically you know saying like industry is gonna you know basically save us from climate change I really don't think so I think industry is only interested in making themselves money I don't think governments are gonna save us because they're basically owned and run by the industry and I really think like that's what's gonna save us if anything is gonna save us is the small community type activism right angry that's enough my preaching I'm moving on to the next article check this out if you guys get a chance it's very interesting reading and especially if anybody's interested in like human psychology I think this is a really cool stuff Francois reminds me of when james inhofe brought a snowball to a Senate meeting to declare climate change as a myth I have not even aware of that I'll have to look into that that sounds crazy it's like that sound reasoning right this next one I'm not going to get into too much it's just another study here by the National Geographic they're talking about well sorry I don't think it was their study but the articles from National Geographic they did a new scientific analysis they use like millions of possible outcomes looking at climate change and they're basically you know saying it is dire and you can see here out of the 5.2 million possible climate futures carbon emissions must reach zero by 2030 in every country of the world we are to stay at less than 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit which is 2 degrees Celsius by 2100 of warming the target set by the United Nations to avoid the worst impacts and they're basically saying like none of the you know possible outcomes is looking good right now and this you know particular report is saying that our only chance is to go to you know engineering technologies like direct air capture or biomass energy with carbon capture and sequestration or they also talking about the solar you know engineering or geoengineering as it's called so they're gonna basically fly airplanes high into the atmosphere and spray out sulfur dioxide and that is gonna basically mimic the gas from volcanoes and reflect the sun's heat and that will save us now I've already talked about this in a previous stream like I don't think this is gonna save us I think it's a horrible idea I think these people have no frickin clue like what other kind of impacts this may have and I I dread the idea that people are gonna look at these kinds of things and say well let's just stay the course we'll solve it with science will solve it with industry you know Thaddeus and in his comments said you know we're gonna solve climate change with Tesla and veganism I don't think that's the case I don't think spraying the air with you know sulfur whatever the heck it is software dioxide is gonna save anything maybe we'll get more you know acid rain I don't know I I just can't you know understand how people can be there's going to think that that this is gonna be you know what we are what we're gonna have to resort to so they're saying the papers conclusion solar geoengineering could potentially have global temperature increases without making climate change worse still big uncertainties remain about solar geoengineering and much more research is needed to understand its risks costs and limitations before deployment acknowledges co-author David Keith of Harvard University at least acknowledged that he also warns we still need to rapidly cut carbon emissions I'm very nervous about the unintended consequences of this says Michael Mann a climatologist and director of the Earth System science Center at Penn State highly idealized experiments of solar geoengineering may not accurately reflect what might actually be used nor the real-world impacts man said in an email that's my take as well ok last one on climate change and then I'll move on to another topic I actually got this article linked in as a reply to a somebody's post that I was reading on Twitter where they were a climate change denier and they basically said like look you know the the previous predictions would have already shown that you know Manhattan would be underwater by now and it's not so clearly these people are lying and blah blah blah and somebody put this in as a link as a response I've read this article it's pretty awesome I would definitely recommend everybody check this out so this for anybody who doesn't know last video I did about the you know climate change specifically that live stream I talked about this guy dr. James Hansen he's the director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies and how testified in 1989 before a Senate committee about global warming and about the models that they ran and about you know all this kind of stuff and and those were some of the predictions that have eerily come true and the climate change denier that I am referring to was basically saying like this guy's you know full of it and none of his stuff was right so here is the main point of the situation maybe this guy came up with different scenarios so he came up with three scenarios his scenario a was too draconian cut emissions oh wait sorry oh sorry ranging from business as usual which is like don't do anything heavy pollution in his scenario a so that's like everything goes as as it has and nothing changed to draconian cuts in scenario see and with scenario B being in between changes in human effects that include influence Earth's global energy imbalance have in reality been closest to Hansen's scenario beat and the reason why they're saying is that not because of the reduction in fossil fuel burning but because of the phasing out of chlorofluorocarbons CFCs and because of that his model B projections were the closest to what is actually happening right now but what these climate change denier people will do is they will use this guy's scenario a and because it hasn't gotten as bad as what the scenario a predicted because they're conveniently ignoring the fact that the CFCs were taken out and that the the scenario B is actually the more relevant one they've ignored scenario B and C and they're just calling this guy a liar or that he's wrong and when you actually look at the scenario be he's pretty much spot-on so this is the adjusted scenario B and then this is the temperature and you can see that he's pretty damn close like in his bird in his projection you can see here the model projected under scenario B global surface air temperatures were warm about 0.84 celsius between 1980 and 2017 but with a global energy imbalance 223rd to 30% lower it would have predicted a global surface warming closer to 0.62 point seven degrees Celsius by this year the actual change from those years was about 0.6 so he's he's pretty much spot-on and this this person is actually talking whoever wrote this article I didn't even get the name actually this Dana noosa – no subtly they're calling out the cato institute who is which is funded by the koch industries so if anybody doesn't know about the cock industries definitely research now you will find more you know industry corruption and evil people doing evil things for money but anyway they fund the cato institute and way back in 1998 the Cato Institute's Patrick Michaels who has admitted that something like forty percent of his salary comes from the fossil fuel industry arguably committed perjury and testimony to Congress invited by Republicans to testify as the Kyoto Protocol climate agreement was in the works Michaels was asked to evaluate how Hansen's predictions were faring ten years later in his presentation Michaels deleted Hanson scenarios B's ins BNC the ones closest to reality and only showed scenario a to make it seem as though Hansen had drastically over predicted global warming deleting inconvenient data to in order to fool his audience to become a hat sorry it became a habit for Patrick Michaels who quickly earned a reputation of dishonesty in the climate science world but has nevertheless nevertheless remained a favorite of oil industry and conservative media so they're talking about just last week and The Wall Street Journal Michaels was joined by Ryan MA and an op-ed that again grossly distorted Hanson's 1988 paper Mao is a young scientist with a contrarian streak who's published some serious research on hurricanes but since joining the Cato industry sorry the Cato Institute last year seems to have sold off his remaining credibility to the fossil fuel industry in their Wall Street Journal opinion piece Michaels and Malkin claimed global surface temperatures has not increased significantly since 2000 discounting the larger than usual El Nino of 2015 to 16 assessed by mr. Hansen's model surface temperatures are behaving as if we had camped 18 years ago the carbon dioxide emissions responsible for the enhanced greenhouse effect they provided no evidence to support this claim evidence in fact seemed not to be allowed on the Wall Street Journal opinion page and it takes just 30 seconds to fact-check in reality global surface temperatures have increased by about 0.35 seventh grade since 2000 precisely in line with Hanson's 1988 model projections as shown above and it's unscientific to simply discount the El Nino of 2015 to 2016 because between the years 1999 and 2014 seven were cooled by La Nina events while just four experienced an El Nino warning you have despite the report a preponderance of La Nina events global surface temperatures still warmed point 15 Celsius during that time there's simply not an ounce of truth to Michaels and mouse central Wall Street Journal claims so this is a great tweet by somebody I don't know who this is done the sentence in the Wall Street Journal op-ed Global Service Emperor's has not increased Baba translation temperature has not increased if you omit the data showing it has increased so this article is actually really good I definitely recommend people read through this you know anybody who's like thinking that global you know climate change isn't her thing or isn't happening you need to look at this stuff like people are making these claims for industry and you you know this this article you can see it you can see their financial interests laid bare it's very obvious what is happening so right here while I to keep cash cashing cock paychecks so the Koch brothers are cop brothers wherever they are they pay thirty million dollars a year to the Cato Institute as Michael's admitted they're basically fossil fuel industry employees but the answers to the questions are simple as climate scientists have predicted for decades global temperatures are rising dangerously rapidly moreover our research has shown that economic benefits of cutting carbon pollution far outweigh the cost Michaels and Mao wants us to bet the future of all life on Earth they want to they want us to put all our chips on black Evette that burning billions of barrels of oil and billions of tons of coal every year won't cause dangerous climate change they want to make that bet even though their arguments are based on unsupported lies whilst they cash their checks from the Koch brother we would have to be incredible suckers to take their bet I would absolutely agree with this I definitely encourage people to read through all the links I have not read through all of the links that they are referencing in this article but I will be taking some you know closer look at this it's very interesting stuff and very much fits the narrative that climate change deniers want to do which is basically it's unscientific they are really dumping out the date of the day like all right let's see hangry vegan thanks for joining hey Francois yeah you're right four out of five doctors enjoy Virginia Slims it's the same exact stuff man all over again Bohan when I was in the Netherlands there was a protest or walk for a very green politician that is picking up a lot of popularity there there were signs saying go vegan among the thousands of people there that is awesome good to see ya I think like people are bringing these you know things to the forefront I already talked about last last time about Cory Booker or what's his name I think is Cory Booker guy in the u.s. he's a vegan as well and he's gonna be running for president in 2020 so I mean there's there's definitely you know some people like hip to this and and hopefully it'll get better Jen Netherlands is pretty advanced also party for the animals has representative in Parliament that is so cool I'll definitely vote for any party for the animals this I just wanted to share with you guys I'm not really gonna read through it I just thought it was kind of an interesting again kind of an opinion piece but here just you know just a quick summary here Riaan habitat earth you're making a case basically for you know trying to make people be less arrogant and less thinking that they know how to fix everything so here's what they say what maybe history is ultimate moment of human arrogance the belief in a sense of separateness from and superiority to nature so thorough that we have with our monstrous intelligence the ability and therefore the right to play bad god and make the whole planet go poof you talk about you know the atomic bomb you talk about kind of the environmental destruction but I don't even think the person who wrote this is necessarily a vegan but they're just talking about kind of taking a better look and you know what we are doing to the earth and talking about how you know indigenous people viewed it in a different way so like one thing that if anybody knows you know I mean really into gardening obviously and like growing your own food and stuff but in permaculture you always say there's no problems there's just you know solutions that have been worked out yet or you can use nature to kind of achieve your goals as well but don't fight it and this was something that caught my eye here in the article it's here Rupert Ross and his book returning to the teachings points out for instance the Lakota had no language for insulting or other orders of existence past waste we'd I I love that so just this idea that you know we look at certain plants we look at certain animals and we think of them as a nuisance we don't think of them as as just something that exists in its own right and it's for its own purpose like we just think of like if it doesn't help me if it doesn't you give me something that I want we just we just think it's waste like I just want to get rid of it it's a weed it's a pest I kill it I shoot it burn it you know I poison it like so this is just an interesting thing and I think it's an interesting read if anybody's interested on the link for this as well but yeah a lot of times I think the indigenous people did have things figured out and even if they weren't vegan or not even close to vegan they still obviously had a much more connected you know kind of you know lifestyle to the earth and what people are doing now this one is kind of a crazy story this guy was I guess arrested her he got jailed maybe he's gonna get actual time oh yeah he's only sentenced to 12 week curfew but basically this guy had a seagull trying to take some chips out of his hand so chips for the people in the US that's British for potato started fries you know and he got pissed off and he grabbed the poor seagull and he killed it by smashing it into the ground or into and several people saw it including some children and they were you know shocked by this and whatever it's just this awful crazy you know thing and yes before any time anybody comments it's the Metro it's almost as bad as a daily fail but you know I just wanted to share this for one reason alone is that you know what he did was absolutely abhorrent I'm in no way shape or form you know condoning him but what I want to say is that the life that you know poor farmed animals like chickens and turkeys what they experience can be argued is every bit at least as bad or worse and I would say worse because they they live their whole lives suffering confined never seeing the Sun at least this seagull got to live its life to that point you know happy as a as can be I guess or you know close and close enough to it or certainly more so than chicken but people who read this and they think this guy is a sick psycho what would they think when they see the abuses that go on in farms and do they do they feel that same compassion for the chicken as for this poor seagull and I just hope that they do but but I kind of don't think they would and that's why I'm bringing it up Nicky with gardening I find nature throws up all the medicinal plants like climbers in spring hence nettle soup today a collective drying freeze nice yeah there's tons of cool stuff I mean there's like lots of things that that are considered weeds that are actually edible I've done some videos early on in my channel where I showed some in my garden and down haven't come really even close to learning as much as I would like to learn about that I want to learn more about foraging but it's just yeah my life has been kind of crazy in the past year and I haven't really been able to learn more stuff but that is something that I'm interested in long-term is to learn more about all the stuff that just grows wild and and can be really useful for all sorts of things you know sometimes medicinal but sometimes just for just for fun for eating there's lots of stuff that people just look at as weeds and actually try to get rid of them they're in their lawn even just something as simple as the dandelion and I can actually be eaten and and it's quite useful and medicinal as well so you know like I say about the chickens this guy is a french rapper Stoney Bugsy I don't know I don't listen too much rap some of you guys may know him he went with DXE into a factory farm on in France and they documented the abuse of the animals there and kudos to this guy he basically you know said that he was expecting it to be bad here's the quote I was expecting something pretty bad but this is hell he says I wasn't expecting this where do all these eggs end up they go into these kinds of cookies that we give to our children or that we buy for ourselves have you seen this business is this a business is it a farm no it's a hell look how overcrowded and stressed the chickens are they never see the light of day they never see grass or dirt they live in their own excrement their disease what is this it has to stop open your eyes this is how it's really hellish I wasn't expecting this I mean you got AZ repeating himself he's probably in shock you know like literally in shock it's no wonder that people who work in these kind of conditions actually develop post-traumatic stress disorders and all this kind of self I mean you cannot see this kind of cruelty and suffering and not shut down mentally in order to protect yourself like you would go insane and that's what these people do when they go into shock or they you know doing something worse which is that they act out their frustrations in the form of aggression towards animals or other people and it's absolutely terrible like you know this this guy here is no worse than you know somebody working on a farm committing these these atrocious things I condemn it i condemned them equally you know this guy is no worse yeah anyway that's why I want to share with you guys and then you know for anybody who's watching and you think like if you're not vegan and you think well I get my eggs ethically sourced and their cage free and all this kind of stuff here's a handy thing that I just came across recently this was various and figures from Canada 2017 they had 1059 registered egg farms in Canada shouldn't be going to how much money it generates all this kind of stuff and here's what I wanted to focus on there are two things I wanted to show you guys actually yeah shoot I can't see the first thing I wanted to mention but I found another one so this was the one of the things that I wanted to mention it was that the average Canadian flock sighs oh this is it yeah sorry okay so the average Canadian flock size was twenty-three thousand two hundred twenty-five hens that's the average farm has that many hands on it at one time Canadian egg farms can range from a few hundred to more than forty four hundred thousand the hens so you can imagine that if the average is twenty three thousand and the largest is more than four hundred thousand you know all these people who are claiming like I only get mine from like the small farm and whatever like think of how many of these you know eggs being produced in total are coming from the small farms like yeah there are a few that have only a few hundred chickens but the average size is 23,000 the majority the vast majority of what people are buying is coming from these factory farms conditions in these kinds of figures I don't have them for every country but if you actually go look up the figures for your own country where you're viewing from they're gonna be very similar you know I've seen estimates from the US from the UK from places in the EU you know most of like what people are eating comes from factory farmed animals like 90 whatever you know 90 plus percent of what people are eating is coming from factory farmed animals and these animals are being kept in absolutely horrific conditions they really are hellish and that's crazy and then this was the second thing this was the only other thing I want to point out here the average laying hand produces about 340 X per year so that's literally almost the NAG every day and you know people often you know say this like vegans will say like the original kind of like chickens that were most likely the you know the original kind of chicken beca got got domesticated and then bred to produce more and more eggs they lay anywhere from like 10 to 15 eggs a year like in the wild so we bred these poor animals to go from say 10 to 15 a year up to 340 per year and you know I had some comments on Twitter somebody said like yeah imagine you know as a woman because it was a it was a girl they were all just the lady said you know imagine like if if as a human female if you had your period every single day of the year like imagine 340 days of the 365 days a year that you would have you know a menstrual cycle like imagine the pain imagine the suffering that you would feel imagine these birds imagine what they go through and and then if that weren't enough you know even these these birds that have been genetically bred to produce this many eggs even those birds have taken out of these conditions they would still produce less eggs than this because the reason why they get so many eggs is that they trick them with lighting so a lot of these farms they use lighting to actually mess them up from their natural biorhythms they actually have things like molting which they literally starve them and that actually kind of kicks in the body to produce more eggs because they feel like they're gonna die they're in starvation mode and before they kind of like die they still want to be able to like reproduce so a lot of times when the chickens are getting kind of close to spent they'll they'll literally starve them so that they molt that's when they lose all their feathers and all this kind of stuff so it's just absolutely insane like the kinds of things people can think of and this is actually one of the things that made me go vegan is the egg industry specifically when I saw the videos of the baby chicks getting ground ground up in those machines and the master eaters that was what triggered it in my mind that it's like this is not just you know one person who's abusive this is not some this is not some guy who flips out at the bird taking away his french fries and then he's gonna smash it to death on the you know on the wall this is a systematic process that engineers sat down somebody told them like you know this is I need a I need a thing that grinds up babies alive okay how big are these babies all they're this big you know like how many are going in at the same time oh it's this many per line you know per minute or whatever it's like okay well we're gonna need this much horsepower this much whatever you know these are the what the blades are gonna look like how small do you want two pieces you know and it's like you know somebody designed it somebody planned it somebody approved it somebody paid for it somebody built it somebody maintains it and if you know this is its it's systemic and it's not just a you know one person doing this abuse it is just inherently the whole system is like and that's what actually made me realize like yeah like this is not just you know cuz these PETA videos where they show you the one guy kicking the baby in the head you know the baby calf or the pig or whatever like you can just kind of in my mind like I was explained that away I cleared my conscience was saying well it's just one guy he was caught in the tape and he he gotta find so he's you know it's fine and it's like no it's not fine this is why it's not fine hi Cathy welcome Nikki most obvious ones are nettles dandelions and climbers that's the key weed it cleans the blood and lymphatic systems yeah cool yeah you would go mad you saw that man in the patient I mean it's it's awful but like again you know it's no it's no different than the people around these farms unfortunately okay cool same with me seeing baby chicks being ground up was a big factor of me going vegan yeah cool it's it's good Kathy I mean I think like you know people need to see this stuff they need to wake up and everybody in the industry is working really hard to make sure that this kind of stuff doesn't get out there you know I talked about this before bag gag laws in the u.s. other countries have similar kind measures in place you know the the industry does not want people to know about this stuff it's crazy this one here is kind of a bit of good news actually so there was a pig slaughterhouse that was forced to close recently so this is in the UK and East Sussex and they were saying that they closed for a couple reasons one is you know the vegan activists who are kind of like regularly gone to do vigils there but but they said that was not the main factor the main factor was actually falling demand they were processing fewer and fewer pigs and it became economically unviable so here it is we used to do more than a hundred fifty pigs a week but at this last week it was only 58 it is not financially viable so again you know these guys aren't closing it down because they had a change of heart they're not doing it because they love pigs that they suddenly realize like oh they're just like dogs and we're killing them no they're they're realizing like wow I can't make money I'm gonna stop doing it they're closing it down and of course you know all of the farmers nearby are saying like well this is going to be a problem because they don't know where they're gonna send their their pigs to be killed and where was this there it is I would say it is right that it is not just the protesters it is a complicated issue but farmers are very nervous about losing vital infrastructure they have a great deal of trouble for years from protesters and people see this as a consequence of the intimidation I love it they're worried about the farmers being intimidated by the vegans it's absolutely ridiculous but uh yeah so you know he's saying that local farmers had nowhere to go and that it would be very hard to start a new abattoir in the southeast yeah hopefully they don't and they realize the farmers too they're like they're on a dying business you should not be doing this go do something else and you know there it was basically insane like had this some farm where they were killing these pigs because I guess it's a it's a farm as well as a abattoir so the person so six animals saved sent images to totally vegan buzz from the farm showing a pig covered in blood inside a van after a visit on January 21 spokesman said meet your organic bacon we were appalled with what we had saw the pig looked anxious and distressed he told the owner of timing Wirth farm about the condition of the pig and they said the pig was probably fighting or playing I'm pretty sure a blood-covered pig is not playing and you can definitely see fear in its eyes the spokesman claimed the group said asked if they could call out a vet but the owner did not listen and insisted the pig went to slaughter so this pig was ultimately killed it's very sad but again you know it's supply and demand if people stopped buying less you know animals the farmers at some point are gonna realize like wow I can't sell these the slaughterhouses are gonna realize I'm not making enough money I can't keep the lines open you know I can't pay people to work on these lines if we're not killing enough animals and all of these kind of like have an impact you know a knock-on effect this slaughterhouse closing is a huge win because now these local farmers that are near it and that had been using it they're gonna either be forced to go to a farther one or they're gonna be forced to try to open a new one they're probably gonna face staunch resistance from the local vegan community and you know local objections who the hell wants to be near a slaughterhouse and listening to that and seeing it and smelling it nobody and so you know this is great news because they're gonna be forced and if even if it means nothing but the fact that they have to drive their animals farther away to get them killed and paid that's gonna cut into their cost because they have to drive farther so all of this stuff has like a knock-on effect and hopefully it makes them be like yeah this is not economically viable for me either I'm gonna do something else I'm gonna grow potatoes oats do something else so falling demand that's right Francois unfortunately we also mistreat people that have commuted committed crimes or community community comes at things we've met a lot of the people working these factory farms can't work elsewhere because of the criminal charge many are on parole yeah and they are being exploited by the industry as well so they're definitely you know exploiting the poor people like in the US as well a lot of these are illegal immigrants they're undocumented workers I've covered this in previous streams it's a huge it's a huge scam like it's it's awful prisoners are often made to it work in these farms there's a great account that I follow on Twitter I'll share it with you guys next time I don't have it off the top of my head but I think it's something like you know prisoner justice reform or something like that they are actually advocating for a prison farm that it should be vegan and that it shouldn't be exploiting animals and they were fighting one of the prisons in particular where they were being forced to run goats on the farm so the prisoners were actually the ones you know milking the goats and ultimately killing them and all this kind of stuff and they said that it's incredibly unethical to force a prisoner who maybe actually has a violent past and almost comes tough to be doing this and harming and exploiting animals like it's it's just sick and twisted like how can you think that you're gonna actually reform that person by having them commit you know horrible acts of violence upon helpless animals like in prison you know ultimately for profits it's a huge industry it's terrible yeah I do feel bad for that baby I mean you can really see it in its eyes that it knows what's coming I mean these animals are not stupid they are really really smart they know what's coming yeah angry vegan you're right – I mean these industries are subsidized they and they're subsidized by the prison industry as well the government makes huge money off of jailing people that's why they have these jail sentences and jail times for petty offenses like you know getting arrested with marijuana and stuff like that it's a huge industry generally grow blueberries they're expensive as hell yep absolutely that's a good thing petition calls to spare death sentence pigs saved from horror farm if anybody has any time please sign this petition you can find the link here at the bottom this was an investigation recently I think it was I don't know it was like a few months if I'm pretty sure I covered this in the stream anyway they found this farm where yeah here is bramble hollow farm and I'm broke doc in January and pretty sure I covered this they found animals that were cannibalizing each other they were starving to death all this kind of stuff and what they did was they removed all these animals so you can see here 53 pigs a sheep three goats 58 dogs 20 horses they were their breeding dogs as well and one donkey and what they are basically saying is that they're gonna kill the 53 pigs because they're not fit for human consumption anymore because they were they've resorted to cannibalism and it can't be known whether or not they're safe to eat because they've been eating like dead and rotting flesh of other animals so they're gonna kill all these animals and the petition is basically trying to convince you know the legal system to allow them to be sent to a sanctuary instead so it's like yeah don't kill them let them go to a sanctuary and people are actually you know happy to you know to support the sanctuary and let them live out their lives I mean these poor animals have suffered enough so if anybody has the time please go sign this petition as well and let's see if we can you know help them out this one is a health related news item that I want to show you guys and unfortunately I can't show you the whole story here because I have to log in it's on The Wall Street Journal but I came across this from dr. Joel Conner whatever his name is the vegan doctor who was on Joe Rogan awhile back everything he shared it and I actually kind of want to point out something that you know I've talked a lot about cholesterol in previous videos I didn't the whole live stream on cholesterol and I've done videos about the health aspects and talked about cholesterol in detail in some of those videos but I just want to stress it again in case anybody hasn't seen any of those videos or doesn't follow like dr. Greger on nutrition facts that or whatever about how research studies often basically trick people are trying to get them to not realize that eating saturated fat and cholesterol that those dietary sources actually increase your blood serum cholesterol levels and the fact that there are studies that are still being done to this day trying to assess whether or not it has an impact it just goes to show you the kind of idiocy of it all the industry will constantly fund these studies to come about to try and show no correlation between dietary consumption and blood serum cholesterol levels and the reason being is that for the past 60 70 years we've already known that there is no way to show correlation in an observational study so what that means is like you have two people eating the same amount of saturated fat cholesterol they could have wildly different cholesterol blood serum cholesterol levels and the reason being is just genetic differences or other kinds of things that can confound so the confounding factors can can actually mess it up so it's it's impossible to show statistically statistically significant you know correlation between saturated fat and cholesterol consumption and blood serum cholesterol levels and people will constantly keep making these correlation studies to try and show like oh there is a connection or no there isn't a connection but we've known for 6070 years now that there is no way to show this in a statistically significant manner but this article got shared by dr. Khan and I'm a little bit frustrated because it came out with a kind of you know vegan-friendly outcome where they did show that there was a statistically significant link between higher cholesterol and risk of heart disease and it was actually pretty significant so they they found that yeah right here eating 300 milligrams of dietary cholesterol day or less than that of two egg yolks was associated with a 17% higher risk of cardiovascular disease so the outcome of the study was actually favorable for his message and that's why he was sharing it I'm sure but I actually get annoyed because we shouldn't even be like we should just be throwing this study out all together because it's it's a correlations it's an observation setting it's an observational study and it's it's it's really stupid like people shouldn't be doing these kind of studies to try and determine these kinds of things and it's really funny because in the comments they were immediately the typical carnivore crowd jumping in and being like you know screw you dr. Khan because like you know you're you're just showing this thing and correlation doesn't you know equal causation and whatever and it's like and they're also saying that it's an observational study so you don't really know you know what's the mechanism and all this kind of stuff I mean it's just frustrating that like you know people don't know this stuff and and just because this one in particular came out kind of showing like yeah don't eat eggs they're bad for you he shared it but like I think he should have caught you know caught that off at the pass cut it off at the pass that like he knew people were gonna react that way to or at least some people would and even at the end of the story they basically tell you like like look you know it's completely it's completely fine to eat eggs you know like this doesn't prove anything and don't worry about it just do it in moderation and you know whatever and there is so funny people replying like who eats three eggs a day anyway in blah blah blah and I used to break it I used to eat eggs regularly Paiste two to three eggs every single day that was my standard breakfast I used to eat eggs for breakfast every single day like pretty much five six days a week I would be eating a two or three i gamma sometimes more and that doesn't even include the eggs that was in eating and other things like you know baked goods or other kinds of stuff so yeah people are just not sai-dono and the fact that you know this is still like a thing just really infuriates me you guys are fighting about the blueberries this thing old man's game this British guy Malcolm King he's some ridiculously wealthy person he's retired he's an elite hunter he goes around the world and kills big game and in trophy hunting circles he's kind of a I guess of legend he's been awarded all sorts of things from magazines like big game magazines they say that yeah here it is according to animal campaigners the combined number of animals required for the awards won by King is 528 so that's a minimum of what he's gone around the world and shot over the past 18 years started trophy hunting in 2000 and this guy basically is yeah he's like the envy of trophy hunters and it is just absolutely you know ridiculous that you can imagine what kind of good this person would be able to do if he actually used his money for doing any kind of good whatsoever and instead he goes around and shoots helpless animals all over the world helping to further you know drive their extinction and I've covered that before another have you know streams but a lot of times you know the biggest and the best kind of examples of these poor animals are the ones that are shot and killed because they make the best trophies because they're the biggest thing the best and that's what these people are shooting and this next story is actually an example of that this elephant recently died she was very old she looked for 60 years the elephant was known as FMU one called a elephant Queen she was what is called a super Tusker so here I didn't know this term I don't know if anybody you know I had heard this before but this was news to me so-called because their tusks are long enough to reach the ground so if you look at most elephants nowadays they they do not have tusks this long they don't get to live long enough and the elephants of you know the days gone by this used to be kind of regular their tusks would actually literally you know drag on the ground when they walked sometimes they would use it to route up you know stuff and all this kind of stuff and it says here that are now fewer than 30 super Tuskers left in africa the guy who photographed this beautiful ofin said will photographed her in partnership with the tsavo trust and Kenya Wildlife Service and spent 18 months on the project you can read more about how we captured these amazing shots in his blog the first time you saw the elephant says will says he was speechless FM u1 was skinny and old but she strode forward with stately grace her tusks were so long if they scraped the ground in front of her she was like a relic from a bygone era so this was something that would be would have been a normal sight to see you know here it is she had survived her periods of terrible poaching and it was a victory that her life was not ended prematurely by a snare bullet or poisoned arrow it's kind of like a miracle that you know she wasn't killed and here it is animals like FM u1 inevitably attract the unwanted attention ivory poachers that are regarded as very special because the tusks do not often get that long without breaking two years ago 50 year old super Tusker called seto – was killed near the Tsavo National Park border if it's thought poachers had used the poet poison to arrow and you can see here super Tuskers are very rare these days precisely because their tusks their big tusks make them prime targets for trophy hunters says dr. Mark Jones from the bone free wildlife charity because these animals are all too often taken out before they reach their productive prime super Tusker genes are being bred out of elephant populations and we could very well be seeing the last of them so you know it just goes to show you like it's very sad like yeah you are not gonna realize the impact of that these idiot trophy hunters are having sometimes until it's too late I mean you know they're saying there's 30 of these you know beautiful creatures left in all of Africa you're gonna end up with these smaller you know tusks elephants because of this human interaction it's just incredibly sad I saw this I I never even knew what a super Tusker was I hadn't even heard of it and I certainly hadn't seen any elephant with tusks this long before I mean I'm not a huge elephant expert or anything but still it was very interesting news to me I I just think it's like so sad to see this and I don't know if people will change in time and oddly enough like um you know people like Piers Morgan who will go on and on about how he much hate he hates vegans and whatever he was tweeting about this jackass guy and you know saying like oh you know I was was it about this guy I think he was tweeting about this guy too but he was also tweeting about somebody who's shooting a lion that was asleep and then there was a video about you know about shooting the line so um it's just crazy like people just don't realize like what's going on what this they've confirmed and possible food served Aryan lied about it this is concerning if we can't trust people yeah that's pretty crazy Nikki unbelievable really how people prefer to see them dead at their own hands it's crazy yeah I think nature programs are like death warrants for some animals they are and the it's big business as well these parks services the the licensing for shooting these animals I mean it's huge business but I don't buy it for one second that that money goes into the local people's pockets it's it's concentrated in the hands of a few and it's again just this lie that there's economic benefit to the people who are local to these you know beautiful animals angry being really tragic infuriating the thieving wiped out absolutely it is I I mean you just see this beautiful animal and it's like it makes you want to cry like I don't know people are just insane to think that like you should just shoot this beautiful animal absolutely crazy here's a bit of good news recently this came out or was this March 20th so this was yesterday they found a cow walking around in the Bronx highway in New York and they didn't know where it came from but they were able to corral it and then bring it to a sanctuary where it's gonna live out the rest of its life so there's a 232 acre sanctuary farm and that is where this cow is going to spend the rest of its days so that's that's very happy news they're investigating how it got loose or how it ended up there there was also a recent story where a goat was found recently on a highway of some sort so yeah sometimes these animals are actually lucky enough to escape from somewhere and this one you know thankfully didn't get hit by a car and managed to be brought over to a sanctuary so great I can't stress enough like if you have any kind of you know financial ability like please do support your local sanctuaries it's really important and when people go visit those sanctuaries sometimes you know non-vegans especially once they make that connection with an animal it really helps it really helps them to make an ethical connection that the animal on their plate is the same you know and that they shouldn't do it so I think it's great this one was just an interesting thing I just wanted to kind of bring it to people's attention and and see what you guys thought I have my opinion on it but basically vegans were shocked to learn the author of vegan recipe blog minimalist Baker that she's not vegan and so I guess this person called minimalist Baker they have an Instagram they put out tons and tons of like vegan recipes but I guess people were asking her about her you know her own personal kind of like diet and here it is answering a fan's question about why she runs a vegan blog where she's not vegan she said veganism is so interesting to me and I love the health benefits and how it helps the planet and confronts mistreatment of animals and factory farming but right now it's not sustainable for me to eat vegan hundred percent of the time and I'm okay with that so it says you know many vegans were shocked you know they were like how the heck are you doing this and bah-bah-bah whatever but then you know at the end here it says others played out that Shultz never claimed to be vegan with some even clarifying that our old recipes have honey in their ingredients I've looked at her blog every so often for years and she's never claimed to be to be vegan I can even recall how some of her stories mention cutting back on animal products her About section even says just just says plant-based I'd be upset if she was claiming to be but she never has added a Twitter user her said the Twitter user so you know I don't know how you guys feel about this but I think as long as she's not claiming to be vegan and she just you know even if she doesn't say that she's playing base but she's mostly plant-based or whatever I think it's completely fine actually if she's putting up great vegan recipes like you know who cares like people can follow her and like you know take the vegan recipes take the good leave the bat you know my my my take on it is that I get annoyed if somebody claims to be vegan like all these you know ex vegan people and then they're lying and then they get caught out and then they admit like oh I'm super honest I'm being so transparent and do you know that's why I wanted to tell you guys but I was trying to find a good time to do it and I've been eating fish and eggs for the past you know five months but you know it just wasn't the right time to tell you then the time yeah that that pisses me off that makes me angry somebody who doesn't even claim to be vegan and just puts out great vegan recipes like you know great like I don't know like she should be vegan of course like everybody else should she's obviously got all the information she can connect with that it sounds to me like she's probably a lazy person in the sense that like not sustainable to be vegan like I mean that probably just means like oh I enjoy going out with people who aren't vegan and then I don't want to be you know awkward or like I'll just did add you know have whatever they're eating or whatever that's that's probably what I would guess is the situation that and that maybe she's probably mostly vegan you know other days or when she's cooking for herself but yeah it's just kind of a weird kind of funny thing but like I don't think people should be offended by it like that's that's my view on it anyway thank you generally why I use her recipes that's crazy yeah so I guess you'd be surprised then to France wat like how rock klonda or whatever her name is tried to hide her fish that was ridiculous yeah absolutely I think people have called her out pretty well so I'm not gonna even bother to you know talk about that or anything but um yeah good you know good for them to call her out like it's pretty ridiculous like she's lying to her viewers and making money off of it at that so she's selling all these like vegan diet plans and what-have-you you know stupid like starvation diets and then you know she's not vegan herself I mean it's absolutely ridiculous and then she comes forward and the super open and transparent if I hear that word again I'm gonna just start flipping out man that's like like I just don't like it all right nearing the end here guys to just have two more stories this one is a really really touching article this is not news it's not new it's actually over a year old or almost a year old actually and it's a really interesting story I had never heard of this phenomena this person who wrote it is talking about how they have some you know pretty good-sized property I think they're out in like Oregon or someplace I remember I can't remember where they are I think it's in the US somewhere I think it was Oregon anyway this guy and his wife they're retired they live out you know on some big piece of land oh yeah here it is mountains of Oregon and California border and they have wild horses that go kind of you know come onto their land and they hike there and all this kind of stuff and they have gotten to be really friendly with some of the wild horses and they kind of have named some of them they become friends with some of them and the guy goes on and tells the story about how one of the horses that I think I'd befriended unfortunately got stuck in some barbed wire or razor wire and there's an interesting point in the article here that I didn't know or wasn't aware of is how much barbed wire and razor wire fencing has been left throughout the lands in us including our clans because of all the cattle farming and ranching I've covered this in previous streams if anybody hasn't seen it but a lot of times like via BLM land that's the Bureau of Land Management is actually given out to the animal agriculture industries to cattle ranchers so that they can get really really cheap land to graze their animals on so it's like it's a huge government subsidy and they basically will actually sometimes capture and kill wild horses because they actually you know compete with the cattle ranchers cows and stuff and steers sorry for the grazing and so there's there's actually legacy wire you know barbed wire fence and razor wire fence throughout like you know thousands of miles of like you know wilderness and stuff and and park land and stuff like that and sometimes you know animals wild animals will get stuck in them and so one of the horses that this couple had kind of befriended they came across the horse as it was dying and it had gotten stuck and cut up its leg really badly and all this kind of something he was literally dying and what they what they observed was that the families of the different wild horse groups in that area were all coming to that horse as it was laying dying and they were like paying their last respects to the horse they knew that this other horse was dying and they were doing this kind of like breath exchange and they were coming like one by one and the leader like stallions or the leaf mares of the groups were coming and paying they're like you know saying goodbyes to this horse and they're saying that they've never seen this and the guy was actually had a park services person with him when he was out on this hike showing them some stuff and so they saw it too so it's not just an uncorroborated thing this is the horse after it had already died all the other animals had already left but this horse had grown up with this white horse and like basically he stood over the body of the horse for like a long time afterward and all this kind of stuff it's very very touching story and yeah I mean it's just like it's really really shows you like kind of what you know some of these animals like how complex their emotions are and you know people are you know who-who are kind of anti vegans will say oh I'm anthropomorphizing and then this is just you know I'm I'm imagining the human emotions in there and and what-have-you but it's like and if anybody who's really actually been around animals like you know that that is not as anthropomorphizing that is genuine like you know concern and emotion and and love I mean animals definitely love each other and they they feel those kinds of things that are very much you know what we think of as human emotions I challenge anybody to tell this guy who wrote this article that he's wrong like I'm pretty sure he's gonna probably slap you in the mouth so um yeah like it's a beautiful article I definitely recommend people read this it's it's really really nice I just think it's a really touching story so I'm definitely check this out if you guys can this is kind of the last story that I want to talk about and then I'm gonna probably have to get going pretty soon but somebody that I've given a shout out to before shared this herbivore Club there on Facebook as well and they're also on Twitter I follow them all the time they have great posts he posted this in a couple weeks ago was like what we call it Women's Day international men's day he posted this story this was actually from last year it was a review of the suffragists and the suffragettes and this was actually a very interesting topic to me I knew nothing about this basically I didn't even know that there was a difference I didn't know there was a suffragist than a suffragette and of course the person posting this her before Club they were posting it in the way that it related to veganism because a lot of times vegan activists are called out for their particular form of activism a lot of times we're told we're being too militant too aggressive whatever and he said look at the parallels that happened with the women's rights movement and I can guarantee you that as a you know somebody went through the entire range of the US school system we were not taught about this in school in the u.s. I don't know if anybody watching was taught about this but I knew nothing about this this was very interesting reading basically it talks about how going back from you know the end of the 1800s or whatever the suffragists were women were basically campaigning to get the right to vote get the right to own property all this kind of stuff and they believed that by being level-headed and calm and you know all this kind of stuff and law-abiding that they were gonna get the right to vote just based on the sheer merit of their intellectual argument and their you know kind of ethical argument that they shouldn't be second-class citizens that they should be given the right to vote and all this kind of stuff they didn't really make any headway and along came the stuff the suffragettes who were basically the militant version of the suffragists and so they got fed up with the lack of change and they started doing crazy direct action style you know protesting so it's like here's a good quote I am what you call a hooligan so what happened is there was an internal debate even in the suffragists because these more kind of you know angry militant women who were in this group they were saying this isn't enough you know writing letters and talking to politicians and talking to people this isn't enough like I don't want us collect signatures I want action and so these people started doing stuff that was you know crazy like they they threw themselves in front of the Queen's carriage there was a lady who got trampled to death she literally committed suicide by throwing herself in front of the carriage I know it was the Queen or somebody else I can't remember now don't quote me on that Oh prime minister's car sorry okay so sorry nearness from 1912 the militant tactics became more violent Mary Richardson's took a meat cleaver to a painting at London's National Gallery while Sikh Princess Sophia Dileep Singh threw herself in front of the Prime Minister's car so I mean you know they tied themselves up to two fences they starved themselves they were arrested and they went on hunger strikes in the prisons in the jail and the the jail keepers force fed them with tubes like it was like really crazy and then people saw that there was like news coverage and people were like absolutely shocked by seeing you know a force feeding on somebody who was doing like a non-violent even peaceful protest and being arrested for it and then you know doing a hunger strike and they were being force-fed and all of these kinds of things started gathering more attention and even within the movement like I say the suffragists were actually um like basically saying like look man we don't want to associate with these people they're they're violent they're militant that's not us like we're just trying to be nice and so you can see here the law-abiding suffragists and so the president of the suffragists was trying to distance herself so you know like this is this is so closely paralleling what we are seeing now in some of the vegan you know circles I just found this incredibly enlightening and just really really interesting and you know they're they're raising the point of the article here so who actually want you know who whose actions got women the right to vote and they're basically you know the person riding this thing it's not possible to imagine women winning the vote without the suffragettes the suffragettes again being the ones that were the militant you know activists the militant organizing particularly of working-class women pointed to the possibility of a movement that would grow and could potentially become an enormous mass movement both sides of the movement halted their campaigns in 1914 in order to support the war efforts blah blah blah but it was the suffragists who said that if you give the vote to a more classes of men then you must include women so it's like suffragists started it but it was the suffragettes that made it be like you know so here is who's Connolly agrees that the suffragettes were inspired by the suffrages but then ultimately both movements played their part in winning the vote by organizing women on mass in so many different ways so my hats off to these ladies I had no idea the suffering that these poor women went through to get the right to vote I will actually be doing more research on this because it's personally like just fascinating to me the lengths that people went to including literally killing yourself to bring attention to the the movement and the cause I mean that's just absolutely mind-boggling that like women were arrested force fed you know be in like I mean it's just crazy it's absolutely on crazy and um I think you know in another hopefully not too short a time we're gonna be looking back on veganism you know the movement the people who are the militant vegans or whatever in much the same way I'm not in any way shape or form advocating violence towards people or anything like that but you know the things that people get called out for like Oh direct action is to you know militant there they're going into restaurants and they're ruining people's meals it's like well yeah like yeah you know what's worse the animals getting killed or your meal being rough or like you know the you know things were there sneaking onto farms and like showing you know footage the I gotta clock is trying to suppress those people you know all these kinds of things it's a very strong parallel so I definitely encourage everybody to read through this article it's very very interesting and also follow herbivore Club on Twitter and YouTube they're really awesome ok let's see what are you guys saying suffragettes were literally terrorists blowing things up and killing people ok Nikki it means a lot to me because I was born in London and couldn't imagine not having equal rights even if that doesn't mean generally it's women's like that give women a bad name yeah right that's probably what they said about them too now women in general don't have a bad name just feminists X suffragettes well again you know these you know these people were just trying to get the same rights that men enjoyed and they were just trying to get it for themselves they had every right to do so and it's awesome that they want Francois most women are not feminists and happened to be very people women are awesome feminists are ideological crazy people I think that's too broad of a you know statement I would certainly not back you on that Francois yeah I would certainly not want you guys getting into a fight about this but I think that's a it's a little bit of a dangerous mind mine field that you walked into Francois you're not gonna come out of that nicely alright last thing and then maybe I'll take some questions and then I'll be going this is coming from somebody that I follow on Twitter there a handle or whatever is at Oh easy LEM Sandra say hello is the whatever the name and I follow her she's awesome I just wanted to give a shout out I know some of the articles that I got today came from her tweets but I can't remember which ones so I don't know but thank you and hope you're watching and then if anybody's on Twitter follow say hello as well and yeah that's pretty much it let me switch back to the other view here we go so hope you guys enjoyed the articles there were a lot of things to cover as usual but I think these were some pretty good ones so I was pretty happy with what I found for this time around let's see the comments here no you need to look into it man they were not trying to get the same rights they wanted privileges and they got them I mean this this should be interesting what the privilege to vote the privilege to like I don't know end up with their kids like in you know a legal proceeding if they were divorced stuff like that like I think that's that's a pretty nice thing there are two ideas of equality equality of outcome and equality of opportunity Wow I recently saw a very interesting picture I don't remember who posted it there was a some kind of sporting event the people were watching and there was like a big you know wall that there was a like an adult watching and there was a kind of like a middle sized person watching and there was a little person watching maybe it was a kid I don't know I don't mean little person and like that but it said equality and they showed that there were three boxes and they each were standing on one of these boxes so the tall guy was standing on the box and he was probably over the wall by you know like half his torso was over the middle guy was just over so like you know the wall was like up to his neck he was he was kind of like peering over the the wall to see the event and the little kid or little person or whatever was like basically like not even able to get over the wall to look they were kind of like grasping the wall and trying to pull up and and they were they were all standing equally on the same height boxes and I said that see you know you know equality and then they shifted to the next picture and it said equity and and they basically took like one box and you know gave it to the guy in the middle so he could still see out the tall guy could just stand on his own two feet he didn't need it and the little guy got two boxes and then he was able to see over as well and and I think that's kind of you know a pretty good idea of what I think about what you wrote as far as opportunity and equality I'm not talking about communism I'm not talking about government enforced anything but sadly I think a lot of people both when it comes to racial disparities in income and education opportunities and all this kind of stuff and when it comes to women's kind of distribution it is very very often related to the kind of thing that I just told you you have the equal opportunity but the outcome is certainly different to use your words and yeah I mean like if you look at most places in the Western world women are every bit as engaged in the workforce as men they are still expected though in many circles in most circles to do more at home they are the ones having the babies they are the ones who lose time from their career they are the ones who don't get the big project when they're pregnant because they don't want you know to have the project suffer when the lady goes on maternity leave they are the ones who have gaps because of that they are the ones who are expected to go pick up the kid one that's sick and all this kind of stuff the list goes on and on and on women definitely have it harder than men in these regards and I don't think even if you were to argue for them to have some kind of special privileges or special rights above and beyond what men enjoy I don't think it would still be an even playing field just look at how many people you know who cooks the meals who does the dishes who does the the washing of the kids clothes and all this kind of stuff I mean I can tell you like Hungary is very much still a patriarchal society I think the u.s. is very much greater auricle society those are the places where I lived the most and where I've experienced the most and I feel pretty confident saying that that is still the case today and yeah I don't know that's my view on it yes I've been riding – what is going on do okay privilege to vote without having to be drafted well yeah I don't believe in drafting people for war anyway I'm a conscientious objector in my diet and in my war stance as well – how you still doing come food you know what I actually haven't been going to Brazilian Jujitsu in the past like maybe month and a half or so and it's actually quite sad some of it is that I've been really really busy I'm gonna have some big announcements coming up for the channel my wife and I are pretty much buying a new place we're in the process of it we've signed the sale of hearing it and and/or the purchase agreement but there's a ton of stuff going on with it and there's a lot of paperwork to be taken care of and it's crazy I'll fill you guys in but it's been it's been really kind of busy so I have not been going I also have been kind of trying to save money so that was one of the decisions to so it might be something to put on the back burner for a little bit but I will definitely keep trying to train in the near future there are women in the military yes there are exactly none of them have to sign up for the draft to be able to vote or gain other benefits that come with Selective Service though for men it is a mandatory no draft run from either in some countries it's mandatory for women to like Israel I know is they actually it's not even a draft it's like you have to serve and women have to serve – in u.s. say though them's the breaks me – and women's right to vote I am for everyone's right to vote no draft ideally breaks okay thanks for hanging out okay good do you guys are still friends good damn dude do you need to visit place like Brazil or Afghanistan if you want to see patriarchy on I mean I'm not saying that there can't be more extreme versions of it I'm sure there are but I I'm opposed to that as well like you're not really convincing me to to think that what I see in the Western countries isn't bad you're just saying that that's worse and I agree yeah it is it is stressful but it's good I mean I feel really really good Jen so I think there's there's big stuff happening it's gonna be good it's gonna be good feel free to spend money on external like yeah I'm not joking about what I said before like support me on patreon get a mic tomorrow but yeah no I'll get a mic anyway even if you guys don't but yeah I'm trying to save money I actually want to get it like a better camera as well because I've been looking at some like some of these like little you know GoPro style cameras they're like really cheap now and they can be used as webcams as well and it's I'm sure higher resolution than this so maybe the sound is better too and I might also just try moving my computer down on the bottom because right now it's on the top of the table next to me so that's kind of a bad thing so maybe I'll try to do that and hopefully that will improve the sound but it is really loud and I know that maybe I can get her like a little bit like a lapel mic or just a headset mic it'll be closer to my mouth so it'll be better but then you guys will hear like swallowing noises when I'm doing my water I hate that so I don't know if that's any better alright guys so yeah I hope everybody enjoyed it and I think I think I'm gonna go say goodnight I got a long day at blind tomorrow so um yeah that's it thanks for everybody for being on really appreciate it it's been fun and yeah see you guys in the next one

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