Veterans Affairs corruption and privacy act violation through eeo process

hi it's me again and I'm teaming up with Chris King he'll tell you a little bit more about himself a little bit about myself I'm a retired lieutenant colonel war veteran and a DEA advocate for too many wounded warriors and veterans and people with disabilities to count to include my husband Robert Bozz Goss and Jackie Smith's children and thank God they got Keith what's in the dark comes to light the purpose of this presentation is to update you on our case with VA and then also highlight the importance of 88 advocacy now I want to focus on what we've been doing as of date regarding the EEO complaint at VA we went through the whole entire year of administrative trickery I'm telling you if you're in VA and you're going through the ORM process I'm going to show you how headquarters went in and violated our privacy firsthand you're gonna see it here and I'm gonna take you step-by-step okay so in regards to our EEOC complaint if you need background information there are several videos that you can look up later however we went through the whole EEOC process or the ORM process for those that fall under VA it took over a year and we can tell you honestly that we have met mishap at every corner of the rme process and it is corrupt if you're going through the power end process I would highly recommend that you stop and and take note of what's going on what's really happening okay so we're at 180 days of the ORM EEO process and we can request a hearing when you take everything out of ORN DA's hands and request a hearing from the EEOC judge that's what we do when we request the hearing the ORM VA the investigators are supposed to get all their information that they have and send it to the EEOC judge and what happens everybody ignores it everybody ignores our request and we finally after a week we asked the judge or we asked EEOC if we can have a judge assigned and also EEOC number and the judge comes online ex parte meaning you're not supposed to talk to me judge or anybody else because you can't do ex parte meetings and she comes and she sends me an email and she says go to the agency and I'm thinking oh my gosh not again and so red flags go up and we're trying to get the status of our EEOC number and finally Gail leery from the post office says hey we're not done we need more time I said no no not going there bottom line up front after the 28th of August we're supposed to receive an EEOC hearing number but they're wasting time in their favor so what we received from dr. Kline the impartial investigator right sends us affidavits that are perjured with lies so the question you ask is what the hell are we supposed to do with these things nobody's listening to you because it's an inside job Oh our MVA investigators third parties are all in it together all I can do is laugh and support my husband as best as I can because he's suffering or he's recovering from a stroke now keep in mind although I have PTSD and my PTSD has been triggered constantly I have to stay strong for my husband who's recovering I used my background I was general Honore correction Air Force commander and I also worked with IG control rep I did contact general Andre and he said call 9-1-1 or don't get stuck on stupid and stupid I am NOT I look at all of these issues and I remind these guys of the issues well number one the affidavits are only answered by the perpetrators the VA leaders not any of Roberts witnesses that is an issue number three HR supervisor Karen Agee decides she's not going to participate how can you not participate in the government investigation number four dr. Rocha the doctor that falsified Roberts medical records also decides that she's not going to participate and number six when you look at the signed affidavits by these perpetrators they all lied so they perjured themselves and when you purchase your self on affidavits sign affidavits that means you're going to prison for five years so Robert and I look at each other and contact doctor and Klein and say do you really want Robert to answer these because there's lies and lies you can't get the truth with lies you were wasting our time and she comes back matter of fact the judge comes back and says we give VA two extra weeks up until the 18th of October to turn in these affidavits so therefore Robert has from the fourth through the night to answer his or these affidavits and we contact dr. Klein say do you really want us to do this and she says you got a do good knocked over I'm thinking wow you know if you want to follow the rules we're not we're definitely not following the rules but we'll play your little game because we know it's correct and let's see what really happens and so once we answer the affidavits and respond to them we send them back and we tell everyone all the leadership you know as well as I know that this is a game and these leaders perjured themselves but we're gonna go ahead and play your game and let's see what happens so what happens is well so gal leery from the Postal Service the US Postal Service that is yeah I said from the US Postal Service sends these items these affidavits in the mail and the transmittal letter through the mail and I don't have to tell anyone that this is wire fraud now we're looking at a RICO because everybody's involved and you scratch your head and you just think out loud I send a message to all the leaders and I'm disappointed in them because I'm not used to this nonsense I send them leave a message to all the leaders and I said are you for real what kind of games being played here of course nobody answers but you know if it's a private organization we can understand however this is a government organization that is getting congressionally appropriated funds and they're just wasting tax dollars while my husband's rights have been violated and he's recovering from a stroke so my husband I review everything there's thousands and thousands of transmittal documents and they screwed up every affidavit that Robert had submitted and there's nothing but confusion with this transmittal letter lies and confusion that's what we're dealing with and we go through each and every document scrubbing it and making recommendations now keep in mind it takes weeks to do this and when you're doing the admin work for the EEO complaint you're entitled to get paid and so we request that Robert get paid and Vonzell says nope he had enough time and you just think well chick if you get paid violating his rights why can't he get paid trying to make wrong right in the meantime you got everybody ignoring the corruption you've got patting Roberts personal files with disciplinary actions that are void and it is so unbelievable that you just got to shake your head and you can't reach out because you go to your congressman you go to your congresswoman you go to everybody your Senators the ID you know general Dunford you go to everyone and you say can you help and then they say no because there's an executive order that prevents them from coming in and VA whatever they do they do and you're thinking oh my god is this communist are we living in a communist state because it sure does feel like it okay so what we do is we ask for a FATA find final agency decision by OED CA and last time that we tried to ask for Oh Edie CA decision we had RM Elizabeth Hawkins run in the mailroom and redirect our request from going to OED CA now what we have is we got Marie Anderson going in the mailroom and redirecting our information what Anderson actually had was a memorandum that was dated the 23rd of November that stated we D CA has your information which basically means you're screwed because VA has been consistent with everything as far as corruption at every turn and our concern was to go to the EEOC judge and ask her did you give osea the disc because we gave everybody a disc after we scrubbed everything we wanted to make sure that they knew that this whole transmittal thing is corruption there's fraud waste and abuse there's mail fraud there's wire fraud this whole process is not right from start to finish because with the transmittal information you can find that what's so RM is doing is each phase they're giving Robert instructions on what's happening force-feeding him claims and in the same time and on this at the same time they're giving Angela information on what she needs to do for example they put this in writing get Roberts disciplinary file or information which means build a record build his file pad his file get his position which means get his position of the situation which means figure out what he's thinking so they can use that information against him they also boldly say get his medical on the 30th the March they stay get a Social Security number the names of the vet his dependents and beneficiary also they remind him undersea the medical records get veterans claims get data births get Roberts accommodation all this Privacy Act violation they're supposed to get which Angela and Vaughn cell get now keep in mind this is March when we have our interactive meeting in on the 13th of April she denies that she knows anything about Roberts medical condition so while they're collecting this information Vonzell says in her document that she sent all this information to cindy Boyd as per Anderson's 28th or 30 March instructions when I contact Cindy Boyd myself and say what the hell are you doing with my medical information does it have anything to do at all with my delay PTSD claim I asked her on the 29th of October they get so scared that they released my PTSD claim and they approve it I'm floored and I go to Mike FRU who oh by the way if you go into my ebenefits account he his signatures on it I asked him Mike what the hell's going on with these privacy violation you this EEOC and my PTSD claim has nothing to do with Roberts he doesn't respond but who responds Vonzell responds and says Roberts not gonna get paid you know what all I can say is VA I love your motto I care right this is so unbelievable if you aren't in DC you would never guess this is happening hey but it's happening at VA headquarters and we got indisputable evidence that we're willing to share so it doesn't happen to others because we know VA doesn't care about us but this what we're going through is much much greater than ourselves and we realize that and we're looking out for those that can't look out for themselves Robert has been constructively discharged he's got five doctors two neurologists a primary care provider psychologists psychiatrist telling him don't go back to be a because if VA disregards what your board-certified doctor says until you have a stroke they don't care about you if OSHA if you go to OSHA and OSHA says no I'm not gonna do a a 1970 OSHA inspection that you're entitled to you know something's wrong Austin only has one biological father and God as my witness I only have one husband that I don't want to lose so it's a health hazard to go back to VA he honestly he'll die if he goes there I know is they don't care if they did they wouldn't be putting him through all this mess but as far as the sense of the claims Robert waited for the fad and Austin I did not wait for the fad because we knew whatever they produced it was going to be false because that they're consistent we Austin I took the case to the district court and the judge asked us to show cot and showing cause basically means prove that you have standing Austin I can show that we have standing by acknowledging that Robert is our zone of interest this video is getting pretty long so what I'm going to do is I'm going to stop here and tag team with Chris King and the next video that I make will be focused more on how va manipulates your privacy Act actually violates the Privacy Act by going into your records that will be my next video so stay tuned there's a lot more to share and a lot more to expose and if you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem and we are obligated to share this information to the public because it is a public interest thanks you

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  1. Hi, thank you for sharing. However, could you say a little bit more on what happened to your husband and why did you file the EEO case? Also, what's the result and what can the plaintiff do to better protect his rights? The reason that I asked is I am also a service-connected veteran who is suddenly fired from the VA due to the management's discrimination and retaliation. As I am going through the EEO process, I can relate so much with your comments on the corruptions and mishaps of the whole process. It's their game, and they can say whatever they want and it seems no one can hold them accountable. So I think we should unite together and make our voices heard. Anyway, as a fellow victim of the big agency, any advise or help would be really appreciated. Thank you.

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