Veganism Current Events 6/18/19

what's up guys this is DS back with another video this one is a plant based video with more vegan current events so these are cool because it kind of keeps you up I guess feeling positive but there's a lot of good change going on it's very you know it keeps you like pretty excited about the future things are changing things are getting better there's a lot of environmental stuff that people want to wear out people think you know animal agriculture is not a big deal it's you know eating meat whatever but it's pretty scared of what's going on if you take the time to do your research so reading articles like this makes you feel good so I have some stuff here gathered from what I've read over the last week or so mmm and we just go through so the first one here I have that there's the first 100% vegan hotel and this is opening up in the UK okay world's first or the UK's first vegan hotel it's called plant curious it looks like so that's awesome I think in the future what's gonna happen is some instead of naming things hey you know this is vegan is not vegan that would eventually become the standard and then it'll be then they'll par name things that are not vegan instead of the other way so a lot because we have to so otherwise things are gonna get really bad and maybe one day I get some articles that show what what's happening or what's been happening last several years you know with temperature and storms things just getting worse and worse now over the last year so we got the next one all that first one was from the Guardian so the title was plant curious UK's first 100% vegan hotel opens in the highlands so next one is from New York Times Mission Impossible maker of plant-based burger struggles to meet demand so the impossible burger is actually doing extremely well without like without having numbers I mean there is a possibility that they haven't really ramped up production enough that meaning they are making that many in general but it also could be a situation where they are making a ton but even that high even that high amount that they're making is still not enough so maybe there's just a really really huge demand on this but that's good to know next one is from this website free com fee fr3 com so it says milk production ending in two Upper Peninsula countries so awesome milk you know dairy people is just there's just such a host of negative associate negatives associated with that whether it's health you know drinking the milk from another species not meant for humans I forgot the percentages with a very large majority of humans are already lactose intolerant showing that we just most of us shouldn't even be drinking it it affects our health negatively you know the hormones the steroids and all this you know antibiotics are put into these cows that eventually get through their system and into the milk and then humans drink it it's just horrific the amount of I was watching a speech from Gary of our ski from I think it was 2010 but he was talking about how some people are you know not or hesitant to eat soy products because of estrogen and meanwhile he mentions that dairy has twice the amount of estrogen against compared to soy and again sorry has a phytoestrogen I'm not trying to make soy video here but anyway it's just the reason people are avoiding one product meanwhile they're eating they're basically consuming that same product but tons more of what they don't want to do in a way so it's pretty intense you know you're drinking milk from a cow again there's a whole process with cows you know they take their babies away they're crying for days they turn them into milk machines they kill them at a very small fraction of their lives when they stop producing milk it's it's horrific so the fact that that's stopping in some part of the world amazing there's no need for milk milk does not do a body good that's marketing not facts what do we got here so are over here from new food economy org it says after ditching be on meat Tyson Foods announces plant-based brand of its own so Tyson is basically jumping on the bandwagon here of plant-based meats it's a growing demand it is better than eating actual animal flesh it's not necessarily a health food but it is I would say not as bad as eating animal products oh that's cool Tyson is jumping on board they are big producers of relief chicken other animal products so that's awesome what is next KFC is launching vegan chicken burger in the UK that is from so can we get that over here please yeah I used to I mean I don't really go to KFC never really very very rarely there's one nearby but I'm thinking in a vegan chicken sandwich I'm down I mean I do go to the store and get some I think Morningstar has some good plant-based chicken patties very good so every now and then I grab those but you know pretty soon these these these places will have very few animal products and mostly plant-based products so that'll take some time but that's where we're heading what else we got we got from Gizmodo comet ison launches its first plant-based protein brand to compete with beyond me so this is kind of similar to the other article awesome let's see what do we got here this one's good too so this is from CBC mind frame okay good I don't know where that website is but it says Tim Hortons strikes deal with beyond me to offer plant-based breakfast sandwiches so great more options for people who don't want to contribute or keep contributing to the you know animal agriculture and horrific Adam horrific environmental effects that's causing great birth for sandwiches I mean I think I used to go to McDonald's years ago for occasional breakfast on the run they don't have plant-based option so can we get that over here please that'll be great so basically more of that improving my brother said he's been to Canada and they have he knows this place Tim Hortons so maybe I gotta go and get it away what else we got from veg news calm we have Papa John's and vegan Ben and Jerry's ice cream to UK menu again the UK the UK is way ahead in this way ahead it is and it's the United States that I'm not sure what the problem is it's it's like I don't know if it's the pharmaceutical companies or the meat and dairy industry that are just trying to like not allow this to happen they're just too much money involved you know again the health of the US with the unhealthiest country unhealthiest developed country in the world and the UK is understanding the environmental effects understanding the health effects and they're moving forward and we're just stagnant okay we're just we're just not improving we're not trying to make things better but the UK hope we can learn from them so I'm you can always go to I mean there are stores around here where you can just buy vegan ice creams but they're not as easy to find you look for dairy-free there are some companies that do it but again all the Papa John's is like a pizza place so whatever they go get some vegan cheese in it here we go couple more or maybe let's do last one the Burger King's this is from in gadget comes our so Burger King's impossible whopper comes to San Francisco so great that's expanding I made a video in the past where I forgot that was one to start off with one city for the impossible whopper and now we got San Francisco so that's cool so hopefully we can continue to add that to more and more cities eventually you know hopefully come to New York I when I used to go and get fast food I would prefer burgers from Burger King so hopefully doesn't the impossible burger they're gonna get some more burgers from Burger King because right now you're not getting my money so hmm I guess that's that hope you guys enjoyed the news the progress that's being made it's hard to see what's going on because it's not right in front of your face all the time but little by little you go to the supermarket you go to restaurants there's going to be more and more options and that's a good thing last night I went to this restaurant called Bahama breeze and they had this awesome stuffed plantain with rice and beans just some really good seasoning and dressing and that was amazing so I'm hard gonna go back and get that so there are options out there this is whew maybe just you know two or three per restaurant it seems like now but it's getting there so it's pretty cool anyway that's that hope you enjoy the video and question everything please

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